Merry Christmas from Mr. Claws

Merry Christmas Everyone! [grabs pom pom and takes kitten for a ride on the floor]

Here’s to a wonderful day of family, gifts, food and… kittens. What was the best gift you got or gave today? Tell us in the comments.


Papai Noel chegou cedo este ano [Santa Claws arrived early this year] by Jim S.



  1. That’s it, I’m ditching my Swiffer. Give me one of those kittens-on-a-hat!

  2. The winning lotto ticket for tonight’s draw! I’m just SURE of it! 🙂

  3. My Cute Overload calendar! Yes!

  4. Santa brought a Wii for everybody to use. That was a definite winner (though not as cute as the kitteh!)

  5. I also got my Cute Overload calendar. The hubby took heed of it’s highest importance level on my wishlist. 🙂

  6. Believes it or not. I gots a KITTEH! Happiest. Day. Of. Life.


  7. Wise Owl Cat (anya) says:

    i got this mushy washable pink keyboard….it says it can withstand a sandstorm, coffee, snow, the dishwasher, and messes….its the best!!! *dies*

  8. I got a new drawing table! 😀

  9. My early xmas present to myself was a French Bulldog puppy, Tater. He’s now 5 months old and the center of attention. I’m a first time dog owner, after years of being a “cat person,” and I finally “get” the whole dog thing. He’s the cutest little piglet and I luves him.

    As for gift from someone else, I FINALLY got a 7″ Wusthoff santoku chef’s knife.

  10. Fantasybookworm says:

    I haven’t opened any of my presents yet (we have to wait another half an hour until my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew get here), but I already know the best gift I’m giving. I just finished making a lap quilt, made in maple leaf pattern, for my grandma. I did all of the sewing and quilting myself, on my sewing machine. 😀 I can’t wait to give it to her tonight!

  11. Awww! Too cute. The best gift I got/gave today was a racetrack for our kitties – it’s a figure-8 and the ball stays stuck in the tracks. It’s been a big hit!

  12. kibblenibble says:

    Waking up in a safe, cozy bed with my sweet kitties, Isabella and George nearby. Being able to prepare and share a nice meal for friends and family. Interweb access to CO. Long live teh Qte!

  13. yay for all who are wonderful responsible new animal companions!!

    And yay for Fantasybookworm’s long, dedicated hours on such a project for a loved one !!

    (and, really) Yay for everyone!!

  14. A keyboard…:D

  15. This year Christmas came in October, when three little kittens chose of to be their humans.

    HappyHolidays everyone and their fuzzy, furry, scaly and otherwise.

  16. We got a white Christmas, in Fort Worth(!) – 3″ of snow on Christmas Eve. Better than any gifts.

  17. georgina0912 says:

    I got perfume, a nice new bag, clothes, but the best Christmas gift of all is to be here in Costa Rica with my family (plus their 3 dogs and 4 parrots) after a 2.5 year absence. Nothing beats that!

  18. my boyfriend got me a set of pearl earrings (i’ve always wanted pearls!) and i also love the yoga mat i got…but the best present i got came home with me this past sunday– A KITTEN!! 😀

    and of course i’m still holding out for a CO calendar from my grandparents 🙂

  19. A visit from Aunt Flo.

    In all seriousness, I got amazing gifts, including this giant stuffed baby owl from my brother. It’s adorable and I love it and I named it Roland. : )

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    My daughter gave me a necklace set…two stainless steel necklaces on chains in the shape of hearts. One for me, one for her. Mine says Mother. Hers says Daughter. We’re wearing them right now! *love, heart, sigh*

    Being with her and having fun together. And all of you cool peeps on CO! The blessings of God! Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!!

  21. Merry Gift-giving-and-getting-holidays everyone :P. qt picture.
    I got a plane ticket to Vermont, where my uncle owns an inn, so I can visit family that I haven’t seen in ten years (and I’m only 22 so that’s quite a long time.) I’m going to frolic in the snow and make snowmen and snow angels and snowballs.
    I will AVOID the YELLOW SNOW.

  22. lol!
    guess wat! i got a cute overload 2010 calendar for christmas!

    Merry Christmas Everybody!

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Trixie: You are too young to remember this but your comment reminded me of this show in the ’80s called Newhart where this couple owned a bed and breakfast in snowy vermont. They had all these crazies characters to deal with such as Stephanie and Larry, Daryl and Daryl! 🙂 Stephanie had a boyfriend who was equally whacky but I can’t remember what his name was.

  24. QofD: I don’t remember the character’s name but he was played by the other half of that Tom Hanks show where they were dressed as women. Peter Something. I swear to God I’m losing brain cells as I type. 🙄

    I don’t really celebrate the holidays, though I love the decorations, music and food. I’m always up for the food. 😀 Anyway, I bought a whole bunch of toys and clothes for some needy kids and that was my Christmas present to myself. I don’t mean to sound corny but it really is better to give than to receive. No question about it.

  25. One of my petsitting clients gave me a homemade dinner — fresh ravioli from San Francisco, secret Italian-family-recipe meat sauce, fresh parmesan, even a bottle of Chianti and some homemade cookies! The perfect gift … hopefully I can make enough time for an actual dinner tonight, wedged in between visits to a total of 25 creatures in my care this holiday season! Heaven! All the best to The Qte Army of Anipals everywhere!

  26. Loves from my kitties…
    and DD got me a Pony!!!1111.. well not a real one.
    It’s a horse for my Ball Jointed Dolls… I kept looking at them in the
    store and then walking away telling myself it was too spendy for
    a “doll prop”. Apparently they were on sale for xmas so she
    just decided to get it for me!

    (I’ve also started pondering building a couch for my dolls)

    My request, from my parents (that hasn’t arrived yet) was some
    of Mom’s cookies. Other stuff I desire (health, peace, happiness)
    don’t come from the store.

  27. I gave my mom a fancypants coffee machine and she practically lost her mind 😛 I’m loving playing around with my brand new iPhone! And I got my mother in law the CO Calendar and she called me all like “AWWW!! DID YOU SEE THIS PICTURE!? LOOK AT AUGUST!!!”… that sort of thing..

  28. I gave a sqeaky toy to my dog, and his sincere joy was enough to told me it was the best gift ever 🙂

    He’s a spaniel, tho, so a bone he got was also the best thing ever, as well as his evening snack and walkies and…

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Rachael: What a sweet, loving thing to do! Also, I remembered the guy’s name on the show…the boyfriend was Michael. 🙂

  30. toffiffeezz says:

    My husband suprised me with tickets to 2 plays and 1 ballet performace. Hae also promised tickets to 2 more shows in 2010 that I want to see 🙂 He knows the theater is one of my guilty pleasures that I won’t buy for myself, and secretly love 🙂 I hope everyone has had an amazing day so far, regardless of what you celebrate!

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    We gave my cat some catnip toys and a cube thingy to play in. And some snacks. He’s a happy boy!

  32. Shared a Harry & David ginormous pear with my Jack Russell, Eddie. Merry Christmas to all, especially goaties.

  33. My hubby got me a new laptop desk and a mouse that works with Microsoft 7 – WooHoo!
    Plus I finally got a Kindle… YIPPEE!!!
    I gave the hubster a humidor and a JitterBug phone!
    Plus our Yorkie got lots of new shirts and two new food dishes and so yummy steak treats! We would never forget our baby… 🙂
    Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope you have a happy & healthy new year!

  34. PeachyKeenPDX says:

    I got a hot pink Red Ryder BB gun! At almost 28 I feel that this is a highly appropriate gift and will be cherished far more than the ‘sensible’ gifts I got from the family. Thank you James, I love you!

  35. Best gift given: a pair of Michael Kors stiletto-heeled glove-leather boots.
    Best gift received: a fruitcake!

  36. A Sephora makeup case, and a necklace from my sister that had the definition of “sister” written on it.

    Those were my top 2 gifts. My dog got 2 new toys that she was playing with on Christmas day. Merry Christmas everyone!

  37. My husband says his favorite gift from me this year is ‘kissies’!?
    I finally got a pasta/steamer 8 quart Martha Stewart pan…and lots of candy…yay!
    BTW…I’ve had my new CU calendar ready and waiting for my desk for about 3 months now.
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  38. My best Christmas present (although it wasn’t exactly for me) was that my father officially adopted my half sister (my mother’s daughter). He’s been a father to her for over 30 years already (she’s 38), but it was a really sweet gesture to make it official.

  39. i haven’t opened my presents yet, cuz my parents have to eat and whatnot. I’m in middle school, so I love getting stuff!!! But…Christmas is a time to celebrate the joys of family!!!! 😉 I bought my hamster a cool chew toy and some treats. She’s gunna love it!

  40. My squishable octopus!! I call him Octavius Squigglebottom IV. ❤

  41. Penguinpaladin says:

    A litter of four kittens! Our outside cat, Miss Fredreicha brought them by today and they are too adorable for words!

  42. Bigger versions of the pic found. Score! 🙂

  43. earlybird1 says:

    My favorite gift this year is that our neighbor spontaneously and generously decided to snowblow our driveway, which was covered in over 6 inches of heavy snow, so heavy it was like wet cement. WHATTAGUY! That totally made my day!!

  44. earlybird1 says:

    OOPS, that last post (#44) was actually meant for the NEXT page (retro hammy kitchen). Sorry y’all!

  45. Meg et al, if you haven’t already seen it check out the Engineers’ Guide to Cats boys’ Christmas offering = Christmas Laser Beam Cats, It is AWESOME.

    Wishing everyone a meowry Christmas…

  46. i got a webcam

  47. such a cute kitteh!! the best gift I had was to have mi family at my house last night for dinner and drinks 🙂 and Sammy my 12 yr old french poodle came back from the vet !♥♥♥

  48. Nano's Mom says:

    I got an antibiotic that seems to be working!!! Well I actually got it at Urgent care last night, but it really started working today. AND the doctor there said that dark chocolate works for coughs! No kidding! It’s even printed on my instruction sheet. Good thing DH gave me 3 different kinds of dark chocolate for Christmas.

  49. Snarfffable says:

    Why, my CuteOverload Daily cuteness calendar, of course!

  50. Mah cuteoverload page-a-day calendar!!!!! oh, and the Flip video camera with a picture of that dancing penguin, Tuxedo Sam, on it.

  51. I got a kitten too! Although I won’t pick him up until the 29th, and he’s actually a present from me to me. 😉

    I also got the pure joy of seeing my grandfather give my grandmother (both in their 80s!) a love note for Christmas that made her cry.

  52. My neighbor (who recently moved in and I’ve never talked to) came over and cleared my driveway with his snowblower. We’re in the middle of a winter weather advisory, have received several inches of wet, heavy snow, and I hadn’t entirely cleared my driveway from the last snowstorm 2 weeks ago. That was awesome!

  53. I got a set of complete writings of Epictetus. Gave my cat the FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy (it works pretty well).

  54. Happy toys and puddies and clean driveways and calendars, everyone!

  55. AuntieMame says:

    It’s 4:00 p.m. and I haven’t opened a single gift yet! 80 (I’m holding out hope that there’s a CO calendar in there somewhere.)

    We had lunch with a dear friend, who is a retired home ec. teacher, so the food was fabulous, natch.

  56. n_n a laptop with a HELLO KITTY cover

  57. My best gifts? My new girlfriend, my Cute Overload desk calendar from said girlfriend, and a quiet, hassle-free ride on Amtrak Christmas day. Praise the lord!

  58. 2 weeks ago we added a new cuddler to our household: Miss Genna is an 11 year-old calico who had been hit by a car and had been at the Humane Society for QUITE awhile. Someone there liked her and kept her off “the list” but finally her time was up; a friend told us about her and now she’s ours, limp front paw and all and she’s one pushy gal with our other two….best Christmas present I could have gotten!

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Violmando: Please give Miss Genna a kiss from me! Hooray for you for rescueing her!

  60. oh that is a toughie either my wii or my new cell love em both!!!

  61. dr. berthaservant says:

    My best gift was a return – an old friend from childhood gave me back a very rare movie poster I had given him for his 14th birthday (I had returned his first-ever guitar amplifier, which has been in my closet for decades). It was a wonderful surprise from an old friend!

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    He-he. I was just sitting on the couch and my cat was sitting next to me on the arm of the couch looking to the side. I was totally admiring his profile and the gorgeously kissable bridge of his nose. So I kissed the bridge of his sweet, little nosie-poo and told him, Merry Christmas!

    He said, “Thanks. You too. Feed me.” 🙂

  63. Best gifts I gave were a scarf and hat I made and bunches of toys for the pups and kittehs at the humane society. Ok, and Cute Overload calendars and Simon’s Cat books! Best gift I got was an electric viola 😀 woohoo!

  64. best gift given: day hike to an archeology site in the snow today with my sweetie of 20 years…
    best received: my CO page-a-day and dog kisses from the vizsla and the german shorthair…
    it’s a quiet christmas here and it’s been very nice.

  65. This cat was much more cooperative than mine.

  66. Julie in Seattle says:

    My husband and I gave each other a trip to LA in January to see Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (live at ClubNokia). Plus we had the neighbor dog over for playtime and then gave him a bath so he returned all fresh and clean. Happy Holidays everyone!

  67. 😆 It was giving catnip to all three of our kitties, Smokey, Badger and Dooley 😆 and watch as all three get bombed out of their furry little minds 😆 I also got a set of bath stuff (shower gel, lotion, etc.) from family 😀

  68. Gary Fixler says:

    I gave my mom this maple and walnut heart end grain cutting board I made for her for Christmas this morning. She loved it very much, and refuses to use it for vegetables, which is why I made it for her (she said she needed one about this size). She put it on the counter in a plate display stand instead:

  69. CO peeps, I’m so glad you are all having such a merry xmas. You all make me smile everyday. May you have a wonderful New Year.

    I got a CO wall calendar, which my whole family enjoyed reading, and some great toys for our 5 ResQtes.

    Even better was giving a home-designed calendar to my aunt’s partner, featuring pictures of their dog, b/c I wanted her to know we consider her an official member of the family. She cried.

  70. My boyfriend of almost 7 years proposed today! 🙂

  71. A gift certificate for an HOUR and a HALF massage at Habitude!
    That and the $$ for more tattoo time. 😀
    What a great boyfriend I have.

  72. Felicitations Jesse!

    I’m loving the netbook my husband gave me despite our agreement to not give big presents this year, and am also loving the 107 year old book on manners and elocution from my MIL’s own collection (and I love my CO calendar too, of course!) I’m proud of the felted wool flower pins I made for my female relatives.

    Thanks to Meg and all the CO folks for making every day a little more fun this year!

  73. My favorite gift came last night when I found out that that 9 year old boy had finally been returned to his father after five years in Brazil. I burst into tears right then and there.

  74. Found out this morning that I’m pregnant after six months of trying!!!!!

  75. Got a phone call from a dear old friend I haven’t spoken with in 5 years. Amazing!

    Gotta say, it warms my heart that so many of these posts are about the joy we got from what we GAVE. That really is the best gift of all, isn’t it?

  76. 5^^now8ing says:

    Hubby & I didn’t give each other presents this year, ’cause we came for Christmas in Wisconsin for the first time in about 25 years, with his dad and sister & brother & their families. White Christmas & everything.
    Best present I got is my sister’s successful surgery on Christmas Eve to cure her premature osteoporosis.

  77. I got a rescued Lhasa Apso from the “pound”…Big red bow and all !!!!

  78. Now that the festivities have wound down, my favorite part of the day is cuddling with my kitty Bob. He’s deaf and has cataracts, but he can beat the heck out of a catnip mouse! I’m especially grateful today because it’s our 20th Christmas together.

  79. My favorite gift was probably The Sims: World Adventures expansion pack! But, you know, the cute overload calender was a close second.

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay to KatieKat!

  81. Betty Ford says:

    I got a Roomba! Exactly what I axed Santa for… I can’t wait to capture its maiden voyage on video and my cat’s reaction.

  82. what a sweet picture.

    the best part my holiday was laughing with my nephews.

  83. h.w. the librarian says:

    I got TWO, not one, but TWO Librarian Action Figures with Amazing Push-Button Shushing Action!


  84. i got a graphics tablet and an external hard drive! yay for artsy nerds!

  85. Because my knitting problem isn’t already bad enough, my parents got me a drop spindle – for spinning my own yarn. Gaaahhhh. Soon I will be attempting to raise sheep in my apartment.

  86. i got a stocking full of clear bouncy balls with frogs, fish and glitter inside them, from my husband. happiness!

  87. The best present I got? BEARHANDS. The brown faux fur.

    I’m not an 8 year old girl. I am 27, I swear.

  88. I got to see my ex-sister-in-law and tell her I have missed her and that she will always be family to me.

  89. My best gift was that my daughter and her husband were able to be with us for Christmas day! Just being together as a family was such a joy!

  90. I got a pair of fluffy, purring TRIBBLES. It was epic 😀

  91. Two tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar, and my blorpy cat sleeping in a present box…all day…

  92. Giving my mother a Netbook (which is a ultra small and minimal laptop with no drive). She loves it, so much so she carted her electronic wonder to the family dinner, which is something we, as children with Gameboys and such, were scolded for. It’s super practical for her work too! Yaaaay, happy Mum. 🙂

    The best I received was, hmm, a choker of fine black chain with tiny pink roses.

  93. My best present came around 2 this morning when my hubby and I made it home safely from a rather ill-advised trip to my grandmother’s for Christmas Eve. It was just raining when we left home, went to pick up my mom, and was sleeting when we left her place for grandma’s. By the time we left for home last night, well, what should have been a 90 minute trip was well over 3 hours from the blizzard conditions, which did get much worse as we got closer to home (Kansas City, KS). But all parties, (mom, aunt, cousin and his kids) made it home safely, so that’s the best Christmas present I could have asked for. That and not having to go out into the 8 or so inches of snow until Sunday.

    ao and Jessie got pretty awesome gifts, too, though!

  94. my cats would say their favorite present was the empty boxes and wrapping paper left out. 🙂

  95. My C.O. page-a-day calendar….courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend whom I have subjected many a C.O. post to.

    my year (especially december) has had more downs then up. reading all of your gifts made me giggle for the first time in awhile. I know none of you personally, but our shared love of small fluffy things with big eyes and funny noses has proven to be a surprisingly strong bond! thank ya’ll so much!

    p.s: i got 2 very unexpected presents this year: a giant hippo (my FAVORITE animal) from AND the maru book!!!!!

  97. The best part of my Christmas Day was waking up all snuggly with our two kitties – one *on* the bed, the other *in* the bed. Bliss 🙂 We gave them a cardboard box to play in…
    How about Meg and Teho and NOMTOM and crew – what were your best presents?

  98. darling creature says:

    Getting home in time for Christmas. A loving welcome from family and my kitty. A pair of earrings made by my eleven year old niece. A handmade silver pin in the shape of a little girl’s dress.

  99. iPod Touch from boyfriend! 😀

  100. I got to spend the day with my boyfriend’s family, which is always a hoot. They have foreign students over so its like a meeting at the UN. Great food, great people. As for gifts, I am back with my old boyfriend (we were separated for two years) and that’s more than I could ever ask for. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Oh yeah, I pet my kitty a lot yesterday too. Got her her very favorite food and some nail clipping at the salon.

  101. My boyfriend failed to get me a CO daily calendar, one of only two things specifically requested!

    However, he did get me a pile of socks from… so I guess we’re cool.

  102. My boyfriend gave me your day-to-day callendar I almost cried!

    Had to put on a straight face before thanking him, and thanks to you by the way… X)

  103. The best gift I gave was a boxed set of ‘Godzilla’ movies to my sister. We don’t exchange Christmas gifts normally; she lives in Alabammer and I don’t. But we are both ‘Godzilla’ fans and while I have a lot of them, she had none.

    I had them shipped directly to her and she was completely surprised. Then, she and her 3 year old great-granddaughter watched them together the next day. The g-grand seems to like ‘Godzilla’ too, so that was a real bonus.

    The movies weren’t the most expensive gift I gave, but I don’t think a gift was ever enjoyed more by anyone. I’m so glad I listened to the tiny voice inside me that said to buy them for her.

  104. I got a kitten! His name is Paul. Hopefully I’ll be submitting pics of his cuteness soon!

  105. From my sons I had a necklace with a tea pot & cup pendant and a new lap quilt and the new book from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: because , I hope, I am The Mom, but still not so old… they are so sweet! and of course our new C.O. calendar
    and a lot of purrrrs from our kittehs Luna and Piccola

  106. TrixandSam says:

    A GelPro mat!
    In early October I was struck by a car while crossing the street. Fortunately I suffered only a fractured leg, but healing takes awhile and so, after watching me hobble around my kitchen during holiday cooking and baking, my twin sis realized I need a little help to ease the aches and pains. I love my sis. 🙂

  107. My very smart and lover of all things cute surprised me with a Cute Overload calendar. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  108. Awwww…. adorabuhls!!

    I got a jewelry cleaner! Although I really badly wanted it for 6 years now, I secretly would have dropped it for a kitten.

  109. Jess, LA, CA says:

    I got my SO a Grim Reaper ring from the Terry Pratchett “Disc World” series. He loved it, but he’s that kind of guy.

  110. snorglepup says:

    Happy, healthy family and being part of my grandson’s first Christmas!

  111. i feel so happy that everyone is thankful for their gifts!!!

  112. I got a flip ultra! YEY!!
    But I’m glad that everyone liked their gifts. Except for my cat……why wouldn’t she like a ball that flashes with disco lights??? XD

  113. i got a day like any other

    …maybe you had to almost not be there

  114. I got a american girl doll! (ok i’m , like, eleven)

  115. doforanimals says:

    Kitteh planning capture of pom-pom. Cuteness.

    I got a Coolpix L100 digital camera to take lots of pictures of my kittehs and puppeh.

  116. My boyfriend wrote me a beautiful song and recorded a music video for it. In the middle of the video he placed video clips of family and loved ones expressing their love and gratitude for me. Expressing how I’ve inspired them and how they are grateful to have me in their life. Needless to say, I bawled the entire way through it (it was an hour and 17 minutes!), I have never received such an amazing, heart-felt gift and can’t imagine how it could ever be topped! I am so blessed.

  117. @Jessie 😀 Congratulations on your engagement 😀 and @ro 😀 Congratulations on your pregnancy 😀 I wish both of you and to everyone at CuteOverload long and happy lives 😀

  118. I got my computer fixed (finally!!!) 🙂

  119. I love giving gifts. I think I give great gifts. I put a lot of thought into them. But sometimes I wish someone could see into my soul and give a gift back to me that really makes me go YAY!!!!! I guess I am unknowable. I got a pair of ugly black PJs that didn’t fit, hand lotion that I’m allergic to, and a whole great big tin of werther’s candies which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t a salt-loving snacker. I know, I know – it’s the thought that counts. I guess it makes me sad when people’s thoughts of me are ugly black PJs.

  120. I got floofy angora mittens from floofy angora bunnehs!

  121. Mistress Evangeline's housemaid says:

    Wonderful visits from children & grandchildren; snuggles from the kitties (personal favorite o’ mine); cozy day at home & a gift card from B&N — CO calendar, here I come! Oh — and surprise tickets to “The Lion King”, can’t hardly wait.

  122. Queen of Dork says:

    Birdcage: Sorry about the ugly black PJs. Please don’t tell me that they are also itchy?! If so, nooo! don’t put the lotion on the rash!! But if it helps, I hope you will be happy in the future and feel better!!!!!!!


  123. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, poop. (off the subject again) Have any of you peeps ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    *It’s just a jump to the left…*

  124. Way up there somewhere among the earlier comments (cannot seem to locate it just now & believe it or not I’m messin’ with all of this at 3 am, local time…..)
    @ doomchild’s comment:

    BWA HA HA HA AND HA!!! yew R funny.

    “Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.”


  125. I think my favorite gift was actually from our rats! They’re normally too active to sit and snuggle, but on Christmas Eve they both bundled up next to me in my robe (over my pjs) on the couch and just let me pet them. They closed their eyes, bruxed, boggled, and generally let me know they loved me. They’re back to being hyper now, but they let me have that one night of snuggles! It was the best. I about died from the cute.

  126. I got Hello Kitty PJs!!!

  127. My top three gifts were these: 1. A laptop 2. A shirt that says peace, love, cello.(I play the cello.) 3. A kitty!! We named him comet, after the reindeer.

  128. Anony"mouse" says:

    Hmm… If you REALLY want to know…..

    1. Soprano Saxophone (I play bari, but I LOVE the soprano too)
    2. Two Wii Games (Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart)
    3. Full set drawing kit (I like to sketch) with shading pencils + eraser and sharpener, a drawing manniquin peep, and a new sketchbook.

    I doubt you REALLY want to know, but hey….

    We already have 2 ADORABLE cats, so no kitten for me.. 😦

    Errymay Hristmascay

  129. QoD: ..and then a step to the riiii-iii-iii-iii-iiight! (bestest movie ever)

    I usually don’t look forward to spending the Christmas holiday with my family, but this year was surprisingly laid-back, and I am SUPER grateful for that. I was all stressed for nothing.

    My husband and I got each other tattoos and new phones as gifts. On Christmas morning I made a huge breakfast for the 2 of us, and the boys (a Jack Russell and a chihuahua) got a little bit of the leftovers.

  130. Best gifts given were the presents to my nephews – which were from their lists and they were very, very happy! Also just to spend time with them and my godpuppy, Maggie. Best gift I got was to the ballet to see the “Nutcracker” on the 26th with my “gentleman friend”. Also my Bunbun is letting me pet him more and he almost climbed into my lap the other day!

    It’s wonderful to read about all the gifts people are grateful for, both given and recieved.

  131. That is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. happytomtomcat says:

    my awesome handy dandy new cuteoverload calendar!!

  133. I gave my cats their usual gift: the promise of another year of love and care. They gave me their overall adorability and wonderfulness.
    And I received a big hug from someone on whom I semi-secretly have an enormous crush. Swoon……….

  134. Colonel Jenna says:

    Best present may have been that the puppy (17 months old whippet) came bouncing over to visit my Mom’s aged dachshund, and for once Daisy did not punctuate her “submissive” behaviour with obnoxious puppydom. She curled next to old Cricket and licked her muzzle and showed her throat and was quiet for a whole 3 minutes which is a record considering Daisy is abnormally hyper for a whippet.

    Second best present, my brother took us all to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra on the 23rd, and by so doing he unknowingly gave me back memories of 30 years ago going to a rock concert. I could have cried I was so happy. Only it would have caused my brother to die of embearassment. Which would have been awkward because he had the car keys.

  135. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

  136. I got a shih tzu puppy two years ago. Sweet little, Bandit:)
    He’s bigger now (well, der!) and loves to play “Bark at the DoorStopper”. Oh, and you CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T wear slippers in the house, he’ll attack them! Trust me, he’s not the smartest dog of the litter but he’s a cutie!

  137. @kbo
    Nice Rooster!

  138. mangolvrforever says:

    i got an mp3 player but i luv what i already had: 4 dogs, one a puppy born in september, living w/ both parents

  139. mangolvrforever says:

    my dog and my brother’s dog are his parents and hes ADORABLE!

  140. darkshines says:

    The best gift I gave was a 1949 mine telephone (as in a special phone that came from a coal mine) for my mine obsessed boyfriend. The best gift I recieved was a proper family Christmas with a meal, and presents and love 🙂