Auf Wiedersehen, Bernice

I’m not molting right now, so I couldn’t knit the look I intended. But I think this works as a cowl neck, no?

No, SilverHonu.



  1. For some reason, I look at this bird and get a craving for rainbow sherbet…

    Very pretty, though. ^^

  2. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    I’d hate to have to clean that keyboard-but, yes, pretty bird.

  3. Awww, lovebirds is lovely. @Dreamspinner, it actually is rather easy to house train a bird; but you do have to be vigilant with the timing!

  4. P.S. I’d be more concerned about having all the keys picked off than pooped on!

  5. Hello pretty pretty.

  6. hahaha this definiely made my morning

  7. Wheeeeee! You’re so cute! /say in high-pitched sing-song voice/

  8. My bird loves to DESTROY those cardboard tubes..
    I’m surprised there are no little triangle bites in that one :->

  9. First – Mac users ROCK.

    Second – Is that the same thing as the satellite dish you use for dogs when they’ve been fixed?

  10. *Tim Gunn furrowed brow*

    Hmmmm. Make it work.

  11. Ki-hi, he’s blushing!

  12. Leilani – I donno how but a few weeks ago my eclectus managed to get out of his cage and climb on top of my desk and pick off a bunch of the keys. My keyboard at home has no N key anymore 😦

  13. Awww, she’s pigeon-toed! And I hear the cowl neck look is very “in” this year.

  14. So, Katiedid, are you now the girl who cain’t say “No”? And love this little guy’s nails. I think they call out for a nice bright fuschia, yes?

  15. Hmm, I have no problem with that cute lil bird pooping on that laptop. I mean, it IS a mac.

    Yeah, I went there. X3;

  16. Now now Vicky bad girl. Lets not start the PC vs Mac debate here. X3 just ignore her just concentrate on the cute.
    T’is the Season.
    Peace on Earth to PC and Mac users of good will and all the cute little critters.

  17. Vicki, I was just thinking, “Hmm, I have a problem with that cute lil bird and the possibility of it pooping on that laptop. It’s a MAC!!! That mac very well may outlast the bird (that is if it’s sans poop).

  18. Lovey-dovey bird! Love love love!

  19. Awwwwwwww. Sweet. I lost a dearly loved budgie last week (to old age, as best I can determine). He was the same colour as the below-the-tube part of the birdie in the photo. He will be missed, my little lemon/lime feathered buddy. He would have never allowed himself to be tubed, though. Never in a meeeelion years! Birds are such amusing personalities.

  20. X3 😛

    I use a PC but I have nothing against macs. I was just being mischievous, don’t mind me. 😀

  21. *sigh*

    We’re going to get a “toilet paper roll” tag aren’t we?

  22. This is the latest high fashion! Only a matter of time before we, the humans, copy this trend 😉

  23. Birdcage, I’m so sorry for your loss! I’m sure your little man will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. ❤

  24. @Birdcage, so sorry for the loss– I’ve had several budgie companions, they are great little buddies.

  25. Von Zeppelin says:

    Actually, Father Bird is wearing a particularly grubby and ill-fitting clerical collar. The Absent-minded Vicar look.

  26. Birdcage- So sorry to hear that. It can be sooooo sad to lose a feathered friend. Keets are funny little guys.
    But look at the positive side! Our eclectus’ will probably out live us!

  27. @VonZep, we’re all very grateful it’s not a Dirty Vicar look (“whoaaagh, what a lovely bit of stuff!”)

  28. Pretty bird! Pretty bird!!! I don’t think these guys talk, do they?

  29. He looks just like one of my lovebirds!

  30. Also in Tim Gunn voice ……
    I don’t know it looks a little plain …..maybe it needs a few jewels .
    Santino, where’s the bedazzler ?

  31. Aw, Birdcage, I’m so sorry. I won’t be shaken from the feeling that you gave him a wonderful life, and you will soon be able to count his memory as a blessing. Best wishes, we’re here for you, your fellow Peep, K.

  32. Daphne Moss says:

    *New fact learned: Even birds wear collar of shame*
    Question for people who have owned birds: Is it because bird is picking its feathers that it has to wear this? Or do they like to play with them?

  33. Ahhh.. reminds me of my all-time fave commercial (if one HAS to have a fave..):

    “Attention all kittykats! No. More. Birds.”

    It was for some sort of cat food, Whiskas I think.. At the end, the bird did a little bow thing and said “Thenk you!”

  34. @Ceejoe: Peeeeeek-a-boo!
    We still say that all the time in my house. Thanks CO! 😉

  35. @Ceejoe, I just almost wet myself just thinking about that little bird!

  36. “Ring around the birdie?”

  37. Weird freckly feet. My lovebirdies have grey and sort of yellow-y feet respectively. But no freckles. Wha’sup wid da freckles?

  38. PS: Wheeee! You’re so cute! Gimme a kiss! Thank you!

  39. 5^^now8ing says:

    DKN – very DKNY comment, there! 😉 But Mudbug’s right – it cries out for the Bedazzler!
    This enquiring mind also wants to know if the collar would be for play or medical reasons? Or just ’cause he’s *so* danged cute!?

  40. Translation, pls: ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Bernice’?
    Danke shoen, dahlinks.

  41. Looks like the most delicious fruit popsicle ever!!

  42. nauticalstar says:

    My lovebird loves to play with those cardboard tubes! I cut them into strips for him and he chews on them. Once in awhile he manages to flip them over his head like this cutie did! I also have a great pic of my Beaker when he was playing with a hair tie and flipped it on like a necklace. adorable.

  43. Haha you guys ALL remember Indian ringneck, Marnie! the cutest talking bird ever. However, he thinks everyone else around him is cuter 🙂

    But this bird is quite delightful, too. I want to snuggle him/her!
    And yes, now I’m craving rainbow sherbet!