Still Life With Cute

Sharpen your pencils, class.  Today, you are going to continue last week’s still life exercises, with a special emphasis on contrast.   Study this arrangement, and then capture as best you can the feeling of total stillness, of complete and utter inertia — and then contrast that with the fruit.

Your cat Daniel looks familiar, Tal S.  Has he posed for any motel art?



  1. *SQUEEEEE!*

  2. Delicious!!!!

  3. I do this with my cats all the time. They fall asleep and I start stacking things on them.

  4. I want one…. not to eat though, I swear!

  5. Yum…A fluffly fruit compote. How delish.

  6. Hmmm, plastic grapes, plastic pear, plastic apple, plastic cat? poke…poke…poke…

  7. I was never much of a fruit eater, but now I can see it was the presentation that was lacking.

  8. Simple, yet flavorful — and so good for you!

  9. Awww his little extremities pressed against the glass are adorable 🙂

    I think I need to get a glass napping bowl for my meowbutts!

  10. Oh that would be the perfect center piece for my table! I’ll take it, how much?

  11. kitty look a little comfy

  12. little darlin!

  13. Looks like the cat got more than the cream!

  14. There is no way my baby boy would let me do this… I would get the quiet squeak of misery from him… You know… the one that’s almost no noise at all, but yet infers that you’re just abusing him to death!!

    This little patooty looks just like my baby boy, except alot smaller! I’d eat more fruit if they came in a bowl like this one!

  15. US Food and Drug Administration requires the following label:

    Serving Size: 1
    Servings per glass container: 1
    Calories: 500 in food – 1,000 expended going SQUEE!! = -500
    Sugars: Fruit = 6g, Kitteh = whatever is in pie, cause kitteh is sweet as pie!
    Carbohydrates: 0
    Fur: 3.4 lbs
    Fur that will end up on your clothing and furniture: 10.87 lbs
    Qte index: 509 * infinity
    Calcium: Oh give the widdle kitteh a saucer of milkies!
    Lifetime barf: number that cannot be calculated. Sort of like pi, especially when Spock flummoxed an evil computer by asking it to calculate the exact value of pi. Awesome.
    Potassium: Wha? Possum? What is potassium anyway? Pondering the nature of potasium is best left to the experts – potassiologists.
    Sodium: Watch out for slugs!!!!!!!!!
    Vitamin A: 1,000 mg, more than enough to go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
    Vitamin Q: 32r4nn mg
    Total nutritional value: priceless

  16. Saffron for the WIN! 😀

    My centerpieces are always lacking in the cute. *sulk*

  17. 4 servings a day, yippy!

  18. I am so glad they got a clear bowl!

  19. They’ll have to appoint a Kitteh Czar to reconfigure the food pyramid.

  20. DaytimeDeb says:

    Rachael, I think this photo comprises the list of items at the bottom of the food pyramid: Lots of fruit and veggies (not pictured), and lots and lots of kitties!

  21. I love his little paw curled up under his cheek. Adorable. @Saffron – Vitamin A is hilarious!!

  22. 5^^now8ing says:

    Oh, Saffron! I’m in love! ‘Cept on this site, odds are yer a girl, an’ I’m a girl, and ‘sides, I’m married … but, loooooove!

    Also, I looooove whoever created this “still life” and took the picture!!

  23. the pawsicles are delightful.

  24. Very nice, Saffron! 😀

    This is not just a bowl of fruit, it’s a bowl of cute! 😉

  25. Wait, this isn’t Stuff On My Cat.

  26. This is what you find the “morning after” when party crashers get into the the adult eggnog !

  27. Space Cowgirl says:

    I love it when people give cats dignified people names and not “Cuddlebutt McFuzzCheeks” or whatever.

  28. Love, love the clear bowl… the kitty kat looks like its melting into the bottom in utter oozy comfort! I want to snorgle him, please (I’ll take off the fruit first)!

  29. Saffron – LOVE the nutritional breakdown… Now I feel better about splurging in a bowl of Kitteh fruit…

    Space Cowgirl – What’s wrong with “Cuddlebutt McFuzzCheeks”? I mean that could be a dignified name… Depending on how you say it… That’s what my Kitteh’s think anyway… They all think their names are dignified… As long as I’m calling them for dinner or something… 🙂

  30. How about SIR Cuddlebutt McFuzzCheeks?

  31. why yes, MY cat’s name is Daniel too. But I won’t say what terms of endearment I usually call him.

  32. it’s best not to appear to be nuts when walking by the loony bin 🙂

  33. Esq.

  34. Space Cowgirl says:

    As soon as I posted, I went “Crap, now someone is gonna name their cat Sir Cuddlebutt McFuzzCheeks IV, Esq” and I’m going to be responsible. 😉

  35. My cats all have or had fairly dignified names, except for Huggy, but she told us to address her as Miss Huggums, so that took care of that.

  36. Hey, at least she’s not named Tarquin Fim Bim Lim Bim Wim Bim Bus Stop F’tang-F’tang Ole Biscuit Barrel.

  37. . . . of Ulm. :mrgreen:

  38. I’m going to start leaving a clear bowl sitting around, just in hope that one of my cats will do that.

  39. I’m remembering “Too Many Daves” by Dre. Seuss.

  40. PS Simon’s Cat is back!

  41. Kitteh is part of complete breakfast.

  42. From the Banzai Kat* collection, the new compote bowl.

    *which was a hoax as we all know.

  43. @Kar, I have to quibble. It’s “Bonsai” cats that were a hoax– cats grown like the miniature trees known as “Bonsai.”
    OTOH, “Banzai” cats are very real. I have one, and he is tear-assing around the house right now as I type.

  44. Theresa,
    I think the cat Banzai issue is a ‘feature’ of the species. Every one I’ve ever seen does it.

    It sounds like they might be synchronized though, as mine finished a tear-assing episode just a moment ago. I had to subdue him with a kitty-rubdown. Everyone is happy at the moment. (subject to change, without prior notification)

  45. 5^^now8ing says:

    We call that “gasoline kitty” — after a really bad old joke involving an accidentally frozen cat — you can guess the rest.

    Yay! Simon’s Cat!

  46. Theresa, you’re a goddess. As is everyone else who comments on CO.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Simon’s Cat cartoons are so great! I love them! Thanks, Theresa!

  48. Yay!, a new Simon’s Cat in time for Christmas!

    If I had a cat that would do this, i would leave out my favourite crystal bowl for him to curl into.

  49. kibblenibble says:

    In my book, very few things are as sweet as a sleeping cat. 🙂

  50. @ Teresa Thanks for the latest Simon’s cat episode!
    Now I have Ethel Merman running through my brain singing “There’s NO business like snow business” !…

  51. berthaservant says:

    amazing…this could be a subject for a photorealist painter….and more proof kittehs are made of liquid.

  52. …those incredible paws and ears by Cezanne…

  53. 😆 That kitty reminds me of our cat, Badger, and her sitting in a glass bowl that I had just WASHED 😆

  54. you know, as much as I love the liquid kitty factor going on here, I almost ALMOST, mind you, think I would prefer this bowl to be opaque. The perfectly round head and pointy ears poking up from the rim of the bowl just slay me.

    OTOH, the look of kitty contentment is priceless!

  55. Thank you Theresa, for the Simonizing.

    The Concert- WoW. 200 people watching, overflowing room. Wonderful music, well played, with some community members whocame to play with us in “Leroy Anderson’s Favorites”, and, head-nods from everyone in the audience to come back again next year! A new tradition is fledged! The Steppes of Central Connecticut are sounding better and better!

  56. reminds me of!

  57. Wonder if kitty fulfills daily fruit requirement? I think YES.

  58. ahahah did they put the fruit on top of him after he fell asleep

  59. @Space Cowgirl – You’ld love our pets names then- Caligula and Dorain Gray (kitten cats), Dante (mutt puppy), and Hermes (ham). They’re all quite dignified… Of course I’ve always been partial to the name “Mr. SunggleBottoms”, which I always name dragons in video games.


  61. @Space Cowgirl – You’ld love our pets names then- Caligula and Dorain Gray (kitten cats), Dante (mutt puppy), and Hermes (ham). They’re all quite dignified… Of course I’ve always been partial to the name “Mr. SunggleBottoms”, which I always name dragons in video games.

  62. *is confused by CD*
    Dids you become me while I was sleeping?