From the Diary of Inmate #23981

Tuesday:  Almost had him.  Caught a fleeting glimpse of his tail, but the slippery devil vanished again before I could grab it.  But I’m close now — I can sense when he’s near.  And I will wait for him, watch for him, as long as it takes — until I can confront my keepers with the truth:  There is someone else in this cell with me.

I see why you named him Special Ed, Dolly W.



  1. Ferrets are awesome. BEEP!

  2. NOMTOM, you crack me up.

  3. NOMTOM – Every time I see a post you did, I ALWAYS be sure to read the text first, THEN scroll down for the pic. This one did me in! I snorted my hot chocolate on the keyboard!

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. Oh! It’s a pole pussycat!!

  5. Ed’s just happy to be vindicated – he has photographic proof of the other critter.

    Awesome ‘tocks!!

  6. It’s gona be OK little guy, some nice men in white coats will be there soon to take you away for a nice rest….

  7. Is he coming or going?????

  8. ButtaRumCake, I was just going to write the EXACT same thing. NTMTOM rules!!!!!

  9. I love ferrets, mostly because if you hold them up near their arms their entire body slumps down into a blob!

  10. @buttarumcake – um yeah, i DIDN’T read the text first – and especially after coctopus i was imagining a way different story line heh

    well its only 9am but i guess i’m ready for some cocktails at the snickering lounge!

  11. Insanely cute!

  12. Like my Dante, who sometimes becomes obsessively aware of the Evil Thing Attached to His Butt. You can’t just let those tails get ideas– you gotta let them know who’s boss.

  13. Thanks for the laugh. This is a hilarious post, and the name “Special Ed” just did me in, especially with those “deer in the headlights” eyes.

  14. PS “Special Ed”– snerk!

  15. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    “Can you see it, too, or is it just my imagination? One thing’s for sure, it’s not mine.”


  16. resriechan says:

    But wait a minnnit — Backstory needed, pleez!!!

    What’s he/she IN FOR??????? Hacking up dead bodeeeezzzz???

    (ominous laughter in the background….)

  17. PPS: Beep!

  18. I think he was set up by some evil otters. They needed a fall guy for their nefarious plots.

    (LOVE his name.. Special Ed!)

  19. If this were one of my woozles, this guy would have grabbed onto the tail and would have been locked in a death-grip struggle, wrapped around the platform. Do you know how I know this? I’ve seen it happen. That is why I had towels at the bottom of the cage- 9 out of 10 times, the come hurtling down towards the floor.

    Silly ferts. 😀

  20. @ZeldaPie, Edward is a common name in my family, so we’re ass-deep in “Special Eds.”

  21. catloveschanel says:


    This critter pled temporary insanity when sent up the river by Benson & Hedges, But it turns out they both took the 5th (drank the 5th) one two many times and their own lies drove them insane, thus the “confront my keepers w/my truth”. See The 3 Faces of Eve w/ Bette Davis.

  22. That would be Joanne Woodward. Though she might have been channeling Bette Davis as one of her alters…

  23. All About Eve with Bette Davis, 3 Faces of Eve with Joanne Woodward. I always confuse them too.

  24. Resriechan says:

    (thx catloveschanel: I wuz reeeeeeally skeeeeeeeered ….)

  25. Oh man, my Edward is in for it! He is in fact my “special needs” kitty (sweet but sorely lacking in brain power) but it had never occurred to me to call him Special Ed. Until now!

  26. Love how ferrets are so malleable, flexible, squooshy and funny! The composition of this pic is wonderful!

  27. Too bad they have that musky scent…. but I still love them.

  28. catloveschanel says:

    Oh, I mixed my metaphors. To make matters worse, I was thinking of this old movie called Snake Pit. That was the most chilling movie ever.

  29. Von Zeppelin says:

    Be careful what you do, Ed. I think the cops have put a tail on you.

  30. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Tailio: Frak! There’s a giant head in here with me!

  31. For my next trick….

  32. Jenn from Mexico says:

    The caption on this phtoto (and the photo itself) just cracked me up…good work editors!! LOVE this website…guarantees a smile every click! Thank you!

  33. My boyfriend is called Edward, and this is a song we sing of him, to the tune of Yesterday….

    Special Ed,
    When he was small they dropped him on his head,
    Now he thinks he is a loaf of bread,
    Oh I take care, of Special Ed……

  34. @darkshines, may I borrow that song to sing to my cat?

  35. NOMTOM, I’m scaring everyone in my department with the screams of laughter. You RULE, man!

    So does lil Special Ed. My boyfriend has the same name (srsly).

  36. Great ‘tock shot!

  37. This is too cute! I’m glad tosee you back on MY Yahoo, you’ve been gone way too long. Where did you go?

  38. “Excuse me! I’m workin’ here!”

    (Sadly, I have to get back to it…..)

  39. Special Ed obviously disapproves of that other guy in his cage. Lookit his disgruntled little face . . . . .. (ded from cute)

  40. Like “Crank Yankers” Special Ed?! “YAY! There’s the tail YAY! YAY!”

  41. OMG! I laughed at the post, then I laughed, giggled and snorted repeatedly at the comments.

    Thanks guys. There’s no such thing as too much laughter in one’s life.

  42. Ferts are so funny, and yes, IRM, very squooshy. Especially my fat little Otter fert. He is very squooshy.

  43. Hi-larious!

  44. Mr. Penguin says:

    Hi, Mike! — Hey, Mike….. are you *sure* you’re not, The Other Mike,
    ‘cos like …..
    — O! nevermind.
    There’s Mike now.
    Hi Mike.

  45. No one ever said ferrets were the smartest critters on the face of the earth…

  46. 5^^now8ing says:

    *Special Ed* Loff eet!
    @vonZ: “put a tail on you” Hee!
    @ButtaRum: I’m definitely trying that with NOMTOM “The Master”s posts from now on.
    @Theresa – I know all about “the evil thing attached to the butt” thing. Like my poor Phoebe, when I accidentally shortened her tail (no, the guilt never goes away…) — she was *certain* the thing making her tail hurt was that EVIL BANDAGE the vet wrapped around it! She kept attacking it until she got it off! Poor, poor baby.

  47. hahahaha… i get it now… took me a minute… i mean, i am a little drunk, but if i got it right then, yeah, i get it, funny stuff, lolz… someone else.. it’s him.. right? yeah, he’s the only one

  48. Wow, “Special Ed”? You seriously went there? Wow.

  49. Other Mike, I believe this is your finest work yet. Bravo!
    *standing ovation*