Slooow-Mooo Maaa-ruuu

Maru jumps! Maru yawns! Maru shakes water off after a bath! All in slow-motion! And the finale you’ll literally wait for—a kees.

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  1. the slow motion yawn is the best part!!

  2. Thank you, I’ve wanted a kiss from Maru for a long time.

  3. YES!
    I loved the goofy hand shake!
    Maru is the BEST!

  4. Awesome! I kissed him right back! Mwah!

  5. I love this cat, he’s totally awesome!

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Maru was born to be an artist’s muse! Thank goodness Maru’s human is generous and creative enough to share Maru with us! 🙂

  7. Love that disgruntled “I’m all wet, get away!” expression….

  8. Maru, wait, don’t go! I want to kees you back!!

  9. The OMGmypawisWET floppage just keels me! I giggle every time my kittehs do it – but seeing it in slow-mo….
    *falls over*

  10. Eeeeeee!!!! I love the Maru-shake!! ^.^

  11. Damn! Those wet paws make his hand look HUUUUUUGE!

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    This may possibly be my favorite film EVAH!!!

  13. Maru ROCKS! 😀

  14. i saw maru yawn, then i yawned too.

  15. This is awesome! Love Maru! Love him in slow-mo! The blooper was too cute! 🙂

  16. Bad Mommy? says:

    Is it wrong I waited to get my kid out of her crib to watch this video? She just woke up as I hit “play” so I figured another 2:44 wouldn’t kill her, right? I loved it, but I had to watch it again after I rescued my child so that I could watch it guilt-free. It was much more enjoyable the second time! 🙂

  17. Peanut's mama says:


    Oopsies—-I left my face print on my monitor kissing Maru back……

    “Honey, pass me the windex plz!”

  18. I’m so tired… Around 1:35 (blooper) I started to giggle, and by the end my eyes were tearing and I couldn’t stop laughing. That was awesome.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    SMOOCH .. I kissed Maru back. She needs a blow-dryer though. My kitteh LOVED to be blowdried. Sometimes I think he went out in the rain on purpose so he could be eligible for blow-drying.

  20. i love maru. he’s a very special kitty and very lucky to have such a doting owner!

    i keesed him back, but not while my kitty was looking! 😉

  21. Ohhh this so made my day as I plow thruogh cleaning my office and sorting out all my school work from this last semester.

    On a good note I am baking cookies next.

    snowballs(the chocolate ones) and chocolate chip peanut-butter ones. yummmmmmmm!

  22. doforanimals says:

    My cat, Buster, climbed into my lap and watched Maru with me. He was captivated by the yawn and toy flying through the air. Keeses to you, too, Maru! xxx

  23. Maru is the bestest!

  24. dr. berthaservant says:

    :: kevin voice from ‘the office’ ::

    That blooper was SO AWESOME!

    :: regular voice ::

    I love how in the blooper Maru is just hangin’ out in a box.

  25. The whole paw shake thing is kinda…o.o Hehehe

  26. 1) Maru is polydactyl and
    2) Maru in slow motion could sell perfume- what a sexy guy!
    Maru pour l’homme……pour le chat dans nous….dans…toute le monde…..
    (Resreie- please help me if I didn’t do that correctly, thanks, K.)
    Oh, the slow-mo pulchritude!
    Thank you, Maru’s animal companion!

  27. He’s just the best!! How can you not love him?

    And, he has the best kitty parents, except for my daughter, who I know for a fact, is the best kitty parent ever.

    In my next life I wouldn’t mind belonging to either of them.

  28. VentureSister says:

    I’m surprised more people aren’t commenting on the blooper. That was my favorite. Just the look on his face when he starts to fall back and he’s like “whoop! whoop! Ah, whatever”

  29. Nicolletta says:

    I keesed Maru and I liked it. ;P

  30. That was great! 😀 All that we love in MARU, but more so. And the “after a bath” segment is absolute, scientific proof that cats have no bones!

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Man, I needed that video after the last couple of craptastic days. (Family…who needs ’em!?)

    The blooper was hilarious, and the tongue looked like one of those icky sea creatures, or a clam or something.

  32. Okay I couldn’t resist watching it again… and who else kissed at the screen when maru moved in for a kitty sniff kiss?

  33. SunshineGirl says:

    Is it possible for a cat to be sexy. That after bathe scene. Holy cannoli. If I was a girl kitty, rowr. Snuggle City!

  34. earlybird1 says:

    Hahahahahaha! LOVE the flappy paw shake! I laughed out loud at that one!!

  35. earlybird1 says:

    Also, check out the intense pre-kiss eyes! “I will kees you, and you will like it!”

  36. Steven Spielberg could not have done it better.

  37. resriechan says:

    @ Katrina:

    (wink) Looks, like you translated about right, if I understand what you intended. This is approx what you did:

    Maru; for the man in you. For the cat in us…..for the whole world

    BTW — LOVE the use fo the term “pulchritude”. Good choice & very appropriate/ descriptive here; a word that isn’t used often enough…..and YAY someone who can spell a difficult word correctly !!!!


  38. whut? No box-jumping-falling-over goodness? Then it’s not Maru–it’s an imposter I say! Uh…yeah.

    *covertly plans a trip to Japan so she can kitty-nap Maru*

  39. resriechan says:

    1) THANKYOU MARU’s peeps & CO for a Holiday vid from Maru WITH A KISS!!!!
    couldn’t ask for anything MORE.

    2) but… wouldn’t it be nifty to have a platform where we could see Maru’s yawn beside that GuineaPig Yawn that CO offered for us to use for “bored” responses ……


    Peace, Maru & Simonscat to all.

  40. oh Maru. I luhff youuu. Maybe if I’m really really good in this life I will be reincarnated as a cat like Maru in the next one.

  41. Is it just me or does every new Maru video top the last Maru video? What an awesome cat.

  42. Everyone DOES know that Maru has his own website, right?

    It’s updated almost every day, lots of great other pictures and videos there, and you can catch them before they show up here. 🙂

  43. The blooper was my fav. He just had this look like “Oh no, OH NO, oh nevermind I’ll just pretend like I meant to do that.”

  44. DaytimeDeb says:

    Anyone else hear a Barry White track, with him just singing “ooh, aahh….” to the music, while watching Maru after the bath? I wish I had the skills to put music to that portion of the video.

    Oh, and “Maru running” was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. It did not exactly bring up images of a taut, muscular tiger in the wild, did it? Then again, watching me run doesn’t exactly bring up images of FloJo.

  45. AWW 😆 Maru is defintely a badly spoiled kitty 😆

  46. Love Maru! Shake, shake, shake! Kees! Mwah back atcha Maru! 😉

  47. is it bad that I had to google “pulchritude” – anyway now I can offer Maru a big fat kiss right back confident that I am just a “leetle” bit smarter

  48. A kiss from Maru? That must mean he loves us too.

  49. I love the undulating fur when he runs!!! GAH! Everything about this video is AWESOME!~!!!!!

    I loves me some Maru =^____^=

  50. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Completely and utterly fantastic videography! (Maru is pretty darn awesome, but so is/are his parent(s)!)

    The slo-mo paw-shakes just astound me. For some reason, I thought the paw-shake would look…different…in slow-motion. My cats’ paw-shakes are so spastic (ohmygodsomething’sonmypawshakeitoffrightnow!), not graceful like Maru’s, so maybe that’s the source of my confusion. His paw-shake looked almost like jazz dance. Fosse!

    I get the paw-shakes when I haven’t taken my medication. (Really!)

  51. Kirsten D. says:

    Pause it at 0:38. Scariest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

    All throughout the entire thing, I was astounded at how graceful cats can be. Then I saw the blooper and just about hacked up a lung from laughing too hard.

    Oh, Maru. I can’t imagine life without you. ♥

  52. oh wat a kiss!!! i love maru 🙂

  53. The yawning made me yawn. Anyone else?

  54. A wonderful bit of filming..Maru is adorable!

  55. OK, why can’t i find a maru channel on my cable lineup?

  56. A great video for cat lovers! It’s one thing to see a cat in video, it’s quite another to see a cat in slow motion. You really get to see their wonderful, [usually] graceful movement. 🙂

    (@ TnGirlSL: yes, the yawn totally made me yawn too!)

  57. Alice Shortcake says:

    The blooper…the paw flappage…utterly sublime.

  58. I LOVE YOU MARU!!!

  59. I see an Oscar or two in this short film’s future. Best Actor. Best photography. Best editing. The only thing missing is the musical score.

  60. the best part EVAR was when he was shaking his paw after his bath. it reminded me of michael jackson. i could almost hear him saying “hee hee!! SHAMONE!”

  61. and the part when he jumped from the cardboard box and slammed into the wall made me nearly die laughing. you can hear the OOF!

  62. The yawn is like great performance art! And the paw flappage is to die for. WTF??? I never knew cats did that after getting wet. ROFLMAO

    And the kees, the kees. I’ve been waiting for Mr. Right to come along – just my luck he lives in Japan. *sulk*

  63. Es muy hermoso!

  64. Awww! Cats and their rubber bones!

  65. Maru should star in pet shampoo commercials.

  66. I like the blooper and kiss best!

  67. That yawn is so awesome, it belongs to a Peter Jackson film.

  68. Space Cowgirl says:

    I love him! Nose-hance!

  69. Thank you for the kiss, Maru!

  70. Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid piccctttahhh!

  71. love your cat. SMART CAT.we have a fat cat too.

  72. so cute!!!!!!!:D

  73. The Kiss scene had some Godzilla vibes going, don’t ask me how or why.

  74. Resreichan,
    Yup, that was the thinking behind the slogan! Oh, goody I haven’t ‘oublied’ it all! Thanks for the assist! Yes, I love the word pulchirtude, too, it just sounds like what it is…pulchirtudinous!

    And here is an early start on wishing Peepdom everywhere a Happy, Healthy and Much, Much happier 2010 than 2009! Love to All Peeps and Not-Yet-Peeps! K.

  75. I am so in love with Maru (don’t tell my cat Yoyo Ma).

  76. Luff Maru. all other cats are awesome, cuddly, totally wonderful beings, but Maru is their leader. He owns me. I was going to say, don’t tell my dog, but he wouldn’t care… now the birds, on the other hand are very territorial.

  77. anyone else *squee* when “bonus track” came up?! lol
    PBS would have my unconditional love and support if they featured a show of Maru in slow motion!

  78. catloveschanel says:

    Wow, I thought Maru looked athletic in slow motion, til they got to the blooper part, which caused me to fall off my chair laughing.

  79. Jesssssika says:

    I loved that last part the best.. I think my maniacal laughter woke up my neighbors.

  80. I love Maru SO MOSCHE!!!! I love his big fat head, his big fat tail, his beautiful marble-y coloring . . . .

  81. Wonderful! And how many of us ended up yawning with Maru? 🙂

  82. Peanut'sMom says:

    Why do I get the feeling that Maru is an EXTREMELY SPOILED little guy?

  83. I think I detect a head bonk rather than a kiss, it’s my Stan’s standard greeting. Totally charmink video

  84. Love you Maru

  85. What a beautiful kitty! he is stunning! That was really cute! Thank you for sharing Maru with us.

  86. I wuv u Maru! You are the greatest kitteh on the whole interwebs!!!