C.O. CyberCelebrityWatch!

And from the “Where Are They Now” file:  Internet trendsetter Happycat has revealed that he is hooked on grass.  The cheeseburger-craving feline, credited with touching off the LOLcat craze, made the revelation on a recent episode of “Oprah.”

LOL @ yr cat Purry, Shellie A.



  1. Gateway drug. 😯

  2. Byootimus Happy-kitteh! 😀

  3. I believe that is for medical use….

    Rachael is right, it is a gateway drug to catnip.

  4. LOL, I thought kitty looked like the cheezburger cat too. For a moment, I thought he was going vegetarian on me.

    [Funny you should mention… there may be a caption to this effect in the 2011 calendar. 😉 – Ed.]

  5. looks like somebody’s starting off the year with the right resolutions. Go salad!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Better get him enrolled in a 12 Fresh Step® program. The cat world is littered with herbal addicts who failed to nip their addiction in the bud.

  7. resriechan says:

    How much did Oprah pay the kitteeeee for the appearance on her show???
    And did the kittteeee jump up/down on Oprah’s couch, a la Tom Cruise

    “I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love!!!!””

    (ok, Tom. chill.

    (rolling eyes)

  8. That’s what happens when you don’t get your cat into Box-Hab

  9. @260Oakley: Brilliant – as usual. 🙂

    CNA – Cat Nippers Anonymous

  10. Such an adorable little grey nose!

  11. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said, Nom, Nom, Nom!

  12. Good Morning, everypeep!

    260Oakley and Hila-you are up early and just tooooo clever!

    To think, I grow this stuff in my back yard-just as well I don’t have a cat! Every so often one comes through the yard and Killer has a conniption! I really didn’t know I was an enabler…

  13. Kathy Felix says:

    That must be a British Shorthair. We got one exactly like him before Christmas and he is the cutest, most loveable thing in the Universe.

  14. Nothing like a little nip before nap time!

  15. After too many Cheezburgers… it is time to diet!

  16. Awww it’s a little British Shorthair, I love them! We got a little black tortie British Shorthair before Christmas and she’s currently sitting on my lap snoring like a jet engine. Not purring. Snoring.

  17. I don’t haz a problem. I can kick thees anytime I want to!

  18. Of course he’s happy. 😛

  19. British Shorthair! Mine snores too. Really loudly.

  20. Yeah, internet fame is enough to drive anybody to substance abuse. It’s still not a good thing, but he’s lucky he’s only hooked on grass…

  21. Look. When I asked for grass, I meant, you know Grass, not this stuff; It’s not like I need to hoik up a hairball or anything.

    [Sorry, can’t help ya. Might try Snoop Dogg. – Ed.]

  22. The original happycat actually died last year :C

  23. Well I am afraid, once again, I am in ignorance here. While I am familiar with the cheezburger phenom I have never heard of Happycat. Is/was happycat the original lol cat?

    [Probably not, but Pope Happycat is the I Can Has Cheezburger icon. I was there, Gandalf. Three thousand years ago. I was there when the strength of man… failed – Ed.]

  24. Long live teh Happycat! Cheezburgers fur every1

  25. dr. berthaservant says:

    I see he prefers the ‘yanngg yanngg’ ingestion method, as opposed to the snorfle, the nom, or the vaporizer.

  26. resriechan says:

    Technique is everything, is it not?

  27. 😆 That is one HAPPY kitty 😆

  28. AHHHHH my baby cat made it onto cute overload!!!!!

    yes he is a british shorthair, because i fell in love with the original happy/cheezburger cat and could not live without one!!!!

    he was playing hide and seek with me tonight, he is seriously the best cat a person could ask for. and SO PLUSH!!!

    more purry http://www.flickr.com/photos/31176607@N02/sets/ here on my flickr, i haven’t updated it for a couple months but i’m keeping it fairly updated. 😀


  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    Thanks for sharing Purry with us Shellie. Who knows – he probably IS Prof Happycat’s reincarnation!
    And vurry vurry Qte in his own right.

  30. @Shellie 😀 Your kitty is so CUTE 😀 What is his name? 😀

  31. His name is Purry. Pulled that straight from South Park: Terrence and Phillip’s pets were Barky and Purry. I plan on getting a French Bulldog and naming him Barky someday. 😀