Can’t bear the snow

What IS this cold white stuff? Thank God I’m wearing this faaaaaaaaabulous coat!

Via Niik’s Posterous.



  1. Awww, looks like me on the first day of snow: excitement and dread!

  2. Come in out of the snow this second!

  3. We’re expecting the first big snowstorm of the season on the East coast, so I can totally relate to the Panda’s plight!

  4. Definitely post-posterous!

  5. Love the second pic: the redonculously round head shaking off the snow, the tangential trajectory of the snow flakes perfectly captured…

    The first pic is funny too: when Pandas lower their head like that, there’s too much white space between where the ears end and where the eyes start. It looks like the eyes are located halfway down the face!

  6. Thanks for the link Theo…the pic of the two babes playing and the first “family Xmas Card” shot are hysterical. Also like the one where it looks like he’s walking on stilts.

  7. What an appropriate picture. I’m just running out the door for the traditional gathering of tp and milk, a ritual all Marylanders engage in when more than 1/4 inch of snow is predicted.

  8. Yup, cuuuuuuuute! I like the way the family posed for a Christmas card! Look out Sears Portrait Studio-you have competition!

  9. Everybody, you have to go to the link Theo provided and look at the rest of the pictures. As Theresa would say, they are STINKIN’, STINKIN’ cute!

  10. What’s black and white and
    Black and white on black and white
    And shakes all over?

  11. We’re supposed to get a foot of snow Saturday night! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The one that got me was . I love that smile on Mom’s face!

  13. Becky, Bubba's mom says:

    The link Theo provided has a happy family picture that is wicked cute. Mama is beaming, and babies are snuggled up to her. Pandas are quite possibly the cutest creatures on earth. Expecting our first snowfall here too, highly unusual and very late for our part of Ohio. Not that I love it, but it’s about time.

  14. Do pandas celebrate Christmas? Wouldn’t they be Buddhists?

  15. “Oh NOES!!! One got in my ear! Get it out before it lays eggs!!!”

  16. squeeeeee!

    baby pandas are the cutest animals in the world.

    thanks for offering up this delectable morsel.

  17. So THIS is how the blizzard heading our way was generated, by the vigorous shaking of Mr. Panda Pants here! Thanks a lot buddy.

  18. Sincere commiserations from one of the temperate bits of the South Pacific to all those facing blizzards. I don’t like overly hot weather, but I’m also quite glad that, in my particular patch, snow is something that generally requires several hours drive to experience, even in the middle of winter.

  19. Wide-eyed Panda Bear
    Marvels at cold, falling snow.
    Shake, shake, shakey, shake.

  20. I gots a bad weakness for black and white. Cuteness All Over!

    Cute BehBeh, enjoy the snow!

    We will have a bunch here soon, according Mid-atlantic weather reports.
    I love it too behbeh!!!!

  21. Shake Shake shake
    Shake Shake Shake
    Shake your Panda
    Shake your Panda.

  22. Kar: That pic just killed me ded. DED, I say!! *thud*

    Well, at least all my Christmas shopping is done.

  23. IF you have not clicked thru to the link there is apicture of this guy smilling too Soooooo adorable
    IT is my new desktop picture!

  24. 5^^now8ing says:

    Seconding wuyizidi re: the perfect illustration of tangential trajectory and centrifugal force! (Now my son the physics major claims there IS no such thing as centrifugal force, it’s just something, something, mumble, non-Newtonian physics, yadda, yadda…)

  25. The world just exploded with the cuteness of this post!!! AWWWW!!!

  26. Brown Suga' says:



  27. There is nothing cutter than a panda
    the second picture is like OMG i cant even shake of the snow without the camera in my face

    Love the smiling panda of the link lol

  28. catloveschanel says:

    @kitty adventures:
    Do a little Dance, shake a little snow, Get down tonight!

    Meg, gotta love a panda anyhoo, but a panda who says, “gotta love this fabulous coat?” ~ priceless!
    Stay warm in your storms, peeps!

  29. This is adorable! Amazing photographs 🙂

  30. pandabulous*

    there, i fixed it for you. 😀

  31. Awww, I heart pandas… And pandas heart snow; it makes them go crazay!

  32. first rate head tilt in the second pic.

    or so it would seeeeeeeem

  33. this is soooo cute!!!!

  34. These amazing photos were taken by Steve Bloom. There’s more on his site.