Easter Bunny Time-off

Doris, before I jump out and take a steam, can you add more Epsom salts to my Jacuzzi? And I’d love a beer, too. You know the kind I like—the one with extra hops.

This Quality Link Foraged by Ant over at AQFL! Photo by Flickrer Steve D.

[Oh, and it’s been pointed out in the comments that we’ve posted this before. 🙂 – Ed.]



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Extra hops…good one! 🙂

  2. OMG! my bunny would never relax like that in water! too cute

  3. I’ve always dreamed of getting in a hot tub with a naked bunny but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

  4. awwwwwwwwwwww, wet bunny feets! Do most buns like water?

  5. omg amazing…. we are plotting a photo shoot with our flemish giant and an ostrich egg shell for easter…. muahaha

  6. REPOST!

  7. Bahahahahahahaha!! Hops! You’re killing me CO!

  8. Wet bunny feets! Fuzzy underwater bunny tummy! Paws up! Speckled black-and-white head! Beautiful blue bathtub! THUD

  9. @Pamela — do you maybe have a link to back that up? Because I’ve looked, and all I find is this: Bunday, sudsy Bunday

  10. Extra hops…hahahaha…I actually laughed out loud at that!

    I, too, am curious if most buns like water. Love the bunnehs!

  11. who woulda thunk? bunny bath?

  12. I don’t know if other bunnies like water, but this one seems to sure enjoy it! Can’t even write – don’t know what to say – to much cuteness going on here.

  13. SOUP!

  14. SOUP???

  15. Is his name Stew?

  16. HOPS!! That is hilarious!! ROTFLMAO!

  17. I was afraid it was one of the scenes that was cut from Fatal Attraction. 😯

    [Sure, that’s definitely something we’d post here. 😛 – Ed.]

  18. *sigh* I wish my bunnys were that easy to bathe.

  19. Do I see a bunny naughty-bit?

  20. DaChickenLady says:

    Actually, yes, it’s a repost:


    Since I knew I’d seen the picture before, and since C.O. is my primary source of teh qte, I was pretty sure that I saw it here. =D

    [All right, well spotted! – Ed.]

  21. I actually just shrieked out loud….She looks just like my bunny! Of course, Evie would never be caught dead with her hocks in water.

  22. Kittytoes, I also thought I saw a naughty bit, but not sure because it looks like it’s in a funny place. Not really up on the bun anatomy, though. Could it be a belly button? (Tilts head for a closer look.)

  23. @Pamela again — so, you were right. Maybe, though, for next time, don’t just shout “REPOST” even if you know it’s true. Really, a polite tone and civility count for a lot, here. Or even just a link, y’know, like DaChickenLady shared.

    Sometimes even I don’t remember every single post in the history of this blog. 😉

  24. Easter- bunny-bathing time!
    Easter-bunny-bathing time!
    Easter bunny bathing!
    Easter bunny bathing!
    Easter bunny bathing with a baseball bat!!


  25. My bunny, SnowFlake, not only liked to relax in water but could do the doggy paddle. I would take her outside, in an enclosed yard, and let her swim in the dog pool. The only problem is it takes quite a while to dry a bunny.

  26. Baseball bat? Huh?


  27. Aw, bunneh approves of the bath.
    If this is the Easter Bunneh, he had better dry off fast and get ready to bring me Cadbury egg noms cause I was in AC Moore yesterday and they have EASTER stuff out already.

  28. To be fair, Prongs wasn’t part of the CO team in March of 2008.

    [True enough – Ed.]

  29. It’s like you can almost hear the “Ahhhh” sound as the bunny descends his bunny bum in the water. Very relaxing.

  30. I would like to learn the magical incantations that got this bunny into a bath. My little bunnies would never allow this. Please share the secret…

  31. Boy bun.

  32. Ed., thank you for expanding my range of cultural references. I did not know that one.

  33. TrixandSam says:

    This is worth re-posting, esp for those of us who became followers (addicted??) only recently.

    @Kelsey: Stew indeed! My mom would be reaching for the soup pot into which she’d transfer this bun for a nice slow simmer.

    Also, @Theresa – great adaptation of Peanut-Butta-Jelly-Time!

  34. Nope, you’re right. those are bunny bits…just looks like they’re in the wrong spot due to the fluffs

  35. Bunny Bits! Bunny Bits!

  36. I hadn’t seen Bunday sudsy Bunday before, made me lol 😀

  37. I’ve read never to attempt bathing a bunny. I really doubt my Fluff would tolerate it. Looks very nice, though–maybe I’ll go home and run a human-bath now.

  38. Extra hops, why yes please. And this New Year’s Eve, make it a Blue Moon.

    [Clever! The Schmoop & I might just do that, actually, instead of champagne. – Ed.]

  39. Who cares if it’s a repost….it’s so CUTE!!! Hops and tocks and all!!!!

  40. Soooo that is what the Easter bunny does on his vacation. 😉

  41. oh…I’m sorry but I don’t like this post.
    Bunnies (like cats) don’t like baths. I know that bunny is NOT relaxed. Bunnies don’t lie on their backs.

  42. Sigh it was only a matter of time.

  43. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Ahn. Fwuffeh bewwy.

  44. I can’t speak for all bunnies but my bunny let me bath her once. I had been told, and read that bathing a bunny wasn’t necessary, but she got sick all over herself one night and allowed me to clean her up in the sink. She seemed to enjoy the warm sudsy water and didn’t fuss at all. And whoever up thread said bunnies take a long time to dry, they are right. Hours! But I helped a little by towel drying and a little low blow drying to damp. It was winter and since she was already sick, I didn’t want to risk her getting sicker.

  45. Seriously? I didn’t know rabbits did this! I love those back feet, too!

  46. I want a warm relaxing soak also ! This is so cute – how in the world did Pampered Bunny stay in the water on its back that long to take a photo ? I Love This.

  47. floaty paws!

  48. Obviously the owner read the washing instructions on the lable by the back foot, “Hand wash only in mild soapy water”. I wonder if he produces bubbles along with the Bunny divots.

  49. @Des: I don’t know what you mean by your bunny got sick all over herself. I am (somewhat) wise in the ways of bunnehs, and I know that bunnehs cannot vomit. It would actually be good if they could, they groom themselves like cats, but cannot spit up hairballs and can die from blockages. If your bunneh needs bathing, ie poopy butt or urine scald, there is something wrong and should be taken to a vet to find out the underlying cause. I am admittedly a bit of a Bunneh Knowledge Evangelist, but I still think this bun is a QT.

  50. Heather in Oregon says:

    After reading the above post, I had to google “can bunnies vomit?”
    Its crazy, I use to have bunnehs when I was a kid, but I couldn’t remember if they had ever vomited and it was warping my mind…anyway….
    The first google result was a neat little fact sheet about bunnehs.

  51. @Theo
    ouch! i was just excited that i was so well versed in c.o. archives that i just blurted. next time i’ll raise my hand and wait to be called.

    [I’ll settle for a link. – Ed.]

  52. janet2buns says:

    Thank you Heather, for furthering the education of stoopid hoomins. Even if this post’s bunneh disapproved of his bath, he would approve of you spreading info about our lagomorph overlords.

  53. baileysgrandmom says:

    As for rabbits liking or disliking water, some of us remember the incident in 1979 when a rabbit (or maybe a nutria?) attacked the POTUS in his canoe. It was front-page news for a day or two.

  54. curefantastic says:

    Prongs, are you trying to kill the bunneh?! Everyone knows you’re not supposed to drink alcohol in a sauna/hot tub. Drinking and hot tubs both lower your heart rate and could be fatal! Bun, wait till you’re done marinating to do the beer bong 😉

  55. @Carla Actually one of my little buns has a nasty case of head tilt (stupid parasites!) and has decided that the best way to relax and make the world stop spinning is to lie flat on his back with all his feets in the air!

  56. I rather think that bunnehs are like hoomins in that they all like different things. While my Oscar would NEVER tolerate a bath, I have known bunnehs who you couldn’t keep out of a pool of water, especially if it’s hot. Similarly, my Oscar LOVES snow and will hop around and dig in it for as long as I will let him, whereas my first rabbit would flip out if I took him into the snow. If this bunneh did not want to be in the water, he would never have stayed so still for a picture!

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    Is it just me, or does that white splotch right on top of her head look like a running bunneh in profile? doesn’t it? ??

  58. janet2buns says:

    @k80: I extend the floofy paw of sympathy to your head tilt bunneh. E. cuniculi has caused soooo much suffering for our little lagomorph buddies. I’m glad your guy has something that eases him a bit.

  59. @Mary (the first) hahaha I absolutely see what you mean! That’s hysterical.

  60. Awwwwww.
    My sister’s bunny Rex passed away recently, so this guy stirs up memories.
    He hated water and having his fur groomed, lol. All boy.

  61. bunnylover says:

    Sorry to be a downer, and please don’t reem me for this, but I’ve read it’s not good for bunnies to get soaking wet like this, because it takes their fur a very long time to dry. Also, bunnies have a nerve in their back – similar to birds – so that when they’re supine, it causes a sort of harmless paralysis. Not sure the bunny is necessarily enjoying this, although it’s a cute idea in theory. If you do have to give your bun a bath, blow dry on low taking care not to overheat them.

    [It’s “ream”, actually – Ed.]

  62. I have to agree – bunnies should not be bathed because the cold can make them sick. They clean themselves like cats do, so they’re usually quite clean – if they somehow get into something nasty you have to “spot clean” them if you intervene at all. Rabbit.org is a good source of reliable information on bunny care, and they cover this at http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/groom.html.