Advanced Sleeping Techniques

Once you are comfortable with basic sleeping, you may wish to move on to more difficult positions, as demonstrated here by Dizzy the Frenchie.  Caution: Dizzy is a professional; do not attempt these maneuvers without training and supervision.

First, the “Frog Leg Layabout”:

And now, the difficult but elegant “Double Cross”:

From Team Dizzy:  Photographer/Sender-inner: Carolyn M., Owner/Trainer: Erin C.



  1. *SQUEESH*

  2. The very rare “Reverse Baroo”!


    I need a frenchie.

  4. Dragonflye says:

    When my beagle used to lie in position #1, we used to call it the “Turkey Drumsticks.”

  5. I love the phrase “naughty bits” – so very very British.

    and oh yeah, squeeee at the cute poochie.

  6. Ah, I’ve been beaten to it, but was going to say: The phrase “naughty bits” never fails to make me laugh.

  7. kibblenibble says:

    Oooohh! Pinkish-white sleepy innocence never fails to make me swoon…*sigh*

  8. Mmmm, yummy drumsticks.

  9. Stay right there, dumpling doggie, while I go and mix up a bowl of dipping sauce.

  10. it’s a bull terrier right? ours used to sleep with her legs like that. cutest dog ever!!

  11. The ‘tocks… they overwhelm me!

    We called position #1 “basset hips” in my family, ‘cos we only saw our basset hound Daphne lie around that way. Now, of course, I’ve seen countless dogs do that, but I still think of it as “basset hips.”

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Now that’s a “dog’s life” I wish I had. Lounge around all day on a nice cushy couch/chair and frig. in the background probably FULL of yummy treats for me.:: sigh ::

  13. I believe Dizzy is a French Bulldog. I would love to see the face and more of the tocks. PLEEZE!


  14. I’m noticing that both sleeping positions are poised as such that this little frenchie has a clear view of the fridge.

    I’m very familiar with this style of lounging, as my dog will ofter act as a trip hazard/diet enforcer by laying in front of the fridge. You know, just in case

  15. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    He looks so soft & smooooth!!! Ah, that pinky white skin is just like our soft Beagle.

  16. Oh what a cutie pie, he’s just waiting for diner to be ready.

  17. ButtaRumCake says:



  18. This pup is channeling “Babe” the ultra-prosh piglette, methinks! Or a cross between Babe and a plump and lush plucked turkey.

  19. resriechan says:

    The following statement is an expression of SYMPATHY, NOT in boredom of the pic:


    Thank you.

  20. I SO want a Frenchie for Christmas.


    Please, Santa?

  21. Great, now you’ve done it. You’ve killed me ded and I do mean D. E. D.

    I’m trying to think of something cuter than a frenchie’s ‘tocks and I got nuthin. *swoon*

  22. AuntieMame says:

    Is Dizzy sleeping, or is he having a staredown with the fridge?

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Or, from the looks of it, I guess I should ask if SHE is having a staredown with the fridge…

  24. Illini Jen says:

    My Frenchie Tater sleeps like this. He also SITS like this too. It’s the cutest thing ever.

  25. Puppeh loaf… DELISH!!!

  26. Like. Want.

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    I can just imagine the tiny tail nubbulation wagging when the frig door opens.

  28. I believe French Bulldog loaves are referred to as “waguettes”.

  29. Awww. I think this little doggie looks more like a little pinkish-white piggie!

  30. So many tidbits to nom. And so little time.

  31. the first one is actually called ballerina toes

  32. That second photo is just so darned adorable.

  33. ButtaRumCake says:

    QoD – “nubbulation” LOVE IT!!

  34. French bulldogs puppies have the cutest little ‘tocks. Remember that little one doing the splits in front of that disdainful cat?

  35. Yay frenchie!! heh
    Ours will often splay out his back legs when he’s chomping away on a toy or baking in the sun. So cute!

  36. fifthsonata says:

    Is this the same frenchie who does the splits in a previous video posted?

  37. I am amazed by her ears. Ummm, me want to bite them cute ears!

    That is one flexible pooch!

  38. I need to see Dizzy’s face!

  39. Tailio needs a peench! 😉

  40. 260Oakley
    I believe French Bulldog loaves are referred to as “waguettes”.
    Ok, you’re officially a genius. I have yet to see you make an unfunny or unclever post here, and most of your posts involve wordplay, of which I approve. 🙂


  41. The second picture reminds me of Gracie the Shrieking Beagle. She used to sleep with one little leg stretched out like that, even in her later years. I had thought it was just a puppy thing until Gracie.

  42. snorglepup says:

    So do these little guys not shed? That’s a clean chair!

  43. If Dizzy were mine, he’d be walking around with tiny niblets taken out of his butt. Those ‘tocks are just begging to be nommed on! NomNomNomNom!!!

  44. My beagle does Posish 1 all the time and we call him “Chicken Legs” because he looks like a rotisserie chicken. Adorabuhls!

  45. Colonel Jenna says:

    I’ve heard position #1 called “Frog Dog”. For myself, if the topside is so smooth and nomable, I am dying to see the vast pinkness of the tum-tum. Call it my dachshund upbringing but there nothing like a tummy waiting for a rub.

  46. Are we sure that French Bulldogs are real and not animatronic hoaxes of goggies?
    None of them seam real, even when slipping on wooden floors while yipping at haughty, over-self-confident-uppity cats. Nope, I think I see where to put the batteries. The question is, are the batteries rechargeable?

  47. dr. berthaservant says:

    Am I the only one who thought this was a peeg at first? Very peegy.

  48. @Rumi

  49. am I the only one noticing that the “frog” posishe suits a frenchie bulldog just right? *snicker*

    (or do they not use “Frog” as a term for Fronshe people anymore?)
    (am I old or just an Archie Bunker?)
    (you crazy kids and your crazy PC ways…)

  50. I thought it was a peeeeg too! He/she still doesn’t look like a doggy to me! How could a pup be so peeeeenk?

  51. @ tracylee, you can call a Frenchie a frog. They are nicknamed “frog dog.” Although I think “piglet” is more appropriate. When my frog gets to sniffing around, he sounds like a pig rooting around for mushrooms.

  52. Is that the cutest tailio in the universe?

  53. resriechan says:

    (just don’t call him “Shirley”…OR …”Surely”)

    Famous Punchlines/ Quotes from the film “Airplane”

  54. AMAZING!!! What a cute booty!!

  55. Is that lil’ frenchie a fryer, or a roaster?

  56. Yeah I cant belive there is another dog on the planet with the name “Dizzy” I love it! My Golden is named “Dizzy Spell” & she is great!

  57. Awww the second picture is so pretty
    Someday ill take a picture of my dog when she seats like that she makes a perfect triangle with her tock and add a small cutted boxer tail lol

  58. At the first moment, I thought that this was a small pig. (Seems like I’m not the only one).

    The first hovertext “Ribbet”, in the context of the intro, was something like perfect. Piglets going “Ribbet” ? LOLOL!

    Then I realised that the creature was actually a dog. 😯