Ma’am, your peeg is exhibiting some rule 43 action.

The Doctor is IN, and I am seeing what looks like the exhibition of some serious Rule #43 action; (Protruding Bottom Lips are Cute.)

Let’s just check things out under the hood here to be sure [tilts peeghead up with thumb]

There we go. Classic Rule #43. Classic.

Mari F., that is some potent shizzle.



  1. piggie!!

  2. My leep, it is curved and steeks out a beeet.

  3. Good golly! I am well and truly dumbstruck… No matter how many times I see little peeg lips, I am continually blown away by their powerful qte.

  4. Squeeee! Peeeeeeeg leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps.

  5. Awwww, little piggly mouf. Cuteness.

  6. resriechan says:

    To quote a contemporary(ish) lyric from a popular melody:

    “Ooooooooh, baby BAbeh; baby BAbeh…..”

    (if pref. , please substitute a relevant lyric from any song,
    performed by Mick “The Lip” Jagger & the Rolling Stones. Thank you.)

    (sorry, God. moment o’ weakness, ya know?)

  7. LipHance! Wahoo!


  8. Peenk peegie mouf and leeps are keeling me!!! *thud*

  9. He looks like Boule de neige the little peeg I had as a kid! Frist day I had him he mistook my finger for a carrot, silly peegie, fingers are for kids.

  10. Anonymous Coward says:

    you have to love the peeg leeps!

    now, back to my basement renos (yes, still on-going, but on the last straight, thank ${deity}!)…

    (sneaks back, looks at the peeg again. ahnn. if i could teech my keetees to show the the leep like a peeg! ^_^ )


  11. Hmm, actually, I see a little Paul Giamatti there.

  12. AuntieMame says:

    Not just the leeps. Them nostricles are purty durn cyoot, too.

  13. OK everyone: raise your hand if you literally smooched your monitor on that last closeup.

  14. Raising hand, and confessing to an attempt to nibble on the peegs ears.

  15. Eep, it’s a leep! *Raises hand*

  16. kibblenibble says:

    I wish my eyeliner looked that pretty.

  17. Reminds me of the piggies I had when I was a little girl… fond memories! Piggies really are the sweetest little things. With cute leeps.

  18. kibble, don’t sell yourself short. I think your eyeliner looks quite pretty!

  19. @res…now I have me some Smokey stuck in my brain and that is a GOOD thing 🙂

    @Theresa, holy frelling crap, that peegie DOES look like Paul Giamatti! Awesome comment 🙂

  20. *raises both hands*
    and I tried to snorgle it, too! doesn’t work too well thru the monitor…

  21. I’m amazed at how human-like this little pog’s lower lip is. I’m utterly fascinated! Just needs a pair of 50’s glasses and Miss Pog will be perfect.

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Thank you, skippymom! 🙂

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    *Raises hand* Me too. (Also…BEEP)!

  24. I’m seriously happy about the increase in peeg posts on CO. Hooray!

  25. Mew Mew Mew I has cute says:

    LOL look at its lil mouf! Its all “OMG….yesss yesss thats teh spot on ma heeaaaaddd”

  26. Peenk Peeg Leeps. *pet pet, kiss kiss*

  27. Lesley Dailey-Altomare says:

    Thank You, CO!!!! Piggies Rule. Lip Closeup Makes Me Wanna Find Some Spinach Flavored Lip Gloss for The Adorable Model 🙂

    More Pigs, Please…..

  28. uses same surgen as barbara hershey. I seed this peeg in the movies – that aus flick, ‘last temptation of crikey’

  29. Just curious, do they make nice pets? I can’t have any kind of rodentia or my Bostons would maul it. 😦
    Anyone who can speak about it, I’m curious.

    Cute piggy, by the way. Your lips rival those of Angelina Jolie. Actually, you’re cuter.

  30. Guinea pigs are fairly nice little pets. You do have to keep them clean; they eat a lot of veg so their poopies are sometimes messy. I used to love the wild chorus of WEEEK WEEEK WEEEK!! when I would come rustling the bag of celery tops or whatever greens they were getting that day. 🙂

    Did anyone else notice the little hint of moist peeg tongue in the COXCU? 😀

  31. They make such great pets, I have had mine for 3 months now and I must have went through 20 pounds of parsley or so????? But I Love My piggie boy…

  32. Piggie says I Kiss you!

  33. resriechan says:

    @ Saffron:

    ohhhhh — Interestin’!!!!! ……that’s very cool, as well!!!!
    . Actually, I guess I didn’t set my description up, to set up the same picture I had in –but Smokey sure fits the purpose, admirably !!

    For clarif. & further musical enjoyment…..I was akshually intending to imply the followin’ earworm…I hope my cut/ paste efforts produce an audio link……..
    .Enjoy !! Peace to all

  34. Lesley Dailey-Altomare says:

    Guinea Pigs Are Great Pets. I’ve Had Several Pairs Over The Last Decade. The Poops Resemble Rounded Black Beans – Must Be Careful Not To Let Them Roll Away During Cage Cleaning! Nothing Beats Their Excited “Wheek, Wheek, Wheek” Songs Whenever A Plastic Bag Rustles Or The Fridge Opens – They Beg More Than My Hounds 🙂

  35. Yessirree, peeg leeps are a crowd pleaser! My personal fave would have to be the underchin fluff and the peeg bum!

  36. dr. berthaservant says:


    Not very original, but it’s genuine, dangit!

  37. PinnyGigs always look so concerned

  38. It’s true Wendy! Rabbits are the disapprovers and guinea pigs are the worriers …

  39. Why so serious, cute piggy?

  40. Ah, yes, he’s the Angelina Jolie of Guinea Pigs!

  41. In South America, Guinea pigs are bred for food – this may explain why so many of them wear a look of concern!

  42. darkshines says:

    What is it about peeeegs that makes us type all Mexicano? I do eeet too!

    The peeeg looks totally shocked, like he walked in on his parents having a Special Hug…..

  43. I agree, gp’s always look concerned, with a soupcon of worry, I lafve the leetle theeengs.

  44. Theresa’s Paul Giammatti observation might be the win for the year!

    I’ve been seriously thinking of getting a pair of piggies – was looking on just the other day. I just don’t know about my dogs – I’m afraid they might scare the piggies to death. I need to do more research before I make a decision. But man, how I want them!!

  45. Must bite the leep or I shall perish!

  46. Now this is more like it. More “lip” than I can take…….splode 🙂

  47. cute don’t make him die ok 🙂 😀

  48. i’m considering buying a bunneh, so i was looking through the bunneh section when i found this sweet rule #43 action: 😀

  49. @Rachael: so long as your pigs are in a big secure cage on a regular table, you should not have a prob. Just keep your dogs stowed away when you take them out to snuggle. Animal instincts are too powerful to second guess it’s true!
    /peegs owner with big mean cat (cat not allowed in peegs room)

  50. *hearts* at Res!
    Heee…I guess I am old school (and frankly, old) and the first thing that popped into my brain (actually the second, since the first thing I usually think of is SHOES!) was the smooth stylings of Smokey..

  51. Smokey would’ve had me at Ooooh…

    And Paul Giamatti piggy’s no slouch either. What is it about pouty lower lips that makes us swoon?

  52. *picks the peeeeg and runs*

  53. I too, sang Smokey instead of Mick!

    Cute peeegy leeps! KEEES! follow by a chorus a WEEEEEEK! WEEEEEEK! WEEEEEEEEEEEK!

  54. I love piggy lips! MUAH! They are so kissable!

  55. I love how so many reminisce about gpigs from their youth… me, too! I have two now, but when I got them years ago, I was met with a chorus of, “How old are you? Six?!” I say you’re never too old to have adorable guinea pigs around! They are fun and snuggly and make awesome wheek! noises and happy chortles. LOVE the leep action on this pic!

  56. I think he looks like Bill Maher.

    Also, bottom lip looks kinda like a froot loop.

  57. protruding pouty pig lip

  58. It kinda looks like David Schwimmer, kinda

  59. “More g-pigs, fewer hamsters, more g-pigs, fewer hamsters!!!!”

    Guins have it all: dainty nostrils, the cutest of portruding, droopy, plumpy lips, rounder bodies, sweeter eyes…plus they go “weeep, weeep, WEEEEP!”

    Guins are FAR superior to Hamsters in every way!

  60. Kissy Lips!! MUAH! MUAH!!

  61. Yessiree, when lips are shaped just like a little Cheerio…watch out!

  62. I didn’t even get done reading all the Mahir MWAH! kees you comments before they got closed! Guess my keeses go to da peegy instead.

    I did snicker though at “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” *snick*!

    And the memory of one baby getting poop in his HAIR omg, gee-ross! LOL

    [Right, I’ll allow as how that bit was kind of classic. But seriously. EWWWWW. 😛 – Ed.]

  63. Guinea pigs are seriously my most favorite pets ever! They’re just talkative little bundles of snuggles, plus my two girls think I’m the coolest (okay, that’s cause I feed them) and fight over who gets to snuggle closer to me. You are never too old for piggies!!

    Thank you for all of the recent piggy posts!

  64. I’m crazy about guinea pigs and their exquisite lips.

  65. Amazingly, this looks like one of my 11 cousins… Can’t figure out which one…

  66. Oh my goodness.

    For a second there, I thought you said “Rule 34”. I was going to get all kinds of scared. D:

    Cute lippies, anyway.

  67. I second @ chanpon’s comment. The accent assigned to this peeg is perfecto. Exemplary definition of perfect leep protrusion.