Tiny Kitten Arm Flappage!

This dainty kitty begging for food starts off adorable, and at 0:17 becomes brain-meltingly awesome.  Flappity flap flap!



  1. I love the pleading paw action!

  2. Ogeminijune says:

    Awwww cute bebe kitty!

  3. Noodle's Mama says:

    ded from the qte.

    it’s like dinnertime at my house

  4. Puwease? Puhwease to haff tuna now?

  5. OMG somewun feed babee nao

  6. omg! Now I know how my kitteh acted as a baby. He still cries and dances around his food bowl.

  7. I have seen other kitties & puppies do this on funniest home videos… don’t know where they learn it! Love it!

  8. I’m officially *DED* now…..

  9. Here I sit, starving.
    Mew! I am wasting away.
    Heed the pretty paws.

  10. please sir can I have some more?
    Soo darn cute!

  11. Feed it already! That’s killing ME!

    Cute. Precious. Now Feed it.

  12. That’s done me in!
    ded from teh qte

  13. Oh, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! [überplotz]

  14. WendyPinNJ says:

    Please suh, may I have some more!

    Kittens! Always so darned hungry!

    That’s not a munchkin kitty is it?

  15. How could you even resist that for as long as you did? That kitty would have me trained within 3 minutes.

  16. My kitties are jealous. They used to have a water fountain, but it broke, and has yet to be replaced. Now they must suffer awful plain water sitting in a bowl.


  18. Poor little kitten needs more food… the stuff in his bowl already just will not do it!

    Feed The Kitty!!!!!! 😉

  19. This is so not fair…I did not want to be dead before a weekend. 😦

  20. OMG, my dog used to do that. He just died in August. Could he possibly have been reincarnated as this adorable kitten? Riley? Is that you?

  21. At my house, we call this doing “paw-paws.” I’ve had dogs that did this, but never a kitteh. He can have anything he wants….anything! Now!

  22. *diez adn iz ded*

  23. loves2sneeze says:

    eeeeehn!!! brain-meltingly awesome is right!

  24. For goodness sake!!! Someone give the poor kitty some food!!! Before my head explodes!!

  25. Wow! I can NOT believe the iron will of the cameraperson who took this video. I would have immediately dropped the camera and brought the most delish food and water for this cat immediately. I’m talking beef tenderloin and perrier.

  26. Shadowtiger says:

    His bowl is still half-full from last feeding…clearly, the food was subpar and deserving of a good snubbing, and this is a pleading request for something decent, like perhaps some pan-seared tuna with a rather decent claret to accompany it.

  27. Mew!!! Pwuh-eaze! Fewd, faw ve hungwy! (Puts hands together)

  28. Every time a kitten cries an angel dies.

    Will someone please feed the cute wittle kitteh?! NOW.

  29. freetomato says:

    Awwww! Monochrome kitty (even gray eyes!) in a full color world! I’ll feed you, little bit!

  30. Well, just as long as he’s not spoiled or anything. 😀

  31. resriechan says:

    @ Theresa : you will forgive me, won’t you? but … weren’t you…….
    alredddy ded, erlier tuhday, from the *OTHER* cute pics on CO?????

    Hoping not to disrupt the *Real World* (not TOO much, ennyhow….)

  32. maybe it’s just cuz im christian but it kinda looks like he’s praying =D ❤ were did he learn that ???

  33. I took care of a tuxedo cat who would do that (silently)– except when I picked up the camera. As soon as I put it down, he’d start again. He’d have been fed faster if he’d just let me take the picture ONCE…. I gave up and never did get one. Gone but not forgotten, Ollie.

  34. i am willing to give this kitteh whatever he wants!!!! providing he doesn’t kill me ded with the qte first!!! aaaaa!!!!

  35. My dad’s grey cat does that as well, but a fattie 12 pounder isn’t quite as cute as the little teensy kitty 🙂

  36. Its like the kitty is praying for food.

  37. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    My cousin’s cat (who was gray tabby-looking as well) would stand up and do that when Mike said “beg for daddy” but OH EM GEE I have never seen a bebeh kittah do that! DED FROM QTE

  38. Having seen such excessive smorgsabords of Teh Qte so regularly, I was cynical. Sure, it’s a kitten, and kittens are cute, but how cute could it be?

    Yet again CO raises our expectations, only to exceed them! Oh, if only you could know the involuntary gasps I am forced into; the total blissful disbelief!

    Feed that poor wittle kittykat, NOW!

    [Cute Overload is a very good prescription for the chronic cynic, take it from me – Ed.]

  39. That is so adorable!!!

  40. oh yeah, the pleading is cute, the paw-floppage (loved the paw-paws comment) is adorable, but it’s that squeaky-pleading voice that only kittens have, that does me in.


  41. 5^^now8ing says:

    I’m with hmmm — I don’t know how you keep upping the bar of Qte, but you do!

  42. That kitten would OWN me in two seconds, flat!

  43. *ded next to Theresa*

  44. minecritter says:

    My 14 year old gray tabby does this almost identically, especially the vocalizations, but instead of waving paws she hooks a claw into my calf, lol. And it took her years to develop this method of human training. Oh, and she sometimes adds a flop onto the floor, as if to faint from the waiting for better snacks.

    Spoiled much? Only always!

  45. “and at 0:17 becomes brain-meltingly awesome. ”

    After reading this I was one of those annoyingly smug skeptics who thought ‘it can’t be THAT cute.’ and smirked in triumph until…
    Well, the doctors say my family did a good job of sweeping up the melted pile of brain-goo on the floor. They got NEARLY all of it and I should make a swift recovery before Christmas. However I no longer have any knowledge or recollection of these contraptions you call ‘telephones’ and there is this constant buzzing noise and the sound of Bon Jovi – Always following me around which seems to irritate people near by. I’m sorry but I have no earthly idea what it is you want me to ‘pick up already!’.

    Like I said, they got NEARLY all of the brain-goo. I’ll never ignore another CO disclaimer again.

  46. Queen of Dork says:


    (deep breaths. meditates for awhile) (steady. easy, easy)


  47. That is some serious pleading pump action…

  48. geneticlemon says:

    Funny thing is … there’s food in the bowl.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. ButtaRumCake? Theresa?
    *drags them to the Snickering Lounge. Hoping for empty seats for large doses of refreshments and life saving hilarity*

  50. Well, yes…there is food in the bowl, but it’s clearly unacceptable. It only takes one glance (at :16) to realise that. For one thing, it’s dry, and for another, it does not resemble filet in any way, shape, or form. “I pray you, good sir, bring me filet or at least a nice strip steak.”

  51. I think I need it. Thewiouswy.

  52. Please, Sir, can I have some more?

  53. I thought I first saw this here on CO but I guess it must’ve been somewhere else?

  54. one day, kitteh will control the universe.

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    Kim: Great observation! My cat also has this thing with the food already in his bowl which is unacceptable to him even though it’s really perfectly good food. His thing is that his bowl has to be OVERFLOWINGLY FULL before he will eat it. I don’t know why but that’s how it is. Does anyone else out there have a cat with this weird bowl-must-be-totally-full fetish? I would like to hear your story. And how to overcome it? I’m aware that a cat’s bowl can’t be larger than his/her whisker span or the cat won’t like to put his/her head in the bowl but that’s not the problem here. I think my cat is just being bossy? Also, my fussy kitty insists on drinking his water with his paw and scooching his water bowl all over the kitchen floor which sloshes water everywere. Does he just have horrible kitty eating/drinking etiquette or what?!

  56. Valerie Gibson says:

    Well, I played this four times in row just to see the reaction for my two cats. They are freaking out.

  57. pudgy paws! PUDGY PAWS!!

  58. I am now ded. D-E-D ded.

  59. At 0:17 I said “awww” out loud. It’s so cute. I must give food.

  60. *watches video*

    OMG!!! Must feed the adorabuhl kitty cat!!!

    *shoves tuna onto monitor*

    It’s… not… working!!! Argh…!

    Seriously… first time I’ve seen the paw-paws action. Thank goodness my cats never learned it, I would be their slave… err.. even more of their slave…

  61. Please sir…

    Can I have some more?

  62. 5^^now8ing says:

    QoD, I demand that you give back my Francis this instant! Oh, but there he is on the dog’s bed. — then you must have his twin — *Exactly!* — he lies on his side next to the water bowl, dips his paw in and licks it off, over and over. He *used* to end up scooching it around, even tipping it over sometimes, until I got a nice, big, heavy ceramic bowl — now he just sloshes.

    Now, I never heard that about the size of a kitty bowl, and our cats eat out of a communal bowl about 14″ in diameter. But we *do* hafta fill it to overflowing, and once it gets down to where you can see the bottom in even one spot, the begging commences — not just Francis, all three of them! (tho I suspect he taught the others). Ah, but I, with my superior human brain, can trick them — pick up and drop the kibble a few times, covering the bare spots, and make a big fuss over it: “Oh, look, it’s CAT FOOD! Yay! CAT FOOD again!” and they’re happy for another few hours. Dumb cats.

  63. 1st time commenter, frequent (make that 10x daily) visitor.

    The cuteness has me verklempt. Supposed to be studying instead I keep watching this. Repeatedly.

    I WANT THIS KITTY! (Don’t tell my other 3 that) :-p

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    5: Ha-ha! I’m soooo glad to hear I’m not the only one living with a cat like this. The scooching water is so annoying when I wake up all sleepy in the morning, step into the kitchen to start the coffee, and step in a puddle of kitty water. dang!

    The stirring-the-food-around-in-the-bowl technique only works to a point with my cat. Then he’s on to me.

  65. 5^^now8ing says:

    QoD: Yours are obviously smarter than mine. (BTW, when I call you QoD I always feel like I should follow it with some kind of logical proof!)

    Has anyone else noticed that repeated viewings of this post DO NOT IMPART ANY KIND OF IMMUNITY to the deadliness of its Qte factor?! Ded! Every. Single. Time.

  66. Queen of Dork says:

    5: I only have one cat at this time and he is quite the lovely handful. As for my QoD name, it’s a silly nickname/term of endearment which my lovely daughter began to call me years ago because…well…I’m a bit dorky. And I’m pretty good at it I guess. That is, being dorky. So, she began to call me by that name and it’s stuck. It’s just kind of a nice, silly, sweet thing that developed between her and I. And I really love it! 🙂

  67. 5^^now8ing says:

    I like it too, QoD! Especially with the backstory!
    My first name happens to be the same as that of a certain Van Susteren person, and the NYC subways were full of posters last fall saying, “NOTHING gets by Greta!” My daughter thought it was hilarious, because she says the same exact thing (“Nothing gets by you, Mom.”) when I point out something completely obvious. (And yes, I share Mrs. Basil Fawlty’s expertise in the special category, “The Bleeding Obvious.”)

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    5: You said, “when I point out something completely obvious” I so know where you’re coming from on that! I think you and I should start The Gullible Club. (did I spell that right?)

  69. holy sheet that was cute

  70. well, now that i’m a big puddle of awwww, i really have no choice but to lounge around this weekend until my bones solidy and give me shape once more.

  71. 5^^now8ing says:

    Oh, yes, and it’s family tradition that when you look up the word “gullible” in the dictionary, there’s my picture. 😉

  72. that would be *solidify. missed some letters.

  73. resriechan says:

    @ QoD: I’m fairly certain that your spelling is just dandy.

    And my dad, the Navy Captain, never bothered to pick up the dictionary when I was in the house; he just checked spelling with me.

    Now, mind you, that *DOESN”T* mean that I’m NEVER incorrect……just that so far I’ve been fairly lucky fairly frequently ……

    Smooches to you! MWAH!

  74. AWW 😆 That kitty would not have ANY problem getting fed where I live 😆 If I knew where kitty lived and snatch him/her up and bring him with me 😈 Then kitty would get TUNA cat food and warm kitty milk 😀

  75. Well, clearly there is food in the bowl, but kitty wants cheezeburger. Om nom nom.

  76. Hiya QoD –
    I know you already received and answer – but our geriatric cat (he’s 18) – O – has always been this way. Mr. rpennefe hypothesizes it is because the idiot who tried to get rid of O when he was a kitten put O into a box without a lid, placed the box next to the door of a vet’s office (not during office hours, obviously), and left. O left the box (because cats will not willingly stay where you put them, even if it is a box) and ended up spending the next three months scrounging for food in the dumpsters behind the vet’s office. The vet finally trapped him and eventually O was adopted by Mr. rpennefe.

    Anyway – the hypothesis is that since O spent several months scrounging for food, he has sworn that he will never go hungry again.

    When the food gets too low – OMG, he’s going to starve, he just knows it. And we hear about it.

    Mr. rpennefe made a deal with O years before he met me. O’s dish will never, ever be completely empty. EVER.

    (I refer to the person or persons who left O behind as idiots. Not only did they leave a kitten alone – that is jerky enough – before they got rid of O, they’d had him operated on – the tendons for his front claws had been cut. I guess it was a fad that was supposed to be more humane than declawing. Whatever. I have really bad things I call the idiot, but it wouldn’t be polite to list any of those names here.)

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    rpennefe: Wow! What a story! I’m so glad O has a good home now! They had his tendons cut?! I’ve never even heard of that before. I’m trying to imagine how I would even be typing this message with the tendons in my forearms cut. I’m not sure if that’s what’s wrong with my baby boy kitty as far as being left with no food. I got him from a co-worker who could no longer keep him because of a marriage to someone with an allergic child. He is kind of old (nine). I don’t know why he’s getting more and more finicky all the time.

  78. Brown Suga' says:

    GAAAAAAAAHH!!! Can’t take it!!! You can eat ME, leetle kitty, but pwease don’t beg like that!!!

  79. wow this got an out loud “OH JESUS CHRIST” from me. what’re you trying to do to me kitten??? here, take my wallet, just stop begging!

  80. My dog is a bichon and they naturally know how to beg (or do the “bichon wave” as some people call it). Apparently they’re born with it and can’t be taught, so maybe it’s the same with some cats. A friend of mine has a cat that will sit there and do the same kind of begging ^_^

  81. Fran in L.A. says:

    I visit this site every day, at least once. Been doing that for two years now. I’ve oohed and ahhhed and squealed, but I was tough, I was strong, I was smart. Then this little kitten squrshed my heart. I’ve finally joined the walking ded of CO. May itty bitty pleading kitty have mercy on us all. *Ded*

  82. @Cat: thanks for making my day 😀 I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I have a springer spaniel, who’s excellent at looking hungry, neglected and miserable. I can easily ignore him staring at me, his nose 5 cm from my plate. Tough me, eh? Well, watching this vid I just kept thinking “well stupid human, put the cam away and feed the poor creature!”

  83. QoD and Mr. R:

    I’ve had my cat (she’s 12 now) since the day she was born. We had her mother before her. She insists on the food bowl being full. Don’t ask me why. We feed the cats their food in a stainless dog food bowl (so I know it’s big enough) on the kitchen counter because if it was on the floor the dogs would eat it instead of their food… Anyhow, she likes to have the bowl full too. My solution (drum roll please) I ignore her till the bowl is NEARLY empty. She has help, so it doesn’t take too long.

    And as a long time cat owner I’m pretty sure this kitty isn’t begging for more food. That cry is the classic “pick-me-up-I-want-to-be-held” cry. IMHO

  84. This reminded me of an article I read about how cats vary there purrs in order to manipulate people into feeding them, now that they have added the hand gesture to their reputare the days of complete human enslavement cannot be far off.

    here is the article for anyone interested: http://scienceblogs.com/notrocketscience/2009/07/cats_manipulate_their_owners_with_a_cry_embedded_in_a_purr.php

  85. When I read the title to this post I thought I’d be seeing footage of the elusive kitteh arm-flappage that I’d never managed to catch on film : when my Thomas was small he used to beg for food by sitting on his haunches and flapping his little arms around like a tiny windmill. If the food dish wasn’t coming down fast enough he’d then apply said flappage to dish and tip it over.

  86. Yes this kitten is a Munchkin… poor babies, their paws are too short to groom themselves properly. But they are excruciatingly cute.

  87. exactly with my current cat would eat before he was always flap flap flap … sweet kitten:) .. how old it…

  88. .26 secs is just NOT long enough for me. More, More, More.
    Follow this little one around night and day and give us MORE.

  89. get him the pony already

  90. exactly with my current cat would eat before he was always flap flap flap … sweet kitten:) ..

  91. Meowcarrot says:

    @ rpennefe : I love the haiku 🙂

  92. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Awww… The liddle widdle kitteh says “NOOOM”

    Maybe he just wants someone to stroke him while eating??? When I was a kid, a cat we had then – we kids called him ‘Fat Edward’ for obvious reasons – woke up my father every morning just to keep him company while he (the cat) was eating… his bowl was already full 🙂

  93. I love the grey eyes, so pretty.

  94. Reminds me of Super Tonks saying his prayers for treats….

  95. oops vid didn’t work, here’s the linkage

  96. @Dustin (#83) — thanks to the link to the research. Although that’s an example of “research” that any one of us could have told the scientists. . . .

    I think I have an obvious explanation for why kitty is begging for more food even though there is some in the bowl — it looks darkened and all dried up. Ew, ew, ew! I have tried to make the point in the past to leave the dried-up food until my cats ate it. No use. I lose the stand-off every time. They won’t eat it, though they will eat the dry kibble. Time to replace the old food with new food, obviously!

  97. *ded next to Theresa and ButtaRumCake*

  98. Squeeeeee!

  99. BTW, the video posted is not the original. The following is the original, and from it you can link to the poster’s other videos of this now grown-up kitty:

  100. OMG, thanks Lee 😀

    More paw-paws action of this kitten when grown up here:


  101. Ohmahgah, the grown-up begging kittey might be EVEN CUTER. Brain esplode.

  102. My mom and I both aww’d at this! 🙂

  103. OMG – I just wanted to reach into the screen and open a can for this little beggar! 😉

  104. Peeps, DOOOOO look at the YouTube vids of thos kit grown up. He/she? is TEH CUTE STINK BOMB!!!

  105. I saw the video that Pebble posted 😀 The kitty is a boy named “Earl” and is a breed of cat called “Munchkin” 😀 😆 He still does the paw peddling 😆

  106. totchipanda says:

    One of my cats, picked up as a stray (though not for too long, as we think she was 6-8 weeks old and hadn’t lost her “manners” yet) and now 17lbs, thinks she is OMG STARVING!!!! if she can see the bottom of her food dish. She’s 4 now, and I’m really starting to think I have a pig instead of a cat…

    She does a little “arm flappage” if I have something in my hands that she thinks she wants. She purrs and raises first one paw, then puts it down and lifts the other. Back and forth, back and forth, until I let her have the treat, which she will sometimes take from my fingers. One time, she was begging my toes for whatever it was she thought they had.

  107. @rpennefe 😈 I can guess the “those really bad things” you would have written describing that “idiot” 😈 All I can say is, I would put that “idiot” into a world of hurt 😈

  108. this kitty is so unbelievably cute, I can hardly believe my eyes everytime I watch the video. I almost shed a tear the first time I saw it- seriously. And, yes, I know I am a sap. But, he is sooo cute…oh, here I go again 🙂

  109. Ze Brainz have melted. 😀

  110. The grown up version makes me think “A blessing on your head, mazel tov, mazel tov…”

  111. that is really cute!

  112. Puppies&kitties says:

    The little kitten’s fat tail! The big kitten’s spotty soft belleh! Oh my. This is the most beautiful cuteness. My cat companion begs a bit, but with his claws out. And he always asks for food (or something), but if his bowl is too full, he gobbles and throws up. And yet he is beautiful to me.

  113. I have an old, grey kitty that does that same arm flappy thing, but not for food. She does it to be petted. It starts with a meow, and a paw on your arm, then moves to begging like this. She even did it to the cable guy when he installed my cable. 🙂

  114. Lesson to learn here, folks: never go the cheap route on cat food. Obviously the cat knows his person bought the no name stuff at the variety store instead of the Qualité nourriture a cat of astounding class requires.

    Seriously folks, put away the coupons. Cats want you to pay high dollar for their food.

  115. Flappity Flap Flap!!!! The tiny mews! I can’t take it! I WANT THIS KITTEN! I will hug him and love him forever!

  116. When I first read “arm flappage” I thought about that wretched back of the arm that you have to work out continuously to keep taut. Must be my guilty conscience for not working out during this winter break…

  117. it was super cute

  118. What is he begging for in that vid that Pebbles posted? That is not a OMG I’M HUNGRY FEED ME NOW! meow.

    I think he wants to be picked up and lerved.

  119. Alms for the poor……alms for the poor….. hungry kitteh

  120. Mental Mouse says:

    Awwww… My cat also complains if she can see the bottom of her food bowl. Also, this kitty has the same brand of water fountain I recently bought for my cat! Mine insists on drinking from a faucet — unfortunately, in my new apartment, she can’t reach the sink, so now I have to leave the bathtub dripping, and I was hoping to replace that. Unfortunately, my cat is kind of elderly, and she’d she’s totally not buying it. 😦

  121. Aaaaaaawwwwww! Just too Cute!

  122. My ex-husband’s cat will do this if you simply remove your attention from him for too long. For Taro, that’s about two seconds. It’s just as cute when a grown kitteh does it!

  123. 5^^now8ing
    …Has anyone else noticed that repeated viewings of this post DO NOT IMPART ANY KIND OF IMMUNITY to the deadliness of its Qte factor?! Ded! Every. Single. Time.

    We’re taught that too much of a good thing (ex. food, wine) is bad for us. But that’s just not true for cuteness. I can still watch this immediately after seeing Maru, those otters, and the high-stepping red panda. There just is no such thing as cuteoverload. No harm is done. Furthermore, unlike food and wine, there is no diminishing return. As we all found out about how true this warning is, repeated exposure to cuteness on this site does not build some kind of brain callous that makes us less sensitive to it.

  124. Cory Laverdure says:

    What a glutton! There’s already food in the bowl!

  125. dr. berthaservant says:

    This video should be in the internets dictionary next to the word WANT!

  126. too… tooo….. cuuuteeeee!!!! 😀

  127. Jenn in IL says:

    Oh my Jesus…the grownup kitty vid at :42 with the quiet “meow” as he stares straight into your soul…and the begging!! He looks like he’s thinking, “I don’t even know why I’m doing this anymore, but I am! Ehn, ehn, ehn!!!”

  128. If this kitteh did this to me, I wouldn’t be able to give it my wallet, social security # and deed to my house quick enough.

  129. Simply seeing this clip…nothing comes to mind…except to give the kitteh *everything I’ve got* ! Teh kitteh will soon be buried under an avalanche of marshmallows. Want more ? Of course you do. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM (if the world ends now, it is O.K. We are all Qte satisfied.)

    (Um, by the way, I am not the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.) 🙄

  130. Give it whatever it wants!!! What the heck is wrong with you people! Give that cat anything it wants right now.