In Approximately 8 Seconds, Prepare to Roll Eyes, Groan

The Rebel Alliance, a.k.a. Sitting Kitten and his #2, Crazy Eyes, observed the enemy for some time and meticulously planned their attack.

It was a huge success, albeit a sloppy one, and the battle became known as Custard’s Last Stand.

Help me, Yogurt-On Mekitti, you’re our only hope.

I guess you could help too, Cathy O.



  1. really cute kity kity kity………………………

  2. Yep, I totally groaned….

  3. I love the commentary…..I may be a bit on the biased side however seeing as I love star wars and kittens covered in yogurt!!

  4. How freaking adorable – “Sweets for the Sweets!”

  5. I can’t even put into words how cute that is! My Oscar loves his vanilla yogurt, a tablespoon each evening…

  6. Yepppers definate ugh and oh no there. Now to important part, almost kerthudded with the utter cuteness of it all.

  7. inspired by pup-in-a-bowl last week?

  8. Jess&Friends says:

    Aw they’re going to leave tiny little custard paw prints everywhere! How cute : )

  9. My reaction was more of an “oopsy daisy”! When did I get old enough to use that phrase as any kind of an exclamation? Yesterday, I swears I was still young. Today I’m old enough to utter “oopsy daisy” at cute photos. Tomorrow: dentures and a cane.

  10. Love how Crazy Eyes is all “What do you mean this isn’t Graumann’s Chinese Theater?”

  11. I must lek them clean! I must or surely I will be ded

  12. My, what big ears you have… The better for me to nom on!

    I too groaned out last, but then I giggled like a mad thing at “Yogurt-On Mekitti.”

  13. Oops–make that “groaned out LOAD.” I’m not sure what “groaned out last” would mean, but it sounds a mite uncomfortable.

  14. “Yogurt-On Mekitti” — HAHAHAHAHAHA. I see what you did there! 😉

    (Pardon the glee. I don’t always get the jokes, so I probably inordinately enjoy the ones I do.)

  15. Really? Really? Well, I suppose I was forwarned…

    Yup. Total groaner.

  16. yup, that was a groaner. coated kitteh noses. *ded*

  17. “What custard? We didn’t see any custard.”

    [Heh. Actually I don’t either. I think that’s gooshyfood mixed with kitten formula. YUMMY – Ed.]

  18. Oh, STINKIN’!!! Dante loves his coffee yougurt. For some reason, I find the weird robotic lapping strangely amusing.

  19. naturalady says:

    Darling photo of darling kitties doing darling things looking so darn darling. The narration by “Prongs” is so-o-o-o-o perfect. “Yogurt-on-Mekitti” amazingly creative and cute!

  20. just what did cats do before they domesticated us and we domesticated cows?

  21. I want that one………..

  22. fish eye no miko says:

    Ah, the scroll-down. Always such fun! ^_^

  23. Dey waz fwamed!

  24. I’m with J.–that totally looks like entrapment to me!

    (On a different note: NOSE BEEP! NOSE BEEP!)

  25. kibblenibble says:

    Beeyooteeful kitties! *scoops them up gently, tiptoes away*

  26. p.s. groan

  27. Those look exactly like my Mia when she was a baby!!!!
    And yes I did groan 🙂

  28. (hours later)
    Sitting Kitten: Heh, remember that time we devoured the enemy?
    Crazy Eyes: (Licks paws) MMmmmmm, yeah. I can still taste the victory. (LICK LICK LICK)

  29. ohmygod, their dirty chins and noses! I would sit and watch them lap that up all day!
    @ Birdcage, LOL by the way; me too!

  30. two tiny tabbies
    two tiny tabbies
    two tiny tabbies
    two tiny tabbies
    two tiny tabbies
    two tiny tabbies

  31. Crazy eyes, huh? I’m pretty sure they make everyone else crazy. Two darling little bundles.

  32. dr. berthaservant says:

    kitteh on right – makin’ yogurt biscuits!

  33. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Yogurt-on Mekitti. Spot on!

  34. wonder if they come in go-gurt tubes?

  35. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    What sweet whittle babes! All innocent looking with wide eyes and mucky chins.

    dr.berthaservant: My black kitty and my sister’s black kitty are like yours with the massive bib that is brown. What’s with these black cats that don’t stay black?

  36. *wipes yogurt off chins* There, there, floofy babies. Let me feed that to you with a spoon.

  37. Hey, remember a lot of Bothans died to bring us this yogurt…..
    And Adm. Ackbar did not even offer to add some inky coloring into it to make it a festive green.

    [Wait, that’s not yogurt! IT’S A FRAPPE!!!! 😯 – Ed.]

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    I LOVE the white eyeliner markings on those sweet faces! That is the icing on the cake, so to speak. (And yes, I groaned also.)

  39. catloveschanel says:

    Custard’s Last Stand ! bwha ha ha ha – weapon of choice – hairball.

  40. Theresa — come on, now — you KNOW that you agreed to mental programming when you signed on the dotted line of the Cat Contract !!!

    @ JarBabyJ: VERY VERY nice!!! And I thought the RimShot webpage was already freakin’ awesome.

    Signed, GOTTA show THAT one to all my buddies

    (Yup, there are a FEW of ’em that haven’t yet gotten sufficiently over the top yet with the Silly Humor Stuff)

  41. the white eyeliner is a trick that women use to make their eyes look brighter and wider, especially after a late night out. these kitties are too young to to be reading glamour magazines for such vanity tips.

  42. Anony"mouse" says:

    xD niiiiice. Seriously, I rolled my eyes and groaned.

  43. earlybird1 says:

    GROANNNNNN! XD Good one, Prongs!

  44. My little babies! Both have been adopted…their mommy was the original OctoMom:

  45. *groan* Love it! and them! 😉

  46. Aw.. these are the first bearded ladies i see that are actually cute ^^

  47. totally a groaner!
    yea for Star Wars…was this the remains of the Death Star? 🙂

  48. theotherMolly says:

    Custard’s Last Stand is a real frozen custard/ice cream place in Overland Park, Kansas. It’s delish.

  49. AWW 😀 That is what I really LOVE to see 😀 Kitties having a good feed of kitty food 😀 Followed by cleaning little faces and lots and lots of CUDDLES 😀

  50. dr. berthaservant says:

    Actually Beth covered in cat hair, Bertha’s hair is pretty thoroughly black, but when light reflects off it at that angle it appears brownish-red. (I also think I futzed w/ the contrast on that digital photo a bit). But I know what you mean, I’ve seen that on other black kittehs….weird.

  51. I wonder if these babies are being hand-raised? Because my Philo always had to get all up in his gooshyfood that way. Many messy pawprints.

  52. they are still great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I once had a kitten who was gray-and-brown striped when I got him and became solid coal-black as he grew.

  54. AWW!
    They are so small!
    Believe it or not i actually hate cats but i LOVE kittens!
    I wish they were my kittens!

  55. Dr., Dr., give us the news– any Marmies yet?

  56. Looks like they getting into the holiday spirit with their leetle custardy beards and mustaches. They’ve got their Santa hats on in this one.

  57. They look so guilty! They know they’ve been *caught*. I especially like the “Custard’s last stand” bit.

    (C.O. crew: You’ve been waiting a long time to use that, haven’t you ?) 🙂

  58. So adorable !