Whatever You Do, Try Not to Look Delicious

At first, Egon was understandably thrilled when his pet-project, The Supersizer, finally worked.

But within seconds, he knew he had gone too far. Dangling from the chandelier and desperately trying not to appear swat-able, Egon reconsidered his math when he set the knob to “Freaking Colossal”.

Maybe he just has really tiny paws, Christina H.



  1. eeeeeyaaaaaahhhh!!! That kitteh is ready to go on a rampage! Quick, someone pull out the anti-super-sizer!

  2. He kind of looks like a bobble-head cat. Noggin’s a little too beeg..

    Wish we had COXCU of grumpy frown.

  3. Colossal and grumpeh! Oh noes!

  4. that’s some disapproval.

  5. He needs some tiny buildings to stomp. a few teeny cars to swat. and a HUUGE snorgle!!1!!

  6. That is one seriously huge, disapproving kitteh.

    Run for your lives!!!

  7. Squee! Disapproving Persian! LOL ykwim

  8. Observe the tiny daintiness of the nosy on that ginormous face!

  9. (Also the furrowed brow)

  10. OMG! It’s a real-life Cat Face! *grabby hands*

  11. Talk about having a big head, maybe Egon is short for

    ‘e’s got an ego on ‘im, ‘e does.

  12. Awwwwwwwwww.


    Can I has it?

  13. Ghostbusters ref FTW!

  14. Happy Cat just got Unhappy.

  15. ooh! It is a British Shorthair like my very disapproving Boady. 🙂

    Where are the indigenous peoples fleeing in terror?

  16. Egon!! Fantabulous name!! Nice squishy mad flat face!! *grabby hands cometh outeth*

  17. p.s. this cat’s expression resembles that of one of our cats — the expression that said, “I’m sick of all the hugging and smooching of my head, get a grip…”

  18. His name, Egon, with his little grumpy face compels me.

    “Tell him about the Twinkie.”
    “What about the the Twinkie….?”

    Yes, that is the “what about the Twinkie?” face.

  19. dr. berthaservant says:

    Don’t cross the streams!

  20. eastiegirl says:

    I don’t think Egon is the name of the kitteh, folks. I think Egon is the one who created the colossal beast. So adorabuhls! And I do have to agree: Ghostbusters reference FTW!

  21. Oh kitty furrowed brow – how cute is that??!!! And tiny nommable feets! Love it

  22. @Kar, great Cockney for the British Shorthair… 😉

    About teh kitteh, GEEZ!! Look at the size of that thing!! He could inhale peeps…*snorf* Ah! Where’d Fred go??

  23. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Catzilla disapproves of the cold snow on his pawsies, as he terrorizes the Alpine villiagers. The hills are alive with the ‘mrowwww’ of his fury!

  24. I think this is the picture you will find in the illustrated dictionary next to the word “glower”.

  25. Yay British Shorthairs!!! They do tend to disapprove…

  26. Freakiest balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade…evah!

  27. resriechan says:

    (ahem) The Tags Proofreading Team has been called in. We indignantly declare our Disapproval of the generally-amazing CO Mgmt for failing (thus far, at least) to attach a Disapproval Tag to this image. Could this guy BE MORE disapproving? We Think. Not. Harrrrumph.

    Also related to this photo & comments (but not to my Indignant Demand for a Disapproval Tag)
    @ wend (#5); I’m enjoying the visual of this furry fellow stomping on “little buildings”!!! Thanks for that!!!

    @ skippymom (#24); You are SO RIGHT, ma’am.
    “Glower” is precisely the term, I would have selected for this furry fellow.

  28. THIS could be the kitty of nightmares.

  29. not even Winston could disapprove more!
    I vote for a disapproval tag, too!

  30. That’s Pope Happy Cat! You’d be pissed too if you got floored by a crazy on Christmas Eve. And, Chartreux are known to have “quite dainty, little feet” for their mass.

  31. He reminds me of stewie from family guy!!!

  32. you know, with the big football-esque head and all…at least from this angle??

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Emily S. Or Arnold, from Hey Arnold! He also has a big football head except that he wears this teeny-tiny blue baseball cap on that big head.

  34. hahaha,funny!

  35. @ Emily S. and Q of D, both definitely have similarities to the adorable kitteh but I’d say the glower on his face makes him most reminiscient of Brain from Pinky and the Brain. Enormous forehead? check. Large, evil but adorable eyes? check. Angry brows? check. Plans to take over the world? I think his expression answers that one quite clearly.

  36. AHHHHHHHHH ! My Baby ! My Baby !
    (Standard monster movie line)

  37. If looks could kill lol
    such a great expression

  38. 😆 Egon the kitty is saying “I did NOT want you to take my picture from the top! I told you the front!” 😆

  39. resriechan says:

    To Editors:

    “Thanks be with you ” for our Disapproval Tag!!!

    We Approve!!! (even if kitteh still seems to be perturbed)

  40. Catzilla is not amused.

  41. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love it.


  43. That cat thinks you need to grow up. A lot. He is seriously contemplating your immediate injury. He believes you are childish and immature, and if you so much at look at him wrong, he is going to annihilate you. Impending doom? Check.

  44. OMG CATZILLA!!!!1!!!!11

  45. Awww, he looks just like my exotic! If you want to see his videos, just search “Toot porch” on Youtube.