During its pre-market session this morning, markets were up almost 3%, exciting traders on the floor.

Looks like things are just ducky, Moriah L.



  1. Omg. Duckies.

  2. If it quacks like a duck…

    Wall Street’s new duck and cover strategy?

  3. Market crash due to fowl play

  4. awwww! someone here must have known it’s my birthday today, because you posed my favorite thing ever:


    now time to celebrate my 21st by quacking like a duck all day.

  5. Pssst – Nasdaq doesn’t have a floor. We leave that to the old-fashioned folks down the block at the corner of Wall & Broad.

  6. Happy Birthday jenben, it’s KiIler’s Daddy’s birthday today, too! Happy Birthday to all the 12/17ers out there! Beethoven missed your day by just one!

    I had forgotten how much I love to look at bebeh duckies.

  7. My little girl will love this picture. She LOVES duckies, can’t wait to show it to her this evening.

  8. I would love to feel baby ducky’s soft fuzzy head, but the last time I tried to pet a duck, it quacked in protest.

  9. Will this post lure Patito Gigante out from the shadows? I miss her cutting wit.

  10. I’d say the place went quackers but that would terrible of me. So, I won’t. 😉

  11. Well that IS a relief.

  12. DUCKIES (and puns) GALORE!!!

    My family used to own a hatchery in the DC area. I remember as a kid getting to go up there and see all the babies hatch. I miss that place. It’s home to an organic landscaper now. I think the original building is still there… When the school kids got the eggs and incubator in their class rooms, it all came from our hatchery. Was a really neat place.

  13. Love the little sleeping one.

  14. I see a teeny peenk tonguelet. Little balls of floof! *swoon*

  15. LeeLeeMarie says:

    other possible captions…

    You guys quack me up!

    Hey who has thier foot in my quack!

    quack quack…who’s there…

  16. Yay! I was having a horrible (couple of) day(s), and these cute li’l duckies were just what I needed to put me in a better mood!

  17. In some way this reminds me of the Schblatts Beer kitten post. The one with his mouth open could be saying, “Friends, has your nesting area been feeling crowded lately?”
    But then I don’t know what he would offer as a solution….

  18. I’d suggest a game of Duck Duck Goose, but I think it’s too crowded in there to make a circle. Plus, no geese. So let’s just play Duck Duck Duck.

  19. @skippymom, he’d suggest getting them all drunk on Schblatts so that they’d all pass out on the floor and he’d have a lovely fuzzy carpet to walk on.

    The all look so warm and cozy. My office is freezing and I so want to DUCK and cover with them!

  20. @Metz, yes! I knew somebody would help me out with that one.
    (hands her a Schblatts to help her warm up)

  21. Christmas shopping is always crazy and this duckies looks like they are tangled in a fight for a present

    I love ducks 😀 so you just made my day

  22. Camille- Yes, yes, a great game of duck, duck, duck! You go first!

  23. No clever comment here. I just came in to say —- squeeeeeeeee! duckies!!!

  24. Happy birthday jenben, hope your day is just ducky! 😉

  25. [Downs Schblatt’s and heads for Snickerdoodle Lounge to join carolling opossums]

  26. Oh very punny, people!

    (Wonder if they’re related to the Aflack! duck……)

  27. p.s. @Theresa–caroling opossums? What’d I miss?

  28. skippymom…so how did your first visit to the Snickerdoodle Lounge go? Swimmingly, I hope! They serve great quackers with beer; all kinds of both; and their floor show (The Car-ol-ing Possums) is awesome! Cheers!

  29. catloveschanel says:

    Buy Low, Sell High!

  30. @Victoreia, this classic from last year:

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Yellow puffs of floof!!

  32. @Theresa: Eeep! 😯

  33. 5^^now8ing says:

    Metz & skippymom – what, are you guys from Milwaukee, too?

    Theresa — who let the caroling possums in??! The one in my back yard the other night couldn’t carry a tune.

  34. “Alright, which one of you goosed me?”


  35. This one calls for a beak-hance! That open beak with purple/pink tounge deserves it!

  36. Theresa, that was one sneaky trick, slipping that link in there when folks are all sleepy and still working on their first cuppa joe… WHICH is NOT all over my keyboard (but it was a very close thing). Dum de dum dum dum, checking CO for my morning fix, cute ducks, dum de dum, what’s this link, OMG OPOSSUMS!!! If I could do the googlie eyes like Victoreia I’d be eeping right along with her.

    Happy Last Day of School, CO!

  37. being an Oregon Duck myself, this is radical!