THIS JUST IN: Snowboarding Dogs! – UPDATE

[Updated] A cute moment in this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade is a float featuring snowboarding bulldogs.  In this rehearsal video, the pups get some practice:

Update; here’s what the float looked like at the Tournament of Roses Parade, this just in from Priscilla W:

Check out the lil’ haus that brings the pups back up the hill:



  1. Squee! Let’s have bulldog 4-dog bobsledding too! Four little tiny bulldog heads tucked down in the sled – the vision is turning me into a pile of jello.

  2. did anyone see them at the rose parade?

  3. This was really cute!

    I saw them in the parade on tv. The dogs looked to be kind of enjoying themseves, but the handlers at the top were being really rough with them at one point. And they were just kind of “shoving” them down when the dogs didn’t have adequate footing on the boards. 😦 I didn’t see anything that looked like the dogs had actually hurt themselves, but they very easily could have the way they were being so quickly rushed down the ramp.

  4. I saw them in the parade as well and also noted the roughness. Kind of bugged me. They weren’t flung around or anything, but the guy at the top definitely was grabbing them by the collars and shoving down the slope before they were ready.

    But still, SO EFFIN CUTE. Puppehs on boards! Also? The latest puppeh, Sully, is a big fat roly poly muffinnugget.

  5. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Kelsey: I didn’t happen to catch the roughness, but then I rushed to Google this as soon as I saw it on TV. Anyway, I wouldn’t be too concerned, because the area on either side of the ramp appears to be carpeted. Also, the dogs may be old hands at this; I think one of them is Tillman, star of the famous “skateboarding dog” video.

  6. … This is so shameful. I’ve been trying to learn to snowboard for 9 years now and these dogs are whooping me.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Wouldn’t Boarder Collies have been the better choice for this activity?

  8. The puppers are all, like, “Hey, bro, after the parade, let’s head for Tahoe. They just got some new snow and conditions are primo. Woof!”

  9. littledogrescue says:

    2600Oakley: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg !!! Nice call !!!!!

  10. Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle, how darned cute. (not)
    The handlers strike me as a bunch of wankers, but I guess with a new year and a
    “bloody hell, am that old” birthday in April, my grumpy old man persona is starting to kick in.

  11. Andi from NC says:

    Rosebud – great name!!!

  12. Jess, LA, CA says:

    Shouldn’t Rosebud be on a sled?

  13. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Ehehehehhe wipeout! LOL JK… ykwim

  14. 😆 Jess!

  15. 260Oakley says:

    @Jess, LA, CA
    Would that be a Citizen Canine reference?

  16. “Rosebud”????

    You mean in “Citizen Kane” he was talking about a bulldog???? IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!!!

  17. Jess, LA, CA says:

    @Theresa – that’s the REAL secret!
    @2600oakley – LOL – Would love to see that film!

  18. OMG. So, cute. I hope they had more then two. They must have been so tireds.

  19. kitty-crap says:

    Cutest float EVAR in the history of floats!!!!!

  20. These are Rod Drydek’s Dogs. They actually skate board as well

  21. dr. berthaservant says:


  22. Thanks for posting! Nothing better than a day full of bulldog surprise. I’ll clarify a few things for you though, the handler is the owner (who by no means is Rob Drydek) and he treats his dogs like pure royalty. His life revolves around those dogs. Trust me, these dogs could not have a better life. If it appeared rough, it was just a bad shot. They could not be loved more. Remember, these dogs are adrenaline junkies-they go nuts if they can’t get their “boarding fix” in. I’ve seen it first hand. I’m excited to see what they come up with for next year! So cute and so much fun!

  23. dark element says:

    thats Tillman the skateboarding dog! he snowbards, skimboards, but best of all he skateboards… hes all over utube. tillman and his owner were on the show americas greatest dog a couple summers back. if you ever saw the show youd know the owner is a really nice guy.

  24. I saw the float during the parade and thought it was soo cute, it was my favorite float by far! I didn’t notice any ‘roughness’, the doggies I saw seemed to be having a great time.

  25. TrixandSam says:

    The doofuses who were at the bottom of the hill were grabbing the dogs by the collars and pulling them over to the little dog houses that would take them back up the hill. I believe Tillman’s owner was at the top sending the dogs down and he was yanking them around too. It spoiled it just a bit for me, but after seeing the practice runs in the clips above I feel a little better. Also, having seen Tillman and his owner on America’s Greatest Dog show I know the owner is great with his dog.

  26. I posted my personal video of the tryouts above that Natural Balance held for the remaining two bulldogs. They had 5 total. You can see how wonderful Natural Balance and the trainers are. Ron Davis, Tillman/Rose & Sully’s owner, as been a friend and neighbor for years. He’s one of the nicest and down to earth guys you’ll meet. I’ve never met anyone who takes care of his dogs like I do-we’re nuts about our dogs and it shows. The dogs are never rough handled or anything of the sort, it’s all positive training.

  27. Jess, LA, CA says:

    @Rocco, thank you for the video. I love bulldogs, and this was just too fun

  28. I saw this float live as well – too cute! I didn’t notice any roughness, only cute doggies having one heckuva fun time! 😀

  29. Thanks for the video Rocco. Nice to get a behind the scenes look at the training involved in that delightful float. 🙂

  30. Saw this before I wandered over here. My first thought was, “Totally CO-worthy!” I guess I was right. *nods*

  31. Here’s footage from the parade. They were definitely a highlight.