Next On “Dr. Drew’s Kleptos”…

Meet Frankie. Obsessive-compulsive hoarder. Steals items that fuel his love for “The Nutcracker” and dental hygiene.

We just feel bad for that poor ballerina out there who’s tippy-toeing around with hairy legs and bad teeth.

So that’s where all of my pens went. I suspect he has a few of my socks as well, Paige P.



  1. cheshirekittehkat says:

    Mania-Klepto, or somefin like that……………..!

  2. That’s because ferrets are evil, kind of like otters.

  3. cheshirekittehkat says:

    PS: he doen’t have enny pockits; where does he keep all that stuff??? 😯

  4. My brother likes to say that ferrets are entropy made living.

  5. Clearly, proper dental hygiene is one of his priorities. That can’t be a bad thing, can it? And who could ever get mad at that face anyway? ❤

  6. Pink nosicle.

  7. Klepto Ferret, but so cute. Makes me laugh.

  8. I’d say an INTERVENTION is called for! Stat!

  9. catloveschanel says:

    My Doctor Scholl Gells always are not to be found and there they are~ I’m Gellin

  10. catloveschanel says:

    No, I am so not gellin’
    I’m stressin’
    Can u send that varmit over here to clean my house?

  11. Awww…what a cute little thief.

  12. My cat Fatso was a klepto cat. He would steel something, a pen, a comb or whatever little objet he could find.
    When I would catch him doing it I would say: Fatso what are you doing? He would then drop the objet and quickly lie on it and look at you like: What? I didn’t do anything.
    I would push him off the objet and show it to him and I swear he looked at me like he was saying: How did that get there?
    I miss him so much.

  13. My house has a doppleganger- mine is just as messy! But, without the cool, refreshing ferret.

  14. The evidence speaks for itself….but the face says innocent! Cute little tube sock!

  15. My best friend’s cat used to steal spoons and hide them under a chair. Just the spoons. This is a cute little ferret, although he does kind of look guilty.

  16. Gigi, My Mini is also like that! she hides her treasures under the sofa, they usually include:

    ALL of the pieces from our glass chess set
    most of my hairbands
    pieces of string (Dunno where she finds them)
    the toys from when she was a baby
    christmas ornaments
    any little bag that arrives with new furniture, appliances, etc
    and the worst of all… (children… look away) sex toys!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Aww, Gigi, sweet story.

  18. I didn’t do it!
    It was the ferret next door – swear!

  19. Can anybody see my reading glasses in that pile of stuff? I swear I had just put them down right here….

  20. One of my friends had a beloved cat for many years. She would always buy him those little catnip stuffed mice to play with as they were his favorite toy. However, the mice would always go missing shortly after they were given to her cat. She could never figure out where he stashed his little stuffed mice. After a long and happy life her cat died and still she could never find his mice. A year or so after her cat passed away she got a new washing machine – when the movers took out her old machine out tumbled literally hundreds of little stuffed mice from behind her washer. She had found the secret mouse treasure.

  21. LOL MY Lilac kitty is a clepto of pencils, hair ribbons, and bands, milk rings beer bottle caps, coins and her most prized posession …puzzle pieces.

    on e day we came home to one a just completed jigsaw puzzles minus a couple of pieces in the middle. nad her sitting on the puzzle with asmug look on her face…

    She is a clever girl!

  22. Browngrl, in our house the toy mice form colonies under the fridge. Every few months a yardstick raid yields dozens of them. I think they actually reproduce while they’re under there.

  23. Hold on a minute, KittyAdventures, are you telling us your cat actually DID the puzzle?!!

  24. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen – a ferret disappearing backwards up a chimney (fire unlit) dragging a half-full packet of cigarettes pursued by a desperate, tipsy nicotine addict torn between the loss of her last few cigs and the necessity of sticking her arm up a filthy chimney and doing battle with a concealed ferret to retrieve them.

  25. LOL@ Skippysmom… no she pulled out a couple of pieces from the middle of the puzzle after we completed it.


    She loves to sit on the table while we are putting puzzles together. I am sure if she could figure out how to put one together she would. SHe manages to run off with at leaszt one piece per puzzle .. We usually find them in hte dining room somewhere but once she hid one in my daughters purse.and a couple have ended up in the kitchen sink… and we have a globe puzzle that is still missing one of the pieces.
    I am not sure where it ended up. One of these days I will find it in a closet some where or under the washing machine I suppose

    BTW the washing machine and the couch are favorite gathering places for our catnip mouses!

  26. @ Skippy’s Mom

    Lilac and the story of the puzzle with some pictures

  27. beardediris says:

    My cat Charlotte steals, too. She took my father’s dog tags (the military kind) out of my carlessly left open jewelry box, and hid them under the book shelf in my upstairs hallway. She also stole a pocket knife, a bracelet, and several ponytail holders. She’ll take anything small and shiny in her mouth and carry it upstairs to hide. She once had some Mardi Gras beads that ended up around her hind legs so she couldn’t get up the stairs without dropping them, but she wouldn’t let me untangle her, because she thought I was trying to take them from her.

  28. snorglepup says:

    Back in the day, Tigger, my little weasle of a kneesock, would raid the sock drawer. We always had a bag of mateless socks. He only wanted them folded and in the drawer. He would open the drawer and drag out one pair after the next down the hall and behind the couch till the drawer was empty.
    He would giggle and do his little happy-dance.

  29. I had a ferret named Maggie who figured out how to open the door to her room, open the door to my roomies room and steal ALL of his socks. She had very carefully hidden them under a drawer in the kitchen. It must have been about a dozen pair before he noticed – he thought he was going crazy. He was very mad at poor Maggie, I laughed my arse off. At another place I lived I had some impromptu guests stay over and she got a couple of verrrrry nice warm wool socks for my feet, go Maggie!

  30. KittyAdventures, thank you for the pictures and the story! She’s a lovely kitty. I’m so glad you explained. When I was thinking she put the puzzle together herself, I panicked. Skippy’s reputation for super-intelligence was at stake! I was going to rush home and start him working on a jigsaw. I sigh with relief.

  31. (in Dr. Phil voice) You need to wake up!

  32. On the first day of christmas my ferret gave to I a slipper and a pink and yellow fuzzy guy.
    On the second day of christmas my ferret gave to I two doctor scholls, a slipper and a pink and yellow fuzzy guy.
    On the third day of christmas my ferret gave to I three bic pens, two doctor scholls, a slipper and pink and yellow fuzzy guy!

    ok I’m done. Anyone else?

  33. this is my friend Paige’s ferret, Mr. Smokey Jones.

    He is the cuddliest thing ever. Never, EVER bites. Feels like a sock with marbles in it. I luff him.

    She has more than one stash picture of his, as he does continue to steal stuff. He is a Klepto for sure!!!!!!

  34. @browngrl That’s a really beautiful story. I’m not sure whether I should feel sad or happy =()

  35. I’d love to have a kneesock with eyes, but I know I couldn’t keep up with it — the ones Ive seen never stop moving! What great stories! Killer has over 100 chawed, mangled pieces of rawhide/fake/realbones and I’m sure the things are everywhere. BUT she never chews on the furniture any more and we have learned that she has certain moods where only certain chewies will do. So, I say it is fair enough.

  36. @Katrina, someone once said that ferrets are the pets for those who find kittens insufficiently stimulating. :mrgreen:

  37. OMG Kittyadventures, Lilac is gorgeous! Such a beauty!!

  38. Oh man, cuuuute.

    Mine doesn’t steal anymore. But I blame the missing things on him anyway.

  39. Awwww =D I love ferrets, but it’s illegal to buy them in California.

    As for klepto animals, my cat Laura used to steal my sister’s bedroom slippers and hide them under my bed. Sissie thought I was doing it until she witnessed the thievery with her own eyes!

  40. I always thought shih tzu Lulu was at least half cat. Reading these comments confirms it for me.

    Whenever I can’t find something (remote control, car keys, silverware carelessly left on the side table, etc) the first place I look is under Lulu. The second place I look is in the dog bed. 90% of the time, that’s where I’ll find the missing item. Fortunately for me, Lu isn’t smart enough to have hiding places scattered around the house.

  41. @ Xhodzic – Tampons! Mr. Jones (“Frankie”) loves wrapped tampons – he has taken several tampons in the photo. He also takes Polly Pockets, vintage Barbie dolls (sharp ferret teeth make lovely punctures all over old plastic), Blue Tooth headsets, sneakers, hairbrushes, etc. Emptying the stash piles requires me flipping over a sleeper sofa and reaching my hand up into the sofa’s armrest – ouch. I just don’t bend that way. I once made the mistake of allowing Mr. Jones to run free while I emptied the sofa and he “helped” by taking the stuff I pulled out and hiding it under my mattress. Now, he is quarantined while I retrieve our stuff.

  42. Ahhh, emptying the stash pile! Good times, good times. My ferret Guido used to relish stealing maxi pads from their package, one by one, prancing and dooking the whole time ’til they were all in place behind the bookshelf. And I went several years without insoles in my shoes because Paco always needed to remove them. Yep, ferrets rock!

  43. I love Smokie! He is my best friends ferret! Hi Smokie Jones!

  44. I say “INNOCENTS” until I see actual video of this alleged theft!

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    This ferret has such an adorable face! And I love all these stories. My cat doesn’t steal stuff (my sofa cushions tend to suck things underneath of them though) But my cat has these balls of yarns he like to carry around in his mouth and play with. Sometimes when we come home from work/school or wake up in the morning, it looks as though he held the yarn in his mouth and dashed madly about the living and dining room, wrapping yarn around table and chair legs. So the area between living and dining room will look like a huge spider web.

  46. The following isn’t Mr. Jones stealing things, but it is a ferret caught in the act of stealing a computer mouse:

  47. I think that this ferret really wants to become an artist and that we should all help him and be understanding in his nobel venture. Look at all the pens and pencils he stole! And the other thingamigibies! (Rudimentary models ?) We might be looking at the next Raphferretael !

    On the other hand, his posture could indicate a plea for help. He had graduated from Ferret ScHole with nothing more to show for it than a few measly pencils and pens. Could he look forward to nothing better in this life than a measly desk job (albeit with a high chair) with nothing more to keep him company than a few paperweights and trinkets ?

    At the least, he has an F.A. (Ferret of the Arts) in Teh Qte!

  48. Thievery in ferrets goes way back to the wild ancestors:

  49. resriechan says:


    …..might I ask, what you see, in *THIS* inkblot????

    (affectionate chuckle)

  50. resriechan says:

    (and, Theresa….they did a *NICE* job attaching appropriately mischevious & pseudo-suspenseful musique there on that particular clip !!!! Enjoyed thoroughly!)

  51. That is Smokey Jones! He is my ferret. Isn’t he cute? I love him so much! I’m thinking of adopting another ferret friend for him. Thanks for all the nice comments. You are all really nice.

  52. resriechan: Um…my…mind, such as it is, says this: 😐

    Well, the ferret in Theresa’s video obviously wanted a new paintbrush. A rare and starving artist such as a small ferret cannot be too selective. But if he makes the most of his *tools* (in this case, a microphone case substituting as a paintbrush), he may yet find success. This ferret may achieve wealth, fame, and notoriety by painting a contoversial picture, using his microphone tip, of the end of the ferret world. It would put Roland Emmerich’s “2012” to shame. *sniff*.

    On the other hand, perhaps the ferret, working in the drab underground office of some accounting agency whose purpose is to ferret out any discrepencies in a given’s individuals record, might have ‘obtained’ the microphone thingy because his own company was too cheap to provide proper equipment. This happens sometimes, and it is because of this cheapness that various ferret empoyees are -stigmatised- as being thieves, when, in fact, they are just following orders. Poor ferrets. They are really not that bad. It is their bosses (not C.O.) who should be investigated for the utilization of ferret illegal labor.

    I, myself, can go either way here :mrgreen:

  53. My cat Sparkle doesn’t steal stuff (usually – she will snatch drinking straws out of your glass), but she very deliberately puts all of her toys – catnip mice, twist ties, straws, the little rings off of milk cartons, etc – under the oven. She usually manages to push them all further than she can reach and so she wallows around on the floor with her paws jammed as far as they’ll go beneath the oven hoping I’ll notice and get them out for her. Of course, the SECOND I retrieve them, they go directly back under…

  54. My BFF’s cat used to do the same thing. We found his stash once, and there was my friend’s class ring, a bunch of dollar bills, cigarette packs, socks, and a bunch of cat toys that had been presumed missing and replaced.

  55. BTW, it’s “MacGyver.” No U.

  56. resriechan says:

    @ Monterri:


    That is all. Just “wow”.

  57. Deckard: Why didn’t I see that ? (And my favorite non-cartoon show in the 1980’s, when I was a young something-or-other!)

  58. resreichan: All I can say is, Cute Overload stimulates my imagination. (Really, it does!) 😛

  59. Isn’t anyone freaked out by the razor risk to the thieving ferret? OWWW!!! ={

  60. i can definitively identify with this situation. there are little stashes all over my house ala casper

  61. The ferret mind is something we cannot understand. They hoard things they cannot possibly use; why ?

    We will forever be searching for the answer to that question. Only God knows. I have half a mind to ask Him about it when we meet…

  62. I am this ferret’s attorney. I object to this nonsensical gossip! My client wants you all to know that all this evidence is purely circumstantial!

  63. Oh, he pleads, “Not Guilty!”

  64. BTW, this ferret is no competition for my cat Yobi. Yobi has very few bad habits, if any. Besides, I don’t need a ferret. My occasional cleaning person serves the same
    function as the ferret! After she leaves I can’t find anything!

  65. Kristina Noir says:

    My ferrets used to steal all sorts of things like bones pens socks bras hangars weird stuff. They have their own room now and I miss cleaning out the stash.

  66. Hehe at least he has good taste in what he steals.
    My ferret Diesel hoards corks, chocolate wrappers, pop sticks & tampons.

  67. Queen of Dork says:

    Robert: Good defense! However, the judge wants to meet with you and the prosecution in her chambers. (Advise ferret to plead the 5th).

  68. nosso que e lindo esse bichinho eu sempre quis ter um desses a minha mae disse que ai comprar um casal para mim e eles seram todos brancos

    thau para vcs obrigada bjsbjsbjsbsjsjbsbsjbsjbssjbsjs

  69. Indiscreet says:

    My boyfriend’s ferret was like this. He was coming down to visit (3 hour train journey) and put a book in his bag to read on the train. When he got on the train, book was missing. Where did it turn up? Ferret’s cage. She was naughty.

  70. That’s nothing! My cat is taking violin lessons. She wants to meet one of those beautiful males preferably who play the piano. Both of us are naughty!

  71. What say you in reply?