The Cat in the App Comes Back!

The cat-apps keep coming, and this time Simon’s Cat gets in on the game, aptly enough with a game of Simon.  “Simon’s Cat in Purrfect Pitch” brings the feisty feline to the iPhone.  Play by matching Simon’s songs, or compose your own.



  1. I probably would never buy an iPhone for actual use, but just might have to get one just for this app! Fun stuff.

  2. hah, getting this later this evening.

    Sue – an iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone or camera, and it requires no service plan. i strongly recommend this option. 🙂

    [I gots me one o’ those! It am teh sweet! 😀 – Ed.]

  3. Brilliant!!!

  4. Ain’t technology wonderful? Billions of dollars invested in R&D, construction of a world-wide phone network, and designing and building a sophisticated wireless phone, all so you can play kitten on the keys.

  5. wow, this may just be the only thing an iPhone is actually good for. well done, simon and his cat!

  6. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Did everyone see the new Simon’s Cat animation?

  7. I’ve had my iPhone for about a month, and so far all the apps I’ve downloaded have been the FREE ones, ’cause I’m basically cheap. That is, until TODAY!

    I lurvs Simon’s Cat!

  8. aw, android version please!

  9. I have the Touch and already bought the Simon’s Cat app. I suck at the game which is great becasue the faces the cat makes when you mess up are great. And you can compose on it as well!
    My newest songs for the holiday are:
    Barfin’ Around the Christmas Tree
    I Saw Mommy Clawing Santa Claus
    Hark, the Fluffy Kitteh Shed!

  10. “Simon says…..”

  11. boring

  12. There’s also a Simon’s Cat book now!

  13. Hmmmm, I think I should come back to this when my speakers are hooked up!

  14. This is cute, but not for $2. I’ll pass.

  15. I am actually tempted to buy an iPhone now… Yikes!

  16. Arachnophile says:

    Now I really REALLY want that phone!!! 😉 I’ve not given into the “touch” phenom at all yet but THIS I want!. 😉

  17. I think that erin needs a little Christmas cheer..

    Thanks for the idea falnfenix, I have soooooooooooooo many tech toys already, I need to give my budget a break since I loaded up my ‘nook’ with a bunch of books. 🙂 But hm… birthday is coming up.. might have to buy myself the iTouch. 🙂

  18. Thank you, Cute Overload! (rushes to App Store)

  19. Bara no Mitsukai says:

    do these iPhones/iTouch come with a little pen, to use, or are they that weird type that only reacts to the specific touch of skin? Because you can see the person here is having trouble hiting the keys with their finger….It’d be nicer with a little pointer like thingie….

    but this game is adorable! I’d consider getting one…ok, maybe not, but I’d completely bug someone who had one and borrow it to play this! ^O^

  20. Alright, I caved in and bought… then I recorded him singing the NOM NOM song. I am so addicted. >_<

  21. 😆 I would just LOVE to have that application on my cell phone 😆

  22. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’m convinced the menu said “Tuna Selection” rather than “Tune Selection.”

  23. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That’s awesome!!!

    Of course, the best thing I have on my MyTouch (Android) is Bonzai Blast.

    BTW, LOVE Simon’s Razzberry! 😀

  24. Hee! I want an iPhone, but unfortunately am wed to Verizon.

  25. This is not cute. Nor is it cool. Cuteoverload is selling out. Way to sell an I-Pod.





    Me… POO!

  26. Wow. Nuff much? I’m not big on Apple myself either, but, to each their own. Enjoy the cute that is Simon’s cat (OMYSQUEE), & hopefully you’ll get a ladder for xmas so you can get over yourself….

  27. No to the Apple stuff, but a big thumbs up to Simon’s cat.

  28. A Christmas Ladder? Oh, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

    Merry and Happy Everypeep!

    I had a an awful headache when I opened up CO, and now POOF it is history! Thank you.

  29. Bwahahahahaha: “a ladder to get over yourself”!! Good one!
    Merry Catmas every one!

  30. Merry Everything and Anything, Rooanne.

  31. Does he have one for Android phones?

  32. Space Cowgirl says:

    Zing, inktellectual. I just quoted you, with credit, on FB.

  33. Hahah, that is sooo cute! Love the little guy. 🙂

    Personally, however, I would probably find this amusing only for the first 10 mins and then delete it off my phone again…

  34. I want an iphone, nooooow!!!!

  35. How bout’ some Simon ringtones???

  36. *taps her space helmet with her raygun to Space Cowgirl & winks evilly* Thankee kindly, I got a million of ’em, little lady. My mother went into labor with me from laughing at a Don Rickles routine & I’ve been a smart@$$ since day one. And if you believe that, you’ll buy this watch…

  37. No comment.

    [ 😆 – Ed.]