Simon’s Cat sees snow for the first time…

…And the hijinx ensue! Another terrific episode awaits you below.

Ladies and Gentlemen, “Snow Business, Part 1.” [hand waves over YouTube screen]

[Throwing snowball in the direction of] Catherine J.



  1. It amazes me how accurate he portrays animals despite them being cartoons. He certainly knows his kitty well.

  2. I’m pretty sure Simon was cat in a few previous lives….maybe 9?

  3. Can’t wait for part 2

  4. LOVE.

  5. ButtaRumCake says:

    OMG!! When Simon got nailed in the back of the head & went “mrrrwrr” before faceplanting….


  6. lurkingsmirk says:


    Can’t wait for part 2!

  7. Loved it! I laughed out loud, which is why I come to this website everyday!

  8. OMG, the bird is awesome!

    Reminds me of the squirrels who taunt my Golden. Except they don’t have snowballs at their disposal, thank goodness.

  9. The bird imitating the cat is Teh Awesome 😀

  10. Is it wrong for me to want Simon’s cat to eat that bird?

  11. heehee… my kittehs looked up w perked ears when the birdie tweeted…

  12. If that’s the first time Simon’s cat has seen snow he is a lot braver than my Penny. After the first snow storm she ran out of the patio door. jump on the balcony railing and FROZE there, looking at me like; WHAT the heck is THAT!

  13. Love those cartoons! The cat makes such awesome kitty noises 🙂

  14. The best laugh I´ve had all day. 😀

  15. It’s a shame the local Boids aint handy with snowballs. It would stop my two buggers bringing the decapitated wing ripped remains, with the attendant clouds of feathers,always deposited on my Afghan carpet. Luckily its dark red and the blood doesn’t show. By the way I’vefound Mouse pooh between the sofa cushions and a hole, hopefully it is a case of, a mouse was living inside and has escaped or been dispatched.

  16. A. Non Ymous says:

    Simon’s cat is always great, but getting a sound that convincingly sounds like both a bird tweet and a laugh has earned even more of my respect.

  17. LOVE Simon’s cat, but it’s the bird that really cracks me up in this episode. The ‘rasberries’ face is priceless.

  18. The bird is awesome! 😀 I always love the Simon’s Cat cartoons.

  19. That is fabulous! Simon’s cat cracks me up, and I hope this bird figures prominently in other episodes.

    I am particularly fond of the cat-shaped hole in the snow, with all limbs sticking out at right angles from the torso.

  20. Love Simon’s Cat! He amazes me with how he captures the essence of Cat.

    Hope Bird is OK!

  21. My favorite bit is when the saucy bird pies the kitty right in the behind. Can’t wait for part 2!

  22. LOL when the Bird Tweets Loser Hysterical and when the cat is patting the snow and playing LOLOL

    this is awesome!

  23. OMG, it’s like watching a day in the life of my dear departed Steve.

  24. I think even more than the animation (which is brilliant) I appreciate the attention to sound in these videos. If you listen on good-quality headphones you’ll hear some amazing things. To begin with they’re in stereo and the stereo imaging matches the animation (things happening on the left of the frame come out the left channel, etc.) There are also some lovely touches … throughout this one there’s a very subtle wind noise underneath the other sounds. I don’t know who Shrooby is, but if there’s a Webby category for best sound, she or he should be nominated!

  25. Hehehe! The bird shows up even more in the Simon’s Cat book. ^_^

  26. I’m Catherine J!!! I can’t wait for the second part to come out. 🙂

  27. animal luvr says:

    i love 0:53 haha

  28. HON GLAD in the HOUSE!!!

  29. Right on, Theresa!
    As an infrequent commenter but ridiculously frequent visitor/comment reader for the last two years, I take note when “regulars” disappear for a bit…
    was a relief when B-servant returned (albeit festooned with titles and position).
    All to say, good to hear from Hon Glad (and sorry about the mouse pooh issue).
    Aaaaand Simon’s Cat is fabulous, as usual.

  30. Here’s a great interview of the man behind the cat:

  31. dr. berthaservant says:

    What is odd (in a good way) about “Simon’s Cat” is how it manages to root itself in realism – the cat’s reactions to situations, attitude towards the human world, etc. – while still indulging in outright fantasy. The first short that I saw – the one of the cat trying to wake up Simon – is almost a neo-realist study of a cat trying to wake up a human (if the neo-realists were pen-and-ink artists, of course); this one has that same feeling, but it clearly absurd in its premise and execution.

    Good to see Hon Glad back!

  32. Luckily [the rug] is red so the blood doesn’t show 😯

    I love the birds little laughter!

  33. birdie did tweet “loser” didn’t he? hee hee hee hee!

  34. The animation of the little taunting bird is phenomenal. 😉

  35. MarthaVA… Thanks for posting that interview… that was so interesting … Okay and now I think I need to get that book! LOL

  36. Okay and When Simone’s cat yells Score or rather Meows “Score” and raises his paws after knocking the bird off the fence


  37. coco chanel says:

    I love the way he shakes the snow off his back feet – brings back memories of Ignatz, my last outdoor cat. He would shake after each step.

  38. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:


  39. I wish that bird would teach my kitty a lesson

  40. DaytimeDeb says:

    A Kitty Cliffhanger!

    Will Simon’s cat get Birdy’s tongue?
    Will Simon’s Cat be emeowsculated by birdy?

    Tune in to 2010 for the next installment of Simon’s Cat!
    Best reason to look forward to the New Year EVAH.

  41. I love it when the bird laughs like that kid on The Simpsons (not Bart)

  42. 😈 Simon’s Cat 😈 Turn that bird into bird pie 😈

  43. My cat just watched this with me. Her eyes got big and wide when the bird popped up. I’m afraid she nearly jumped at the computer screen

  44. resriechan says:

    The profound issue which remains to be resolved:

    Maru or Simonscat? Who’s in charge heah???

    Ready to enlist in Either Army.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    Resrie: Maru or Simon’s cat? They shall rule TOGETHER!!

  46. resriechan says:

    “And World Peace reigned throughout”

    Or Whirled Peas. Take yer pick!!!!

    Love is All You Need.
    (Love, love, love)

    (yup, I’m a nerdeh hippeh. So sue me)

  47. Theresa et al. Thank you for my welcome “home” Yes Hon Glad’s been in the Booby Hatch (not recomended) and off work for nearly 2 months. Depression and anxiety, now on a different anti depressant, and now some what hyper.Maybe I am by polar or a Polar bear .

  48. Bi Polar?

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: I’m so glad you’re back and really hope you’re feeling better.. (Maybe a bi polar Polar bear?)

    Much love and huge bear hugs to you!

  50. resriechan says:

    Well — I, for one, am feeling Glad and I am also feeling less depressed and anxious,
    now that Hon Glad is no longer feeling Overloaded and is instead feeling Cute !!!!

    Woot, Woot!!!!! Peace.

    and stuff.

  51. I luv Simon’s cat (especially his hyjinks). I luv Maru (especially his hyjinks).

    Hey wait… are they the same cat???

    And hey… didn’t we see “Snow – part 1” a couple weeks (months) back?? When is part 2 coming out?


  52. That last sentence should read, ” Inquirying minds want to know.”

  53. And Hon Glad… welcome back. (p.s. been there-done that.)

  54. I’m rooting for the cat, too. The bird is a jerk!

  55. Love the bird. So adorable & funny when it’s taunting the kitty.

  56. AWESOME. Reminds me of what my cat Beasty would probably do. LOOOOOVE “Simon’s Cat”!!!! Thanks!

  57. I Love It!

  58. I have seen all the Simon’s cat video’s but by far that is the best!!

  59. DecemberGirl says:

    I am a total fan of Simon’s Cat! Soooooooooo cute! I can’t wait until part 2! 😀


  61. that bird is a riot-cat is precious excellent!

  62. Just hilarious!

  63. I was also amazed at the wonderful sound engineering– the bird’s laugh/song combo is PERFECT. And… Hon Glad… I too have been there and done (am doing?) that. Ongoing project, but progress is being made. On the bright side, when folks look at you funny and ask, “Are you CRAZY?”, you can say (as my sis does, with full authority) “Yup– in fact I’m Certi-Effin’-Fiable!” (we look for the small pleasures in life…)

  64. lol! Maru and Simons cat goodness

    [Waaaaaay ahead of you 😉 – Ed.]

  65. dammit! teaches me to not check in regularly ><

  66. Simon, I love your cat!! He reminds me so much of mine!! I have the one video where the cat is trying to wake up the sleeping Simon, I laugh everytime I watch it. Please send us some more Kitty Cartoons.

  67. Jazzbuster says:

    This is actually a very realistic scene. The only silly spot is when the snowball actually hits it’s target. I’ve seen this happen exactly this way, and more than once. It’s really true.

  68. Haha, great! This is Simon’s Cat for real: