The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Make this holiday extra-special, with a gift from Fluffy Valley Pom Farms!  Every Fluffy Valley Pom is picked fresh and shipped direct!   Christmas delivery still available!

Just imagine their faces when they see their very own Pom!



  1. Can also be used as powder puff.*

    (in teeny tiny print)
    *caution use of Fluffy Valley Pom as powder puff may result in face nippage and reprimands in the form of Yips and Yarps.


  3. kibblenibble says:

    SO fruffy! WANT! 🙂

  4. Actually, my dogs love to eat packing peanuts.*

    *Edible cornstarch version only, of course.

  5. Judging by the eyes, this is the carefully aged pom. It’ll cost extra cuz they mature ’em like prime beef, cheese or wine.

    Actually Risha, my cats love packing peanuts too, the original kind. I have to be careful that they don’t swoop in and steal ’em when I open a package. I guess it’s the crunch and squeak.

  6. Mr. Muggles!

  7. @kar, I dunno, looks like fresh off the vine to me.

  8. Too cute! I’m weeping…

  9. dr. berthaservant says:

    Bubble wrap will do the trick, too.

  10. WANT!!!!!!!!!!

    *grabby hands* EHN!!!

  11. Can we ask for a nose close-up please?

  12. Awww… the second picture just melted me!!

  13. Also comes in fruit flavors. Pomegranate being the most popular.

  14. PS Beep!

  15. Reminds me of the Tom Hanks/Stephen Colbert care package bit.

  16. Yogurt kitties only get an ” awwwwwwwwwwww”
    BUT 260 Oakley gets the Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
    for the win. ;oD

  17. Yes ink, me too! Which means they should ship the pom with ice cream!!! Yay. I want my pom delivered with chocolate chip mint, please.

  18. Popcorn! Packing popcorn would be good.

  19. That, sir, is not a real dog. Can’t be.

  20. Can’t stop looking at the eyes, no wait the nose, no the eyes, nose…………….

    Feels her soul sucked from her body……….

  21. How do these people live with this creature???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

  22. 1. adorable pom 2. Hi Berthaservant – did you just get your MD or Phd? If so congrats “Dr Berthaservant”!

  23. Does it squeak when you squeeze it? How long do the batteries last?

  24. 260Oakley for the WIN!

    Second picture has keeeeeelleed me! DED.

  25. @Rooanne, I read that you wanted your porn delivered with chocolate mint…what is wrong with me????

    Can someone pleeeeaaaasssseeee send me this puppy????

  26. I have never been partial to small, fluffy dogs. However, this creature has caused my heart to explode. I think it is actually some kind of magic gnome.

  27. beware….you can see that this pom is totally aware of his powers of cute. he is prepared to pull out all stops to keel you…..his cute power is total….one cute to rule them all!!!

  28. There’s a dull slightly opaque quality to the eyes that make me think this is an old timer. I remember a similiar thing with my long gone puppy, Rusty.

    Old dogs are cool. They have so much personality.

    Dr Berthaservant, I’m assuming that despite the title, you’re still “the guy who operates the can opener.”

  29. DR. Berthaservant!!!! You mean Bertha became a doctor!!!!???

  30. I want one…..please…… Santa….

  31. Oh Santa Claus, I have been angelic this year. Please bring me this puppy. I will leave you snickerdoodles and milk. If you want, I’ll leave you beer and chips. Just let me have him. My arms ache to hold him! Please please….

  32. the ol’ “dog in the box at Christmas” bit is one of the best parts of owning a pooch. Now, where can I find one that will fit my 80 lb greyhound?

  33. Berthaservant, Congrats! Whatever honor you have earned you richly deserve.

  34. catloveschanel says:

    Didn’t she win the Top Model “Short Models” Season? She’s certainly smiling with her eyes.

  35. It’s a little snow bear!

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    I didn’t know dogs can need boxhab, too.

  37. That Charming Fish says:

    Awwwwwww…. I want one! #_# So fluffy….

  38. Order now and get your very own Cute Overload Calendar for only $11.69 more (plus shipping and handling)! Don’t delay! Order yours today. Or the Pomeranian gets it.


  39. kibblenibble says:

    skippymom: Poms are special. They will be whatever you want them to be. As long as it makes you happy. 🙂

  40. My goodness, that face is pure magic! I instantly feel like a happier person.

    So what’s the phone # to order a Pom for Xmas? I need something new to nomnomnom.

  41. I once did use real peanuts to pack a birthday gift to my sister, years ago. No idea what the gift was, anymore, but at least the packaging was memorable. 😉

  42. Idja-bwaa-squeeee-nooozzzeekooooo-sp-sp-spaaaaaa.
    Laura’s Coworker: Laura cannot communicate properly at the moment. Her eyes are dilated too.

  43. AuntieMame says:

    Sometimes I am so glad I don’t have brothers. 😀

    I wouldn’t mind a floofy Pom, though. Last night at the mailbox, a neighbor’s little floofball rushed up to visit with me, and when I crouched down to pet him, his little buddy, the puggle had to come see, too. So sweet!

  44. Looks like this dog has been hanging out with the cat for too long. They can be such a bad influence. He/she needs boxhab – stat!

  45. earlybird1 says:

    AUGGHH!!! Cutest little beepy nose evar! *beeep*

  46. i’m gonna stare at it until it blinks

  47. O..M….G!!!!!!! (nothing else,just OMG!!)

  48. snorglepup says:

    Ship one to everyone on my Christmas list.
    Yay! My shoppings done…

  49. :poit:




    (I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but my brother once sent me an envelope filled with toenail clippings from our beagle. Despite there being no return address on the envelope and all of his denials, I KNOW it was him.)

  50. Awwww…!!! What a fluffa-tron!

  51. Rather cute. I wouldn’t mind finding that under the Christmas tree!:D

  52. How is that even real? It’s like a Japanese anime invention come to life!

  53. ………..fluffity fluffity fluff fluff flufferfluffSPLORTZOMG

  54. Too. Flippin’. Cute!!!! *squeeeee* 😀

  55. i’ll take twelve.

  56. Angelbeast says:


    OMG if that is an older dog and it is that adoable how did it’s owner’s survive having that as a puppy???

    I’d have died 15 times over already.

  57. Teeny Gozer says:


  58. I have NEVER done this before.


    Pom pom pom pom pom!!!!!

  59. I never really got the phrase ‘tugged at my heart strings’ but right now it does feel like little fluffy paws are tugging on little strings in my heart…um it’s not as painful as it sounds though…it’s actually kind of ticklish…*snuggle, snuggle*

  60. Plush toys are so realistic these days…

  61. aaww pink noisies. i love pink nosies 😀

  62. The only way that dog could be improved is if it were a red head.

    rpennefe : How come your brother didn’t send the rest of the beagle, so you could identify the clippings? Seems a little half-assed to me…brothers…

  63. Can’t take my eyes off this darling doggie. I keep sneaking in this office to look at him again. He owns me. Cutest dog ever.

  64. @angelbeast… baby poms always look to me to be a cross between a cat and a dog; they are irresistably adorable. A friend of mine used to breed them. Sooo cute.

  65. If you put this (to die for; I’m *DED*) puffball on your hat, do you get a pom-pom-Pom? Or is that Pom-pom-pom ? (I sometimes get them mixed up).


  67. Oh, well. I always resisted doing this kind of thing. But why not ? BTW, anyone here has permission to shoot me at any moment:

    This ball of fluff should be *KNIGHTED* by Queen Elizabeth II. Because the floofiness is BEYOND SANITY. GOD TAKE ME NOW! ETC. (BTW, keep C.O. going, no matter what, because the world needs it…

    Ahem. Hey fluffyballhead! Hey, oh, oh, oh, all, right. I’ve been fluffed. Floofy is so cuuuuuuuuuuute! Awwwwww….(now’s the time to shoot me. Now Now Now!!)

    (But I do not want floofyhead to be sad. So I guess I’ll live.)

    This is me when I am insane. Your fault, Cute Overload! Give me my mind back (at least by mid-January).