THIS JUST IN: Knewly Knobbular Knees

Baby New Year showed up a little early at the Niabi Zoo in Illinois, in the form of this wobbly new giraffe born December 27.  The boy, about six feet, 150 pounds, was born a few days earlier than expected, but the little feller is doing just fine, and will greet the public when the zoo reopens next May.  Until then, he’ll bond with Mom, and do lots of fun giraffe-type activities, such as running around, flicking his tail, eating hay, nibbling leaves on trees (well, the shorter trees, anyway), or maybe take up a nice hobby, like stamp collecting, which can be a rewarding way to pass the time during the long winter months, because you also learn the history behind each stamp.  I recall I had a full set of 60’s-era state flag stamps as a boy; sadly, they were lost in a family move, but anyway…



  1. do I detect slight chub lines on this bebeh’s legs & neckage?

  2. Mommy giraffe’s knees are awfully dirty. Must have been knelling down to give baby lots of kisses.

  3. ack, where’s this giraffe’s OTHER half? 😉

  4. Alas, stamp collecting is a thumb-intensive hobby, so wee baby might have to enlist a chimp kiddo from his cub scouts troop to help. He will, however, be more than set for stamp licking . . .

  5. I believe Mamma might have been kneeling down to give birth…otherwise it’s a good case of “watch that first step…it’s a doozy!”


  7. Aw…

  8. Ultra excellent head tilt on that baby!

  9. 6 feet tall and 150 pounds!? That’s the size of some full grown human males and he’s just a little bambino!? He’s gonna be big and beautiful when he grows up! So cute!

  10. 1: “This knee’s for you” to Queen of Dork
    2: WOW Theresa DI-unt use the word “stinkin'” OR “cute” maybe she’s been….imbibing today????

    (jes’ kiddin. I’m jes’ kiddin’, Theresa; MWAH)

  11. and, by the way, mike, tell me more, about the stamps. Did you get any with Kermie or Miss Piggie, on them? Maybe one with Florence Henderson (that one would come from a small island off the Bosnian coastline, I believe)…She’s SMOKIN’ !!!

    (HOT, that is; Mrs. Brady would *NEVER* actually smoke a cigarette, I don’t think….)

  12. I just love that sleepy, ever-so-sweet-but-slightly goofy look on the baby giraffe’s face. Makes me wish I could cradle and stroke his widdle head, but I’d need a ladder and seriously good balance.

  13. Knobulous!

  14. Somehow this reminds me of one of the Peanuts specials where you never see the adults’ faces, just their waist down. Wah-wah-wah-wahhhhhhh….

  15. @ Suzanne: Giraffes give birth standing up. Baby lands with a thud. I guess it works ’cause they’ve been doing it that way for a long time. (I read that the other day on the ZooBorns site.)

    And for NTMTOM, can’t you just picture that long, purple tongue licking away at all those stamps?

  16. I saw this adorable little guy at zooborns the other day and was wondering if I should send it in to CO! My friend is a giraffe-aholic, so every time I see something giraffe-y, I send it to her – links and actual stuff too. For Christmas, I bought her a bronze tp/paper towel holder that is a standing giraffe! She LOVED it!

    Anywhoodle, can you imagine falling 5ft to the ground as you’re being born???? 😯

  17. Speaking of cute bebehs, do check out the pandas:

    Pic 2 is all “ZOMG!”

  18. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:


  19. Fran in L.A. says:

    NTMTOM, you are a strange and wonderful person. All of you a CO are slightly bent, and I love it. Thanks for making 2009 more of a pleasure than it might have been!

    [ 😀 – Ed.]

  20. now THIS is the kind of baby I’m talking about

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    the babeh looks like he has stamps all over him.. remember when people would tear up brown paper bags and make “wall paper” out of the scraps.. all funky looking ..that’s what he looks like. But better.

  22. I want a giraffe, and this one will do, thank you!

  23. platedlizard says:

    Tall Blondes!

  24. He’s got LEGS and he knows how to use them….

  25. Little gy-raffe, don’t forget to exercise your brain. Sudoku is the way to go on new hobbies.

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    CUTE! I love the expression on his face. It kind of looks like Kermit the Frog. Kermit sometimes makes that same face.

  27. long2lampe says:

    I live near Niabi Zoo and can’t believe this made it on the website. How cool! We all wanted to adopt him back home. He is too sweet. Look at the eyelashes! 8)

  28. How sad the genetic defect has passed from mother to behbe, I mean , how do two legged G. Raffs keep upright.
    Which reminds me,when I started work as a sixteen year old, a favourite prank of my older colleagues was to give the junior a message to phone a Mr G Raff or C. Lions accompanied by what turned out to be the phone number of London Zoo, I am sure the switch board at the Zoo found this hilarious.

  29. resriechan says:

    @ Hon Glad:

    ARE you indEED sure, that the Zoo Sw/board staff….were laughing uproariously????? or…is that a tongue, I see, in your cheek?

    All in Fun.

  30. Hamasuta San says:

    ^_^ squueeeeeee!

    PS to above poster::: THAT IS HER CHEST. Notice the hooves and the direction that they face.

  31. The baby giraffe was born taller than me at my adult height. *jealousy*