Friday Haiku: Puppy Uppers!

Prosh pal punchy, pooped?
Popping power pill provides
Plenty pep for pup

The secret compartment of my ring I fill / With an Underdog super energy pill!

Quite a pick-me-up, Danée A.



  1. I thought our family was the only one that talked about puppy uppers! My grandparents one pug needed them, she always looked so depressed for no reason!

  2. Oooo yummy yummy!
    makes my eyes cross with delight
    Nom nom nom boing boing

  3. *snort*
    that look explains everything that a dog feels when they get a treat:

  4. Beeeeeeep!

  5. OMG, this pup looks just like my Tyson! I have seen that same wonderful expression Tyson’s face when he is about to get tasty treat. To cute!

  6. Love lots of ‘lliteration…

  7. Yay COXSSSCU (CO Xtreme Shetland Sheepdog Schnozz Close-Up)!!

    For any Sheltie owners out there…

    Thanks for the treat, Mom!
    Time to get back to herding
    Everything in sight.

  8. My Buffy smiles like that, she loves her treats as well

  9. Heather – SNL had a routine about puppy uppers and doggie downers. I think it was one of their “ads” but don’t remember much. Any help out there in CO land?

  10. @ jenben–

    This biscuit makes me
    Love you temporarily
    I will do an– SKWERL!

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @AmyJ: Your memory is perfectly correct. I remember the skit, but I can’t link to a video because NBC won’t let their clips be shared on YouTube, et al.

  12. happy puppy! 😀

  13. I thought the bit about doggie downers and puppy uppers was from George Carlin. I distinctly remember his voice talking about them. No?

  14. Here you go, doggie
    Have a pup’s little helper.
    Soon you will feel fine.

  15. Oh no! Doggy doping! ;(

  16. Drug addicted Pup!
    Poopping plently of uppers.
    Won’t someone help him?

    Dog intervention.
    Off he goes to dog rehab,
    Next door to box hab.

  17. Nooo…popping not pooping!!!! argh!

  18. Timmy stuck in the well.
    Lassie too busy with noms.
    Save yourself, Timmy!

  19. Fleurdamour says:

    I want what he’s having.

  20. I am a good dog.
    You will give me a treat now.
    Pet my nosicle.

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Medicine? or Treat?
    If Mom gives me medicine
    There go her fingers!

  22. First give me the treat
    Then we talk ’bout rescuing
    boys who fall in wells

  23. No Unnerstan “heart worms”
    Looks like beefy treat to me
    whoa, weird aftertaste..

    My dog loves this “treat” too 🙂

  24. I remember when we used to have to give my cat some meds a while ago. It was in pill form and my mom tried to hid it in some cheese.. Well apparently I had one smart kitty because she ate all the cheese and left the pill. I miss that kitty! :-*(

  25. Over my canines
    And past my gums: Look out, worms,
    (nom, nom) Here it comes!

  26. @saffron: GOOD!!!!! 😀

  27. flash bouncing off my
    opaque retinas impedes
    treat nomming process

  28. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Katiedid: A relative of mine has to give one of her two dogs a pill, and hides it in cheese just like you described. The dog, being a dog, falls for it every time and takes the pill. What’s funny is that the other dog has to get a piece of (non-medicated) cheese each time, or she feels left out.

  29. I just loooove the white soft velvetyness around the noscicle! Smooosche.

  30. My dog adores food
    He’d mow me down for a treat
    Good thing I love him

  31. RoboSquirrel says:

    This confirms it, dogs are clearly extacy addicts.

    Hii wunts teh bakrub please

  32. RoboSquirrel says:

    Then again I never saw a dog at a rave. Too loud for teh sensitive ears.

  33. spongebrooke says:

    My first thought upon seeing this pic was: Is that a Pet Botanics treat???
    Collies are too adorable.

  34. @metsakins: “Poopping uppers” reminded me of a Cheech & Chong bit, from Up in Smoke. Google “cheech and chong labrador” if you’re curious – NSFW, foul language, drug references, NC-17 etc.

    @AmyJ: You’re memory is perfectly astonishing. That was season two material. Found the transcript: – Google found videos too, but the transcript was a hoot to read.

    Puppy’s a teetotaler compared to the housecats, though. They’re such junkies for Greenies – which come in a foil bag – that I can’t open or unwrap anything without them materializing at my feet, tongues lolling, and eyes spinning.

  35. Yay for the rollover caption!

  36. berthaservant says:

    Om nom nom nom nom
    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
    Nom nom nom nom zzzzzzzz

  37. berthaservant says:

    (That was the inevitable “crash” by the way….drugs are bad, mmmkay?)

  38. oh goodness. he looks like my puppy did when I came home every day. maa! now I miss my pupz! booface

  39. If we hadn’t gotten a Corgi to spoil rotten we would have been spoiling a Sheltie rotten. So sweet! I hear that they actually listen to the people with whom they live. Must be nice.

  40. doggabone – my memory’s not so great, I’m just old, and haven’t watched SNL regularly for many many years. And y’know, some things just stick with you! Thanks for the link!

    My kitty loves greenies – I just had to give him a pill for a week, and he scarfed then straight down in those pill pockets – yay!!!

  41. Von Zeppelin says:

    At my house, Sam and Max (Freelance Dogs) cheerfully take any pill offered in a glob of peanut butter.

  42. Chloe takes her pill every day in those pill pockets, and the boys are soooo jealous. I tell them it’s a special “girl vitie” (vitamin) and that if they took them they would turn into girls. It doesn’t help much with Eddy, as he would actually love to be a girlie. Sigh.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    @Katiedid, my (dear departed) cat did the same thing. He could lick every molecule of cheese or whatever off and leave the pill. He was also good at hiding pills in his cheek and spitting them out later (no lie). But my fave was the struggle we went through every day with one kind of pill.. he did NOT want me to shove it in his mouth. One day as we were resting for another round, he suddenly sniffed at the (now slobbery) pill I was holding. “Huh? that smells good!” and he took it out of my fingers. I couldn’t believe it! After that, I just handed it to him like a treat. He was the most stubborn cat that ever existed. Also the sweetest. Needless to say, I still miss him terribly.

  44. Just out of curiosity Herr Von Zepp, why do you refer to your dogs as “freelance”? Do they work for several owners?

  45. Squee!!! Looks just like my old dog Sandy!

  46. Puppy uppers and doggie downers was one of my fav. SNL bits. I also love the landshark. Sucks that you can’t find SNL clips online.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Mary (the first): I’m sorry you miss your cat so much. They are such cherished family members.

  48. @ metsakins (#17): That too, eventually! 😉

  49. 5^^now8ing says:

    Eddy takes his pill
    Directly from my fingers
    And then chews it well. (!)

    Bailey, however,
    Must have pill shoved down his throat
    Or it gets spit out.

  50. @NTMTOM: Your relative isn’t the only one who has to cheese both her dogs regardless of which one is actually getting the pill. Both of mine come charging whenever they hear the crisper slide open and the ever-so-faint crinkle of the Kraft cheese slice wrapper. They’re so thrilled, and so hopeful, I can’t bear to leave one out. They have me trained good.

  51. @ 260Oakley: Sam & Max, Freelance Dogs is a reference to the following:

    P.S.–What is IN that treat? Literally, doggeh ecstacy! Jeesh, just *look* at those pupils!

  52. Although I rather like the idea of dogs “freelancing” themselves out to more than one owner–More attention, more belleh rubbins, an’ more treatz! LOL…

  53. BEEP!

  54. My guys will take any pill, any time, as long as it’s enrobed in baby food. I use a schmear of Beech-Nut Phase One Chicken or Turkey and they love it! And yes, both dogs have to get the treat, not just the pill receiver. I’m sure I could coat a small Volkswagen in baby food and they’d have it gone by sundown. 🙄

  55. cute dog 🙂

  56. @Aquila Thanks for explaining the reference. I like my morning qte with a side of info.

  57. My Sly is such a good cat that he’ll take his medicine with no complaint and no struggle – just so long as he gets a bellyrub and gets to hold your hand while he falls asleep with his head in it. (he’s a strange cat.)

    Johnny will take any medicine that is covered in ranch dressing, cheese, whatever. And Honeybear will take it if it’s smeared with butter.

    Now Alley…have yet to find anything she will take easily except those Clavamox drops…you have to hide those from her…and if she sees anything pink, she thinks it’s those antibiotics and tries to drink it. Even Pepto-bismol.

    (that’s just 4 of my family’s 24 happy, healthy rescued kitties who now rule the household.)

    The dogs…yeah. They don’t notice if there’s medicine in peanut butter, cheese, butter, just sitting in their bowl. They’ll eat it regardless. The Golden will run you over for her pill dipped in yogurt!

  58. samurai tailor
    dessert topping and a floor wax
    and bass-o-matic

  59. Sue can’t understand
    She gives walks, food and playtime
    Yet dog loves me most

  60. yup, I remember “puppy uppers” and “doggie downers” … was Lorraine Newman in a fake SNL ad back in the ’70’s. of course, it was playing off the prevelant drug culture at the time …. pretty funny, as I recall.

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Gilda Radner rocked, too! I remember the very first episode I ever saw of that show. I think it was in ’75 or so. The musical guest was Carly Simon and she sang, You’re so Vain. There was some skit about teenage girls at a slumber party. Gilda was in it as was Lorraine and…whoa. I can’t think of the name of the blonde lady. Who was that? She did the news skit. What the heck was her name?

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    I think I just thought of it! Jane Curtain, right?!

  63. 5^^now8ing says:

    I do b’lieve you’re right on the money, QoD!

  64. cleverusername says:

    @ Robosquirrel – every once in awhile at NYC raves, Bear the purple-mohawked pup will grace us with her glowstick-collar presence. I do worry about her little ears so much though =(

    glad you made that comment before I could! Irises still present though, so we’ll have to go with the SNL idea

  65. Mary (the first) says:

    Jane Curtin

  66. Actually, Metsakins, “Poopping” would have worked just fine.