A Kitten Named Taunt-o

When he heard that his owner had bought Kibbles ‘n Bits, he had no idea just how unappetizing the “Bits” would be. In fact, “Bits” bordered on downright annoying:

Finders keepers, Losers weepers! I know you are, but what am I? No backsies, shield for life!



*wink-wink* acknowledged, Priscilla V.

And as for you, Eric S., since it’s too taxing for you to hit ‘send’ yourself, we think you owe Priscilla V. a hefty raise. Pronto, “Taunt-o”.



  1. Kittie: ” I may be new, but I’m TUFF!!”
    Doggie: ” Maybe, lets see how you fit in my mouff!!”
    Gotta love the emotions 🙂

  2. Bunnyfluffs says:


  3. OMG, to cute – caught in the act with littlle morsel of doggie food hanging out of his precious little mouth. My outside cats always try to sneak bites from the dog bowls, of course they usually get sent on their way with a snarl and a growl. Never to hurt, doggies just letting kitties know they don’t share!

  4. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen since that little Japanese boy playing the ukelele!

  5. I was going to say “I’m in ur bowl, eatin ur fud” but I like “nyerhe!” better 🙂

  6. I’m curious what the tally between these two. My guess is that the kitten’s ahead 450-16-50. A draw being when they both get yelled at to “get off the table and out of the refrigerator!”

  7. Now that is how to serve up a bowl of Whoop A**

    because we all know that kitty is gonna rule the household

  8. Andi from NC says:

    We need a “tongue-hance” here!!!

  9. I hope goggie knows he doesn’t have a fighting chance against this morsel.

  10. The only thing that is running through my head is that comic dog from the old Conan O’Brien show – “this bowl is the perfect size….for me to poop in!”

  11. catloveschanel says:

    I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.
    (I’m so distressed “I know you are but what am I” is already taken. It makes no sense, but always stumps.)

  12. Andi from NC says:

    …correction… make that a “kibble-hance.”

  13. Sharon from Penn State says:

    I agree with Andi from NC, there should be “Mouth-hance!” so I can see the widdle mouf wit foods in it!

  14. catloveschanel says:

    o shoot, now I see you covered with no backsies.
    If all else fails, stick out tongue just like kitteh..
    Well, I saw a big old rruff and it wouldn’t lay an egg ‘
    So I poured hot water up and down its leg

  15. quite well said Andi…my thoughts exactamundo.
    Total need for “morsel-hance” here

  16. +1 on the kibble-hance, please!!!

  17. **YOINK!**

  18. Mmm….a little orange marmalade always makes things better.

  19. LaureninGeorgia says:

    I want to know what happened next!!!

    My 95 pound mutt would have snorgled the kitten.

  20. WHAT!? I’m just tasting it. Be Gone!

  21. You forgot “You and what army?”

  22. Sorry everyone, the Morsel-hance is just a ‘bits’ too blurry.

  23. I love the expression on the kitteh’s face. “Who–moi? I didn’t take any kibbles. I’m completely innocent.”

    Too bad the kibble-hance didn’t work out. Thanks for trying, Prongs!

  24. Those look like the same tiny tator tots the hedgehog was eating.

  25. Andi from NC says:

    Appreciate the extra effort Prongs – Exceptionally cute anyway! “Who’s momma’s little tiger!!!”

  26. peeps,

    Click me
    for super duper enhanced action

  27. oh wait, disregard my post. I forgot this peecture automatically enhanced on-click

  28. Peeps (and Prongs) — I *might* be able to do something with the X-lg version of the photo. Lemme see if I can get it looking acceptable…

  29. That little kitty is definitely Mrs. Large and In Charge in that household…poor giant puppy, usurped by a marmalade molecule.

  30. …aaaaand, there we go. 😉
    It’s the marmies. We have an accord.

  31. I want/need to see a kibble-hance please!!!

  32. Anne — look again.

  33. I can almost hear the kitty saying nananananana lol

  34. Ash ‘ight: Ahm orange, buddy, annere’s nu’un u can do abowdit.

  35. What a good dog! This is exactly how my kitten was bitten 😦 Now everyone is fed in separate rooms.

  36. Yay, Theo! A gold star (and extra kibbles) for you.

  37. Wait, aren’t *I* the one who usually hands out the gold stars? heh

  38. Waiter, there is a marmie in my soup!!

    MANY thanks for the kibble-hance! Awesome.

  39. The hovertext on the kibblehance is hilarious, and I’ve caught my cat finishing off the whole bowl if the dog doesn’t. They’re about the same size and he’s perfected the whole “You are the one who is not supposed to be here, not me” face, so it’s nowhere near this cute.

  40. Mouf-hance rocks!!!!!

  41. ksully Oh no! I’m glad no-one was permanently hurt!

    I’m imagining the look on that poor pup’s face. I’m betting it’s the ears forward, brow furrowed “I don’t know what’s going on!” look. Kisses for puppy!

  42. BUSTED!!

  43. hugs to Theo….kibble-hance….perfecto.
    hugs to Prongs for finding the post!
    hugs to doggie for being such a good pup.
    hugs to kitteh for everything else.

  44. 5^^now8ing says:

    I like that they’re color-coordinated. A couple of strawberry blonds!

  45. Thanks, Theo.

    Best. Hovertext. Ever.

    [It’s recycled from the 2011 Calendar reject pile. Imagine! 😉 – Ed.]

  46. Nananananana, cats RULE! dogs DROOL!

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    I like how you can see a tiny pearly white bottom toof in the close up. And I like the kitten’s eyes in that shot. And the hovertext is truly hilarious! Thanks Prongs and Theo!

  48. Von Zeppelin says:

    Ellen W. I’m sure you’re right in describing the dog’s expression. I see that often in my house, even without a resident cat. Sam and Max (Freelance Dogs) often have that “What th!?” look. I must confess, it usually comes when I am doing something weird and out of the usual programming of the dog brain. For example: try using a an electric toothbrush as a Star Wars Light Saber in the presence of your dogs. You have to do the sound effects (“VVVVwwwwmmmm! VVVwwmmmmm!”). This will surely result in the wrinkled brow-ears forward-cocked head look.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Von Zep: That’s cool! If I had an electric toothbrush I would try that. Our cat thinks pretty much everything we do is weird. He takes it all in stride though and just thinks we’re dorks. (which is true). I think he especially thinks the bursting into song for no apparent reason is strange.

  50. Von Zeppelin says:

    QoD, from what you have said about your cat, he seems to be something of a condescending aesthete. All of that looking over the top of the reading glasses suggests to me that he finds much human behavior rather infra dig.

    As to suddenly bursting into song, I heartily approve. When my children were small, I would often carry them around while singing German marching songs, much to the confusion of my cats at the time. When a kid is fussy or colicky, you’d be surprised how comforting it can be to hear a baritone rendition of the “Panzerlied” or “Wenn die Soldaten durch die Stadt marschieren.”

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Von Zep: Yeah my cat acts like he thinks he’s all that (which he is) but he really adores us. This is such a cool thing…every day when I come home from work, as I’m putting my key in the lock, I can hear him on the other side meowing. When I open the door, he darts out and starts winding around my legs purring! Mind you, I’m not sure if he’s really happy to see me or if he’s trying to trip me and kill me. But it’s quite sweet!

  52. pawned.

  53. kibblenibble says:

    Doggeh: Baroo?

    Kitteh: Om nom nom…

  54. 😆 The dog is probably saying to the kitten “What are you doing in my bowl?” 😆 and the kitten replies after swallowing food in its mouth “I was hungry and there was no food in my bowl.” 😆

  55. berthaservant says:

    Thank you for the -hance Teho! And great post Prongs!

    Marmies forevah!

  56. That poor kitten looks terrified…like “Oh no…I’ve been caught! ” haha. Just too adorable for words.

  57. Is the *wink, wink* from the submitter what I think it is? Is that a shopped kibble??

  58. VonZ–are you my dad??

    I was raised on German marching songs! Along with Phil Ochs, Woody Guthrie, traditional civil war songs, scottish ballads, and of course, the sounds of dad tripping over various cats.


  59. good picture, but the bit of food looks shopped in:P

  60. cussin’ powsch-hance!

  61. georgina0912 says:

    I agree with Anon, the pic is super cute, the kitty is absolutely precious and that is a biiiig doggie; howevah…the kibble does not look from this world and more from photo shop.

    Im just sayin’

  62. uglywomansguide says:

    Bill Murray was right in Ghostbusters: The end of the world is best described as being like “cats and dogs…living together.”

    Great photo! Very, very, very cute.


  63. Thanks for the kibble-hance!

  64. “im too cute to get angry at”

  65. my stomach hurts from laughting at the caption for the close-up of the kitten. Thanks. 🙂

  66. Andi from NC says:

    The kibble-hance and hovertext are THE BEST!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  67. “You’re unhappy about me being in your bowl? Talk to the teeny-tiny talio.”

  68. tailio…tail-i-o..taileeo?

  69. Not to nuff here, but doggie kibble is really really not good for kittehs. Just saying.

  70. One might argue that doggie kibble is not very good for doggies either. High cornmeal content, y’know, while dogs & cats are supposed to be carnivores.

  71. …but really, that’s out-of-scope for Cute Overload, isn’t it? (hint)

  72. I’m willing to bet that babeh kitty is very safe. Looks like a labrador snout peering down at him, and my lab would much rather little things than eat them. 😀

  73. Andi from NC says:

    I’m now obsessed with this little guy – I keep clicking into the site and laughing hysterically at the hovertext. It was just so unexpected, yet perfect. Even though I know what’s going to pop up, it’s funny everytime (I guess a little like the “play ’em off cat”).

  74. This picture is the cure for any rotten mood. You could market it as “Frown-B-Gone.” Sewiouswy.

    That kitten’s like, “Hey… I was just puttin’ this back in the bowl for ya…”

  75. toooooooooooooo cute… I still have the giggles … 🙂

  76. I bet kitteh will curl up in a ball and sleep there.

  77. uh oh!!

  78. Yellow Dog: Kitten?? I thought you said we were having chicken for dinner tonight.