Oh yeah, right…THERE! [repeat]

Sehar S., you’ve got us hip-toad-ized




  2. Queen of Dork says:

    Could I please has this smiling, blissed out toad? Pleeeeaaasssee??!!

  3. Steven Baranowski says:

    No matter how much you massage that toad, it ain’t turning into a prince. Maybe a Senator or something, but not a prince.

  4. oooh I ADORE him. I think I need my own personal leaning, funny-faced toad to cuddle whenever I get stressed out…he could have a little carrying case in my pocket.

  5. you’re gonna get WARTS! lol

  6. @plousia: A little carrying case for a toad = Polly(wog) Pocket 🙂

  7. Who’d of thought? I would never have guessed a toad actually liked affection! Very cute.

  8. I dunno, seems kinda– ALL PETS TO THE HYPNOTOAD

  9. Is that a Pacman frog??? My brother used to have one of those and it was the ANGRIEST anipal I’ve ever seen. This little dude though is ADORABLE!

  10. I am amazed by the behaviour of this frog! it is behaving like how my bunny behave when i pet it. cool!

  11. aaaaaaahh!! want!!

    love the futurama reference 😀

    ps why did this show up out of chronological order? i almost missed it :s

  12. REEE-donk!

    *singsong voice*

  13. I’m bummed… I can’t see it 😦

  14. kibblenibble says:

    Heem LIKES eet! 🙂

  15. sunshine girl says:

    super dee duper insane awesome LOL from hell

  16. I have never seen such a blissed out, contented toad. If only life were so simple.

  17. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I want such a pet for myse….GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

  18. I
    waving myself
    like this…
    … darn hypnotoad…

  19. That toad seems cuddlier than my cat!

  20. Marie, I totally agree, that´s gotta be the most cuddlesome toad in the universe. The cute! 😀

  21. They are all like that, they love being massaged. They are wonderful creatures who will eat over 1,000 insects per day in your garden.
    Toads are awesome.

  22. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Does he purrrrrr?

  23. Crystal(RB) says:

    This toad made my morning!

  24. The smile just makes my day! What a sweet little fella he is (why do I assume it’s a boy???). I never imagined toads could be so snuggly buggly. 🙂

  25. I think I will die from this Qte. Just … die …

  26. Nobody else also finds the Billy Joel music to be a hilarious, random and surreal addition to what has to be the most surprising amphibehavior evar??

  27. I love his one eye that keeps BUGGING OUT when she scritches him on the opposite side 😀

  28. ok, first off, I tried to imagine a toad purring & it kept sounding like someone making bubbles in their chocolate milk.

    second, my mother who thought my ferret was ‘a filthy evil rodent from the South side of Hell’ (I know, not a rodent, but he squigged her out, whaddyagundo?) had a toad that lived under her doorstep. She showed him to me one night before I left & leaned down & wiggled a finger at him. Whereupon he waddled out for lovins & skritches from my mom who talked to him like a kittayn o.O’. And then there was her pet snail Snidely, who had it *made* when he found his way into her home & heart. Anh x 1000. She fed him Romaine lettuce, a sprinkle of cornmeal & a sprinkle of water. That snail lived over a decade, SRSLY.

  29. earlybird1 says:

    Hee hee! I love 0:21 when he just leans his forehead on the ground. My beagle does that!!

  30. Umm, that’s a defensive posture. The toad is pulling in it’s legs and puffing up to avoid being eaten. Toads can also retract their eyeballs – usually this helps in swallowing prey, but it also protects the eyes from predators. Also, the hunching movement that the toad makes towards the finger is so that the toad can present it’s parotoid glands (look it up on wikipedia) – as a defense mechanism. I hope the person doing the petting didn’t put their fingers in their mouth or eyes after toying with the toad.

    Anyways, yes it’s cute to us, but it’s life or death to the toad.

    [I think you’re overlooking something. Like, nothing is stopping the toad from hopping away. – Ed.]

  31. French fries for dinner!

  32. My turtle, Lady Burt (gave it a male name then it turned out to be a female hence the “Lady” part) used to do that when I rubbed her shell. I didn’t realize they could even feel when you touched their shells but she would lift up on whatever side I touched. I called her my hydraulic turtle. RIP Lady Burt.

    Also, I sort of love Hypnotoad.

  33. That is sooo totally a muppet. I think this is what picnics are like in George Lucas’s backyard.

  34. Has no one posted this yet?

  35. My, what a talent, being able to bliss-out a toad- now there is Cute resume material!

    May I please work here, I can bliss out a toad!?
    You can?
    Why, yes, I can.
    Well come on in then…..welcome to the firm!

    And, by the way, Wednesdays are ‘take you toad to work days’.


  36. Haha, I have to say, the music in the background totally makes this video.

    (And, the toad totally is cute. I used to play with toads like this when I was a kid — I had a “pet” one that lived in a stump in my back yard for a while 🙂

  37. The toad is secreting nasty stuff from his skin as he is moving around in response to the stimulus of the human’s hand. Wintah is right. I hope the person washed their hands afterwords, it’s pretty nasty stuff.

    They’re not hurting the toad, obviously, but the toad is not “blissed out” it is protecting itself because it cannot just “hop away” as they are not great leapers like frogs. Most animals get one taste of that nasty secretion and they let it go. The human is, of course, clueless.

  38. Hope it doesn’t wind up like this poor little guy: http://disturbingauctions.com/view.php?item=41

  39. Oh nooooo! I really wanted to believe that this toad was, in fact, blissed out. Is it really true that he is just defending himself by excreting poison? That said, the Billy Joel music makes this the cutest video ever.

  40. All hail the Hypnotoad! He was leaning into the pettings – how prosh is that?

  41. Cutesy-Pootsy says:

    I love this toad!!!

  42. ROFL! I recognized immediately the defensive posture. Aww look, the lil’ toady is trying to poison me! ~hug~

  43. Huh, imagine that! A cute toad. They usually ick me out but this is too cute for words!

  44. For realz?

  45. Although it is a defensive pose that it’s doing, it’s still pretty cute.

  46. = ( terrified toads are still cute, but make me sad.
    this was our garden toad for the summer, but we only touched him when we were mowing the lawn or if he was in a conspicuous spot and we were letting the dogs out.

  47. hmmm…defensive posturing or not, that is a whole lot cuter than my pet frogs, who just used to pee at me every time I went to clean their tank.

    And the defensive chemical they secreted from there backs smelled slightly of curry.

    Man, I miss my frogs.

  48. I don’t believe the toad is exhibiting defensive postures – each time it is tickled, it leans INTO the direction of the tickle, not away from it, exactly as a cat or dog does as they are being scratched or tickled. This fellow could certainly hop or move away if it wanted to, or least crouch down in a tight posture if it was being traumatized by the tickling. I maintain that this creature is enjoying the interaction, and is indeed very VERY cute.

  49. What the heck? Is it me or is this entry jumping around like a toad? This was posted last night between two other already-posted items and now it’s at the top?

    Why doesn’t this happen whenever it’s about a kangaroo?

    [Ha… it was an error with the posting time, which Meg corrected. The old Time Warp Syndrome strikes again – Ed.]

  50. Poison glands, Deb. It’s cute as heck, but scared. Also, toads don’t evasively hop in the manner frogs do. They’re not strong enough jumpers for that to be part of their natural defense routine. Generally they just hunker down (like this) in hopes the horrid taste will dissuade their attacker.

  51. The few folks who are saying it’s defensive and scared are correct. It’s not crouching *into* the finger, it’s crouching down to protect each side the finger touches. They’re not going to hop wildly away… that’s not what they’re good at. They just hunker down, secrete defensive substances, and sometimes inflate themselves to seem larger or make themselves harder to swallow. It’s clear how badly people want to believe it’s being cute, but give it a rest… it’s cute for us, life or death for the toad.

  52. Holy Cow, can’t believe that was cute

  53. Very cool and yes, it’s a defensive posture. They try to hop away, but once caught or cornered they don’t flee because they secrete nasty chemicals (bufotoxins) that make dogs foam and rub their leeps upon the grass and learn not to pick up toads.

    It’s not the end of the world for the toad, and now so many people are charmed by its warty wonderfulness it was todally worth it. I catch toads to show kids how awesome they are, what their defensive behaviors are (they will pee on you too!), and to reconnect our overly plugged in youth with a little bit of accessible nature. The toads, I’m sure, aren’t that thrilled, but we carefully return them and watch them hop off in a very dignified, toadlike manner.

  54. dr. berthaservant says:

    Looks cute, and yeah, I think the Billy Joel song makes it somehow, but my suspicions were that something really unpleasant was being done to the human finger as a defense mechanism. I don’t know if this is a physical stress for the toad or not. But not finger-lickin good, that’s for sure.

  55. It’s cute, but it’s not ticklish. Whatever.

  56. Whew! Nice to know, like garlic shampoo vs. Brain Slugs, there IS a defense against Hypnotoad: skritches!

  57. I’m glad I’m not the only one who knew the toadie wasn’t being cuddly. He’s still a cute toadie, though. He’s all “take that! I is gonna rub my poison all over you! bwahaha!”

  58. Toad leans right: “Die, fool, die! Huh?’
    Toad leans left: “Die, fool, die! Die! Er…huh?”
    Toad leans right: “Die, fool, die! DIE! WTF?”
    Toad leans left: “Die, fool, die! Die, I say! DIE! Geez Louise, when is that bufotoxin gonna cut in?”
    Toad leans right: “DIE, dammit, DIE!!!”

  59. Well, I can’t say whether or not it’s bad for the toad. First thing I thought when I saw this was “oh, that poor toad” because it is pretty scary for amphibians. However, I *can* say that many amphibians should not be touched. The oils and salts on your skin can (and do) dry out the amphibian and hinder breathing. Furthermore, they can break out in rashes and get sick. Also, it’s not good for your own skin – those poisons amphibians secrete can cause acne, warts, rashes, or other skin conditions.

    Like I said, I don’t know anything about this particular toad species, but the people talking about “defensive postures” are probably right. And yes, it can be harmful to the toad if prolonged skin contact occurs (at least, it is for frogs – maybe toads, often being terrestrial, are different?)

    But yes, toads are awesome. I guess I’m probably weird, but I think this is the “cutest” photo posted in weeks.

  60. Oh man. I never saw a toad (or frog or lizard or any amphibian or reptile) do that b4! SCSCSC! (socutesocutesocute!) I wish he wuz mah little froggeh!

  61. While I agree that the toad is displaying defensive postures, I can reassure those who are worried about the effects of the human’s skin touching the toad. As someone mentioned above, toads are terrestrial, unlike frogs, who are primarily aquatic. Many toads can climb (similar to tree frogs) and are used to having things like bark rub against their skin. While the toad was probably quite scared, as soon as the people let him go, he hopped away and likely forgot about the whole incident 10 seconds later.

    He’s very cute and this vid probably opened a few eyes to the value (and cuteness) of toads.

  62. This is aweeeeeesome! I think my cute-o-meter just exploded

  63. Totally agree with others about the mannerisms of toads when threatened. We have a TON of them around here during the summer and whenever they spot one of our dogs or us, they’ll try to hop for a bit, but when they see they’re not getting far, they just kind of stop and stay still.

  64. I found a toad last night and tried this! it WORKS! unfortunately I grossed everyone out but I couldn’t be more pleased. We have so many toads around, I’m sure I’ll try it with every one I come across.

    Thanks cuteoverload!!!

  65. Awww….I once petted a lizard like this, and he did the same leaning into my fingers when I rubbed his ears. Was he scared and trying to poison me too? 😦

  66. See! Toads ARE cuddly!

    Swintah, this is Cute Overload, not the Discovery Channel. Kthnx.

  67. Cheeb- no worries. Lizards do not have poison glands they have teeth and tails for defense. They Do enjoy a rubbing occasionally- especially Iguanas. And they are very good at letting you know their displeasure.
    Leslie is right (and wins the the pun award)- toads do not hop away when defending themselves, since they have poison instead. BUT it was not a torturous terror session.The toad is fine and has already forgotten the annoyance, I guarantee.
    enh! get off you! enh! I’m not tasty! enh! …….Hey, is that a cricket?

  68. Oh, and still cute.