At Last, a Moment to Myself

“Whew!  I cannot believe I held it together this year.  Got all the Christmas cards mailed, shuttled three sets of relatives from airports to hotels, and got all the presents wrapped and under the tree at the last minute.

“Well, at least Junior’s decided to do me a favor and let me sleep in on Christmas morning…”

This … Is … PHOTOBOMB!



  1. That little dude is SO going to get his arse kicked into next Tuesday!

  2. Aw, grown-up kitty looks SO unsuspecting…

  3. The concentration on the kitten’s face is hilarious. I’d like to see the “after” picture…

  4. earlybird1 says:

    LOL @ a comment on photobomb… “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” BWAHAHA!

  5. Queen of Dork says:

    Kitty! Don’t do eeet! Mommy looks pretty exasperated already. You’ll get on Santa’s Naughty List!

  6. ButtaRumCake says:


  7. OMG – so funny – just when you think you get to sleep in for Christmas morning and then WHAM. So funny.

  8. IMPENDING DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (At least I don’t usually get a wake-up like that!)

  10. AuntieMame says:

    Hey kid…take a hint. Wait until Dec. 26, huh?

  11. No, kitty, nooo! *bat bat bat*

  12. Brandi7920 says:

    *spwat* *spwat* *spwat*
    lil kitteh is so going to get it. lol

  13. kibblenibble says:

    Awww. Mama needs a break, baby. Her blue eyes look so…resigned.
    Beautiful cats. Excellent prose once again NOMTOM.

  14. The adult cat’s face looks kind of like he has to deal with this every morning.

  15. Nicolletta says:

    Grounded for the next five years in 3…2…1…

  16. Aaawww that reminds me of when I was little on Christmas morning…only my poor parents weren’t even awake! Learn from my mistake little one, wait until Mommy has some coffee!!! LOL

  17. I could love to see the picture after this lol

  18. YAY! One of my favorite blogs mentioned on my favoritest blog! 😀

  19. Funny how you shoot out of bed of Xmas morning when you’re little . . . and not so much when you’re not so little. 🙄

  20. Paw Whap o’Doom!

  21. I second the “Impending Doom” tag.

  22. kiki willow says:

    Getting sent to bed without dinner in 3…2…1…

  23. catloveschanel says:

    think again Meal Ticket? LOL

  24. 😆 That little kitty acts like my cat Dooley when he pesters my other cat Badger 😆

  25. dr. berthaservant says:

    This is like the first Simon’s cat cartoon (available elsewhere on teh internets including this site!)

    Bertha does this to my back when I’m asleep to indicate her want of food (which, I remind her as I awaken briefly, is already in her dish). But she did something weird the other night. I sleep on my side; she jumped up on my shoulder, sat there, and then just did a little “pop” at my ear. I imagine that perhaps she held her paw aloft like this little fellah, as if to say “Do I dare bop the ear? Am I truly prepared for the possible reaction of this much larger creature who might kick my catt butt into a parallel universe? Or will perhaps larger creature just turn and growl a ‘knock it off, interrupter!’ and turn away? Let’s bop and see what happens….”

  26. Ahn! Lookit the paws on that kitteh! Karate Kat strikes!

  27. Am I just behind the times or do I see a change in Berthaservant’s title? Are congratulations in order? If so, here are fifty Attaboys coming your way!

  28. exquisite eyeliner on mama and kitteh, sigh

  29. @BServ – LOL, Bertha is one brave kitty. And congrats on the Dr.!!

  30. Mama, mama, let’s go see what Santy Claws bringed me!!!

    Impending doom indeed!! 😀

  31. Congratulations to DOCTOR Berthaservant!!!

  32. Bang bang Maxwell’s fuzzy white hammer came down upon her head…

  33. Congrats Dr. Bserv! *hug*

  34. Ah am soooo glad I gaveh zat Cato ze night off. What a long day of defusangeh booms and trrrrackang ze criminal mastermahnds.

    (what waz… zat noize? deed you ear zat?)

    Cato? Cato eez zat you? Not-eh toonaght Cato! Not too…

  35. Eric Hanneken says:

    That’s odd: an adult cat with blue eyes.

  36. I’m in tears laffing at this! I feel her pain.
    “Mom you forgot the milk and cookies for Santa Claws!”

  37. I love those inverted Y cat lips. Could we have a close up, please? 😀

  38. Eric H: Mamma kitteh looks like possibly a Tonkinese or lynx-point Siamese mix, hence the blue eyes.

  39. DON’T DO EEEEEET!!!!!!

  40. Colonel Jenna says:

    Oh Lordy the memories this brings back. Not of cats, but of Christmas mornings (mumble) years ago, and what we put our poor parents through….

    And huge congrats to DOCTOR B!

  41. Huzzahs to Doctor B!!!

    Mom eye-rolling followed by hugs in …3….2….1

  42. I can’t stop looking at this – what a great shot, and great commentary! Poor Momma kitteh, and poor baby kitteh too, he just wants to open his presents and play with the wrappings….

  43. “I feel like I’m forgetting something… I put the dog out side… barfed up a hair ball on the couch… Did I leave the cat nip out? No it wasn’t tha……..”

  44. snoopysnake says:

    This reminds me of a photo that I saw on years ago…for some reason I just cannot find it on that site using its search facility (maybe because of punctuation marks in the title.)

    It had a little kitten (photoshopped from that ubiquitous photo of a little marmie kittie who has his paws up because someone has pointed a gun at him) who was about to crash cymbals right in the ears of a bigger kitty. The caption was something like, please don’t or oh no don’t. Does anyone have a working link to this cymbal kitteh photo? Thanks in advance.

  45. So adorable! Whap, whack, wake up, mom!

  46. The lovely thing abut Hanukkah-it happens when everyone is already awake.

    Merry and Happy Everypeep!

  47. Firstly, congratulations Dr. Berthaservant!! Wooot!

    Secondly, I think that momma kitteh is going to end up with her claws hooked in the ceiling by the expression on her face…

    *poke* YAAAAAAHHH!!!!! *pant pant pant*

  48. Aww, c;mon Mom, it’s the holidays! Lemme just whack ya upside the head, just this once.


    …..and the fight ensues, all in the spirit of the (thwack!) Season!

    Too funny.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    In addition to all the beauty inherent in the kittehs themselves, I love how the mama kitteh’s eyes match her sheets/pillow. SWEET.

  50. @Katrina, Belated Happy Hanukkah!

  51. Thanks, skippymom, Early Happy New Year!

  52. emmberrann says:

    @Dr. Berthasbutler: How terrific for you! Kudos! Congratulations! Wonderful! We are not worthy……
    Dis kitteh-bebeh is so-o-o-o gonna get it from da kitteh-mama! Oooooh, Impending Doom, oh, my!!

  53. This looks to me a little like a little bit of Little Kitty Theatre. To explain:

    The play they are performing is “Young Ashton Kutcher”. And he has Punk’d for the first time!

    On the other hand, the younger kitty could simply be saluting. Many Glorious Leaders (big Kitty) tend to stare down the world in quite casual a manner. Perhaps they are preparing to take over the world (no objections here). Or…

    Little Kitty is assassinating said Glorious Leader, under the cover of a salute. After all, the Leader is already in bed, right ? It means he is tired; and if he is tired, he will fall asleep, right ? And if that sleep should be longer than expected…well…it is not altogether unexpected. An unexpected tragedy.

    But all Big Kitties should be warned…is the little one behind you saluting ? Or…something else ? *Trust No One*

    This just goes to show that the world of men and women is not the -only- one to be plagued with the occasional political/special-interest seeking power brokers intent on only one thing: Power. A lesson to us all.

    But this is the cutest assassination attempt ever!! 😈

  54. Boy, when Mom gets up – someone will be flying into the next room!