Artsy-Fartsy Baby Bongo Born at Busch Gardens

The other animals thought he was crazy when he started painting his own body. But we just call him Keith Haring.

And here’s the real story: Busch Gardens welcomed a baby bongo to the park Sept. 13. Bongo are native to the rainforests of Africa. Busch Gardens cares for the endangered Eastern Mountain subspecies of bongo.

Forwarded by Lauren H-W at Busch Gardens, Tampa.

Photo: Matt Marriott


  1. Dappled camouflauge for rainforest floor, or loser/winner in a sugar cookie icing fight?

  2. Baby Bongo! Baby Bongo!!! Incredibly cute and extremely rare!

  3. Is its head going to grow into those ears?!

  4. earlybird1 says:

    Baby dares anyone to tease hims. Look at them eyes, daring us.

  5. Looks like a cross between a cow and an antelope, very cutie-licious.

  6. kibblenibble says:

    I want to kees heem little forehead. Mwah!

    *ahem* Interesting ridge formation of the hair on the spine…lovely stripes and dappling, perfect camoflage. Beautiful creature, truly remarkable.

    Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! 🙂

  7. Hey Theo!!! Prongs!!! Meg!!! Etc.!!! Just an FYI: I’m not nuffing — I’m an artist, and Haring is a big fave — but you do know that the link is to a full frontal nekkid (albeit with paint) picture of the late great Mr. H, dontcha? If you get complaints about a kid and a popsickle, you’re . . . gonna . . . hear . . . about . . . this . . . one!!! (singsong voice) I love the pic, but I can hear the villagers gathering the pitchforks and lighting the torches . . .

  8. Would someone please take a ruler and protractor to those ears. Each ear is the SAME SIZE as his entire HEAD! I’m certain if he had another one sprouting out of his brain, it would make a perfect four-pointed star…

  9. If Keith Haring is painted, is he really naked?

  10. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Good point, Jezebel, but I find his use of stripes…uhm, interesting!

  11. I hadn’t check the link since I know his work [yawn] . . . but did have to check out his ‘interesting’ use of stripes, and indeed he’s not nekkid: privacy paint AND spectacles.

  12. earlybird1 says:

    PRIVACY PAINT! *falls on floor, laughing* It’s true! That one keeled me!! LOL!

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    The delicate stripes on his body look like a bunch of strings that are actually holding him up! I WANT ONE!!

  14. I was feeling all stressed out until I decided to take a CO break and got to the two magic words that will keep me laughing for days: PRIVACY PAINT!

  15. not half bad, very interesting indeed

  16. Ah, this brings back memories of the ’80s in New York, with the Atomic Baby everywhere. 😀

  17. Personally I find the “Privacy Paint” to be a plus. But that’s just my opinion.

  18. OK so now the baby Bongo just has to paint the wall behind him and maybe he’ll get a photo done by Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair. He’s a little fashionista artiste in the making!

  19. catloveschanel says:

    About Keith comment ~ there is an artist in China who is doing the same thing to protest everything being paved over and putting up parking lots. On the calf, my compliments to the designer. Truly avant-guarde!

  20. Theresa — Yes, the Haring glow baby, the 80s and NYC. Those were the days. I love Annie’s portrait. What a wild man — but such a baby face. He was a genius.
    Dub1 ! Brilliant comment. I prefer to think of those dear stripes as icing, too.
    Bongos: Built like dune buggies: Low in front, high in back!

  21. biscuithead says:

    dub1 FTW for “privacy paint”.

  22. dr. berthaservant says:

    Privacy paint certainly looks like a “plus” for Mr. H. (Hi-yooohhh!!!!)

    (I can make these jokes about manjunk now. I’m a doctor.)

    My first thought on the baby bongo was actually “Mmmmm, desert….”

  23. teeheehee paintalope

  24. So at least we know his daddy was a zebra.

  25. I’m a fan of the pinstriping but the white stripe across the bridge of the nose kills me DED.

    Such a qte

  26. Wait, wait, I got this one! It’s a deer! No, no that’s wrong. It’s a giraffe! No, no, that’s not it. An okapi? Hmm… Wait, I got it this time: It’s a deergirbrapi!

  27. Er, tiny… um, tabby? YOUR STRIPES CONFUSE ME, LITTLE MISTER!

  28. Baby has a Breathe Right strip on his nose!!

  29. @QOD: you’re right! (#13) the way his back is kind of hunched up, right in line with the stripes–he is hanging by some very thin threads! an ambitious spider caught him for breakfast!

    @kristabelle: HA HA!! yes, poor little lambikins has a snoring problem…..

  30. Umm he is missing a leg. look for his back leg, it is not there. Is this a case of forgot to put back the leg after photo shopping it?!

  31. snorglepup says:

    Painted like a gingerbread cookie and only three legs.
    No wonder they’re rare!

  32. Yeeks! *remembers to make sure daughter doesn’t click on link* LOL

    What a sweet critter! Even his posture looks a bit confused 🙂

  33. Uhoh… Mom left the paint out and the kiddo got into it!

  34. Here’s a link to more pix, and we have confirmation of the fourth leg!

  35. Very weird looking!

  36. Pfft… Artsy fartsy indeed. That thing isn’t even in prep pre-school and already it’s an elitist. Tsk tsk.

    I’ll bet they feed it arugula too! 😉

  37. I too think the Bongo looks like Tristmas Tookie. All he needs is one of those tiny, round, silver, ball things that bother your teeth at the end of his nose- what are those things called, anyway? Tookie bakers- what is the real name of those things, please?

  38. What a beautiful animal! Perfectly spaced white stripes, a little one over his nozzle, white ear puffs and tail! Knobbular! I want one!

  39. Dr. berthaservant: First of all, congrats on the new ‘doctorhood’ !!! Woohoo!!! way to go! Second, I knew that bebe reminded me of something, but couldn’t figure out what until I saw your picture… sweeeeet! both of them!

    Love the swishy-tail caught in mid-swish.

    Mwah. Kisses on the wittle forehead.

  40. If you look very very very closely you will see that back legs are almost (not quite) perfectly aligned. 4 legs – no missing parts.

  41. Yes, there is a fourth leg. Dave’s got it right. You have to look very, very closely.

  42. Ahem! We have been humourous up until this point, but now we must be serious…

    A true “Rebel Without A Cause”

    This…creature has altered its natural appearance (bear with me here), in order to sport unnaturally white stripes like a tatooist gone berserk. Why ?

    Why make of one’s self a target for those cutlery artists who can carve you from neck to hind without a second thought ? Is it a dare ? (Is it tasty when cooked ?)

    I think it is because of youthful rebellion. Look at those eyes! They smolder with an inner angst, in rebellion yet daring you to challenge him/her. Those eyes ask: “Will you give it/him/her a bath, or not ?”

    Or those eyes could be saying: “Please don’t give me green and yellow polka-dots!” That is **sooo** 2008 !

    Thus: A “Rebel Without A Cause” = “A Young (One) Without A Good Fad” 😎

  43. Dr. Berthaservant: May I inquire why is it that you have chosen to become a “Dr.”. Is it because, possibly, you wish to become the next “Dr. Who”, and travel all through Space and Time in order to find all of the Qtes which we (and our estimable colleagues Meg, NTMTOM, Prongs, Theo, etc. etc) might possibly have missed ?

    Or perhaps I have missed something here. Darn. 😦

  44. I am positive this post will be deleted by the moderator, but at least I know someone read it. The link featuring Keith Haring is absolutly, completly INAPPROPRIATE for this site. My twelve year-old niece reads this site every single day! Someone commented in the posts that you would hear about this. How could you possibly think that link was a good idea? You have embarrased yourselves and sullied your reputation. Since this was posted two days ago, It cannot possibly be an “accident’ or else it would have already been removed. Please explain yourselves.

    [Seriously, no. – Ed.]

  45. j.curran: Your post will not be deleted (I am certain); and I quite see your point.

    For the record, I never clicked the Keith Haring link because I never heard of him and don’t give a d*mn who he is anyway. He makes a fool of himself in public ? Then he is a fool. So certain people do what many think is ‘daring’. So what, so we should be impressed ? How about ‘daring’ to help some poor person get back on his/her feet, or ‘daring’ to renounce sin (remember, it is CHRISTmastime) ? Vanity and Narcissism can be taken too far; this Keith who/whatever needs help.

  46. Keith died almost 20 years ago, Monterri. He was like our Banksy of the ’80s.

  47. Theo: Who’s Banksy ?

  48. This is a first. I’ve never had a comment turn into a “no-show” before. Oh well.

    I wish the bongo would not look so mad. It is as if we did something wrong. But with enough nomming (and C.O. certainly has the manpower for it) we can turn even that frown into a smile!

  49. Whew! Finally a couple of nuffers! I was beginning to think that the readership of this blog had lost their nads completely and had given up complaining about silly things on a blog oft noted as being PG rated.

    And the old “I’ve never heard of him, so he couldn’t be important” rant always makes me laugh.

    And Theo . . . evidently you’ve sullied your reputation!! How exciting!!! Now what will you do to follow that up??

  50. Actually, I felt better just writing it. You don’t have to post!

  51. Theo, you are most welcome to remove the above. It says it is awaiting moderation, so feel free.