Need I Remind You, We Both Have Thumbs

Civilian, please do not touch the animal while I work. I possess a highly skilled craft; you do not. Let my healing hands guide the way to a cure to this terrible problem.

And…Yes, I think I’ve done it. The animal should finally be rid of this very unpleasant case of Singultus.

Dr. McDomineering and patient McPanty might make “Grey’s Anatomy” watchable, Martin I.



  1. resriechan says:

    I confess to being *ENTIRELY* lost re. the storyline. I’m sure that Prongs is much more world-knowledgeable than I.

    The yawning pup? THAT I get & I LIKES IT !!!! Yipppppeeee for yawns!!!!!

    Not Savvy Enuff for CO

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That orang is so very serious-looking! (At least, I think it’s an orang….apologies if I got it wrong!)


    It reminds me of the Lion King – greatest movie EVAR

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay! Resrie is back! I was just talking about going to look for you on the Gertrude thread!!!

  5. Such a wise little simian face! Lucky pup!

  6. That orange’s face and hand are very dismissive: “please, leave this to me you poor human, only I can cure the pupster of hiccups”.

    Whereas I think both the orange baby and dog baby are squeeeeably cute!

  7. earlybird1 says:

    LOLOLOLOL! Prongs, you have done it again! Awesome narration and hovertext. XD!

  8. biscuithead says:

    I do so love this dismissive macaque!!

  9. he looks like a little holy man.

  10. One Eyed Daruma says:

    psst… over here… I think I have the hiccups, too.

  11. That puppy yawn. OMG! I can almost smell the puppy breath! It’s the most wonderful smell in the whole world.

    I was at my vet’s office last week and someone brought in a puppy. I asked if I could smell the puppy’s breath. They let me pick up their puppy, but they kept their distance and obviously thought I was really peculiar.

  12. Demonstrating that the “pull my finger” joke is popular with all primates. The dog is laughing even though he’s heard it before.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Obviously it’s a boy dog, 260Oakley. They never grow out of fart jokes. 😀

  14. Von Zeppelin says:

    Those are apparently the monk’s opposable toes on the dog’s flank.

  15. Dr. McDomineering: IT’S NOT LUPUS! I mean, it’s of the canis genus, but it’s clearly of the familiaris species, not lupus.

  16. Pretty sure that’s not an orang–even as babies, they’re pretty distinctive. Looks more like a macaque. Whatever it is, though, it and the puppy are ADORABLE!!! I love the way it looks like it’s pushing the human’s hand away, and there is just nothing that’s cuter than a puppy!yawn.

  17. Does the monkey look like Willem Dafoe to anyone else?

  18. “the wise do not simply walk up and touch the puppeh’s belleh….”

  19. monkey sez: “Ahem…. no….”

  20. Why does this not have a Disapproval tag? This monkey could teach all those silly bunnies a lesson!

  21. 5^^now8ing says:

    I’m just … speechless. What a PERFECT photo! What PERFECT narration!

    @Wordgirl: the people at the vet’s office are obviously not cuteaholics (I love whoever spelled it cuteaLOLics!). Hooray for peculiarity!

    Hey, Resrie!

    (obviously not as speechless as I claimed)

  22. I think the little monkey is saying
    “Excuseeeeeee me Keep your hands off im trying to dye the puppy so he looks like me, i just finished the ears now i have to dye the rest”

    The picture is just perfect nothing better than a pup and a monkey

  23. I can’t look at this picture without imagining the little monkey saying, “Bitch, please.”

  24. Monkeh! Monkeh-eeeeeeeeeeeee!

    (time to think of another Peter Gabriel riff)

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    So. Freakin’. Cute. (gulp)

  26. Queen of Dork says:
  27. Queen of Dork says:

    It worked! Monkey and Kitty…best friends forever. (Eds – sorry about the messiness of that last post but the pictures are cool and I don’t know of any other way to do this).

    [Check this out, though. April 7 of 2006, right here on CO. – Ed.]

  28. Queen of Dork, there’s URL shorteners like or You just paste in the long-assed URL and they give you a much shorter version of it.

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    kermit: Sheeeesh. Learn something new every day. Thanks! Also, I like how you said, “long-assed URL.” he-he. 🙂

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    Also, kermit as I can’t go in and edit that mo fo, I’m hoping that one of the eds will maybe go in there and fix that. (hint-hint) 🙂

  31. Stay thy hand.. thou shalt pet upon the morrow.. harumph

  32. Perfect narration for the pic, Prongs! *two opposable thumbs up*

  33. Andi from NC says:

    @Amy – I was already laughing but your post took me out…

  34. I do believe this is the Platonic ideal of cute. A fuzzy-wuzzy puppy bigger than his wise protector monkey. Humans? We don’t need no stinkin’ humans!

  35. @Amy: a puzzlement:

    Is the quotation from Antmonkey and Cleopuptra?

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! This is so unrelated but I just saw this thing on the news about two dogs who fell through some ice in a pond and were just kind of stuck there for two hours. Then, somebody tied a rope around his waist and went out there and pulled the sweeties out! They showed the beautiful dogs being taken care of and covered with blankets and stuff. The dogs were freezing and unable to even walk when they were pulled out but they were okay and giving kisses to their human caregivers in the film. They looked like yellow labs or something. (I kind of missed the part were they said what they were). But isn’t that fabulous that they were saved and are okay now?! I LOVE that!

  37. @Q.o.D. Love ResQte!! those are my kind of people,to risk thier lives to go out onto obviously thin ice to rescue dogs!!

    As for the smally domineering primate…. I’d do what he said, he’s clearly in control here.

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: Thanks for that link! I figured I had seen it here first. (I’ve had it printed out and tacked up on my wall at work since I first saw it). But I didn’t know what date to look for. 🙂

    Wend: I know. That story was so touching to me.

  39. I think it’s hella cute and sweet that other animules besides hoomans love teh puppehs! And kittehs too, remember Coco the gorilla with her kitty? And the elephant with her best friend doggie (they featured that clip here I think). Remember the big gibbon with the little wallaby (?) waiting for the bus?! LOL that was a strange one!

    anyway~ touch not grasshopper! You are not yet ready!

  40. I’m still busy swooning over this pic. The pup, the monkey, the attitude. It just fills my heart with warm fuzzies.

    QofD: I didn’t see that story but I know I’d have been in tears. I’m so glad it had a happy ending. ❤

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Rachael: Me too. I was soooo happy to see the part where the dogs were covered with blankets. They also showed a part where it looked like the humans were pouring water on them. Maybe warm water to thaw them out? But the part that really got me was the dogs licking the people who were caring for them. It was like they were saying, “thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Me loves you!!!”

  42. Dolly Llama says:

    Oh, with the patience of a monk-ey I will deal with this fuzzy yawner, you silly human…

  43. Beep BEEP!

  44. Psilopathic says:

    It must be a primate thing… we love our cute animals.

  45. “AHEM!”

  46. Ah! I LOVE macaque hands. I love the way they use their little thumbs. And I LOVE how padded their little palms are. Awesome primates.

  47. What kind of puppy is that?

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  49. HAHAHAHA!!! I just died from laughing too hard! Especially at the title: We BOTH have thumbs….lol !

  50. Singultus! Is that puppeh’s problem! I thought it was a case of the giggles.

  51. What a beautiful picture!

  52. Oh my goodness, yes, will someone pleaseeee tell me what kind of doggie this is??

  53. Insert Name Here says:

    “Not yet, human apprentice. Watch and learn as Reiki Master Monkey shows you how it’s done.”

    @Katie: A St. Bernard puppy, maybe? Just a wild-ass guess…

  54. Very protective so dont put your germs on the baby.

  55. “dont mind me theres just a money on my back”

  56. no way!

  57. aww the dog is saing help me!