Zoo Boise has reported a surprise birf of a cotton-top Tamirin. Apparently, the newborn’s mother was not visibly pregnant, and this little guy was all: “HEEEY! I’m here!” [See exact moment, below]

Via Pensive Gargoyle, Via  ZooBorns. Photo by Shawn Raecke/Idaho Statesman. More photos, videos and a Zookeeper interview over at Idaho Statesman.



  1. Hello little primate person! Welcome to earth. **loves**

  2. Don King, Jr.?

  3. resriechan says:

    Little hand effectively grabbing & holding on, Overly Dramatic Facial Expreshe AND a tail curled into an adorable spiral????????

    How could Mama NOT be on the edge of her seat, waitin’?

    And……the photo sez “exact moment” or words/ that effect. Is the adult female biped, the Mother? Or is the mother taking a moment dans le salle de bain de se refraicher???????? Qu’est-ce que se passe, ici?

    Enquiring (French) Minds Want to Know

  4. She is, like, HEY! Let’s get this PARTY STARTED!

  5. catloveschanel says:

    Yep, should advertise “PERT” because the little monkeh defines the word.

  6. A few minutes old and already he’s aping at the camera. What a ham 🙂

  7. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMG! And it’s too late to ask Santa for one for Christmas!!!!


  8. I’m thinking Ziggy.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    CUTE! Surprise birf reminds me a bit of many years ago at Portland Zoo, we had “Golden Monkey” visiting from China.. very big deal at the time as they are very rare and almost never allowed to visit other countries. And early one morning, someone noticed Mom appeared to have grown a second tail overnight. It was an unexpected babeh clinging to her tummy. No one knew there was a blessed event impending. It was quite wonderful!
    Love to the adorable little tamarin babeh!

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    This sort of thing makes me proud to be a primate.

  11. ButtaRumCake says:

    LMAO @ Don King LOLOL

  12. by far the happiest tamarin bebeh I’ve ever seen. But according to the other pics found, he also does “pensive” quite well.

  13. What a doll! So happy! 🙂

  14. Unexpected monkey is unexpected!

  15. What about Boy-Phyllis-Diller?

  16. Don King Kong

  17. I saw this in the newspaper, it makes me want to go to the zoo to see her! She was born Nov. 6th and just unveiled to the public last week. She doesn’t have a name yet, but ZooBoise is going to have a contest soon I’ve heard.

    You can see more cuteness (pictures and a video of her trying solid food for the first time!) at their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boise-ID/Zoo-Boise/202235633115

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    Did y’all watch the video of her being held by keeper? The Squeaking! OMG the squeaking! Quite adorable.

  19. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  20. What a great little monkey! I’ll put on my thinking cap for a name for her.

    @Smiley: That’s too funny–I can’t stop giggling! I did a Google image search for Don King, and the resemblance is striking:

  21. Tewtally pocket sized Don King.

  22. earlybird1 says:

    Props to dub1 for “Don King Kong!” LOLOL! I vote for that name!

  23. Shadowtiger says:

    Sergeant-Major Happy Minkeypants, Esq.

  24. Wow she’s cute!
    The funny thing is that, living in Boise, I’m finding about this cutie here. Shows where I get my news from!
    The only news is cute news for me.

  25. YIKES!!!

  26. dr. berthaservant says:

    Don King Kong ftw. Although I would also accept “Buckwheat.”

  27. That baby tamarin sounds more like a baby bird! Oh, the sweet little chirpiness!

  28. O Hai! 😀

  29. @Kittyadventures, I think this could be the DEFINITIVE “Oh Hai” image. 😀

  30. Don King mini me

  31. Kittyadventures up there stole my comment–this picture just screams, “O HAI THAR!” What a cute little guy!

  32. Reminds me of my old Troll doll and an old shaving brush. How about Powder Puff?

  33. Chalk me up as another “Don King Kong” guy. 😆

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    SO CUTE!!! He looks so happy to be alive. He just looks so thrilled to see everbody! Maybe he could be invited to one of the guinea pigs’ slumber parties. I bet he’d love that! He’d be all, “an invitation?! For ME??!!! Yay!!!”

  35. I think the zoo keeper said this was a little girl so I propose: Donna King Jr

  36. Thanks, Theo et al.! [and all who didn’t ask about Al].
    But I see it should be *Dawn* King Kong.

  37. lol with browngrl, or ‘Donna’

  38. @Kathy, it’s so true – the eyes and nose (and the mouth, if a troll doll could open theirs that wide) are totally troll doll!

  39. What a cutie…all happy! It does look like Don King though.

  40. What a sweety-pie little girl!!!! I love her Mad Scientist hair.

  41. I think it’s unanimous. Don King has been reincarnated.

  42. I had to read the first sentence of this post like three times before my brain would register what it was trying to say. When you throw in only one non-word it’s just confusing. Nex tyme u shood go aheed and merk all teh wodies not realz, lyke dis woahkay? Thx baybehs!

  43. That’s not just a tailio; it’s a tailiolialiolio!

  44. sunshine girl says:

    That pic is the under the definition of redonkulous.

  45. sunshine girl says:

    Oooh I had awesome idea. U should publish a cute-tionary with illustrations. Please Please. BTW I’m a librarian. I NEED this in my collection.

  46. @ Sunshine girl: HI, there are several of us librariologists, research technologists, etc etc who are loyal CO’ers…..

    Shall I assume, that you’ve already browsed the whole Glossary (top of page) that His Theo-ness has made avail for us?????

    Research is Life.

    (Well, ok; **technically** I suppose one could make the argument, that our bodies’ system of exchanging oxygen & carbon dioxide every few seconds ….is MORE ACCURATELY “Life Itself”….but …..ya know whut Ah mean, dontcha????)

  47. catloveschanel says:

    That is a troll or Mary Kate Olson!
    I hope this doesn’t past in the whole thing.

  48. catloveschanel says:

    ew strike that last line

  49. Look so freaking happy that made me smile lovely from the punked hair to the curled tail

  50. He looks like a character of Tales from Moominvalley:


  51. Oooh, that one’s going to be a handful 😀 Just look at that hair, and the tail, and the mouf ready to chom chomp chomp…

  52. While I wholeheartedly support the zoo’s mission to preserve and protect wildlife, there are thousands of non-human primates being privately kept and traded as “pets” in the United States, often in inhumane conditions. They belong in zoos, the wild, or sanctuaries.

    If you want to help protect these little cuties, please consider writing your senators in support of the Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 80). Here’s a page link to a form letter (that you can personalize) and email to your senators:


  53. That is SOOOO cute(overload). 🙂

  54. Q-Tip! She is totally ready to parrrr-tee! 🙂

  55. good old whatshername says:

    I love the 😀 expression he’s making!

  56. is it just me or does this little guy look like Don King?

  57. The only thing that could make him cute is a pair of goggles.

    Come to think of it, that applies to everyone.

  58. Serious muppet action there.

  59. This cuteness is too much for me to handle, first thing in the morning!!!


  60. So will we be seeing tamirin mom’s birf reenactment on that show “I Did Not Know I Was Pregnant”?

  61. Von Zeppelin says:

    I concur with all of the Don King resemblance-noticers. I think there’s a little Albert Einstein there too.

  62. She’s all like “sqee sqee chirp chirp”….LOOOVE the noises on the video!! Makes me almost wish the hoomen had stopped talking and let the little one talk more!!

    Not sure about the Don King name… But don’t have a qte sub to offer either….

  63. Oh what a sweetie pie! I hope he makes into next year’s Page O’Day calendar. This year’s ended up my my stocking this Christmas, I whooped with joy, Happy New Year Meg, and all other CO peeps!

  64. OMG! She is adorable!!! Hey there little girl!!! 😀

  65. OMG, such a sweetly hilarious picture. BTW, thanks so much, Meg, for giving me a new website to squeal over. Zooborns, the website is wonderful!

  66. Oh, my, my, what a cute critter. Her name needs to reflect the fact that she has that unbearably cute tailio and her tiiiiiny hands/finnders and that wonderful topknot.

    K., yes, we know, dear, we know. Just enjoy the cute Tamarind and stop harshing my buzz, ok? Maybe I am being harsh, I’m sorry, but gee, whiz, you are preaching to the converted, you know. Just present the info without the sermon..everyone of us wants to protect these cuties….thankyouverymuch. Depressed and Disgruntled Katrina

  67. Tail spiral! A possible addition to the rules of cute? If your tail is so long and prehensile it can curl into a spiral, it’s cute.

  68. The first name I thought of was Don King. GMTA!

  69. Ok, this little guy is so darn cute it HURTS! Like, I literally ache to just HOLD this being. Ultimately cute.

  70. lol @ T.U.M., #43 – hilariariarious 🙂

  71. Yanno, sometimes when I see Cute Overload in my toolbar my mind somehow changes it to Cute OverLORD, and this little one certainly fits that description. Dawn King Kong is now my Cute Overlord, I bow before her extreme cuteness.

  72. Baby Tamarin: TA DA!!!!
    Zookeeper: THATS where my cotton balls went!!!

  73. get used to that face

    she’s taking over for conan on the tonight show next year

  74. Someone needs to feature monkey mom on an episode of ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’…

  75. BrianFowler says:

    Naming contest, huh? I nominate “Tailspin” on account of, you know, the tail.

  76. More Dawn King Kong pix on her Facebook album:
    Two words: tongue and squee-worthy:

  77. Love the way he looks like he is speaking. Heeey!

  78. Haay! Whats up?

  79. its agood way

  80. Im fine and you

  81. LOL that’s one happy bebeh *hugles*

  82. I Love Hamsters says:

    i love him he is so cute. i basically like all small things. well all small animals anyway if u r one of my sick minded friends

  83. I am *so* jealous of the woman in that picture. I want to hold a tiny tiny monkey!!

  84. monkey so cute

  85. that is the smallest and cutiest baby monkey i have ever seen in my life.


  87. animals are just adorable with there littlefaces well some big faces and little faces!!!!!!!!( ;