Hedgehog: It’s What’s for Dinner

Oh sure, every time we show you a baby bunny, or a cute kitteh, you people are all like “Squeee!  Ah wawna pop heem in mah mouf!”  Well, bon appétit, kiddies!  (On the plus side, you won’t need a toothpick after dinner.)

What wine goes with hedgehog, Brittany H.?



  1. The nose is mine! I call it!!!
    Looks like a tiny chocolate chip.

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    Laura, excellent choice of wine. I was going to recommend a Chateau Tiggywinkle ’86 (known for its particularly hedgehoggy terroire), but yours looks better.

  3. The good news is that we can prevent him from being eaten! This photo appears to have been taken in the future, but he sent it back in time so we could save him!

  4. ZOMG, this picture is from TEH FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  5. catloveschanel says:

    Hold the pickles, Hold the let-tuce,
    Special orders don’t up-set us.

  6. catloveschanel says:

    That Hedgehog harmonizes w/ Ben & Jerry’s Maple Blondie color palette.

  7. I don’t know about wine, but we should definitely have some sharp cheddar and prickly pear cactus on the plate there with him.

  8. Hedgehog… the OTHER OTHER white meat!

  9. I’m just upset that they’ve set the table the wrong way round.

  10. I’m hopping into my DeLorean and zooming to the rescue! Hold on little hedgie I’m coming!

  11. Vino de Aguja, “needle wine.”

  12. not the best place to grab a nap little hedgie…

  13. Just like a little spiny baked potato! Nice and fluffy on the inside, crunchy and … prickly … ? on the outside?

  14. Oh! A toothpick cushion! Thank you! (*pluck* *bang*)

    On the other hand, this toothpick cushion is alive and kicking.

  15. By the pricking of my tongue
    Something hedgie this way comes

  16. It’d be cuter if he wasn’t in a nervous spike-ball.

  17. Guess who’s coming to dinner ?

    An unusual person (asks the little ones) ?

    No, it’s a HedgeHog! Enjoy!

  18. @catslovechanel: I thought I was the only one being driven insane by the tantalizingness of the Ben & Jerry’s Maple Blondie ice cream. *thud*

    Oh, and the hedgie is just too stinkin’ cute!

  19. “Are people sending us pictures from the future now ?!” asks NTMTOM. (Hovertext)

    I do not look a gift hedge in the mouth. Rather, I look a gift hedge in the spines. (Trust me, they’re {ouch} good!)

    Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Thank you, oh NTMTOM, for this birthday gift. Even though it comes from the future. Now I guess I’ll have to go back to the future in order to uncover this mystery. But…Dude, where’s my car ?

  20. I think the only person alive that could nuff this post is Gordon Ramsay!

  21. catloveschanel says:

    Even though it is 17 degrees in Seattle, I could always eat Maple Blondie ice cream, sans Hedgehog, of course. THumpedy thump- thump – Look at frosty go……..

    [Wow, that’s pretty chilly for Seattle. We’ve got 4 whole degrees in the Twin Cities; it was -5 most of the morning, more like -20 with wind chill. – Ed.]

  22. “That’s &*^%$ HORRIBLE !!! The dish just looks tried ! No pizzaz! At least try a balsamic drizzle on the plate !”
    (said in my best Gordon Ramsay voice . )
    “Here let me show you ”
    (grabs plate of snoozy hedgie & slinks off for a clandestine snorgle)

  23. “When you pop a nice chockie on your mouth you don’t expect to get your cheeks pierced” MPFC

  24. in, in, in your mouth..sorry.

  25. That’d be good with about… half a cup of rabbit.

  26. Denver is having a heat wave. It was up to 19 when I left the house at 9:45 this morning.

    Is this hedgie the main course or the dessert?

  27. Too darn cute!

    I like living here in Georgia. It’s 44 here. :p

  28. Meal trends of the future?! Uhmm…you can have the first bite..as much as I luv hogs, I don’t want prickles in my mouf…

  29. Beth (in NC) says:

    It’s from February of 2010 !!!!!!1!!111!!!!!! I knew that there would be delectebuhlness in the future!!

    Raleigh is 48, with some chilly wind, but yesterday was 70 and I am so confused…

  30. Jess&Friends says:

    Down the hatch! Weeee!
    Aunti Mame, clearly the hedge is the main course. Look at how artfully presented he is! Scrunch!

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    We’re warming up a bit down here in Vancouver WA, it’s up to 25 now. So no ice cream for me. In fact I probably wouldn’t even be tempted by the hedgie unless he was in soup or something. Maybe by February someone will have resqte him.

  32. Is Gordon Ramsay that Hell’s Kitchen guy ? (I do not watch much TV; esp. no ‘reality’ programs).

    I can see why Gordon Ramsay might nuff this dish. But it is delicious, even though the nomming {ouch} might be somewhat difficult {ouch!}. Why, oh why should this little morsel be adverse to nomming ? Put away your spines, little hedge; we are predators for *nomming* only. You have nothing to fear; except for all the C.O. peeps who are here, and hungry!

  33. It does look like it could use a garnish.

  34. I want to nom those leetle feet. They look delectubuhls!

  35. we are currently -2C (which is 28F for you non-metric folks) here in Southern BC

  36. Pass the salt…and the pepper! (Thanks)

    Even with the knife and fork in my hands, I…just…cannot continue with my meal. Look at the hedgie sneezing at the pepper; look at the hedgie licking the salt. *Sniff* I have lost my appetite. Throw all kinds of veggies at the hedgie on the table; I’ll not look back.

  37. Colonel Jenna says:

    Oh, I want SO MUCH to tickle tickle his little chest and snoggle his little nose!

  38. do hedgies allow a snorgle?
    seriously, I’m wondering.

  39. Monterri- Yes he is. He nuffs every dish.. well unless he makes it. Just sayin’.. I would never wanna cook for the guy!

  40. Hippydippyhappypappy Birthday Monterri!

  41. Never serve a hedgehog without peeling it first.

  42. 5^^now8ing says:

    Anybody else reminded of that favorite childhood dish, “porcupines?” Sort of individual mini-meatloaves mixed with raw rice, so after it bakes, the (now cooked) rice sticks out and looks prickly. YUM!

  43. Katiedid: Mr. Ramsay is just ‘grandstanding’, that is all. It is all for the show. But I have always detested such fakery. It is most likely that 88% of the dishes that Ramsay has ’nuffed’ would be acceptable in most Grand Hotels. What a fake! But this hedgie pie is all too real (*nom* *ouch*!).

  44. Thank you, Katrina 😀

    Don’t light the candles now (besides, hedgie won’t like it). It is either happy 31st or 32nd, depending on which way one is looking 🙂 The latter makes me feel old, hehehehe.

  45. @AuntieMame, don’t run out in your bikini!

  46. AuntieMame says:

    @Theresa: Rats. There go my plans for the evening. 😀

  47. So, do hedgies sleep like this, or is he nervous? Looks like he’s in a little sleeping bag! Too Qte!

    @Monterri – Happy Birthday!!

    It was 3 ferenheit (sp?) with a windchill of -17 here in Chi-town this AM, but it’s supposed to be back up to 38 by Sunday, it’s like a rollercoaster round here sometimes!

  48. Bookmonstercats says:

    Hedgie in (its own) blanket. Yum.

  49. To the tune of “Throw Mama from the train a kiss, a kiss…”
    (For #37 above)
    “Throw veggies to the hedgie…” oh, sorry, I just can’t go on (mainly ’cause I can’t remember the rest of the tune).(or any more of the words) (assume they were all as bizarre as these)

  50. “Throw the Yule Log on
    Uncle John”

  51. I’ll have mine with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti.

    Here in DC we’re dropping into the 20’s with 15 – 25mph wind gusts. YAY… not.

  52. @Blondie, don’t envy you in DC. JFK said it had “Southern efficiency and Northern charm”– with the worst weather of both.

  53. It’s what’s for din din…. IN THE FUTURE!

  54. Actually, I think I’d be more concerned about how it would be AFTER eating this little yummy morsel … if what generally happens after curries is any indication. 😉

  55. Throw some cheese curds and gravy on ‘im and he’s a prickly poutine! 😉

  56. Theresa– that’s one of my seasonal favorites! Right up there with “Good King Kong Looked Out” and “O Little Town of Hackensack”. Ah those old timey Christmas Melodies… Merry Christmas P.D.Q.Bach!

  57. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ Monterri – Happy B-day! is that Dec. 10 or Feb. 22? (Since you thanked NOMTOM for the bday gift from the future) 🙂

  58. Happy Bday Monterri! hope your day is just how you like it…. !

  59. That is one scary dinner knife… wth?!

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    I would like some french bread with mine so I can make a sandwich, please.

    Here in Vegas it’s in the lower 40s. It was 30 this morning. We have it pretty good in the winter but the summer is HELL!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Monterri! 🙂

  61. Looks more like just an amuse-bouche to moi… and YES, 5^^now8ing, I remember making those as a child, waaaaay back in the day.

  62. Save the hedgie, save the world.

  63. heh. i live in vietnam. our high for today is 87!

    don’t worry, this is the only thing i can gloat about, as i am hedgie-less at the moment. (stares outside at sunshine, stares sadly at empty place, sighs)

  64. earlybird1 says:

    @Ellie… I think it’s a steak knife, but KEEP IT AWAY FROM THAT HEDGIE!!! On a brighter note, I have the same dishes, and I must say, they are much enhanced by the presence of Pokey McPrickersons there!

  65. Jim Henson (sniff), Anthony Minghella (sniffle squared) and the Storyteller recommend snoodling a hedgie, as in “a little thing of honey and softness, to wrap up in a bundle and sing to and snoodle with and hug to bits.”
    Note dear Jim recommended wrapping first before being hugged to shrapnel yourself.

  66. Ooooooh so cute!!!! I wanna eat him up with some fava beans!!!

  67. Oooooh, please please please for Monterri’s birthday can we have moist nosicle schnozzhance on this little guy??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze???

  68. That paw posishe…it’s too dainty!

  69. According to Environment Canada, it is -1°C in Vancouver, BC, and usually we’re a little warmer in Surrey, BC, where I am, so it’s just barely above freezing. For Americans, that means it’s 30°F in Vancouver right now (1:36 AM).

    We’re not used to such cold weather!!!

  70. Oh…and the hedgehog is cute.

  71. Hedgehog ears are the best things in the world to nom. They’re very slightly fuzzy, and feel a bit like felt. Yona Pog, my hedgie, will let me nom her ears, until something startles her and she pokes up her quills, and that can hurt… Hedgie paws are also redonkulously squidgy to squeeze.

  72. Wow, Earwig- you are one brave Peep. What do you say,
    “I cut myself shaving”, when your hedgie makes a sudden curl? Its much funnier if you say that and you are a girl Peep. I had a boo-boo removed by the Plastic Sturgeon and went around saying I cut myself shaving-you should have seen the looks-most people then chuckled. Just a thought for future strategy-you seem pretty dedicated to the sport of hedgie snorgling. Good luck! You make me want to find out how soft a hedgie ear really is-I’ll just have to believe you.

  73. I am a girl peep – I like the shaving idea!!

  74. snorglepup says:

    Brings out a chilled jug of Chableen for the birthday snorgle fest…
    Exposed bellies are for snorgling; be it tiger or hedgie.

  75. “Snoodling.” Snerk. Must do that more often. :mrgreen:

  76. badhedgehog says:

    Hedgie is simply waiting for dins to come to him. The table is set, so surely it can only be a matter of time before dinner arrives on the plate.

    There used to be a brand of wine called “Petit Hérisson” (Little Hedgehog).

  77. Wow, this hedgehog has come all the way from the birthday I will have next February, thanks for the early present CO 🙂

  78. what’s up with the hedgehog trend? Where is everyone getting these adorable little creatures?

  79. I love hedghogs but my new obseshion is the echidna, the only other egg-laying mammal besids a platypus. they look like long beaked hedghogs and their babies are called Puggles,no joke.

  80. With a meal as formal as live hedgehogs, presentation it is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately we are going to have to dock points for incorrect positioning of silverware.

    Better luck next 02/22/2010

  81. Debbie- From breeders haha. The trend has been going on for some time.

  82. Who needs salt & pepper! You’ve got plenty on the plate *rimshot*

    Ahhh hedgie jokes.

  83. So teh Qte finally tore a rift in the space time continuim, eh?!
    I’m suprised it took this long to be honest…

  84. McFlufferstunningtonpants says:

    Okay, am I in a time warp…2010 on the photo? GAH!

  85. Well, my birthday is indeed Feb 22. It is a nice number to look at (2-22-79). I simply cannot wait for my hedgie-on-a-plate (for 2-22-2010, as indicated in the pic). Yum! *Nom* (Ouch). But, *Nom* anyways.

  86. See, I went to the trouble to carefully remove the datestamp from the photo for the version which will be in the 2011 Calendar. Those of you who use Photoshop or GIMP or similar software are familiar with the clone tool and other tricks. Fiddly, time-consuming, tedious. And all I really needed to do was assign it to 22 Feb. and write a “One Year Ago Today” caption… tsk. They say hindsight is 20/10. 😉

  87. Hey Theo!

    Hindsight is really 20/20! Or is your hindsight viewed through a kaleidoscope of sorts? Or are future C.O. commentators attemping to change the timeline ? I tell you, a small hedgie –wil-l- be on my plate on that day (2-22-10). If not, then the timeline has changed, or it is some one in Asia who has the lucky hedge. Good luck, all!!!

  88. @Kafkacat: you said can we have more “moist nosicle schnozzhance on this little guy???” To this hour I am still trying to interpret that statement. Don’t get me wrong; I like it! It is nice! I -think- what you have said is “how about a close-up of the cute nose” ? I am generally in favour of that idea. If you were saying something else, please don’t tell me until Feb. 23, 2010!