Merry Marmoset

In the great Cute Overload Christmas Tradition, it’s time for your Annual Marmoset Ear Nom™. Simply wrestle a pygmy Marmoset to the ground and perform a soft-kronche on their ear nubules.

Even if they tilt their heads to the side, they won’t be able to shield their ears forever:

Go on, your furry little morsels await!

Delectabuhl pygmy marmosets by A.J. Haverkamp.



  1. harlemgrrl says:


  2. Marmoset there’d be days like this!

  3. Peeg-me. Love the bulbous noss-trills. Love ’em.

  4. Marmoset they’d be HOLIDAYS like this! (marmoset marmoset!)

  5. Shouldn’t that be a Happy New Ear?

  6. Everybody sing!

    While shepherds washed their socks by night
    All seated on the ground!
    The angel of the Lord came down
    And passed the Lifebuoy round!

  7. Their eyes, their eyes– they have stolen my soul… and what a happy soul it is, to be in their ever-so-precious possession.

  8. resriechan says:

    To Meg:

    ……While I entirely & enthusiastically agree with the majority of your suggested technique:
    …..”SIMPLY wrestle” a pygmy Marmoset to the ground………???????????

    “You’re beginning to sound a lot, like Theo……”

  9. good gawd. eep!!

  10. Holy smoke! The head tilt has killed me ded! *thud*

  11. kibblenibble says:

    In picture # 1, it looks like he’s dipped his ears and nose in yellow pollen.

    Picture #2, tiny toofless open mouth! Squee!

  12. Here we have some Marmosets…Hmmm….this may take a while.

    Meg, no offence, but have you -given up- ? The second pic is the only one which can truly be called Qte. The other two are ordinary. “Don’t stop…believing..” – Journey.

    In the first pic, the marmoset is asking: “What the h*ll are you ?”. This is because the photographer, to the marmoset, looks weird.

    In the second pic, the marmoset on the right is saying: “Noooo wayyy…noooo wayyy…noooo wayyy…” until the other marmoset (on the left) says “shut up! just WATCH”. “We will get them yet”, continues the leftward marmoset, while his compadre continues to say “Duhhhh….”

    “The peeps are moving.” (And, sure enough, boxes of C.O. calendars were being loaded onto a truck.) The smart marmoset (Pic #2, on the left) will grimly continue watching them, until the time has come for his plan…

    “Stop looking at me as if you are a fool [which you are]; get me the make-up..!”

    In short order, the fool marmoset from Pic #2 was made up. And this results in Pic #3: A Marmoset who attempts to distract the C.O. workers so that the C.O. calendars will land in the marmosets’ clutches! 😈

    The End!

    Marmosets are fun to play with, but, if you are played by them, it is just as fun. A lesson for us all.

    Merry CHRISTMAS, all. (In other countries I do not care what “merry” they may bring at this time; but here in the West, it is CHRISTmas, and anyone who dislikes it can get the h*ll out of our country. Amen to God.).

  13. How very sweet!

  14. Looking very nice collect like these type of articles & photos.


  15. The second picture is so cute i just love it

  16. *wrestle wrestle* *nom nom* *kees kees* On your way, little marmoset.

    Thanks for the appetizer. Am off to Christmas lunch here in these parts.

    A Blessed Christmas to all Peeps and Animals !

    “O Magnum Mysterium … ut animalia viderunt Dominum natum…”
    “O great mystery … that beasts should see the birth of our Lord…”
    Brings a tear to my eye every time. Am off to sing all this wonderful Renaissance Christmas music for a week in the English countryside. *sigh of wonderment*

    For those who like this kind of music, please listen to William Byrd, O Magnum misterium – Beata Virgo, one of the most beautiful pieces by one of the greatest composers of all time…

  17. Om nom nom nom…

    I’ve spent my life wrestling kittayns for smooching and nomming and soft kronching™ and I’ve never witnessed one getting hurt in the process. Like engineer’s cats, they were, however, moderately annoyed.

    Wrestling qte animals (including marmosets) is therefore ok in my book.

  18. No hovertext?!??? Those darling marmosets are begging for some hoverwit!

    [What? There’s hovertext. Honest. I didn’t even have to add it. – Ed.]

    And maybe it’s just me, but it seems there’s some bait’nuff afoot this fine Christmas morn…

  19. Mmmmmmarmosets.

  20. Sesame Street has the sweetest Marmoset song.

    That name is awfully close to Marmies, you know, poor Theo is prolly on pins and needles, pine needles that is! har.har.har.

  21. awwwwww……they look so soft an snuggly!!!!

  22. I don’t particularly understand what just occurred in comments #12 and #13…suffice to say it distracted me from the dear sweet marmosets..luckily I can just scroll back up and proceed to make a new desktop!!!

  23. There’s something really icky about these fellas.. the face prolly, all red and dotty and _eeeeeww_. Not qte.

  24. Not that Bob, the other Bob says:

    … and a Happy Gnawed Ear!

  25. I love how their fluffy fur looks a lot like fluffy feathers.

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    The guy in pic #3 looks like he’s gotten an early start on celebrating New Year’s Eve.

  27. Is there anyway we could gauge just how teeny these li’l guys are? Do they ever sit in eggcups or teacups, for instance? These must be the qtest li’l primate-types I ever done seed! Whoops! Heddesk!

  28. I’m gonna knock you out. Marmoset knock you out!

  29. lol @ bird’s comment!!!!