♪ ♫ One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong… ♪ ♫


Brittany F. make sure at least one olive is saved for tonight’s martini.



  1. Resriechan says:

    How conveeeeeenient !!!!!!
    that the refrigerator manufacturer, thought ahead & placed those safety handbars in place so the little white critter (not even gonna TRY to guess mouse/ hammie/ GP mystery here) could sit right there, safely, to eat his/ her olive.

    I never knew, before today, that refrig. manufacturers sideline in designing & adding amusement-park ride safety features to the modern kitchen appliances. They’ve thought of EVERYTHING, huh?

    (oh — and — there’s still an entire jar of olives on the shelf, so no worries!!!)

  2. As a vegetarian I wonder; fresh meat is best stored this way??? Surely no-one would EAT him/her?!?!?!?

  3. Resriechan says:

    (PS…after reading the hovertext I am inferring, that said critter might be a chinchilla…..and YET AGAIN — twice in my first 15 minutes awake — CO has taught me something ELSE that I didn’t know!!!!

    “Chinchillas know how to WHISTLE??????…….doooooooooooood !!!!!! Awesome!)

    (Yeah — I AM ready for the line from the Bacall/ Bogie film: “You know how to whistle, don’tcha? Ya just put yer lips tuhgether and BLOW!!!!”
    Been there, saw the film & memorized the classic dialogue)


    NOW Bogie and Lauren (aka “Baby”) knew, how to be
    both sexy AND classy !!!!!

  4. I prefer to think of him actually as a chibi-totoro playing his little acorn whistle…*flies off to fantasy land*

  5. It’s gotta be the 7-up that stuff doesn’t belong in anyones fridge.

  6. cyberpunkrocker says:

    The ketchup bottle is upside down, it is not like the others!!!11! (It’s perfectly normal to store your Chinchilla in the fridge, though)

  7. Clearly, this is one classy chin. S/he likes his drinks shaken, NOT stirred. Maybe s/he came with the instructions: refrigerate after opening?

    Better take the critter out of the fridge before someone mistakes it for Cool Whip or marshmallow fluff!

  8. Cool, a chilly chinchilla! Olive to see this kind of stuff! 😉

  9. Von Zeppelin says:

    Clearly, this is a bartending chinchilla, who knows that all of the ingredients in a good martini should be properly chilled. Including the bartender.

  10. Chilla, indeed! Sooooo cute!

  11. With a name like “Chinchilla” it has to be good.

    Btw, anyone know what that thing that looks like a sock puppet underneath the chinchilla is?

  12. Is the hand sanitizer for the socked foot holding the door open? Feet and foot do not mix. Eww.

  13. J.,

    I think that is the photographer’s sock-clad foot, holding the fridge door open. 🙂

    Adorable chinchilla!

  14. I’m just glad he/she didn’t start with the hot sauce. :whew:

    And that looks like faux maple syrup on the far left, middle row. 😯

  15. That’s it! I’m taking a “Chinchilli Day!”
    P.S. Someone lovvvvvves jam…hummmmmmmm

  16. Mmmmm…I would put jam on him (I think I see some homemade jam on the top shelf) and nom the heck out of him!

  17. Is he nomming a pickle slice?

  18. Olive Juice!!!!!!

  19. A. Non Ymous says:

    Yay for the Sesame Street reference!

    Also: chinchillas are maybe cuter than I’ve been giving them credit for . . .

  20. I *heart* chinchillas.
    I think he’s nomming an olive, correct? (blerf… olives give me the willies)

  21. I can see many things wrong with this picture… hot sauce doesn’t need to be refrigerated, nor does katsup (catchup?), there is a FOOT in the fridge (eew!), and somebody better get that chinchilla another pickle, stat, or there will be hell to pay!

  22. geauxghoti says:

    Chinchile con queso, anyone? Or Chinchili dogs perhaps?

  23. that’s one chilly chinny!

    i can’t figure out what he’s nomming. it looks lime greenish, not olive greenish.

    the little hands!! eeep!

  24. Olive a chili chinchilla eating a green grape.

    grape is singing…♪♫♪ It’s not easy being green ♪♫♪♫

    Sits back takes bite of fresh from the oven chocolate crackle and sips fresh brewed gourmet coffee…

  25. chinny! ❤

    It kinda looks like a grape mister fuzzybottom is eating. Maybe he was trying to hide, so no one would steal it.

    One of my favorite things about chins – They eat things by rotating them around in circles, corn on the cob, style. Well… at least mine did. 😀

  26. 1. I don’t believe he is eating an olive or pickle, I’m going with celery. Discuss amongst yourselves.

    2. I’m going with the 7up as the different thing. It’s the only beverage. or the homemade jam as the only homemade stuff. Discuss!

  27. I like to leave the mustard and ketchup bottles upside down on the fridge shelf to make it easier to get the condiments out as needed. Having medium to dark gray chins as pets, it’s odd to see a light beige chin but he/she looks prefectly comfy in her fridge shelf cubbyhole. Enjoy your martini while you can, kiddo!

  28. If you catch a chinchilla in Chile
    and cut off its beard willy-nilly
    you can honestly say
    that you have just made
    a Chilean chinchilla’s chin chilly.

  29. Wow. I actually have a limit on what I think is cute. Who knew?

  30. This is GENIUS! I’ve always wondered how to keep my chinchilla’s fresh…

    And whoever owns that fridge sure seems to have way too many pickles and olives. *shudder* It’s a good thing they have homemade jam to make up for it.

  31. doh. Chinchillas, not chinchilla’s.

  32. Ah, but the ketchup ISN’T upside-down. If you look, the writing is the right way around. So it must be the thing that doesn’t belong, because its lid is actually on the bottom instead of the top. 🙂

    @Reed – very clever. 🙂

  33. I think it is the sideways mustard bottle hiding behind the jelly that is the thing that doesn’t belong!

  34. @April and @Rumi: Oooooo. Sock it to me! Thanks. 🙂

  35. @Reed…very funny!

    Can you get an earworm from a limerick?

  36. Yay, they actually put a chinchilla on this site. Such a rarity indeed, considering this, and possums, are the cutest animals in the world! Chibi-Totoro, indeed!

  37. Nice color matchingks on the lower shelf! Clearly it’s the red bottle that doesn’t belong.

  38. My goodness, there is some serious jam-i-ness going on in this refriger-OH, it’s a Chinchilla we’re all gawking at. My bad

    V cute. I’m used to seeing the grey furries, first white chinch I’ve seen. Oh, so soft and squishy. How could anyone turn these into coats?

  39. looks like it’s chinnychinnywinny for dinnydinner!

  40. @ J;

    “Sock it, to ME?????”


  41. OK I just have to get this out of my system…

    Chinchilliday for me
    The cute little fuzzies
    that make me say “Squee!”

  42. Hey, hon, all of a sudden my chin . . . is . . . chilly.

  43. @Lerrinus: It’s a ChinCHILLY, obviously.

  44. O.M.G.! O_O
    Is that a chinchilla poop I see in that fridge?!?!

  45. Hahaha love these comments…I am le photographer and owner. Le chinchilla is a He, Mork. Nomming on some green apple. Mah foot is keeping the door open, as @Rumi said…sorry to gross so many people out with my sock feet :p

  46. Brittany- Aww man… I was betting on grape…. *looks down and kicks dirt*

  47. @pounce Aha! You noticed! It is one of those made upside down so theyre easy to pour bottles.
    @ohsuzanna so you don’t think Mork is cute? Hmm he will be disappointed.
    @corianne I like ‘relish trays’ 🙂 …aka pickles and olives. And yes it is homemade jam.…not made by me but my best friend’s Mommy, which makes it even better!
    @joy Mork is actually a Silver White Mosaic chinchilla (as opposed to Pink White chinchilla aka albino) …he has patches of silver, a thick one on his tail, light ones on his eyes and back 🙂

  48. dr. berthaservant says:

    People, we are overlooking the obvious.

    The chinchilla lives in the fridge because he’s the one who turns the little light on and off.

    And he’s on break.

  49. resriechan says:

    aaaaaaand THAT’s why B’serv is now a Doctor of Philosophy & Reason.
    I’m sure that I speak for everyone, Sir; when I say “thank you for your insights.”


  50. Love you @dr. berthaservent

  51. …….”sock puppeet”……lol……

  52. Is that a chinchilla? SO CUTE.

    When my roommies cat was a kitten, he accidently ended up in the fridge for about 10 minutes. I wish there had been a camera in there.

  53. chibitotoro says:

    Ah, still feeding the fruit, I see. 😦

    Adorable chinnie, though.

  54. @Chibitotoro It had been sitting out for a day, was preeeetty dry.

  55. *Presliced, I may add. An apple sitting out for a day means nothing.

  56. Hooray for the Laugh In ref!

  57. so cute! much better then what i have to deal with–our orange tabby emma jean
    keeps trying to crawl into the fridge Each and Every time the door is open’d.
    If a stanger came to our home you would think we never fed the poor thing. lol

  58. hubby saw pic. and commented “just cause there’s chillas in the name dosent mean it should be kept in the fridge” lol

  59. REALLY!!! I just got a baby chinchilla with the exact coloring as this one.

    Note to self:
    1. remember to always leave some room on fridge door.

    2. place hand vac nearby for removal of “evidence”.

  60. oohnm *-*

  61. LaughLadyXD says:

    I showed this picture to my 3 y.o. and he says in the midst of giggling, “He’s in the REFRIGERATOR!!!” I love sharing pictures from cuteoverload with my son. 🙂 Thanks!

  62. vagimuffin says:

    Is it that sock? I’ll bet it’s that sock.

  63. OOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Dinner!!!!!!!!! Joking!!!!!!!!