The Adventures of Ratman!

Cease your criminal activities, evildoer!  Or I shall be forced to subdue you with the awe-inspiring power of my Super Wrist Rat Launcher!

Thanks to super sender-inning sidekick Paige L.!



  1. That rat loooks worried…. :/

  2. Also owner of the hair salon, Ratman ‘do

  3. The best photo I have seen in years. Without question. Kudos to the photographer!

  4. georgina0912 says:

    Jeje, i can see her eyebrows. She is so cute!

    I only have dogs, cats and birds as pets, but someday….someday i will have a horse, a cow, a sheep, chickens, and a rat. And i shall live in a barn with them. Love them… ❤

  5. awwww, rats!

  6. Jess&Friends says:

    The little rat looks nervous. I think he’s just hopping the criminal turns themselves in. With such a cute and pleading look, who wouldn’t?

  7. Go get em, cute little rattie!

    That is a great photo.

  8. May I be the first to say BEEP!

  9. I hope Winston Smith doesn’t look at CO today!

  10. Oh! Mah heeeroes!

  11. SQUEE! What a sweet little squeaker. She needs skritches. And Cheerios. Definitely.

  12. eastiegirl says:

    As long as I don’t see the tail, they’re cute. There’s just something about those tails that freak me out…

    Love the hovertext, NTMTOM!

  13. He looks so sad! No wonder if they haven’t tested this yet. Somebody stroke his whiskers and whisper some encouragement in his widdle ears.

  14. aww, little rattie looks worried!

    and, um, 260Oakley – *snort*chuckle*

  15. 260Oakley, Punmeister.

  16. Ratterson looks slightly disappointed or worried. He needs kissies. I have some for him. 🙂

  17. He really does look worried. I don’t think he likes being the guinea p… rat for this new device.

  18. CoconutCheez says:

    LMAOOO~~ i used to work with rats, and they can b really sweet creatures. Cute! ❤

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    This is the smaller, Man-Portable Rodent Launch System (MRLS). For longer range, there is the Crew-Served Tactical Rodent Launch System (CTRLS). This heavier weapon can fire a 200 lb capybara over fifty miles.

  20. Her teeny leetle rat eyebrows make her look nervous. Then again, I would be too if I had to be projectiled towards a seedy criminal…

  21. PS: @260Oakley, formerly the Curl Up and Dye, formerly Whoomp, Hair it Is.

  22. Not only adorable, but a fabulous photo as well!

  23. its more the focus that makes it cute, but the rat is cute too

  24. Definitely agree – a great photo with a supercute rattie. And.. um… am I the only one noticing that despite (or because of) the focus, smiling dark-haired gentleman at the back ain’t so bad either?

  25. awwww, what a sweet lil ratty bean!

    If I’d known there was a market for a rat-launching system, I would have patented this a while ago… then again my girls are kind of self-launching 😛

  26. VZ: I think I’m more of a CTRLS kind of gal. I’ll take two please. I’ll be in the Snicker-doodle room in the red leather recliner. Please bring a strawberry margarita as well. kthxbye!

  27. Shouldn’t that be Super Rat Wrist Launcher? If he had a super wrist, he wouldn’t need to launch Rattie.

    But since Rattie doesn’t have a cape, I guess s/he CAN’T be super…never mind.

  28. To think I have made it this far in life without knowing that rats have eyebrows.

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    Based solely on the pleadings of Mr. Rat and Mr. Dark Haired Cutie, I have ceased my evil doing. This encouragement was all I needed. I hope it’s not too late to get on Santa’s “nice” list now.

  30. @Sowmya…no you’re not the only one who noticed. 😉

  31. I’ve been dying to see some more ratties on CO! I may send in a few shots of my own. 🙂

    PS: georgina0912, make that two rats. It’s important for them to live in same sex pairs or illness/behavior issues might occur. 🙂

  32. Yeah, I had the same syntax problem:
    Super Wrist Rat Launcher!
    did you mean:
    A Super Wrist-Rat Launcher (!) (mustn’t forget the emotion whilst analyzing)…
    A Super-Wrist Rat Launcher (!)
    a Super-Wrist-Rat Launcher (!)
    Yeah, it DOES matter!

    Cute animal companions, both!
    OK, now off to the Snickerdoodle Lounge-to Hell with the Rat Cave!

  33. VonZeppelin, until now MRLS meant to me Massachusetts Regional Library System. From now on, whenever I see it, I will think of the Man-Portable Rodent Launch System. Thank you!

    I think I’ll go check out the scene in the Snicker Lounge. I’m a little nervous as this will be my first visit.

  34. Colonel Jenna says:

    Yeah, a lone rat might develop the behavioural problem of trying to pull your hand into his cage so you can scratch behind his ears. Which is rather difficult if he doesn’t wait for you to open the cage door but tries to pull you between the bars. The solution to this particular behavioural problem is to have frequent and lengthy sessions of ear scratching, neck rubbing, fur petting and nose kissies, interspersed with tummy tickles and expeditions through uncharted blankets and under pillow caves. Occasional light snacks optional but optimal.

  35. @ Von Zeppelin – I tough CTRLS were for launching R.U.S.

    Hummm, Snicker Lounge, that sounds interesting.

  36. nice appaRATus…

    and capes can be dangerous
    “No Capes” __Edna Mode

  37. georgina0912 says:

    @ Kat – thanks for the advice, i will place an order for two ratties then!

  38. Show us the boy!

  39. Oakley – as always, you’re right on target with your puns!!

    Jen – your’s did not go unnoticed… Loved it!!

    I, too, was uneducated on rat eyebrows!! Truly makes the rat… While I’m not overly crazy about Ratties, I do know that their whiskers tickle… And that helps make them cuties!!

  40. Try saying “super wrist rat” 10 times fast…

  41. Holy Hot Superheroes, Ratman!

  42. I think the rat might be a dumbo. Their ears rest a little lower on the sides of their heads and they usually have that expression… makes them very endearing!

  43. One of these days I, too, want rats as pets. I have heard that they are very sweet and affectionate, and ” I wuv dere wittle faashes”.

  44. SQUEEEEEEEE! That is all. 😀

  45. Oh the wrath of the rat … except, this rat couldn’t look threatening if he tried! There’s not a nasty bone in their little, squishy, fuzzy, adorable, bodies!! Ok, yes, I’ll admit it — I have them and love them yummy tummies!

  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    Gigi, the CTRLS is capable of launching R.U.S. as well as capybara. It can be adapted for short-range deployment of beavers or woodchucks, or it can fire a barrage of fifty gerbils. All of these fine weapon systems are available from Rodentron Defense Technologies ™.

  47. I hear circus/high wire music.
    Hyahhhh, da da da daaaaaa…
    Puir wee disappointed sleekit beastie/What an ennui’s in thy breastie.
    But even though its owner’s fingers are currently rat-chow free: panorama of wheeskars! Or for purists: panoply of vibrissae!!!

  48. SO CUTE!!! Love ratties! My girls used to love to run from shoulders to fingertips and back again. Looks like this little girl likes the same thing. I love seeing little ratties on CO.

  49. 5^^now8ing says:

    Oooh! Oooh! He was on CO before, in his cape! I’ve got the picture *right here* (holds laptop out so all can see) If only I knew how to post it — from CO a couple years ago, sniffing a kitteh’s nose! That’s right, *now* y’all remember!

    I’ll bet rattie would like a snickerdoodle! (sing-song voice) I’ll go get him one from the lounge!

  50. I love the photography, and the little eyebrows!! I don’t remember ever seeing eyebrows like that on any of my rattigans …

  51. I have decided to forever cease my nefarious evildoing. No way I want that beautiful, shining Rat Force for Good coming after me!

  52. Holy s___. I know that rat! These people are friends of mine! I feel like I’m friends with celebrities!
    OK sorry. That is all.

  53. Re: The cute guy in the back– that’s cuz this is another entry for the C.O. Dating Service, along with all those other past cuties it started with, right? Right?

  54. adorable! my rats used to do this all the time…i miss my rats!

  55. I’m with Sowmya and NougatCat — the man wearing the Super Wrist Rat Launcher is pretty qte, even out of focus! Acey, wanna introduce me?

  56. Ah! That’s my rat! Thanks everyone for the comments! This could possibly be the happiest day of my life. But it’s so great, I can’t tell. I’m having cute overload this very second!

  57. Well, now I must go commit a crime, just to have that rattie launched at me…

  58. bookmonstercats says:

    @Nucleus, you got there just before me… I am just about to cease being a pillar of the community and have great fun designing my evil-doer’s costume.
    Oh, and by the way, forces of law and order, can you make sure the kind gentleman with the very nice smile is the one that launches the pretty wrist-rattie at me? I promise not to run very far or very fast.
    I theng yew.

  59. What an CUTIE! And the rodent ain’t too bad, either 🙂

  60. That is deeply awesome photography.

  61. Poor wee wrist rattie looks awful worried about being launched. Please desist!

  62. lol, this reminds me of the time there was a cute guy who sent in a pic of himself with a i think a … plush beaver in “his rack” and lol we all plotted to get him and a girl with similar pic together. we all squeed at how cute he was. roflmao *raises hand!!* im single!! and he’s cute!! lol, i wonder if he’d be willing to send in a unblurry pic to us girlies here? teehee *mischievious smirky grin*

  63. I love seeing rats on here! Yay!

  64. I’m soooooooooo scared, yeah right, lol! Well it IS so ratTASTIC, you know. Hey I ought to be like the Fantastic Four + here, look out for my boysies and girlies, all NINE of them!

  65. I’m so happy that CO doesn’t discriminate against rats! Such a cutie, this one.

  66. YAY! A ratty submission! Keeping rats myself, I’m uber happy to see a rat-related post! They’re so ubercute!

    And for those commenters who are wanting a rat, please know that a) rats are better in same-gender pairs or more as they are sociable creatures and b) sawdust is toxic to them so please keep them on something more rat-friendly.

    Google RATANOOGA for more rat-care information.

    Thanks to CO for featuring a cute ratty photo!