Mahir: The Early Years

Welcome to my crib!  I kiss you! I like many activates: gurgling, crawling and the smearing strained beets on the flokati rug. Now you will please to making the alteration of the diaper that is much poopy, thankings.

Jenni S., we apologize in advance for the comments below.



  1. TenaciousDee says:

    Hahah, this picture is tagged as “Primates”! Good one, Meg!

    Don’t worry Jenni, the occasional baby doesn’t bother me. Cute kid.

  2. Cute baby, I’m not a nuffer, just prefer animals. I must say, that dude’s website on the “I kiss you” link is hilarious! I hope this baby got her kiss!

  3. Tortuguasan says:

    Incomiiiinnng, head for cover!

  4. *muah*

  5. Babies are awesome. All kinds of babies. This one is adorable, I’ll have it to go with some fries and a small Diet Coke.

  6. Yah!! Babies FTW!!! Pasickie all the way!!!

  7. Ugh. Babies. It is cute, I guess.

  8. Obviously there is some mistletoe out of sight above the babeh’s head at the top of the photo.

    *Muah*, babeh!

  9. So………basically….. NTMTOM woke up this morning and was like “I feel like pissing a bunch off people off today and starting a comment war!!!!

    [And it was just that simple. Of course! – Ed.]

  10. And if everyone who is threatening to leave would just do so, right now, we’d all be happier.

  11. *pulls up lounge chair*

    *relaxes and watches the mayhem*

    btw, that’s a really cute picture.

  12. Smooches bebeh . . . keeses bald lil’ head.

    Almost makes me want one of my very own.


  13. It’s NOT a *human baby*! It’s an extra-terrestrial, extra-celestial, little nubbins.
    Oooh the qte!

    [Waaaait… are you a Sanctuary fan? – Ed.]

  14. YAY cute baby! More human babies, please!

  15. Ummm, isn’t this a site for cute animal pictures? Maybe we should try going to a mommy site and posting a picture of our pets, we’d get blasted on outta there. It’s only wrong if they’re not the ones posting.

  16. And don’t be using my name to nuff.

  17. Love the babies. I hope this one got its kiss!

  18. EEEWWW ok I’m cool with yall posting these but at least put a warning on it

    [Um, that won’t be happening, no – Ed.]

  19. Andi from NC says:

    love the leeps!!!! The closed eyes make it extra cute!

  20. Holy cow, why people hatadah bebbeh? Cute.

  21. lol I agree with NENE. The only kids I’m gonna find cute are my own.

  22. baby cute, animals cute, blah, blah…but didja check out that website? I almost tinkled myself. I kiss you too Mahir.

  23. I wonder how many nuffers would post complaints if they found out the baby was an old pic of Meg or NTMTOM or Prongs ????? Hmmmm……
    (not saying it IS one of them but I am curious)

  24. Jess: And WHERE does it say it is only a cute ANIMAL site only? Hmm?

    *kees baby on forehead* Don’t worry, kid. All of these nuffers are just overgrown babies too~

  25. kibblenibble says:

    ….and they’re off….

  26. ROTFLMAO….folks clikc the “I kiss you” link first…makes MUCH more sense. Although, this is a very cute bebeh…no matter what folks may say. But please mom & dad, no putting the kid in a kilt and flip flops! 😉

  27. Omg, that is the cutest face…babies are so funny, they look like tiny old people hehe.
    I’ve never seen or heard of that website before, veddy intedestink. NTMTOM, that is the funniest caption…the diaper that is much poopy indeed! LoL

  28. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    I checked out the website-nearly ruptured something anatomically essential laughing! That said, Mahir does English waaaayyy better than I do Turkish.
    Oh, and while I’m not ordinarily a fan of baby photos, the link made this one totally awesome! NTMTOM fo the WIN!!

  29. Maru does it better. Pbbbblll!!

  30. Speaking of Mahir, is he for real, or is that spoof?

  31. I am an equal opportunity cutist. The occasional hairless ape does not offend me…especially when so cute and puckery!

    Nuffers: You don’t find babies cute because no one will breed with you. Please observe your conduct for clues as to why.

  32. Ummm… Why are there people complaining about humans being posted? Humans ARE animals, so what’s the problem?

  33. Mahir is my Mahir-o (HAR), and babies are great.

  34. If you realized how soft their little heads are, you could not possibly nuff the baby. Maybe Huff, but not Nuff.


  35. It perplexes me, the baby-hatred. I certainly don’t find babies cute but then again I don’t think pugs are cute either (GASP BLASPHEMY) and I don’t feel the need to leave insanely angry comments every time they post a pug O_o; It’s not HURTING anyone and tbqh its kissy-leeps made me crack up.

    I hope this isn’t like, one of the site owner’s relatives or something. Wouldn’t everyone feel bad then?

  36. AuntieMame…I believe he is real, according to some articles on teh internets. And supposedly the inspiration for Borat?

    (BTW, no one in their right mind would ever believe that thief nuffer was you.)

    [Right on and bingo, Mo – Ed.]

  37. oh did I open STFUparents by mistake? I hate it when that happens.

  38. fish eye no miko says:

    @Jess: Where does it say animals only? The Site is “Cute Overload” I don’t see anything about “animals only” or “no humans” in that title.
    Oh, and: Humans ARE animals.

    Geez, I’m not terribly fond of kids, and even I think all the nuffing whenever there’s a baby on here is annoying. WTF, people?

  39. Who is want to come Turkey?

  40. Haha…kiss, kiss, baby!

    It amazes me how much people dislike seeing babies. I guess nothing should surprise me anymore, but it’s really just crazy that people get all ticked off about it.

  41. No actually, the site just advertises being a collection of the cutest photos on the web, not speficially animals at all. And anyway, humans are animals too!

  42. Oh, God, PLEASE no. Here we go again. Another excuse for people who consider themselves oh-so-superior non-nuffers to act very, very badly while criticizing and insulting the people they call “nuffers.” (“Nuffers,” in this case, being defined as anyone who says anything less than stellar about a picture that happens to include a human under the age of 18.)

    Maybe I’ll entertain myself by counting how many people post just to tell someone who posted something they don’t like that if they don’t like something they can always scroll past it without posting.

    Let the ugliness begin. But Crackers, before people start calling you all kinds of horrible things, just know that I snickered. (And I don’t even have anything against babies.) (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  43. Oh, ew. Can we get rid of the human babies please? Not cute. NOT cute. *grimace*

  44. lunacydress says:

    Filthy human. Feh.

  45. Oh, and FYI, yeah, there have been people who want to breed with me, doesn’t mean I want human babies in my life. Thank god they grow up eventually. — And if this is supposed to be a site for only the cutest photos on the web, not just cute animal photos, well, this entry fails. Whoever it is.

  46. Juno, “less than stellar”? How about “ugly and hateful”?

    Yes, sometimes people overreact to “nuffing.” But hate and viciousness is never acceptable. Never.

  47. Let the commentroversy begin!

    Srsly, though … I like the baby pictures 🙂 I like babies of all species. And squishy little newborns making kissy faces? Super cute!

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok all you nuffers, you really have to click on the link to fully appreciate this photo. (Mahir had me at “I live alone”.. I may have to fight off an urge to travel to Turkey.. who’s with me? Ladies??)

  49. Aww, another adorable commentroversy courtesy of NTMTOM. LOL. Always good for a laugh. Remember, stupid babies need the MOST attention!

  50. fifthsonata says:

    Zoolander, anyone?
    Someone show this baby a spoon, STAT!

  51. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Of course my babies were the cutest in the world, but I still love to see human babies as well as animal ones. Snorgling a chubby baby belly is wonderful whether it’s on a human or puppy. And I truly don’t understand why the nuffers who hate them have to complain so much – just scroll on by.

  52. I’m not a big fan of human babies, but I do find this one cute. And I have to concur with fish eye no miko and darkshines who (correctly) pointed out that nowhere does it say that no humans will be posted on this site and that humans are animals, too.

    Enough anti-nuffing…

    For those of you who have not yet followed the link to the “I kiss you” site, you really should. It is so totally not what I was expecting that it made me guffaw (yes, “guffaw” is the proper verb here).

  53. Yayyyyy for BABIES!! Don’t forget you all were once one with people taking care of you too instead of going “Ew baby, get it away from me!!” Grow up.

  54. I for one don’t mind “human cuteness” posts. But I find this baby kind of disturbing…

  55. Awwww, wook at the wittle newborn baby. All puckered out… get it? Get it? Ha, I made a phunny.

  56. LOL, fifthsonata! Good one!

    And what a cutie-patootie this lil one is.

    I shall kees your leeps.

  57. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    cough cough sorry….had to put that out there….If you disagree, sorry but personally, I don’t want to see humans on C.O 😀

  58. MWHA! Cutie pie!

    Wait, NTMTOM, you’re apologizing fer ALL teh comments? (sniff-sniffle)
    Ok be dat way. 😦 😉
    (skulks off with tail betwixt legs)
    (runs back in for another bebbeh smooch)

  59. One time I left a comment about how I wasn’t sure which I disliked more: rats or rat owners, which got deleted.

    And yet in this post people say a lot more terrible things about babies and their parents.


    apparently cuteoverload is selective with the kinds of hate they allow. Rat hate isn’t cool, but baby hate? GO FOR IT.

  60. This post was strategically placed to attract nuffs, for the lulz. So that we may all have joyous rides in the roflcopter and lmaowtfomg etc. I love the pro-baby comments and the silly people who write them. They hilariously do not understand the lulz.

  61. Here we go again.

    Mike – why do you like stirring this pot?
    Nuffers – why do you like taking the bait?

    No where does it say that humans are not permitted. In fact the only claim this site makes it that it will post cute things! Since cute is all relative, it’s EXPECTED that you will see things that aren’t particularily cute to you. Get over it! I don’t like some breeds of dogs, but I don’t post anything like “eewwww WTF pplz leik OMG gross” when I come across a post I don’t like.

    In addition: how do you think you are making the parents of these poor darling kids feel? It’s like someone posting a baby picture of you somewhere and someone drawing graffiti on it and calling you names. Not only will it be hurtful to the parents, but when that kid learns to read? Some major issues you’re causing there. And that’s not on anyone else. THAT’S ON YOU. You’re CHOOSING to degrade, dismiss and otherwise demote and put down someone you don’t even know.

    Shame on you nuffers. Shame.

  62. Jessica, be patient. [Ed.] doesn’t live on CO, you know. Give him time, and I’m sure there will be a fair amount of moderating.

  63. To the nuffers (the apparently-serious ones, and even those who post just to stir things up for the fun of it): Isn’t there already an over-abundance of hateful, nasty, ugly stuff out there in the world already? I am so grateful that it takes much, much more than a picture of a beautiful newborn to ruin my day or make me so angry that I must share my venom with the world via the Intertubes. Watch out for that instant karma.

    There now. I feel much better. Wishing all the CO peeps a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2010. I think I’ll go have a PA-SICKIE!

  64. oh thank god, I’ve been SO bored today. *sits back to read commentraversy*

  65. I could do without all these babies, puppies, and kitties.

    Team Butter Duck.

  66. haha YES Jill! I posted a comment re: butter duck that it is my god now but it got taken down. But I still worship him.

  67. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Well sorry for “taking the bait”……but seriously people. I thought C.O was were people could calm down and get their dose of cute, not rant and fight against drama ykwim.

  68. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Um Jill then why are you on C.O if you don’t wanna c it? -.-

  69. Don’t worry Mew Mew – the comment wasn’t directed at you 🙂 Just the angry no respect nuffers. Your comment was in the interest of peace and not to inflame ❤

  70. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Yayness! Finally someone doesn’t take my comments the wrong way and start a noobish fight…. -hug-
    Lawl ykwim

  71. Miss M — that’s a really good argument for not posting baby photographs on the web at all, isn’t it?

    There are animals I don’t find especially cute, but I find infant humans pretty much horrible, and I really don’t care who they belong to. I don’t like baby pictures of *me*, either, so the “you were once a baby too!” argument doesn’t fly. I know I was a baby. I grew out of it, thank the gods.

  72. Humans, biologically speaking, are classed with the Great Apes. If gorillas, chimps, and orangutans are OK, so are humans. JMHO

  73. I like babies as well as the next person but I come here to see cute pics of kitteh, puppehs and the occassional disapproving bun. Now if you were to photo shop a little kitteh in the pic I’m sure everyone would be fine with it.

  74. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    LOL I agree Tria. I Don’t wanna start a big fight, but I find all animals are cute…except humans. -shrug- That’s just my opinion. And I really don’t wanna see pics of humans on C.O, and I don’t wanna start a big fight on C.O either, because C.O is supposed to be a place were you unwind and get your daily dose of cuteness.

  75. More bunnies, less babies, please.

  76. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Well BB/VA, I still think animals are cuter than human babies. And I have to agree with Trez too. This drama wouldn’t even be here if a kitteh or puppeh was in the pic! 😀 LOL ykwim

  77. PA-SICKIE! 😀

  78. Poor baby pictures… the last one standing when everyone has chosen their players for the gym class softball game.

    Do I think there are more baby nuffers than other nuffers? Probably.
    Do I think that it should change NTMTOM’s interpretation of cute and humour? Absolutely not.

    Post away, beloved Mike, post away ❤

  79. Luv the baby – babies are even better when they are surrounded by kittys and dogs that love them. My wonderful pets took to my little girl right away — just one big, happy ANIMAL family.

  80. C.O. needs to get its page views higher before the end of the year? OK with me. But I’m all out of pudding.

    [And why would we need to do that, exactly? You’re thinking maybe there’s something like Nielsen rating sweeps for blogs? – Ed.]

  81. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Well Miss M, I honestly don’t think he should “post away” all these baby pics because first off, it will cause drama and the site will lose MANY visitors….probably including me ykwim. If you read all my previous post, you would know not to be all hateful at me peeps if your gonna make a rude remark!

  82. YIH !!

  83. AuntieMame #13 & 21 – I’m right with you there.

    metaskins #14 – save me a seat in the snickerdoodle lounge. The mayhem and hilarity will be viewed on the big screen. I’ll make sure we all have pasickies. Someone bring beverages.


  84. You must be doing this just for the commentroversy, because that face is not cute at all.

  85. Mew Mew, there have been babies posted before, and people have threatened to leave, and Cute Overload is still one of the most popular websites on the Internet.

    So I don’t think Meg is too worried about “many” visitors leaving.

    Because there are many more who people are open-minded enough to see cute in lots of places (or at least have enough manners to keep their snide comments to themselves).

  86. Aw, I always feel bad when you post pics of babies, because the parents might get sad at mean comments 😦 I know I would if people were “EWing” at my adorable kid.
    Not that you shouldn’t post pictures of babies. This baby is adorable ❤

  87. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, Jenni S., you done somefin good, there. In this world full of entitled little screamers, it will be nice to know that there’s one that actually deserves a response. Your baby is perfect!

  88. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Well that was only a few times AuntieMame, I’m saying if this keeps up C.O might fall a bit. Then lets say they bring it back up, they may get most visitors back, but not all. Or say “human babies” becomes a new C.O category, it will probably drop. Maybe not a lot, but I good chunk. I am open-minded, but honestly, I do not find human babies cute. I find all animals cute except baby humans. -shrug-

  89. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Miss Hannigan, I am not picking on them I just don’t want to see the pics of random humans on Cute Overload. Please read my other posts, you will understand my meaning…..ykwim 😉

    [“Miss Hannigan” was an astroturfer who was changing screen names to appear to be more than 1 person, and got banned for it. – Ed.]

  90. LOL I don’t think CO would fall even if it started posting ONLY baby pics. Too many lovers in the world to let the haters get the better of them 😉

  91. AlbertaGirl says:

    I want a t-shirt that says “Team Butter Duck”.

  92. Padfoot_Lives says:

    One of my babies used to make that face….and then we would have to change his wet nappy.

  93. BabyOpossum says:

    Sorry everyone, this baby is not puckering up to kiss you; rather, s/he is assuming a defensive posture and emitting a toxic and quite pungent ooze.

    [But nothing’s preventing this primate from hopping away… 😉 – Ed.]

  94. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Miss M, You may be surprised. You never know. Oh no….If C.O posted ONLY human babies…..O_O le gasp! LOL jk ykwim
    And Alberta….WTF….If you are more interested in butter shaped like ducks than living creatures, leave C.O and go to the website….Sorry but its getting kinda weird…if people wanna see butter ducks, go to their site and stop saying you like butter ducks better than C.O or whatever…sorry I’m just gettin a lil upset I have to face this drama instead of getting my daily dose of cute ykwim

  95. otterhavver says:

    hi bebe, you cute! i visit CO for the humor, and there’s definitely funny overload from this post. flokati rug i to be usage in syntax on yesterday soon to be sure.

  96. Get over it people !!! A baby ~is a baby ~is a baby, sweet and innocent until people like you get to them!

  97. More like ugly-overload.

    [Wow, both clever AND original; kudos – Ed.]

  98. Pasickie!

    I don’t get it, I understand people don’t necessarily want or like kids but the virulent response to a picture of a baby astounds me. Just scroll past, I mean how often do baby humans get posted, once every few months at most?

  99. I’m convinced that CO posts one of these every so often just as a sort of roto-rootering: Scare/annoy all the truly ridiculous people enough that they go away.

    The level of entitlement is what blows my mind, though. It’s like some folks think they paid for this or signed a contract or something so that the site will ONLY post things that they, personally, find cute. No wonder none of them want kids. They’re convinced the universe revolves around them, and a kid would totally harsh that.

    (Not that the Mommies who think the universe revolves around their kid are much better, mind.)

  100. Beautiful little child. Kissable mouf. Kissable head. Kissable nose. Kissable cheeks. Entire little lovely bundle is pure KISSABLE!!! Congratulations on your new, particularly adorable addition!

  101. The baby is precious! The nuffers are beyond ridiculous…i’m not particularly fond of the goats or bugs on CO, so i scroll past them.

    If CO posts cute little babies and that cute girl with “KITTENS!” every once in awhile…well color me happy!

  102. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    I don’t think the world revolves around me. And WTF? People have different tastes. Are you saying that people who think human babies aren’t cute should leave C.O? C.O Is mainly about animals….soo….? Sorry I’m kinda confused and already stressed out. And honestly….I don’t want kids…I want kittens! 😀 LOL ykwim. Hey everyone is different and I think seriously, if someone threw in a pic of a kitten or hedgehog in this pic, everyone would be calm again. And to all the people being mean about the baby, I am on their side but I don’t think they have to be so rude because it is gonna start some crap ykwim.

  103. Hey, a barekitten.

  104. PS to the new parents: CONGRATS and a cutie!

  105. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Nur……No offense, but Theresa, a barekitten is known as a sphynx cat….which in my opinion, are cuter than human babies….-shrug-. I’m not directing this at just this baby, I’m more directing this at “human babies” in general. Read my other posts before you (anyone) comments a rude comment to me.
    ykwim XD

  106. Wow. A lot of people on here are very rude. Regardless of what you think of it, there’s no reason to be so hateful… heavens, it’s a blog of pictures. I find most small-breed dogs to not be cute, but I find my life isn’t being ruined by a couple of pictures here and there. Get over it, kids, and get some manners.

    Even with my general lack of affinity for babies, I think this picture is hilarious.

  107. KEEEEES!

  108. Maybe we need a whole week of babies to get rid of these people. I wonder how many of them are sock puppets of one deeply disturbed individual?

  109. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    M-go, If you are speaking to me, AGAIN. READ THE POSTS I MADE BEFORE HAND I AM NOT BEING RUDE. Thanks. Ykwim.

  110. For goodness’ sake. If it were an actual *cute* human child – and yes, despite what I said up above, they do exist, they’re just very uncommon – I would not mind so much, but this kid isn’t cute. Sie looks like sie’s about to spit up.

    And if CO turned into a human-babies-only website, yeah, I’d ditch it faster than you could type the address. I’m not interested.

  111. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Errata, everyone has diff tastes. I do realize some people are being rude yes, though I do agree with them there is no reason to stir people up.

  112. I come here to escape from my fam/friends/co-workers’ endless blabbering about/fretting upon/picture taking of their rugrats. Just throwing that out there.

  113. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Also agreed Tria…… too ink but again, no need to be rude. C.O is a happy pill to get your daily dose of cute, this however is just starting drama and ruining the whole meaning of C.O….I’m tellin ya, throw a pic of a pony in it and everyone will be fine….Again, peeps, before you say something rude pointed at me, read my other posts, because I am one of the few who apposed this that isn’t being rude. -sigh- ykwim

  114. The link is HYSTERICAL. You people are totally missing the point and missing something REALLY funny. . . . the defective orphans! The nice nude models!! This guy is great! And I say that with admiration because my Turkish is nonexistent but his English is really nearly functional!

  115. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Sorry Dash but I didn’t understand a word you just typed……ykwim

    [I kinda think that was Dash’s point, such as it was – Ed.]

  116. no human babies, please, NO HUMAN BABIES. grrr…

  117. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    I agree Maria but please don’t be rude and stir up the crowd again 🙂 ykwim

  118. I am not a big fan of babies but this one is defintiely cute. Human babies are good once in a while. With that look on their face, i would be wary of what is in the diaper…….:-)

  119. (Hmm. Anybody else notice that the people who jump into the controversy seem to come out of nowhere? For the most part the names are not those of familiar, regular commenters. Just saying.)

  120. What the world needs now / Is love – sweet love…

  121. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    erm BTW I just changed my user name…my NORMAL user name here is Sky…….-right clicks the errors- Hey did you guys know that whatshername is an actual word? hm….XD ykwim

    [Yes, I know. You haven’t been banned because I don’t think you changed it to cause trouble. Please pick one name and stick with it, though. – Ed.]

  122. Babe is cute, therefore it must belong 🙂

    LOL, reading the posts, I had Bugs Bunny playing in my head, slapping the moron and yelling “Ahhhh SHADDUP!”

  123. I really liked the pah-sickie boy and the baby girl dressed as a sheep, but this one is sort of bleah. This baby is clearly too young to really be requesting a kiss, and is probably just pooping or something. Really young babies have a “feral” look to them. Not often cute unless you are their mommy or daddy.

  124. And the anti-nuffers starting the wars now, before any ’nuffing’ even has the chance to start? Redonk much?

    Me, I’m quite enjoying that the focus is on the carpet and not on the kiddo. Makes the pic more enjoyable (as an abstract?) somehow.

  125. Mew Mew, I don’t think I kwym.

  126. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Sorry Jill I say ykwim cuz…well….lets just say its a habit…?
    LOL Gryt
    And Deb I sorta agree, though the kid dressed like a lamb was also bleh and the pasickie was kinda funny…Claudia, not everyone agrees. Read my other posts I hate repeating lol ykwim

  127. lol I love these comment threads.

  128. NOM NOM SNORGLE says:

    I think the baby is cute 🙂 Certainly not any less cute than a guinea pig with a Jell-O, or a pug in a Halloween costume. One man’s junk is another’s treasure.

    I just want to *snorgle* that little baby 🙂

  129. Awh! Adorable baby 🙂 *kesses*
    And don’t let all these people bring you down–your little baby is absolutely a cutie!

  130. This baby’s too cute to be human! 😉

    Oh well! *smooch*

  131. Seriously, the anti-nuffers are more annoying than the so-called nuffers.

    I prefer a baby-less cuteoverload but I usually gloss over NTMTOM’s posts anyway.

  132. Baby’s first lemon 🙂 I think he’s funny. And Mahir? MINE.

  133. To Mew Mew and the other “I don’t like babies on CO” people – quit going on and on and READ THE LINK ALREADY! The picture and caption doesn’t make sense without it! With it, it’s totally hysterical! Excellent post!

  134. You know what’s the best? The idiots posting “omg not cute” comments and not even knowing/realizing that the entire post is making fun of them. Really, how stupid can you be that you step up to the plate and make us laugh at your ignorance, right on cue. Thanks for the baby pic, and thanks for all dumb asses posting the “omg i h8 babies” comment like any of us here care about your opinion. I don’t like certain animals, but I don’t post every time she posts one, because I’m smart enough to realize other people do think do they are cute, and no one cares what I think.

    [OK, deep breaths, fluffy clouds… – Ed.]

  135. Soooooo THAT is what happens when a human mates with a fish.. a human with fishy lips! lol

  136. S Pixie: Right on!

    It’s crazy for anyone to expect this site to cater to their interests all the time. For example, I’m not so much into dogs. They smell. But I don’t nuff the dog posts.

  137. Oh well, here we go again…

    I find it amusing that a picture of a rodent eating out of someone’s fridge and a video of a toad (a TOAD!) are deemed the epitome of Qte, yet a newborn hairless primate of the human species is gross.

    As primates go, I’ll take humans over orangutans any day, but, then again, Qte is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

    Well done, NTMTOM. Well done indeed.

  138. rubber duck says:

    (READ THE LINK. Really. Do.)

    Ohh NTMTOM you’re mean 😀 although that is one weird website…

  139. Okay, if you’re going to post baby pics, at least make them cute baby pics. That thing is hideous.

    [You do understand that rudeness isn’t going to win you anything, right? – Ed.]

  140. Mew Mew Mew I has cute- I don’t think that was sugar you mixed in your coffee this morning 😉

  141. Teho, you ROCK! Thanks for another great year. I can’t get through the day without several visits to CO. That’s not pathetic, is it? Happy New Year.

  142. Ah, Mahir! The first internet superstar. The baby can stay my home.
    And yes, I do feel quite old now.

    BTW: Babies smell, too. As do cats. But the Cute is the Cute, no?

    [Sie sprechen die Wahrheit und wir schätzen Ihre Wörter. Auch ich entschuldige mich für meinen unzulänglichen Deutschen. – Ed.]

  143. oooh – cute primate…
    as an aside – re: Baby nuffers – how can people be so into cute critters, and so down on babies??

  144. I come to CO every day, but never comment.
    But this time I thought I would. What goes on this site is not up to us.
    We can basically decide to come here and enjoy, or not.
    So babies, be they human, kitteh, ham, or bear can show up – and that is cool.
    And this post made me smile (and crack up with the link) …just like seeing Maru or Pyza*’s cuties, or a random ‘tock shot, makes me smile, or crack up.
    Ok den – back to my anon views of the Cute each day 🙂

    [Tip o’ th’ hat to ye 😀 – Ed.]

  145. Daphne Moss says:

    I don’t mind them … just don’t think of them as all that cute. They’re tiny people, and they deserve to be treated with some dignity.
    Which, by the way, doesn’t make me either a bad person or a nuffer.

    [OK, don’t take this badly, but the mental image of everyone treating babies with “dignity” made me LOL. 😆 – Ed.]

  146. KweenofDenyl says:

    You can put me squarely in the pro-babeh camp! MMWWAAHH!
    I would like to kees heem and eats his babeh sugars.
    but, could someone please to be telling me what this “ykwim” means??

    [Some acronyms just defy understanding, You Know What I Mean? 😉 – Ed.]

  147. So, Theo, this is a full time job for you now, right? Did you have any idea when you went into this how, uh, busy it would be? I see what you were talking about from the other post — not wanting to keep at commentroversial discussions. haha!

    [If only it could be full-time. 😦 – Ed.]

  148. I usually don’t find newborn babies all that cute but oh man do they have a lot of range when it comes to their expressions!
    I have to give it up to NOMTOM. This little guy is a darn cute cantaloupe-head.

  149. Awww. My little 3 month old babe makes this same face. Despite the fact that she does it while she’s eeking out a fart, I STILL find it adorable.

    I, too, would wear a shirt that says “Team Butter Duck”.

    And Mew Mew Mew, there’s no WAY you could really hate repeating yourself, as you say. You keep doing it over and over and over. (and over and over and…)

  150. Mmmmm… pa-sickies.

  151. May I humbly suggest that people who hate babies simply drop down one post to the toad? I highly recommend it. Or there’s a really good documentary on the woman who wrote Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel on PBS World if you have cable . . . She made textiles too. Anyone? (walks away to make hot chocolate)

  152. I wouldn’t mind seeing baby pics as much if it weren’t for the kid-crazy segments of society who think there’s no place that wouldn’t be made better with MORE KIDS!

    Here’s my vote for keeping cuteoverload non-family-friendly.

  153. There were about 6 girls in my office pregnant at the same time this year. One had twins. Very over babies. BRING BACK THE KITTENS. Sooooooooooo much cuter than babies!!!!!

  154. Even for a human, that thing is not cute.

  155. Dash- Hear hear! (here? maybe? Who knows…. ) I recommend the toad also. Tis very good this time of year. Very squishy!

  156. Wow.. love the pictures and videos, but some of these comments are really.. odd.. i can’t believe some of you are serious.. I’ll be sticking to the pics from now on

  157. I don’t understand all the people saying “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T LOOK!” when first of all, you don’t have a choice but to look when something comes up right in your face as soon as you visit a website, and secondly: nobody said any of you had to read the comments, either…. but you’re doing that. (rolls eyes)

  158. NTMTOM, I commend you, sir. There are layers upon layers of wit to your posts – some mundane, some sublime, often subversive, always amusing…

    Best wishes to you and the rest of the CO gang. And thanks for keeping the sweetness saccharine-free, and the Qte unexpected and fresh…

    [I’m more of an aspartame guy, myself 😉 – Ed.]

  159. curefantastic says:

    Ah, I love the smell of commentroversy in the morning… er, afternoon. LMAO at the link. Great post, as ever, Cute Overload staff! If the parents read this, congrats on your bebeh, even if it is a human! 😉

  160. dr. berthaservant says:

    Not into babies. Moving on to the next post. No big deal.

  161. Aw, what an adorable baby! 🙂

  162. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Ok, yes the baby is cute BUT I come here to see aaaanimal baabies 🙂


  163. Just saw this over at icanhascheezburger and thought it very apt –

  164. And now, for something completely different….
    I always know when there is a human picture involved, the comment score goes to 140-something before I get to chime in.

    Stay warm everypeep, we are going to be battling the frigid Winter winds from outside for a while, I for one would like to be snuggling with you all, rather than jousting!

    I’ll stop by again later to see what has become of this thread.

  165. Ninetyeightcrows says:

    No Human Babies!!!! Make a New Year’s resolution or something, but really, can’t we just stick to the fuzzy animals?

    [Who’s the “we” here? – Ed.]

  166. Another first is comments here.

    Please thanks you to keeps the Mahir alive, for one day he too will has extinct.

    Please to loves teh amimals and the peoples, peoples:

    “I like to take foto-camera (amimals , towns , nice nude models and peoples)…..”

    [Cheers! 😆 – Ed.]

  167. LOL @ Fluffybutt
    This is one of my favs that kinda plays into todays CO post

  168. lawl gas face

    pasickie kisses to all!

  169. Ed – the comment about the “C” word was made tongue in cheek. Which apparently didn’t come across. My apologies. With regard to the offending comment (or whatever you want to call it – the one that is being moderated) just forget it. It was a pathetic attempt to stop the nuffs. Emphasis on the word pathetic.

    [OK, understood, no worries. – Ed.]


    Sufficiently chastised and abashed and grounding myself to the corner until I can learn from my behavior.

  170. Mew Mew Mew or whatever you now chose to call yourself, just because you put a smiley face after your comments does not make them any less not rude or hateful.

    As for the cute baby the only thing missing is the little feet, I just love to nom on little footsies that have never touch the floor.

    [Ease up, Gigi. – Ed.]

  171. @Katiedid hahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!

  172. I like this baby. Indeed, I like most babies, while not wishing to stereotype them as a people. I remain open to the possibility that I might one day meet a baby I would thoroughly dislike, but it hasn’t happened yet. I did once meet a baby who shocked and awed me by pooing with such force that the… material shot out of the legs of his nappy AND right up his back, so that he got it in his HAIR. That baby has grown to be a delightful young man and a very good musician, and never gets poo in his hair any more.
    Nobody is smarter or better than anybody else because of whether they like/have/want to have babies or not.

    [Now THAT was gross. 😛 – Ed.]

  173. AuntieMame says:

    “and never gets poo in his hair anymore.”

    This whole thread was worth it, just for that phrase. 😀 😀 😀

    [Ew ew EWWWWWW – Ed.]

  174. Please NTMTOM stop with the baby stuff. You extremely intelligent, handsome man, you. 😉

  175. Sarah, I am busting a gut at the image of a baby pooing in his own hair. Hope you didn’t have to clean it up! And glad to hear that the young man does not do this any more.

  176. I’m almost sure these posts by Mike are mostly a way of him asserting power over Theo. A sort of virtual swirlie, if you will. NTMTOM makes his silly post, then watches Theo scramble to keep the comments from imploding.

    Poor Theo. We love you. Wicked, wicked NTMTOM.

  177. Actually, Pippin, I suppose I have asked to be given a heads-up beforehand about, you know, certain sorts of posts. Hmmmmm…

  178. And may I add that Theo is also handsome and witty. 😉

    [Heh. That and $4.50 will get you a nice mocha. – Ed.]

  179. Sarah #174 FTW!!!

  180. TrixandSam says:

    I’ll leave my standard comment on this one: it’s a right-wing conspiracy!

    (l Can Join and Support all Kids-people Activities about defective-orphans-war kids-blind-obstacles-homeless and peace-love activities -organizations..)

  181. I am deleting CO from my bookmarks.

  182. Glad to see ya’ll are having so much fun over here! [Goes back to posting Guinea Peeg Leeps]

    [Identity confirmed. 😉 – Ed.]

  183. Neopatra, please don’t let the door hit your ‘tocks on the way out…

  184. *Team Butter Duck* – that made me giggle =)

    Cya Neopatra!

    I will chime in with a sloppy Pasickie too 🙂

  185. @Sarah #174

    OMG LOL!!

    And as for the baby in the post, he looks like an old, wise Tibetan monk enjoying a lemon drop. X3;

  186. @#187

    ACK! I forgot to change my name from my boyfriend’s. For the record, “Dashi” is me. X3;;

  187. scruffylove says:

    Blarg! Babies look like old men. Drooly, incontinent old men.

  188. Baby, yawn, it will just grow up to be as hideous as the rest of us

  189. This is the exact kind of photo that my parents would have saved and whipped out at some moment years in the future, exactly timed to mortify me completely in front of my friends… LOL. Cute kid.

    NTMTOM and Theo, thanks, as always, for the fun!!

  190. elledoubleyou says:

    Oh My Gawd! Not the deleted from bookmarks threat!

    Not everything here will be to everyone’s liking. Get over it. I don’t think insects are cute, even when their little furry bee butts are sticking out of a pretty flower. But I don’t freak out with NUFFS and say OMG THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOUR LEGGED CREATURES ONLY BECAUSE THAT’S ALL I FIND CUTE!

    The next 1,000 posts will be non human, I’m pretty sure.

    Pa-sickie! forever.

  191. Katey, what kind of monitor are you using? I’ve never noticed any smell from the CO puppehs.

  192. Is that a defective orphan?

  193. @elledoubleyou: Geez, freak out much? Eat some chocolate or something.

    [Easy now. As I recall, the same could’ve been fairly said to you, in the not-too-distant past. – Ed.]

  194. I think it is hilarious that people are complaining about this cute snack. “this site is for cute animals” etc. sorry but we are animals people

  195. C’mon peeps, it’s a cute little baby making a silly smoochy face – what’s not to like? Like looking at one baby picture is going to kill you?? Just suck it up and move on to the next one (or next site, for that matter). They sure do come out of the woodwork every time they see a baby picture. 🙄

  196. @ Ed: sorry 😦
    I will not respond to bad post
    I will not respond to bad post
    I will not respond to bad post
    I will not respond to bad post
    X 100

  197. I’m just not that into babies and would MUCH rather see animals but I do feel badly for the parents of this child. I get all worked up if anyone does ANYTHING to disparage my cats or my dog and would take every negative comment very very very personally. I would INSIST that each negative comment poster come to my house and say sorry to the cat and/or dog they had maligned. A token of their remorse would not go amiss either.

  198. Have we made it into anti-ANTI-anti-ANTI-anti-nuffers yet? :mrgreen:

    [That’s always me, of course. 😉 – Ed.]

  199. Cholmondeley says:

    Gasps of appalled, horrified shock all around as Neopatra deletes CO from her bookmarks.


  200. thedistractor says:

    I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but at some point while reading these comments, the way I saw you in my head morphed into the smileys on the page. You have simply become the smileys. I see you now as a round, little man with some simple, but effective, expressions.

    I think Law School plus this comment thread have finally driven me mad.

  201. Who gave bebeh the lemon drop?

  202. @TheDistractor – LOL!!! 😆 …oh crap. 😯

  203. thedistractor says:

    Dude, you’re totally freaking me out right now.

  204. @thedistractor, I have seen a picture of Theo and that IS what he looks like.

  205. I need a “ROFLMAO” smiley and I need it now.

  206. I like children and animals; it’s everyone else I hate. (Insert slightly psycho smiley face here.) The baby’s a cutie! Congrats to Mom & Dad!

    [The smiley you’re looking for: 😈 – Ed.]

  207. Babies: The Other White Meat!

    Stuff with a wild-rice-mushroom stuffing. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Sprinkle with taragon and minced garlic. Cover and roast at 350 degrees approximately 35 minutes per pound. (If baby is really fatty, reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees and roast for 40 minutes per pound.) Do not salt before roast is thoroughly cooked as that will make the meat tough – and there’s nothing to like about a tough baby. Remove cover during last hour so baby can brown.

    Use pan drippings to make gravy. Serve with mashed or baked potatoes and a green vegetable.


    Sorry, NTMTOM, I just couldn’t help myself.

  208. thedistractor says:

    Oh, then that makes sense.

    Still little freaked out though. The smileys, they see into my soul!

  209. LOL OMG ..Okay first I saw the picture and was thinking… Best baby smooch face ever…. then I reread the post three times… and finally went to Mahir’s blog and LOL’d but what really really put the biggest smile on my face was the two videos of Mahir on you tube .his late night TV interview and then I watched his song video and I ROFLOL’d… and then i clicked back on here and the whole NOMTOM joke clicked in my head and I laughed again.

    BTW Mahir if you ever read this stuff… I kiss you Too! …LOVE his blog!!!!!

    Youtube links

    Late Night TV Interview

    His Video

  210. SchöneFrau says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    That is the smoochiest baby ever. Brand spanking new and ALREADY looking for a snog.

    I bet he or she is thinking: “If you got a problem with me being on this site, you can go right ahead and KISS the poster’s be-hind!” ( :

  211. Baby humans are among the very few baby animals on the planet that are definitely not cute.

  212. a well wisher says:

    Absolutely perfect young primate-goes well with the other young monkey featured this week.

  213. Uhm…gotta be honest…that is an ugly baby…..of course said baby could grow up to be beautiful but I’m just sayin’ that at this point…the kid is homely….

  214. @Theo: Yeah I remember freaking out a few times but do you have to bring it up? Gawd. -blush-

  215. Little Bo Jangles says:

    One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks C.O. for always making my day.

  216. That is one cute animal!!!

  217. Heh heh, do y’all know Stephen Lynch’s song “Damn, That’s An Ugly Baby!”? Very “incorrect”, but very funny. And no, in mentioning this song I am not commenting in any way specifically on the baby in this post.

  218. Slavo Bruvtilov says:


    Do I hear your biological clock ticking?

    [You might want to scroll back up to the top and check the byline, my man. Meg didn’t write this. – Ed.]

  219. Sure I prefer fuzzy things over bald things, but jebus, people. I can’t believe this topic even warrants a commentroversy.

    [You & me both. – Ed.]

  220. This was prime timing. The Christmas festivities are winding down and a mild case of boredom had set in just today! CURED!

    Another satisfied customer!!! =)

  221. Sorry, Theo. Although I’m not exactly sure why.

  222. Oh, guess I’m OK now. Never mind.

    [Yeah, that one was just a glitch; I got it – Ed.]

  223. Oh heavens. If you hate human babies that much, go create your own human-less blog. It’s that easy. Y’all were one at one time, get over it.

  224. ESPECIALLY if you thought that the previous post was .. cute.

  225. Mew Mew Mew I has Cute – Had I been speaking directly to you, I would have addressed it to you. Calm down, there’s more to life.

  226. Create for babies. We come for the animals and the animals alone. We don’t want to see humans, if we did we would go to or similar!

    [Your link doesn’t work. 😦 – Ed.]

  227. LOL @ all the people angry about human babehs.
    They’re just as cute, if not cuter, than some animal babies (minus otter pups, those things are just ABNORMALLY cute).

    I say we start a revolt and have a “BABY HUMAN” day.

  228. Aw, Bebeh is SUPER cute! And the Mahir reference made me laugh, so that makes today a good day!



  229. Alright, yea that’s cute, but don’t start getting all comfortable with it, thinking you need to “expand,” dear Meg.

    Animals. It’s all about the cute animals.

    [Spoken like a true member of the board… except you aren’t – Ed.]

  230. Ick! No humans allowed! There are tons of other places you can post your baby pictures.

  231. Actually, Clover, humans are in fact allowed on Cute Overload. So are carrots, blobs of butter, pine cones, washcloth popsicles, teddy-bear pop-guns, toasters, and giant concrete otters.

  232. Baby? What baby? I’m on the first plane to Turkey to hang out with Mahir!

  233. Although I appreciate the support, I am officially disbanding Team Butter Duck. Merchandising is the biggest problem. According to the comments, I do not think a Team Butter Duck shirt would go over well. If you have that, then in all fairness you have to include Team Puppy, Team Kitten, Team Blue-Footed Boobie…where does it END?

    It’s been a good run, everyone.

  234. That baby face is adorable, even though I know he’s probably pooping.

    And “never gets poo in his hair anymore” is like, the best line ever in the universe.

  235. …and also PATITOS GIGANTES.

  236. Where is our Patito, anyway? Does anybody know whether she’s okay?

    [You could always check here or here – Ed.]

  237. BabyOpossum says:

    Heh. Boobie.

    (How am I still reading these comments? What have I become??)

    […a reader? – Ed.]

  238. Did somebody say Patitos?

    [Loud ‘n proud, Duckie. 😀 – Ed.]

  239. This is fun! Cuteness abounds!

  240. Knowing babies this one is probably getting ready to puke all over the place. Blech.

  241. That thing is gross.

  242. HI, PATITO!!!

  243. Jenn:
    [ I wouldn’t mind seeing baby pics as much if it weren’t for the kid-crazy segments of society who think there’s no place that wouldn’t be made better with MORE KIDS!
    Here’s my vote for keeping cuteoverload non-family-friendly.]

    I already have bazillions of kid pics in all my other communities, this is my last bastion of free cute pics without icky salivating baby pics… 😦

  244. That is a beautiful baby!

  245. Angelbeast says:

    Personally, I think you guys should do a whole week of baby faces just for the Nuffers. Cute is cute regardless of the species.

    *smooches babyhead and Maru*

  246. The irony of a grown human commenting on the not-cuteness of a small human is deep and wide. In any case, the invective seems misplaced and excessive.

    [Well SOMEBODY remembered their thesaurus. Heh. 😉 – Ed.]

  247. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    birdmom and S pixie: Read my other posts.
    LOL Katiedid….. And No. Read my other posts. I don’t need anyone pointing anything at me. I read the link…….WTF….but still why is it on C.O…? And I agree Dr.BerthaServant. And somewhat agree KittyMarthaPoo lol.
    Gigi, I am not trying to be mean. I am just saying I find it odd, and I don’t want to start a fight.
    So please. I am a peacemaker I just don’t understand why this post is on C.O…It may be funny, but not very cute ykwim? I find it awkward, but hey. -goes back to looking at kittehs-

  248. Oh, geez, people, get over it already. Different people find different things cute. I don’t particularly find babies cute (I personally find toddlers and kitties cuter) but I don’t feel the need to tell other people that THEY can’t find babies cute. If you don’t like it, here’s an idea, SKIP OVER IT.

  249. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Dash-thank you, thank you for “getting” the irony of the photo with the website! I thought I was the only one. The rest of you nuffers? Get a sense of humor, or go somewhere else. Your sour presence here is not required.

  250. I love coming in on the end of these crazy comments and just scrolling through to read what the moderators post after certain peoples comments. Ed seems to be on top of his game tonight, makes the crazy even more entertaining!

    [I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… :mrgreen: – Ed.]

  251. I, personally, don’t think that rabbits are cute. You should never ever post a rabbit on this site because *I* don’t want to see them. Rabbits are ugly, how could anyone ever think they’re cute? Anyone who coos over a rabbit is a fat stupid idiot who wants nothing more than to have hundreds of rabbits and contribute to rabbit overpopulation problems.

    If you don’t get it, anyone bitching about a baby, something that some people find cute, being on a site devoted to CUTE THINGS, is a full-blown moron who doesn’t understand that DIFFERENT PEOPLE HAVE *GASP* DIFFERENT TASTES.

    [Well, that was a bit over the top. – Ed.]

  252. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    I know I am done with it people jeez. If you are directing comments at me, please stop. -_-

  253. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    Oh rly here is my last remark to this; people commenting toward me, I am not the enemy…Its the other people saying the babies face is a boil…I-….pft forget it. sigh. ykwim

    [*I* get it, you know. – Ed.]

  254. Fuhgedabout the intrusion of human bebeh into cute animals site! Come on, who doesn’t love bebeh Mahir!

    To all: I KISS YOU!

  255. I also don’t think babies in general are cute, but I don’t mind seeing a pic of an unusually cute baby, hence, “Cute Overload”–this baby is just not cute at all. The scrunched face and jaundiced brow are not remotely attractive, and it’s just lying there with its eyes closed. The problem is that it’s just not cute at all, much less an “overload” of cute. It looks like 1,000 average babies you see at the mall–what’s so special or cute about that?

  256. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    -facepalms everyone- OMG Ya know what? Everyone is fighting over nutin. Look at the link. Its pretty funny, I am not a “nuffer”. I do see it is funny but not very…cute…. Peace people and sry for commenting again. Just trying to remind peeps some stuff. And ya all should know they are just doing this to stir up some people I suppose…ykwim

  257. I find it really interesting that the nuffing about nuffers begins before the actual nuffers have even begun. It’s a sort of… metanuffing. It’s a fascinating phenomenon.

    Also, cute bebeh.

  258. harmlesslittleflea (Clare) says:

    *offers Theo some chocolate Santa*

    How’s riot control going today then? ;p

    [See for yourself. – Ed.]

  259. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey Theo, will you please pass the popcorn?! 🙂

    [I have a Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison, but the Schmoops have popcorn; they might have enough to share – Ed.]

  260. It’s an ugly baby. They’re all pretty creepy at that age… I don’t like babies but admit there are cute ones out there, this baby is not a cute one at this stage in its life.

  261. Now THIS definitely follows rule #43, subsection “A” (Protruding Bottom Baby Leeps Are Cute)!!!

  262. herzliebster says:

    NTMTOM, that babee is much too little to be crawling or smearing beets. That is a NEWBORN. Get a grip.

  263. Awww, round bald head, squishable cheeks and smoocher- this is a cute baby, and anyone who knows me will be shocked and amazed I said so. Kiss kiss little one! Now more puppies please!

  264. o0o
    This babah is scandalous~

    Oh dear
    D: People nuffing about people who nuff at nuffers.
    It’s like.. pied piper of Teh Qte

  265. Jess&Friends says:

    Hey post fetus hey! We need to find some cute animal to kiss that baby though, I’m thinking we could have the hamster from Hamster For President give it a little kiss for the campaign : )

  266. boo.

  267. Well it fits the theme of the website CUTE OVERLOAD! Besides all babies human and non human alike are cute!

  268. Team Butter Duck…. BWahahahahahahahaha!

  269. LOL THe funniest part of the comment section is a bunch of people don’t even get the joke of this post!

  270. I mourn the ending of Team Butter Duck. I had already changed my Facebook status and everything!

  271. Regardless if this is a joke or not, I thought this was a blog about cute furry critters.

  272. Can we get some Cats ‘n Racks posts to compensate for the baby photo?

    [Oh come on, you’re not even trying. There’s one still on the front page. – Ed.]

  273. I just read through all the comments, and I’m a little taken aback at the vitriol. (I’m not a frequent commenter at all, so maybe this happens more often than I’d like to think.) And trust me, I get the irony of the post, why it was posted, etc.

    Point is, folks…this is a private, personal blog. To the best of my knowledge, Meg owns it and ultimately oversees all the content. She ALLOWS the public to view it. Just because it may look like a “commercial” site doesn’t mean it is, therefore she or her delegates can post whatever they like. Until one of you takes over ownership, you’re just going to have to get over whatever you don’t like.

    *wonders if Theo and NTMTOM’s eyes have rolled out of their heads yet*

    [Odd old word, isn’t it? “Vitriol”? Means sulfuric acid. – Ed.]

  274. Gross, babies are not cute. Time to get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

  275. D’AAAAAAaaaaawww!

    Babies are adorable! What a beautiful kissee face.

  276. i just adore cute puckery babies

  277. I just realized this baby looks vaguely like my landlord.


  279. I love babies! The baby is adorable!

    The world needs babies – if you’re reading this you can be glad that your mother loved babies too!

    The only thing that could make cuteoverload better is pics of old people.

    You heard me, cute little old people that make you want to take them home and feed them applesauce. Especially if they’re wearing hats. Now *that* would be cute!

    [I, um, I feel like I should respond to this, but find I’m kind of at a loss. Some of my satire-detection alarms are buzzing, but not all of them. 😕 – Ed.]

  280. I have now read all the comments and have come to two conclusions:
    1. I have no life
    2. There are a lot of odd folks who hang out on the internet – I’m looking at you Mahir and you too little baby (although I forgive your weird face because so few of your neurons are myelinated yet)
    3. I am odd as well

  281. oops getting too late for me to think clearly -should have said three conclusions

  282. …and I fixed your spelling of “weird” too. 😉

  283. The pursed lips… classic cute. But I’m a squishy nose woman, myself, and this behbeh has it in spades!

  284. This is the kinda babies I like. You look at their cute pictures, and then pass on by ’em. Like grandkids, you can look at them, coo over them, but as soon as they get fussy or smelly, back to mom ya go, kid.

  285. Although few babehs are as scathingly cute as mine were, I still enjoy looking at other peoples’ somewhat cute babehs. This one seems cuter than average.

  286. […munching on popcorn…]

    Ah, the end-of-the-year commentroversy! Now that’s entertainment!

  287. A little bit too young to be terribly cute. All the same, I applaud the occasional posting of a furless primate picture. These editorial dominance displays are entirely necessary in order to reinforce the understanding that this is *your blog* — and you may do with it whatever you like.

  288. Reason I don’t want to see babies on CO – I have personal issues stemming from 2 pregnancy losses. It flares it up and I do my best to avoid any ‘omg lookie dis baybeeee’ stuff for that reason. It’s nothing against those who wish to share their kids with those who would appreciate it, but I come here to look at anerable aminals only. Not a hating post, just explaining why some people may get all huffy about it.

    Although it IS a funny picture, I just don’t think it jives with the overall history of CO. Of course we all know opinions are *mumble cough mumble* and are at the mercy of our cute overlords.

  289. you cant say no to that face lol mom will have to be aware when the baby grows and kisses everyone lol
    so cute perfect for this time of the year

  290. I think people are allowed to have opinions, but some people should keep some to him or herself at times. This website is Cute Overload, which does not necessarily mean only pictures of animals are allowed. Also, technically humans are animals too, biologically speaking. So, if you have a problem with it, just take a deep breath and move along. No need to be upset over a small thing and blow it up. The baby is cute, by the way.

  291. Since this is Cute Overload and we’re not tied to just animals, how about some pictures of cute chibi anime characters? Or Japanese toys? Japan has cornered the market on cute in almost every single way. 😀

  292. elledoubleyou says:

    @kateyz – it wasn’t a freak out so much as a mocking of the freakouting, but I suppose the satire was too subtle 😉 Moving on.

  293. how cute lol duckface

  294. First “lolbunnies” goes down and now THIS? 😦

  295. Jesus christ, it’s a baby! SHUT OFF THE INTERNETS. -_-
    I think it’s ugly and I think the face it’s making is HILARIOUS. :: shrugs ::
    I wonder if the freaker-outers would ever walk into my place of work and be all “THIS IS A PLACE OF ICE CREAM, GET THIS BABY OUT OF HERE!”
    This was entertaining.

    [Um… okaaayyy – Ed.]

  296. Okay, it’s somebody’s baby. Isn’t eveybody’s baby “cute?”

    Just not what I’m looking for on CO.


  297. So Theo, I’m always curious. Do they warn you before they post these or just post them and then sit back and laugh amongst themselves? And how then do you reciprocate?

    AND LuLu’s comment made me laugh out loud.

  298. @victoreia: End of month? If it’s anything like the lamb-baby this will ring us into the new year 😛

  299. Fan of the Site says:

    Ugh, please! Sorry, but I am not a baby person. If this place turns in to a baby site, I’m outta here. Can’t they start their own site?

  300. That baby’s so funny-adorable. But not as funny-adorable as Mahir.

    It’s the holiday season. Posting’s been on an egg-nog schedule at CO. Unleashing a baby pic is guaranteed more comments and more page views. Well played NTMTOM!

    I luv all mammal babies, so more humankind at CO would be welcome by me.