Well, This is Just Getting Ridiculous

Excuse Me? When I said I wanted just a hair more of cinnamon, this is not what I meant.

Not even a pound of sugar would sweeten this angry bunny, Kelsey H.



  1. DaytimeDeb says:

    Nothing like the hair of the bunny that bit ya to make your hangover go away.

  2. Queen of Dork says:

    Are we sure this is a bun? It looks more like a capybara or a guinea pig to me. Whatever it is, may I please have a cup full with whipped cream? Please?

  3. I think that’s not a bunny. Try again please.

    [OK, tried again, and now it’s two bunnies. Crazy. – Ed.]

  4. good lord. i am so ded from the qte and from the redonk. ded ded ded. i am no more. i have ceased to be.

  5. btw, i see two schnozzes…..

  6. Is that a bun ? Where are his ears?

  7. Strong stuff. One sip would put hare on your chest. (Though I am with the others that those — there are two nozzles there — are NOT buns.)

  8. Whatever baby anipals these are, these two cute nosicles deserve two nose beeps…BEEP!! BEEP!!

  9. Bun-bun? Bun-bunS? Where’s they ears? We HAS to be able to nibble on theys ears!

  10. Dangling tootsie looks like a bun-buns … but I thought a basset puppy was a beagle so don’t ask me

  11. Whatever it is/they are, I WANT A CUP NOW!

    Thank you, that is all.

  12. It’s not always easy to ID animals by their mug shots.

  13. kibblenibble says:

    260Oakley: Woo hoo! Awesome! 🙂

  14. 260oakley:
    !!!! groan !!!!!
    best pun ever.

  15. I second Queen of Dork, it looks like a campybara.

    260Oakley FTW!

  16. @260O… Groan…. I love a pun so good, it’s painful!

  17. Deffo a bun. Two buns, actually, leetle ones with their little ears held back. Those are fursome bunneh feets for sure! (guinea peeg toes are less furry, and cappies have webbed feetses)

  18. Also, 260Oakley wins this thread.

  19. I agree! 260Oakley FTW!

    Bah Humbun.

  20. @260Oakley That’s your best ever!

  21. Groans @ 260Oakley! 😀

  22. My first thought was woodchuck/marmot/groundhog. We need Kelsey H. to verify what kind of animule this is!

  23. I wonder if I have submitted to the wrong email address, or if, for some reason, This:: http://tinyurl.com/y9ujx2l :: picture of a baby chinchilla isn’t teh cute enough for teh cuteoverload?? is there some sort of form I’m forgetting to fill out???? I would have to rate my newborn baby chinchilla an 11 on the 1 through 10 of cuteness scale…but that’s just me. 😛

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    Brittany: It’s ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  25. Thank you @Queen of Dork. He was born at noon on 12/08/09. I wanted to name him John Lennon, even though that’s the day he was assassinated–my roommate suggested Chapman. (Lennon’s killer) 😡 So I decided neither. Sonya and Rodya are his parents; keeping with the Russian theme, I think I might name him Ivan the terrible. Ivan the terrible-ly CUTE! ^_^ Mwuahaha.
    Not that you wanted to know any of that. <..> -hops off-

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Brittany: Ivan sounds great! Please give him a big smooooooooch from moi!

  27. I will ^__^
    ….. Ivan says: *eeeep* (They make adorable peeping noises! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpeNQMJwyyc&feature=related turn it up!)

  28. Oh, man, Brittany! Def cute enough for CO. They get so many submishes, tho, they prolly just haven’t gotten to yer baby yet.

    And 260O? You’ve gotta stop, man! (woman?) My groaner’s gettin’ wore out! (Actually, please don’t stop — ever!)

  29. Ok I dont have to worry about having a angry bunny mine grunts at you if he is mad

  30. “mug shots” <—- groan!

    what eef we puts whip cream on him haid?!

    Would he approve?

  31. janet2buns says:

    I am in the “These are not bunnehs” camp. The ear is in the wrong pozishun. The mug just does not say “bunneh” to me.

  32. Usually I just dunk a biscuit in my cuppa, but am now wondering about bunnehs…..

    ..and… BEEP! BEEP!

  33. This brings a whole new dimension to the phrase “waiter there is a hair in my tea.” A cute hare hehe!

  34. what couple of cute-teas! (Cuties, get it!?! LOL! 😀 )

  35. mintyheart says:

    looks like a groundhog

  36. ….not by the hare of my chinny-chinny-chin….

  37. ah well, if i drink it up, it’ll be hare today and gone tomorrow….

  38. I’ll be honest… I thought it was a beaver at first glance… I don’t see the long ears of a rabbit, but then my only up close experience is watching them hop out of the way on the way to and from my “out in the country” home…

    However, I wouldn’t mind a cup of whatever qteness these are in the a.m. please… After my gym workout, and if you could have them with a little whipped topping, that would just be dam great… 🙂

    Oh and beep beep!!!

  39. *BURP* *burp*

    ‘scuse us… we drank your decaf mocha double shot latte… yummy…

    refill please…

  40. @Brittany, stinkin’ REEKING cute!!!

  41. He is really cute, Brittany! I agree, probably Meg et al. have not had time to find it in the submission file, or they have it in queue for later, or are saving it for a special occasion–something like that. I’m sure that every day they have an inbox full of cuteness to evaluate (and wouldn’t that be a great job?!? I wish I’d been the one who thought up this site!), and the selection process takes time.

  42. Definitely NOT a bun. Cute, though.

  43. oh beauty dog

  44. I vote ground squirrel… but then I am still trying to get over the hamsters, so what do I know.

  45. Those nuffing on the bunny-ness have never pushed my Jackie-boy’s ears back. ;D He looks like a gopher to a T ! But he’s got the big tocks and the big ears on him.

    These two are obviously still itty bitties with their flat ears and that paw is SUCH a giveaway, hehe. I want a cup of buns now. Mine are more like a liter of buns now. 😦

  46. OMG! I want at least 3 cups of this to get me through this morning!!
    *Kisses the disapproving ears!* ^^

  47. bookmonstercats says:

    Just for the record, I vote gopher (or somethin’) but what do I know? Nothin’! What do I care? Nothin’! I am merely an interested bystander fascinated by the world-weariness of his/her left arm.

  48. Oh I thought it was the star from Disapproving Bunnies! Too bad it’s not, but I love you Cinnamon!

  49. RoboSquirrel says:

    Little ear nubules and snozzes, I wish I could look that cute while disapproving of things. Does anyone else think that buns would be the best waitstaff at an uber trendy restaurant, or maybe very good at disapproving people at the DMV or something?

    260oakley: you win the pun on these buns, well played, this bun disapproves of your pun

    There is a latt of disapproval here.

  50. Perhaps Wombats?

  51. danglepaw!!!!

  52. oh my, the disapproval! Must be a bad hare day.

  53. Knock Knock Knock…

    Hi Neighbor can I borrow a cup of bunny.

  54. whatever these super-cutie-patooties are, don’t try to drink the dregs at the bottom of the cup…
    (eeewww) 😀

  55. Thank you, @5^^now8ing @Theresa and @Alex. I do think they’re just overloaded with submissions, but…I wanted to share as well ^__^ I just can’t wait to show him off! He’s just so cute and tiny and fluffy and makes the teeniest little squeaks!

    Also, @victoreia , “not by the hare of my chinny-chinny-chin” is that a reference to my chin and the bun, all in one?? Because I would vote that you’d get double points for that 😉

  56. def buns. very mini buns.

  57. snorglepup says:

    Fuzzy cinnabun.

  58. Two bunbuns! Two nosies, two tailios, four eyesise, four earsies, EIGHT pawsies-oh, my math is failing me, I’ll just have some hot chocolate to calm down now….no partridges in pear trees yet, but I’m hopin’!

  59. Skerrington says:

    No..I has bunnehs at home, and I don’t think these are bunnehs. The paws are right, the disapproval is right, but the ears are too small and too far back, and the shape of the face isn’t quite right.


  61. It’s a groundhog. too cute