Butterball attempts to go down stairs

Will he make it in between all the whimpers and scaredy-pantsness of it all?

Watch and find out:

Via CityRag



  1. A few inches to man, a million miles for Corgi puppy.

  2. 1 small step for man, 1 giant leap for corgi kind.

  3. kittensnotkids says:

    oh gods! the sad, sad whimpers around the 30-second point!

    congratulations, butterball!

  4. maybe it’s not as tall over on this side?

  5. I love that white stripe in the middle of his forehead.

  6. STINKIN’ STINKIN’ StInKIN’ adorable, with the whining and the squeaking!! Sounds exactly like a squeaky toy!!!

  7. Cute little Butterball deserves a Medal of Honor!

  8. I agree with Samantha. Such puppy bravery deserves a medal, or at the very least lots and lots of hugs and a chew toy of choice.
    Very glad to see the li’l guy made it!

  9. Awwwww, I just wanna pick him up and cuddle him!

  10. the rise of those stairs compared to the height of corgi-bebe legs is a very unequal equation. aha – who said we’d never use algebra in real life?

    psst: butterball you are the cutest, and deserve kisses, cuddles and belly rubs for your brave work. 7-weeks is very young!

  11. That whimper and then the nervous shuffling? AWWWWWdorable! Makes me want to pick him up and snorgle him to bits!

  12. Awesome. I believe Butterball is ready for the advanced stair master class taught by Slinky Cat – “look ma, no legs!”

  13. butterball is so adorable I just wanna pet and hold him!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. dr. berthaservant says:

    He’s all — “BUT YOU USED TO CARRY ME!!!”

    Seriously, though. Is there ANYTHING better than a corgi puppeh? All Corgis should come with a video camera so owners can upload every single moment to the internet.

  15. Oh the world is so big and scary to a teeny little pup! What a brave cutie. (And Meg, “scaredy-pantsness” might just be my new favorite phrase…)

  16. Awwww that reminds me of my pupper for the whole 5 hours she was afraid of the stairs. She’s a Cocker, so she was quite small at three months, which is when she first encountered those tricky things.

  17. GAAAAAAAAH!!! The whimperingks! The leetle stubby legs! I can’t STAND IT!

    *ded from the Qte*

  18. I also note that on the related video, up was much less challenging. Dawwww…

  19. high five for butterball!

  20. Before I faint, must urge you to watch “Butterball up the Stairs.” Watch how his doggy friend finds a way to help.
    Falling over now: Too.much.cute.
    Swooning now. *Thud*

  21. Emotional abuse!!!!! How can she continue to TAUNT him with his WORST FEAR?OBVY the young man is suffering from the effects of PTSD (Puppy, Traumatized Stress Disorder) and see how she entices him into his worst nightmares of anxiety?????

    In what city was this video made? I”M CALLING THE ANIMAL WELFARE AGENCIES. NOW.

    “Mo-om; make her STO-O-P!!!!!!!”

  22. (actually puzzled)
    Why would those sentences be marked / monitored / moderation? I didn’t even list a website….or mention icky genital body parts or?????


    Qu’est-ce que se passe ici?

    [Because the filter can’t automatically distinguish between sarcasm and “genuine” nuffing, yet – Ed.]

  23. Butterball is my hero.

  24. So cute love the whimpers

  25. I can’t decide what’s cuter: the stumpy Corgi puppy legs, the whimpering, or the name Butterball.

  26. elledoubleyou says:

    I love how one “sock” is higher than the other. So damn cute. Worth my cat giving me dirty looks for having the sound up!

  27. this is so much better than watching the stupid ball drop in times square

    [I think you may be onto something, there. 7-week-old corgi pup descending 10 steps at midnight, wearing a custom Swarovski collar… hmm – Ed.]

  28. O.K. I can’t help it , I would have been up those stairs after the first whimper !
    I admit it I’m a sucker, I would have helped butterball down each & every step till they weren’t scary any more . I’ve done that before & I’d do it again.
    My reason would be that the quicker the baby was able to make it up & down stairs on it’s own the quicker the tripping (mine) would begin.
    At least that’s the story I’m sticking with so I don’t look too much like a push over !

  29. DaytimeDeb says:

    Ah Butterball, you had me at “whimper.”

  30. Christopher says:

    Why is there only one set of pawprints? That butterball, is when I snorgled you. Nomnomnomglomp.

  31. Wait, did she accidentally call him “Butterbutt” halfway through the video?
    Because I think that’s an even cuter name.

  32. My puppers is 12 wks and does the exact same thing – sometimes her feet go over her head though and she ends up facing the other way with her bum on the step below! Like a slinky!

  33. So, is Butterball going upstairs the exact same video turned upside down?

  34. It reminds me very much of my first time on a snowboard.

  35. Cuteful brave puppeh.

  36. so brave

  37. Between the whimperings and the stubbularity I’m just about dead! I really think corgi pups might be the cutest things ever. What a brave guy Mr. Butterpants is.

  38. LOLL, Butterball. It’s funny because he’s so little and not a butterball at all. When I was a skinny little girl my mother used to call me Toutoune for the same reason.
    Sadly it would not be so funny now… 😉

  39. Nicolletta says:

    The whimpers….they keeled me ded. 🙂

  40. “WHY!?! Why was I made with such stubby legs? Darn you genetics!! Darn you to HECK!”


    I don’t know about all of you but I was ready to pick up the dang dog at 30 seconds and carry him down the stairs.

    Btw, I believe it was the large black cat and not the stairs that was causing da puppeh to wimper.

  42. My dog Miao Yin came running in when this video starts, convinced that I was playing with one of her squeaky toys. ❤

  43. D’awww!!

    SOOOO much better than a human baby!

  44. Zizi Jarmaine says:

    This isn’t very cute. This puppy is only 7 weeks old. Cute Overload is getting less and less cute lately.

    [Yeah, you’re probably right. 7-week-old puppies just aren’t cute anymore. – Ed.]

  45. YAY Butterball!!! Everyone that thinks this wasn’t cute can go suck it. The puppy needs to learn how to do things on its own. This is just like the little frenchie who couldn’t roll over that eventually learned how to do it.

  46. aww him was little scayred

  47. Soooooooooooo cuuuute! And Butterball may be the most awse name ever. His adorable expression and stubbular legs….I AM DED.

    I agree with Res…agencies must be notified so I can take B-ball as my own!!

  48. Jess, LA, CA says:

    The stubbage! The cuteness! I love Corgi puppies.

  49. Butterball, you’ve made my mind ‘splode! I just want to eat you right up.

  50. Butterball! Yay!!! You did it little guy!

    OMG!!! That was the cutest thing ever!!!

  51. Butterball is the best name evah for a pup, I should know as I had my own Butterball doggie growing up. She was a sweet poochie, nawt a Corgi but still a stubby legged poochie (we think she was a cross between a cocker spaniel and something shorter. :lol:)

  52. nwcunningham says:

    OMG – how cute. I cheered at the end. The rest of the house thought I was nuts. :p

  53. Ohgods, the whimpers! I’d probably be carrying him up and down the stairs until he was 15!

  54. kibblenibble says:

    Yay Butterball! You’re SO bwave! 🙂 I wanted to help him at first, too, but once he got the hang of it, he was fine. If his human helped him, he’d think the stairs were impossible. Now he knows he can do eet! 🙂

  55. awwwwwww!

  56. ButtaRumCake says:


  57. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    When my cat first saw the stairs she sniffed em like crazy, did the whole opening her mouth trying to breathe in the scent thing, then she slowly hopped down the stairs like a slinky. Now she is used to them and races down em like nobodies business!!!! LOL ykwim


  59. Is that a giant kitteh waiting to intercept him at the bottom? Maybe he’s skeered of that!

  60. Resriechan says:

    um, Cindy, we here at CO might nibble on a puppy,,,,but most of us try not to swallow them whole.

    We kind of are animal LOVERS not mangeurs des chiens.

    Jus sayin — in all affection & stuff dontcha know.

    Is there a chocolate eclair in your fridge, maybe?
    A Snickers bar?

  61. So I watched this episode and in addition to my head almost exploding from the cute, my 1 yr old pitbull came running over to sit on the couch and watch too. His obvious concern for butterball’s quest down the stairs just upped the level of cute. Brains are everywhere.

  62. Both of my dogs were up and searching for the poor crying baby!!! Glad the butterbuttster made it down those scary stairs. What a cutie pie!!

  63. What a cutie pie! poor butterball. bless him.

  64. Theresa, I was wondering if anyone else was going to comment on the cat-trap at the bottom of the stairs…

    Kristabelle: “Butterbuttster”?? *snork*

  65. claudia from uk. south shields says:

    gorgeous puppy corgi.

  66. Noelegy – things I am fond of get a -ster, -head, or -bird ending…

    I have a Wheatster or Wheathead (Wheatley), a Sunbird (Sunny) and a Lilahbird (who actually is a bird). We also call our dogs goobs/goobsters/goobies.

  67. Butterball’s family simply wanted him to learn how to navigate stairs so he wouldn’t have to be carried from floor-to-floor when he wanted to be with them. He got himself up the stairs so he had to learn how to get down from the stairs. A treat was the most likely lure to get him to do it on his own.

    Three years ago, my husband and I moved into a 2-level apartment with a friend of ours that contained a spiral staircase. The friend has a cat who—at the time—had no clue how to navigate that staircase. So he was lured down the stairs with bits of food on each step. That was his incentive to figure it out, but once he did, he was running up and down the stairs all night!

  68. The little whimpers keeled me ded!

    Also I may have behaved in a similar fashion on the ski slopes once.

  69. This video had my mama dog running all over the house looking for the pup in distress.

    That is to say, she was a mama dog, the gal I got her from bred her and her partner in crime–the first thing that happened when they came to live at my house was they got fixed, so Lulu’s youngest pups would be about 2 years old now. She still has the maternal instinct thing going on though, and was trying to rescue Butterball!

  70. Poor Butterball! I feel for you; I have a problem with heights, too!

    @Metz: there are breeds shorter/i> than cockers? 😯

  71. Oops, missed closing that tag. Sorry!

  72. 7 weeks is too young unless they also have the mother…

    Otherwise, a cute crying pup. I hate it when they cry. I want to take away all their puppy troubles.

  73. It’s surprising what a range of emotions can be expressed, by basically a one note whimper, Give that pup an Oscar.

  74. When my dog came home from the shelter, for the first couple of weeks, he didn’t want to go down the basement stairs. My mom told him she can’t keep carrying him down ( all of 15 hairy pounds) so in time, Bosco finally got over his fear of the stairs. Took a while, but now he zooms up and down the stairs like he’s the lord of the stairs.

  75. Butterball is the funniest name, and I’m sure they call him all sorts of variations like butterbutt, butterpants, butterbuttster, etc. Perfect for a little yellow/caramel colored doggie! Raise your hand if you were also saying “Come on, butterball!”

    But what, was that a big ole black kitty at the bottom of the stairs waiting to , er, “welcome” him?? Quit yer crying, SWAT! mean ole kittaye.

  76. Or? Maybe it was a scruffy black doggeh that gave him a congratulatory chizzomp?

  77. I am also sorry to “nuff” but 7 weeks is too young for him to be on his own, unless the family also has his siblings and mom. Puppies are still learning to socialize with their families until 8 weeks, that way they won’t become dog-aggressive when they grow older.

    Other than that, very cute. I worry about his little fragile head when he goes down those stairs though…corgies and dachshunds, I worry about them on stairs…

  78. [wearing lab coat] So this pup has either Climacophobia: The fear of stairs, climbing, or of falling downstairs, or Elurophobia: The fear of cats. Hmm. We need more tests. [starts playing Nintendogs]

  79. A small frightened puppy is cute and funny? I see the cute dog, but not the humour in his fear. He’s far too young to be climbing the stairs. Not cute at all.

  80. 1) his name
    2) his stubbularity
    3) tiny dogbone tag on his collar
    4) pupsqueaks
    5) being a Corgi and potential Corgula
    6) the nice Mommy
    7) the anipal who comes to congratulate him at the bottom of the stairs.
    9) I think he gets extra credit for being such a brave boy. When we got Killer she was 18 months and couldn’t go upstairs. Her foster Mom swore to me that she did at their house- no matter, Abbey got carried the first few times (she sleeps with us in an upstairs bedroom) and then we did precisely this.
    10) What a sweetheart (extra credit)
    Happy New Year Peeps!

  81. kiki willow says:

    Butterball would never learn to go down stairs if he were mine. I would last for about 15 seconds.

  82. Owner: Come on Butterball~ You can do it, sweetie!~
    Butterball(Dog-Whimper-Sqeel-Language): No. I’m shtayin on theh thurd step whever you like it or NOT.
    Owner: *Jingle Jingle*
    Butterball: (Googoo eyes) Ees that car keez I hear? Doz that meen I kan hang my head out of the car window an’ dehydrate my tongue? And, we’re gun’ get me some super yummi treats? Snff… *Runs down steps at the speed of puppy light*


    I want to eat him up 🙂
    🙂 🙂 😛 😀

  84. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s very very cute! I wasn’t sure if he is too young for this or I’m just a big softy..I would probably have at least helped him .. until he felt more confident… or just grab and run home with him since I have no stairs and therefore he would be fine at my house.. grab and run for his own good of course.. not because I want him or anything like that…

  85. Awww, cute little critter. Hope mom dog and litter mates are close by tho since no breeder worth his salt would let a pup go before 8 weeks minimum…

  86. three cheers for stubularity!!!

    three cheers for corgulas!! (cracks me up)

  87. lindsycarranza says:

    OMIGOSH that was adorable! And if you click on the video it will take you to her youtube and watch Butterball going up the stairs SO CUTE!!! And that’s not a black cat it’s a dog! And in the other video the black dog helps the little Butterball upstairs SOOOOOOO cute I might explode!!!! What an adorable puppy! And he has to learn sometime 🙂 It’s not abuse or mean in anyway!

  88. i’m so proud of you, butterball! such a good puppy!

  89. I like the stripe on his teeny forehead–it’s an appropriate target for planting many, many kisses. I can also certainly understand the distress of all the mommy dogs out there hearing Butterball on the intertubes; those whimpers just about had ME lactating!

    In other news, I may ask my friends to start calling me Butterbutt. If they do not do so already, that is . . . . .

  90. Peanut's Mama says:


  91. This is the way Butterball goes down the stairs: not with a bang, but a whimper…

  92. Peanut's Mama says:

    BTW—if you check out the youtube account, you can see other vids of Butterball and his pal Oreo (which is a dog) ALL GROWN UP!

  93. Adorable. But I gotta say I hate the name Butterball. Such a mouthful. Let’s hope it’s just his government name.

  94. this is mean. carry your dog up/down the stairs until it’s older.

  95. Katie FTW with an Eliot reference!

    In the room the puppy comes and goes, whining about . . . .

  96. oh yay butterball!!! i discovered this video like a year ago… MASTERPIECE

  97. OHMIGOD hes so cutee~ can he run up stairs (walk comfily?) now? hes so cute *cuddles*

  98. GO BUTTERBALL!! thats be hilarious if the other doggy was named breadcrumb. ^^

  99. D’awwwwwwwww, the widdle cries. They done killt me dead.

    Also, I see absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging little ones to climb up and down stairs, as long as the staircase in question is smaller and carpeted, like the one in the video.

  100. Very cute! Loved the welcoming committee waiting at the bottom of the stairs. 😉

  101. I’d be scared too if I had stubby little legs and had to jump from a height that was as tall as me.

  102. KlaireBear says:

    Omg, this puppy is so adorable!!! I love the cute little whimpers!!! What a cute cute cute puppy!!!

  103. Well, I feel sorry for the little tyke if his name really is Butterball. Maybe he will get a more dignified name when he is a grown boy.

  104. but..but.. they r so BIG!! an’ I is so teeny!!!

  105. He is too cute! Can I hug him??

  106. AAWWWW I have a corgi too…. BUt urs is cute!!!!! 🙂

  107. did the puppy make it back up? anyway soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  108. *HUGGLES*

  109. tobesograteful says:

    Such a whiner!

  110. Too cute! Butterball is a such a brave little puppy, and I just want to reward him with hugs and kisses! Also, I love that his little pal helps him in the ‘up the stairs’ video!

  111. This puppy might have been a little young to be negotiating stairs taller than itself. At 7 weeks, it’s only been away from its mom one week – at most. Seems like an unnecessary stress for the little guy. The puppy is adorable but the situation is not.

  112. As cute as it is… its kinda mean.. hes too little to be going down stairs… 😦 poor puppy

  113. I kindof agree with Glissa…I’ve heard that corgis (and other short-legged, long-backed dogs, such as doxies) shouldn’t be up and down stairs until 6 months or later, so their bones and joints don’t get messed with. Especially the hips. 7 weeks is still a growing leetle behbeh!!

    Such cute little squeekies, though!

    Aspiring Corgi Mom

    PS. My house has stairs and considering the trouble *I* have on them, any short Welsh dogs we acquire will be carried up and down as necessary. At least until they are growed-up snausages and not leetle mini snausages.

  114. yay!

  115. Awww, poor baby! *picks up and cuddles*

    There there. *pats on head, then dies of teh Qte*

  116. Now this is one Cute Korgi. I

  117. This is one cute Korgi. Between the whimpers and that cute white stripe on his head, He should have one the bravest award of 2009.

    Go Butterball. So brave yet so young Lol =) =)

  118. You can do it kyooootie-cakes!
    My boy’s a grownup and he’s still a bit spectacle about the stairs.
    Of course he’s a bunneh but…

  119. What a cutiepie! I would have helped him down til he gets a little bigger.

  120. Emo Gazanthe VIII says:

    The poor thing. I guess we humans can’t know what it’s like to be scared of stairs about the height of oneself, each.

  121. Danilo Gomes says:

    Parabensss Dog, voce vai ser um cachorro muitooo corajoso !

  122. Irina Ginzburg says:

    PS: saw some more videos on youtube with comments by the owner(s) like “…just messing with him and scaring the crap out of him.” – this just makes me very sad… the pup is now older and wiser, which i can not say about his people…

  123. ERRR Some people! Cute puppy.

  124. My aunt has a corgi, and I love watching him go down stairs. It reminds me of a slinky, you keep expecting the back end to overtake the front. Occasionally, he does the “slinky flump” when he falls over and rolls down on his side. It’s a good thing corgis are such sturdy little guys.

  125. oown so cute *o*

  126. Dominique says:

    he is SOOOO cute!!!! 🙂

  127. So very cute, but while reading through the comments I snorted out loud @ Christopher:

    “Why is there only one set of pawprints? That butterball, is when I snorgled you.”

  128. What kind of dog is he?I need to know!

  129. I notice another dog was waiting to congratulate Butterball upon his successful descent. That was cool

  130. cutie patootie says:

    omg butterball is sooo cute my family will be looking for a dogsoon so mabye we would consider getting a corgi!!!!!
    PEACE OUTBUTTERBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  131. meeeeeellls says:

    While he is super cute, I hate to think his owner got him so young. A dog should never be seperated from its litter before eight weeks.

  132. I really, really want a corgi.

  133. oh,

    where there is a will there is a way.

  134. I wanna cuddle him and snuggle him now! Butterball you rock my socks! Way to brave the stairs!

  135. Just precious!!

  136. Yes he’s absolutely adorable BUT I hate to ask but what is he doing away from momma at 7 weeks? And did the breeder not warn you that he could do severe damage to his back and pasterns doing stairs this young? 😦

  137. crazy boy!!! =D

  138. It amazes me that people can watch these videos and complain that the animals aren’t being well looked after. Honestly, the people who are *filming* their pets are not the ones mistreating them. And it’s like five steps! I’ve seen this video a bazillion times but it never gets old 🙂 I still cheer when Butterball gets to the bottom! Yay Butterball!! I love how it looks like the cat is checking he’s okay, like he was cheering for the puppy too.

  139. Not doubting that this puppy is well loved at all, but having bred Corgis for over 20 years and being involved in education about them, I can attest that their unique structure makes them particularly susceptible to pastern and back injuiries, because of the length of the loin, and the turnout of the pasterns.

    Trying to give people advise is something that reputable breeders do, whether it be a puppy that I bred or not, I want to make sure that it lives the longest, healthiest life possible.

    I am nursing a dog right now with a back injury, simply from slipping on the snow and ice. She is on a month of enforced crate rest, after a very expensive stay at the Veterinary Teaching hospital. The written instructions I have for her say NO STAIRS – for the rest of her life. I will be carrying this girl up and down the inside stairs and building ramps on the outdoor ones, and I’m not the only one with corgis who has had an injured back!

  140. Peekyweeky says:

    That puppy is so cute! My friend has a corgi named Gus.

  141. Really, this is not cute. Would you tell your 5 months old baby to walk down the stairs? Poor little boy at only seven weeks!

  142. that is sooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. I’m not opposed to proper training, but it’s kind of mean to make the dog go down the stairs when it’s so young. Would it really hurt to wait until the pup is a few weeks older and its body and legs are more capable of navigating the stairs? People are so impatient!

  144. Oh my gosh that is the kind of name that is the kind of name that you wish you had always been named……….

  145. Good job! *roar of applause* Utterly cute! 🙂

  146. He is soooooooooooooooooooooo Cute!