Meanwhile, at the Slumber Party…

“Oh, you guys are totally going to freak when you hear this, but Hannah told me she overheard Margot telling Phoebe that her brother Nick said that Zachary is like totally in love with Mary Ellen Blopchik who works down at the DQ…”

Best. Sleepover. Ever, Anita C.



  1. guineee peeegs!!

  2. I love the look on the face of the white one in back. Has a very “No way!” look about her.

  3. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!

  4. Thank you for giving us guinea pigs! Love them! And love their little beds and sleeping bags. So warm and comfortubuls.

  5. I can hear my guinea pigs gossiping all the time.

  6. dr. berthaservant says:

    Please post photos phrom pthe pillow pfight!!!!!!

  7. *gasp* not mary ellen blopchik!!!

    @jenelle – yeah the black and white one looks like she is going *oooooh!* 😀 haha

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    You have to love the peeg lips and the “farmer cousin” look they usually have.
    They just crack me up.
    Thank ${deity} {he|she|it} created them! (The peegs, that is) 🙂


  9. (falling over, laughing) Oh, does that bring back memories!

  10. I would have been the little white one. I was constantly in a state of…”How come I haven’t heard about this?” through J.H and H.S. Thank goodness I had some gossipy friends to keep me in the loop more or less.

  11. Lesley Dailey-Altomare says:

    Yay! I love Hammies and Hedgies like anyone else, but Guinea Pigs are my first love. CO def needs more GP’s in the cuteness mix. PLEASE!!!!

  12. kibblenibble says:

    I used to have slumber parties just like this in my backyard. Once, my cat ran headlong into my friend’s sleeping bag. At first, we all thought it was so cute, until she felt the fuzzy cat against her right leg, and SOMETHING ELSE that was fuzzy against her left leg. She screamed, and then a mouse ran out of her bag, with my cat in hot pursuit! 🙂

  13. Don’t they look cosy? I wish I could feel that cosy… Hmmm… Peeeegies 🙂

  14. Ooooooooooh, time for a SEANCE!!! Who should we bring back???

  15. Light as a board . . . Stiff as a feather . . .
    Oh wait!! Sorry!! Light as a feather . . . stiff as a board . . .
    I always got that wrong!!!
    BTW: Who makes peeg sleeping bags? I feel a great need to know such a person. I think that would be a very interesting mind to come up with that.

  16. I think the white one is someone’s little sister that the older one was force to bring along in order to attend the sleepover.
    “But MOOOOOOOOOM!!!! I don’t want to bring Madison!!! She’ll wet her sleeping bag and want to come home early and cry during ghost stories . . . and the other girls will think I’m a dork!!!”

  17. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH so cute! The white one stole my heart.

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: At slumber parties I hosted/attended when I was a kid we always brought back Marie Antionette. She’s pretty creepy when she takes over your body and you feel like your head is detached and laying in a wicker basket next to you.

  19. “With ‘er ‘ead tucked underneath ‘er arm,
    She walks the bloody tower!”

    (Another headless queen)

  20. Queen of Dork says:


  21. OMG this so looks like the slumber parties my daughters had!

  22. Im guessing next there gonna tart passin’ around pop-celery and do their fur… :3

  23. “With ‘er ‘ead tucked underneath ‘er arm, at the midnight hour! The first “Fab Four”, Theresa!

    Ellen Blopchick turned out to the get the Nightingale Award for her service to Slumber Parties everywhere.

  24. So after they stop talking about how cute David Cassid…er, Zack Efro…er Justin Bieber? is and braid each others fur, then they get down to the ghost stories….

    Madge and Ned decided to leave the comfort of their warm cage and go out on a seed run. But they left just as the reports came in on their HamPod that a crazed kitteh had escaped from the vet’s office. He was called the Hook Cat since his rather dim human forgot to clip his claws (OK, I was BUSY with the holidays! Did you ever go to Toys R Us the week before Christmas and live to tell or at least come out without major injuries?!?? I didn’t think so) and one of the claws grew out to gargantuan Howard Hughes-ian proportions. This cat was crazed on catnip and the bulletin was that if you see the kitteh lumbering at you to RUN AWAY! That kitteh has a mean streak a mile wide! LOOK AT THE BONES!

    But Madge and Ned ignored all the texts from their friends…or rather they did not expect any texts at all since all their friends are hammies and hammies don’t have thumbs (or are there tiny thumbs? Well, for the purposes of my “art” I shall assume no thumbs) which makes it sort of difficult, or at least a lengthy process, to text. Madge’s friend Ned Nickerson had only managed to test ‘STAY HO’, and did not get to the ‘ME’, which, if Madge had seen it as an incomplete text, would have been a bit confusing.

    Madge and Ned trundled happily to the car to drive to the Food King (road trip!) to get more seeds. They took the Mini Cooper since it was small enough for their leetle toeses to reach the pedals. Announcements of the Hook Cat were on the radio, but Madge and Ned played CDs (LOOK people! I correctly punctuated or did NOT punctuate CDs. It is not CD’s AAAHHHH! It is plural and NOT posessive! AAHHH! AAHHH!)

    ……where was I again? Oh yes, our intrepid hammie couple is going to the store to satisfy the need for seed. But wait, the Mini hit a maxi pot hole on a deserted road in the woods (natch!) and the car stopped. “I think we get out of here,” Madge said. “There might be a cat with a giant hook claw out here.” “Um, what? How did you know about the Hook Cat?” said Ned and everyone reading this.

    They squeaked back and forth for a few minutes, trying to decide what to do. Ned said “I will scurry out to the garage and get us a tow. Stay in the car”. Ned then scurried out to the garage to get them a tow. Madge suddenly heard a sound! A sort of scraping…a scraping….like a scraping in a litter box. And then she saw it! She saw a giant Cat with a leg dangling from its’ mouth. It was a green leg from a grasshopper. That’s right, the Hook Cat had itself some green legs and wanted hams.

    Madge turned the key in the ignition, which contrary to all laws of horror stories, started on the first try! She floored it, sensibly starting in first gear and shifting when prudent. The Mini roared like a lion and flew out of the woods. Hook Cat gave pursuit, pelting the Mini with hairballs, but soon gave up the chase because brave Madge threw a paper ball out of the window and Hook Cat, ran off to catch it and bat it around. Sure she could have thrown an expensive cat toy out of the window, but Madge is a canny hammie and knows the cheap toys are the ones kittehs will play with.

    Madge stopped at the first gas station she saw. Because this is an old story, it was an Esso with a smartly uniformed attendant there. “GAH!” cried Madge. And to her relief, Ned waddled out of the station, safe as can be. Madge told her tail…oops, tale and Ned and the smartly uniformed attendant mocked her. Bad hammies! But thier squeaks of laughter turned to squeaks of astonishment as they looked at the top of the Mini and there was….
    a giant CLAW!

  25. Pigs in blankets!

  26. resriechan says:

    (knock, knock)

    “um…..Saffron…….izzzzat YEW????????”

    Mommeeee i’m skeeeeeeeeeerrrrred!!!!!!!!
    aka “Don’t go up those stairs!/ through that door”, etc, etc.”

  27. Mmm..peeg pockets!

  28. “light as a feather, stiff as a board…”

    he he. Pigs in blankets. he he.

  29. @ Res…
    Mwa ha ha ha!!!


  30. It’s official. Saffron wins at Internet!

    I used to work at a big-box pet store that shall remain nameless. I was more in the dog/bird/reptile area, not the cat/fish/pocket pet area. But I vaguely remember seeing beds similar to those.If I could get shih tzu sized version of one of those for —> that guy and his partner in crime (at least one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Or two paws.) I’d totally get it.

  31. OMG. I was just going to post a comment for the Maru video that was essentially going to say something like: “Is there anything cuter than Maru?” . And the I scrolled down and found 3 peegs in their own little beds and answered my own question!

  32. ButtaRumCake says:

    Methinks Saffron is NOMTOM………..and/or vice versa LOL

    [Heh. Methinks not, though. – Ed.]



  34. Must. Have. Insulin. NOW.

  35. ilikequiche101 says:

    Guins are soooo unbelievably cute. CO needs more of them. Are they going to paint each other’s nails and stay up late watching movies?

  36. @ Hilde

    So that’s what my girls are talking about!

    Thank you CO for all of the pigs recently–they always make my day!!

  37. Oh gosh! This is my little family – Marigold, Fairy and Matilda! Fairy is blind and deaf, and very special to us. She has quite a ‘following’ and has touched many lives with her magic. Her life story is on the Guinea Lynx Forum in the Cavy Chat section.

    You have made our day putting Fairy and her friends here 🙂 Thanks!

  38. Andi from NC says:

    Truth or Dare, anyone???

  39. slavetofuzzy says:

    EEEEE! Fairy and her sisters! 🙂

    DASH: The piggy beds can be found at

  40. the little orange one kills me .. it looks like he/she is resting on their elbows. and the white one looks like she’s saying *zachary and maryellen?? NOWAI! i totally thought he was going out with that albino chinchilla down the street!! what a PIG!* 😉

  41. good old whatshername says:

    What, nobody’s going to make the “pigs in a blanket” comment? Okay, I will. 🙂

  42. I’m old school (or maybe just old 😀 ) and we used to make prank calls to strangers (“Is your refrigerator running? Well, you better go catch it.”) I didn’t say we were clever. 😉

    Piggies totally tickle my fancy. 🙂

    Saffron, don’t even bother telling us you’re just another cubular person – you’re a freaking creative genius. Seriously, I salute you.

  43. Resriechan says:

    @ Anita: THANK YOU for sharing your critters’ pics w/ us @ CO…then your name & theirs, here in the Comments Stream

    Myself, I’m generally a fairly hard-core Feline Quadruped Fanatic …
    (mind you, I *DON’T SNIFF ’em, or anything)….

    but these guy/ galz have me seein’ the potential in other departments…….esp. knowing that you lavish love/ attention on one w/ physical challenges.
    (**worries to self: Is that, the Politically Correct Terminology for that, these days?????**)

    Anyhow — also:: VERY VERY nice, attractive selection of colors/ designs together in the pic: the red, the lime and POLKA DOTS!!!!


    (“Oh, did I forgot to mention that I could also be considered a Polka Dot Fanatic????……But I COULD give ’em up; really I could. Any day.”

    “Hi. My name’s Leslie and I’m a Feline Fanatic AND a Polka Dot Fanatic”)

  44. Von Zeppelin says:

    Being of the wrong gender, I never was a part of tweengirl slumber parties. From my personal experience, however,there is a moment (about 2:30 AM), where Dad Guinea Pig knocks on the door and says, “Can you PLEASE hold it down in there? Some guinea pigs are trying to sleep!”

  45. @reriechan – while you’re thinking about “the potential,” I’d just like to point out that my kittehs and piggehs get along just fine! One of my kittehs even grooms the piggehs. It’s very sweet to watch. So think about adopting. 🙂 (see for a place to start)

  46. VZ – That was my mom yelling, “GIRLS! THAT’S ENOUGH! GO TO SLEEP!!!!”

  47. Rachael– do you have Prince Albert in a can?

  48. PS That’s from my parents’ day.

  49. @Resrie, since you are a self-confessed polka dot fanatic, may I suggest referring them as “POKEY dots.” :mrgreen:

  50. NunlatorHead says:

    The piggeh lips are the best part!! I’m going to give my piggeh some keeses right now.

  51. GuineaPiggin says:

    *squeeeeee* Fairy and her sisters!

    @Theresa: Prince Albert comes in a box now. ^_^

  52. Theresa, I fear I might be as old as your parents. 😯

  53. We have 5 girl piggies and 1 male and they are constantly chattering with each other. We love their big innocent eyes and “slack jaw” looks and their pink lips just do us in every time. Never gets old. The male is new to the house and the girls are constantly wheeking about him, flirting nonstop. They’re so naughty. 🙂


    [IT LOVES YOU TOO – Ed.]

  55. Resriechan says:

    @ Theresa:

    so noted, Ma’am!!!

  56. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEETEST THING EVER!!!