Halftime Pup Talk

All right, boys, I know things aren’t looking good out there:  We’re down 189 to 3, half our defensive line is in a coma, and our quarterback is curled up in a fetal position in the locker room crying for his mommy.

But don’t give up.  When the team is up against it, and the breaks are beating the boys, I’m asking you to go in there with all you’ve got, and win just one for the Yipper.

Star sender-inner Moriah L. scores another touchdown!



  1. He didn’t get up there by himself. No way!

  2. It’s a snack-size puppy!

  3. Cute! What on earth is that kind of dog? Such a tiny puppy! Love the story, NTMTOM.

  4. TrixandSam says:

    Hmm, this Chicago Bears fan sees a glimmer of hope for the future of the team if we can get this guy on board.

  5. d’awww!
    the wheeskers!
    the floppy earses!

  6. TrixandSam says:

    And let’s not forget that Ronnie Reagan was from Illinois….

  7. So widdle! So CUTE! Ahh! *explodes*

  8. CatWhisperer says:

    @TrixandSam: That was my first thought, too! I’d do ANYTHING for that lil guy.

  9. omg, hims ears are ridiculous! He must be part house-elf.

  10. For the sake of everyone who must follow him on the field, I hope he has a good tight end.

  11. Von Zeppelin says:

    OK, pup. We’re all counting on you. Fourth and goal on the one yard line. Just muscle it in there.

  12. I would love to see this animated so the little eye capsules plink.

  13. I think the Detroit Lions need him more than Da Bears.
    just sayin…

  14. I’d start watching football if they had pupsicles like this one!

  15. One of the many reasons rugby is far superior to American football: the pack!

  16. Ref. hovertext = It’s just a flesh wound 🙂

  17. I’m already a #1 fan for this little guy. Never give up, no matter how far behind you are, GO TEAM!!

  18. Oh, those Flying Nun ears!

    I would get a holding penalty, since I would grab puppeh and never let go!!!

  19. popperganny says:

    omg…what is it…what kind is it…EHNNN EHNNNN LUV IT – seriously what breed/mix is it?

  20. Maybe a sport where the ball is smaller then the pup would work better…. like ping pong!!!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Miniscule puppeh,
    Large round object called “foot ball”.
    What a strange combo.

  22. OmG, STINKIN’. REEKIN’ cute [plotz]

  23. Either that’s one biiiiig football or that one’s leetle doggy. 😉

    Speaking of dogs and football, check this out (because what you really want for Christmas is a dog collar beer bottle opener — and I know you do).

  24. Theresa, when you
    Say something is STINKIN’ cute,
    Always cracks me up.

  25. LOL a new category pup on my stuff!

  26. Anyone who *just might* not be aware of the pre-references that NTM has made here — please see the following about a couple of fellows — one named Knute Rockne and another named Ronald Reagan:
    (from webpage http://www.answers.com/topic/knute-rockne-all-american):

    “Win one for the Gipper”
    “ The last thing George said to me, ‘Rock,’ he said, ‘sometime when the team is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper.’ ”

    This quote is ranked #89 on a poll of Famous Quotations from American Films:

    100 Years…100 Quotes. The phrase “Win one for the Gipper” ….which was also later used as a political slogan by Ronald Reagan, who was often referred to as “The Gipper.”

    It was also used in 2004 by President George W. Bush in his acceptance speech “we can now truly win one for the Gipper,” shortly after Reagan’s death.

    The speech was also parodied in the movie Airplane!

    Librariologists R Us.

  27. @J

    HEheheheh That is funny and ingenious..

  28. @TrixandSam: I’m hoping to live long enough to forget ronnie reagan ever existed!

    That said . . .

    NTMTOM is back – and still at the top of his game. All’s right with the world.

  29. I second trying to forget about Reagan.

    However, I’m also struck by that little guy. He seems more suited for maitre’d of the Touchdown Club than a coach.

  30. 😀 @ Res…George Zip from Airplane (the bestest movie evah)

  31. He’s even cuter than Tom Brady! ❤

  32. That is a morsel of pup. It looks as if he is supposed to be the center but his legs aren’t long enough.

    I hope they don’t get him and the football mixed up.

  33. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! That’s the spirit! This is how we’ll WIN!!!

    PS. kisses to the pup….

  34. 10 260Oakley 12.18.09 at 10:03 am
    For the sake of everyone who must follow him on the field, I hope he has a good tight end.

    i love football. i love pups. i love the combo.

  35. “Win one for the yipper” oh! grrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaan!

    Cute doggie! He’s kinda scruffy lookin’!

  36. @260Oakley, I don’t see how he could possibly have anything else, he is so tiny. Ever hear the expression “tighter than a gnat’s @$$”? His must be almost, you know. :mrgreen

  37. @SkippyMom, we aims to please. :mrgreen:

  38. @Rachael, I really can’t figure out the need for the word “even” in that sentence. 😕

  39. I admit it, I can’t see what everybody sees in Tom Brady.

  40. I wouldn’t recognize Tom Brady if I passed him in the street.

    And I vote for keeping politics off Cute Overload. Please. 😦

  41. Aww, those ears look like arms reaching out for a hug!
    Beep. Boop.

  42. @AuntieMame, politics???? As in New England Patriots vs. erm, everybody else? 😕

  43. @Theresa – AuntieMame is referring to Reagan references I beleive.

    LOVE the cutie wittle puppie =)

  44. Tuxedo Pup looks like he’s headed for Glee Club practice instead of a football scrimmage.

  45. Oh teeeny weeny little Scraggly McScruffersons….. how I LUF HEEEM!!! I want to watch his ears flop as he does the puppy trot. I want to flip them with finger and nom them and beep his perfect little moist nosecicle!!!

  46. NOSE BEEP!

    (Wonder if my cats would notice if I brought this little guy home……)

  47. cutie

  48. “Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    then I scrolled down and saw he was ON the football!

  49. It looks like Boston Terrier and long-haired Chihuahua to me.


    A cute behbeh and black and white to boot. I have chest pains from this, someone HALP ME. Black and white and cute all over.

  50. Well, maybe not a short enough schnozze to be Boston Terrier, but maybeh Long Haired Chihuahua and Papillion or Pomeranian?
    I’m guessing here, if anyone knows help me out please!

  51. Rule of Cute Fourteen
    Destroys higher brain functions,
    Much like concussions.

  52. TrixandSam says:

    @ Wordgirl, @ Kar : I added the Ronnie Reagan reference because he was in the movie about Knute Rockne, which was parodied in the caption. Didn’t think about the post-movie star Ronnie!

    (humble apologies….)

  53. @Theresa: “tighter than a gnat’s ass”?!?!?!?!?!?
    *falls on floor laughing hysterically*

    @Wend: My sentiments EXACTLY!!!

  54. @ TrixandSam: Truly sorry for my visceral reaction. My first thought was along the lines of: Oh no! Not on CO! If there is only one site that’s free of politics, it should be CO.

    @AuntieMame: I agree with you and again apologize for my first reaction. I’ve also enjoyed the fact that, for the most part, the posters on CO stay away from harsh language. It’s just part of the package of fairy dust that makes CO such a magical place.

  55. Puppy! Oh, puppy!!!! You are supposed to pick the ball up in your mouth and RUN with it!

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Heather: I don’t know what he is but I hope you will be okay. *hands Heather a teddy bear for her to smoosh against chest to alleviate chest pains. Gives Heather a hunk of chocolate. (not to smoosh against chest, but to eat)*
    Maybe the sweet puppy is a Heinz 57 variety? He looks so determined…I bet his name is Rudy!

  57. resriechan says:

    @ QoD:


    (LOVE your clarification about the chocolates being intended as “comfort food”, rather than as stuffy-toy comfort items….)

    (GUFFAW # 2)

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks, Nurse Res! I thought I should mention that, as peeps in the throes of cuteasitis often are not thinking very clearly. They can’t ’cause their brains are mushy from teh qte.

  59. 5^^now8ing says:

    Even *I*, the quintessential non-athlete, would give it my all for this little guy! And I’ll bet if he tried REALLY hard, he could FLY with those earsies!

    Yay, fairy-dust-y-magical-CO-place!!

  60. kibblenibble says:

    I WANTS dat puppy!!!!!

  61. resriechan says:

    @ kibbleknibble:

    Hey, get to the BACK OF the line!!! There are about 50 others, ahead of you, who wants da same t’ing!!!!!!

    (winks affectionately, to let you know, that I’m jist kiddin’)

  62. That puppy is really weird but so cute lol love the ears
    i dont like football im more of a soccer fan ( im from south america so here we dont play that thing lol )

  63. He might look sweet and innocent, but I fear this little one is planning to pull a Puppermint Patty… Watch out Charlie Brown!

  64. Put me in, Coach! I may be in a coma, but surely there’s something I can do to execute your plan! All I ask from you is for one post-game snorgle, however brief!

  65. It’s his! And don’t tackle him.

  66. Lorel J:

    Now THAT’s what I CALL, TEAM SPIRIT!!!!

  67. Emmberrann says:

    Well, that’s one cute puppeh-bebeh.
    @ J: I was rofl-ing at the notion that this miniscule animalcule could pick up the feetball in its teef to run wid it when it (the feetball) is ever so much larger than the all of the puppeh-bebeh. Quite the mental picture. Makes me rofl again.

  68. Her name is Elphaba, she’s a yorkie poo but she doesn’t look like one! she’s actually cuter in real life X)

  69. current picture!

    [D’awwww! SNOSE!! – Ed.]

  70. The cutest thing i have eva seen!