Year in Cute 2009: Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

In 2009, our animal friends didn’t just disapprove — they sneered, snarled, grimaced, glowered, harrumphed and hachhkkthhed.  Behold, a sampling of this year’s charm school dropouts. (Click picture to view original post.)

Has anyone seen my tiger, Hobbes?

Garfi-I Said “NO!!!”, by E.L.A.


  1. CoconutCheez says:

    … Why are you looking at me like that? i haven’t had enough sleep OK!


  2. The edge(hog) of evil! Mouaaaahhh!

  3. snowangel says:

    I love that last one! It completely explains my mood on a bad day. :)

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Profile pics from
    Friend requests will not be ignored. They will be actively sneered at, spit upon, and gleefully denied.

  5. OMG you gotta love that weim ♥♥ floppy liiiiiiiiiiips!! *faints*

  6. kibblenibble says:

    It is my humble pleasure to be hachhkkthhed at by these cuties. :-)

  7. “hachhkkthhed”!!!!!

  8. The ninja ham and the white kitty were probably my two fave posts this year..

    “….with one sweep of his marghgh flarghth igth glarrthph…” is pure journalism gold.

  9. Andi from NC says:

    Love the evil hedgie (the hovertext is priceless)

  10. OMG! NTMTOM takes cute to new heights! Particularly love the Weimaraner!

  11. I “know” the top guy. I’ve worked with him for one of my pieces.

  12. OOOOH, I hadn’t seen the Orange Cat o’ Death. All of them are just so wonderful! But, the OCo’D is just “indescribably delicious”!

  13. DEATH RAY!(S)

    P.S. Not to be off topic here.. But I have to say… I am lovin’ my CO calendar. I still have it on the first day though… I love that “owche” picture!!!!

  14. resriechan says:

    I also don’t remember the OCoD; I’ll scroll back up to it after leaving this observation to see its original post & such.

    Thanks for the Disapproval, guys!!!! Truly causes an Attitude Adjustment in the viewer!!!

  15. IT’s Mevin… Top Pick.. In all his adorableness. LOL


  16. omg, this is the funniest post in a long time.

  17. Flappy lips. BTPBTPBTPBTPBTPTH!

  18. Padfoot_Lives says:

    What does it say about me that three of these pics (the hedgehog, the hamster, and the orange “crabby cat”) were my absolute favorites and at one time or another graced my desktop last year?

  19. dr. berthaservant says:

    You know, when a cat stares at you like that – and we’ve all gotten that stare or variations of it – there’s just nothing scarier and nothing cuter. Just DARING you to laugh before they fall back asleep or whatever.

    Thanks for the memories, NTMTOM. (This post could maybe use a bunny disapproval rating?)

  20. I think Pancake, from the January 2 post has already won this category.
    However the Weimeraner personifies out and out boredom and ennui.

  21. First is pic of Melvin, who has an awesome blog (and an even more awesome human taking care of him)

    Oh my, I had forgotten about how fantastic the ninja ham is. That, plus cracking open the CO page-a-day calendar at work, has brightened up a bad case of the Mondays (esp coming to work after a vacation :O )

  22. That white kitty post was among my most favorite of NTMTOM’s masterpieces last year. Just seeing that kitty’s face cracked me up all over again!

  23. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, thank you for the grumpy post! I feel like kitteh #1. When I was 13, my parents sent me to charm school after I drank MD 20/20 with school chums.

  24. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Next time I’m having a bad hair day (which is 8 out of 10, so it should be soon), I’ll try to remember my good fortune not to be having a bad ear hair day.

  25. The mouse going to town on the piece of pasta is great.

  26. that orange kitty is THIZZIN’. srsly.

  27. 5^^now8ing says:

    Hope doggeh doesn’t live around a shipyard! (loose lips, etc. — heh-heh)

  28. Lip flappage!!!!! *thud*

  29. I”m waiting for the head to spin around in that last pic.

  30. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:


  31. The very first kitten looks sort of like that doll from “Childs Play” chucky….*shivers*

  32. White kitty was one of my most favorite posts from last year!

  33. skippymom says:

    Schblatz Beer Kitten for the ALL-TIME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  34. catloveschanel says:

    ChuckY!!!! oh no!

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    I love that little white kitten but the hovertext on the mouse FTW !!

  36. I love all of the kitteh pics, but the leeps on the pooch are to die for!! I would play with those silly things for…well…until he walked away, pretty much…

    Love the whiteness on the bleah Kitteh though!!

    Oh and I’m loving my CO desktop Calendar!! I’ve already peeked at this week’s selections!!

  37. loves it…one of my cats loves to express his disapproval and is so good at it that we have a special name for this behavior.. when he disapproves we say “looks like he’s going Dick Cheney on us”

  38. awesome… love these pics!


  39. I agree: I love that “owche” picture on Jan. 1st so much that I’ve put it up on my desk in a prominent position!!! Thanks again for a wunnerful CO calendar!

  40. Can someone explain to me how the hamster picture is even possible? It looks like a cartoon. I have hammies and I have never seen them do that with their moufs. Sometimes they yawn, but that is it.

    I only hope his muzzlepowche wasn’t injured by the uncooked noodle! Can someone please reassure me that he is OK?

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    Weimaraner, in George Sanders voice: “I cannot TELL you how UNUTTERABLY tedious I find you.”
    Thanks for reprising these excellent pics.

  42. Weimy lip puddles FTW! :D

  43. MamaLlama says:

    HA! That hamster’s expression is exactly like Calvin’s in the comic Calvin and Hobbes!

  44. hachhkkthhed??? I can’t WAIT to see that entry in the glossary.

    [Um, pro-o-o-obably not. :P – Ed.]

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Holly: Jeez. I never thought a cat could resemble Chucky but this kitty manages it quite nicely! A cat that looks like Chucky and a hamster that looks like Calvin!

  46. LOL at that hamster!!!!! He looks like a wise guy from Joisey.

  47. Kelly Hobbs says:

    Office Kittehs FTW!

  48. No disapproving buns? How can this be?

  49. sam waterson is a cyclist

    like me

    otherwise i should positively despise him for depriving us of interminable rehashing of calvin n’ hobbes themes in perpetuity

    but he is a cyclist

    like me

    so i get it

    i can get the same effect by reading the originals over and over and over and over and over…

  50. Aww… it’s like they’re Jamie and the top ten list is Adam.

    [You speak my language – Ed.]

  51. Nicole M. says:

    That orange cat was my Facebook profile pic for most of 2009. Friends constantly begged me to change it. It sort of looks like my mother.

  52. You guys totally nailed it. That hammy TOTALLY looks like Calvin. Perfect.

  53. Weimierkegaard says:

    I am large, gray, and my jowls are as tired and forlorn as my soul…. Do you have any bacon?

  54. 5^^now8ing says:

    Patito — so true! They even include redheads and (sorta) mustaches! (sp?)

    Oh, Nicole M., I’ll bet your mother is MUCH better looking than that! (I hope)

    Aimz – what else could you call those but lip puddles! Wish I’d thought of that!

    And… WHINE!! Where’s my CO calendar?! I ordered SOOO long ago — well, yesterday, but i WANT it!! WHINE!!

  55. :lol: The kitties look like they are saying the same thing “Bug Me At Your Own Risk!” :lol:

  56. Is the furious ginger kitty related to Oh Don Piano? Looks like the right expression for that conversation!!

  57. It is so hard to pick, them all are so cute and funny.

    Keep the cutness coming =>

  58. These are priceless!

  59. The Hammie Ninja is probably my personal favorite this year. Quite the evil cackle that one has.

  60. wow the last one… so so garfield… CUUTEEEEE!!!!

  61. Jamie: So, Adam, what’s in the basket?
    Adam: Kittens!
    Jamie: Kittens?
    Adam: Today we are going to test the myth that “cuteness” can make a human head explode.
    Jamie: (shrugs) I like explosions.

    [Well s***, I don’t seem to have that episode on my iThing. :( – Ed.]

  62. LOL oh Calvin… thanks CO for reminding me of this crazy lil hammie :D

  63. You can only get it on iWeasel, Theo.

    [iWish – Ed.]

  64. me too me too! stared down AND tackled:

  65. Brixhilda says:

    OMG! I love that tiny chubby hamster! Isn’t it adorable?! (Looks a bit vicious though…)

  66. these things r plain funny!!!
    look at the hamster!! lol!
    and the orange cats hilarious;)


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