Please Bear With Us…

Jumpy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

When pigs fly!

Holy cow!

Jiminy Cricket!

Leapin’ lizards!

According to Lana D., the only thing harmed in the taking of this photograph was possibly an ear lobe.



  1. georgina0912 says:

    What th…?

    When di…?

    Why wou…????

    What the heck happened there? Was this guy viciously attacked by a mini-lizard? Or is she giving him a love-bite?

  2. Oooh. Lizard as an earring. It’s the latest thing!

  3. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    What’s that lizard doing? Oh… just hangin’ around.

  4. janet2buns says:

    Ah, the perfect Christmas gift for the guy who has everything…..lizard pendant earrings.

  5. Now how did THAT happen???

  6. metsakins says:

    are you sure nuthin’ was harmed…cause it looks like lizard abuse to me… 😉

  7. Lizards eyes must be waaaaaay bigger than his belly :p

  8. Daaaaammnnnnn!

  9. Nom-hance? :-()

  10. Ok that smiley came out alllllll wrong.. it was supposed to look kinda like this :-O

  11. lizzi ish hungry…… 😦

  12. DaytimeDeb says:

    There are better ways to get your earlobe double pierced. Maybe not as cute, but definitely more sanitary!

    [At least it’s not a gila monster – Ed.]

  13. eeeekkk

  14. Can you get that as a matching set and in different colours? 😉

  15. freetomato says:

    Teensiest of chompages!

  16. we used to do this all the time when i was in elementary school. maybe it’s a floridian thing?

  17. You gotta admire the little guy’s gumption! Go, Lizard, go!

  18. 260Oakely says:

    Sing it with me:
    Iguana bite your ee-aa-rr
    Iguana bite your ear

  19. @LJ

    US TOO! Anoles and other small lizards are the perfect critters for living earrings.

    And I’d only worry for the lizard’s safety if the ear wasn’t clean. Those little guys are pretty tough (but not so tough they can’t get squished, and this definitely is not a squishing).

  20. Stephiedactyl says:

    @ LJ

    I live in Tampa, Florida and I distinctly remember this being hysterical in elementary school. I think it is a Floridian thing… 😉

  21. Lizards ‘n’ Lobes? Interspecies snorgling??? 😉

  22. Is that the pierced or the clip-on version?

    [Nom clips! – Ed.]

  23. Better on your ear than up your nose!

  24. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “Hah! Now I’ve got you just where I want you! Gonna come quietly, or do I have to start getting tough?”

  25. @Saffron, unless the lizard has extremely sharp teeth, I think this is more of the clip on variety. 😉

  26. i don’t live in florida but i’m still amazed to discover this whole hanging-lizards-on-your-earlobes thing!!! can it really be that more than ONE person has done this??? i’m flummoxed and flabbergasted! and whoever saw such a tiny lizard, anyway??!!

  27. WE never had cute tiny lizards to use as earrings in elementary school. I’m pretty jealous. We only had paper airplanes.

    […to use as earrings? – Ed.]

  28. Lucky kids in Florida! I’d love a pair of those earrings. They’d be my only earrings that need to be fed.

  29. My mom did this as a child in Puerto Rico. How funny to see it make a resurgence.

    [I think “resurgence” might be too grand a word. 😉 – Ed.]

  30. Yup, we did this in Florida. So many lizards….but only two ears.

  31. We also did this in south Louisiana … Gulf Coast thing?

    I would never let them put one on me though, our lizards are not nearly as cute as this one.

  32. when I was in elementary school, you had to wear the two biggest lizards you could find in order to be accepted into the cool cliques. This tiny one is much more adorable than the dinosaurs I hung from my ears.

  33. paranoiagirl says:

    I am the lizard (earring) king?

  34. Von Zeppelin says:

    “Professor Dittmar’s time machine returned a Tyrannosaurus from the late Cretaceous period to the present with surprising results. . .”

  35. LovesDogs says:

    Baby Lizard Suckles Earlobe.

  36. Now that is a clear illustration of real ambition!

  37. Now THAT is an optimist lizard!
    “I’m a lizard and you are lizard food!” (ala Henry the chicken hawk)

  38. We used to do that in South Carolina too! Anoles are the cutes. They change colours too and they have a nifty throat display.

  39. Ah, yes!
    We used to do this in Florida all of the time!

    I used to laugh so hard – my friend was horrible at it, and would end up getting them stuck to his fingers.

    Anoles are awesome… They sell them for pets in states that don’t have them normally – or at least they do in Virginia.

  40. @VZ: *snort!!!!* 😀

  41. Steven D. says:

    it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…

  42. Hahaha, yeah, I grew up in Florida and we used to do this all the time… probably more recently than I’d like to admit…

  43. the bug man says:

    I think I saw this picture on icanhazcheeseburger, labeled as “GEICO collections agent plays hardball.”

    [Plastered right on the photo in 50-pt Arial Bold, yes? 🙄 – Ed.]


  45. PS Definitely a Florida thing. See them every day when I am down visiting Dad, I once removed one from the kitchen, and he latched onto my finger. He was so tiny, I couldn’t feel the teeth.
    If you touch them, wash well, because they carry salmonella.

  46. I used to do this growing up in Houston, too! (For those who find it baffling: if you catch an anole and stroke its throat/chest, it will open its mouth very wide, giving you a few seconds to position it over your earlobe before it clamps shut again. The lizards don’t seem to mind.)

  47. Looks like a teeny tiny crocodile..LOL! Gigi..My grandfather in Puerto Rico used to do this too. I thought it was hilarious!

  48. 5^^now8ing says:

    I wanna know why he’s wearing a clip-on when he has a pierced ear.

    Now I’m jealous of all of you who grew up on the Golf Coast — much cooler (and from the sound of it, less painful) childhood rite of passage than the tongue-stuck-on-monkey-bars of up north!

    Von Z: Ever watch Buffy?

  49. My first thought was: adorable, how did that happen? Second thought after reading comments: what a weird thing that so many people know about this! We don’t have these tiny guys in MN, just large mosquitos.

  50. i know, my first thought too, how could i be so totally unaware of this phenom??? and what i want to know is, who did it FIRST? yeah, much better than licking flagpoles in february.

  51. @theresa: that dude must’ve swiped his egg salad…..

  52. OMG Theresa, your comment made me LOL! 😀 (I have no idea how to do those other laughing emoticons, where do I find those again?)

  53. This reminds me of tiny Wiley E. Coyote, holding onto the giant leg of Roadrunner, holding up the sign: “Okay, I caught him. Now what?”

  54. And, 😯

  55. *snort* never seen such a thang. Course, I’m from Michigan.

  56. Ti-hi. I think the lizard is coming on to you. ^-^

  57. Tiniest nomming EVER!

  58. @ Victoreia – my FAVE cartoon!! LOLOL That one was HILARIOUS!

  59. i can’t wait to see the rest of the “you know you grew up in florida if you….” list!!! LOL 🙂

  60. Yep, we do that in Tennessee, too (yeeehaw?)! There are little black and metallic blue skinky-type lizards, and brown-freckled lizards… they do this too. 😀 This one is wee tiny, though. Very cute.

  61. beardediris says:

    I remember seeing people do this when I visited family in Florida, but I never tried it. Thinking about Florida is a great escape for today, when we’ve seen three seasons in one day. We had rain, then a thunderstorm, now it’s in the thirties and so snowy and windy, it looks like really white smoke. I’d rather be in Florida with a lizard on my ear!

  62. beardediris says:

    I forgot to mention the one time the sun came out and there was a brilliant rainbow.

  63. 5^^now8ing says:

    Irm – yeah, the mosquitoes are about that big, tho, aren’t they?

    Lerrinus – I just discovered that if you right-click on one of the smileys and select “Properties,” it gives you the text necessary to produce said smiley. This will come in super-handy for those of us with limited short-term memory. 😉

  64. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok, all y’all that did this in Florida and elsewhere, no one mentioned how LONG do they stay there? Until you pull them free? or do they hang on awhile and then suddenly let go and fall down the front of your shirt? or what??

  65. @Ed – no, we would not use the paper airplanes as earrings. Which made it even worse! 🙂

    OK all you Floridians – I challenge you to send in pix of you or your kids with multiple lizard earrings! (as long as no lizards or people get hurt)

  66. @Irm, those damn mosquitoes!! They ate the little lizards!!! 😯

  67. I used to do that when I was a kid. I would walk up to grown ups and show them and they would run away screaming =D

  68. Yeah, it was definitely a standard in Miami to do as a kid

  69. OMG! hey everyone! that’s me! wooooo hoooo! I was in St. John, Virgin Islands and my buddy put a lizard on my ear and it bit!

  70. I, too, have suffered a number of lizard bites in Florida from anoles who did not want to be caught. They are awful quick to bite in comparison to other lizard species!

    Also, apparently they make fabulous accessories.

  71. I have just lol’d my way through all the comments.

    Back in Saskatchewan, Canada (where I grew up) we used to call the mosquitos “gators” because of the size and ferocity.

    And “Oh, my yes”, to the comments re: sticking your tongue to cold metal in the winter– an absolute rite of passage, and the unlucky ones had to have the teacher called to unstick them. Highly anti-recommended.

    and finally:


  72. P.S. I did not know about this when we visited Florida, or I would have spent a lot of time trying to catch one of the little QT’s so I could wear it!

  73. I’m a Floridian, so it’s my duty to post here, because I too had Cuban Anole earrings as a kid.

    So did my older brothers.

    Heck, so did everyone I knew. We lived in the boonies (near Cape Canaveral), so we went outside & harassed the local wildlife for fun. 😉 Throwing rocks at gators in my front-yard pond, racing horseshoe crabs on the dock……Anole earrings…, those were the days……

    Those little guys provided endless entertainment to me growing up. Even now, I just love watching them scuttle around my yard. I’m not fast enough to catch them anymore, I don’t think, but if I ever do catch an anole or two one day, I’ll have to wear them for bit before releasing them.

  74. TOTALLY off topic, but, being a southerner (US), HOW do you get a stuck tongue off a flagpole in february? i always hear about it happening, but never how it UN-happens, without leaving bits of tongue behind….

  75. 5^^now8ing says:

    Aquamarine: A question I can answer! All ya has to do is pour tepid water over the tongue-flagpole “junction” for a bit, and it thaws and un-sticks. Never — I repeat — NEVER jerk your tongue off the pole, or you will, indeed leave bits of tongue behind!

  76. Leapin’ lizards (excellent) that’s cute! I have a buddy who has a leapin’ lizard. His name is Jake and the only time I’ve ever seen him jump is when pizza is brought into the room. Jake loves Loves LOVES pepperoni, and no matter where he was, he’d jump right into the middle of the pizza. Most of the time we caught him first. Sometimes we didn’t…

  77. I saw somebody do that with a lizard before. You just have to piss them off just right, in front of your ear lobe.

  78. @Aquamarine, you could do that, or if you’re a drama queen, call the fire department.

  79. 5^^now8ing says:

    @Theresa: 😀

  80. dso they come in another color? cause i could love a pair
    lol this summer when is see a lizard on the wall outside ill try it on lol

  81. *Enh!* Now you gonna come along quite-like, or am I gona hafta muss ya up?

  82. Queen of Dork says:

    Well gosh. We used to play with lizards, snakes and frogs as children in Washington State but I guess it wasn’t the right kind of lizards that will double as earrings ’cause I’m pretty sure we would have figured that out. I feel deprived. How could I have lived this long and never worn a lizard earring?! *sob*

    (Note to self…visit Florida some day).

  83. Thank you, 5^^now8ing, your help is much appreciated! Have a great day!

  84. Oh yeah, this is an everyday thing here in Florida. You can’t step outside of your house without seeing five or more lizards go scattering away. They often get IN your house and either you or the cat have to shoo them out. They’re quick but you can catch them pretty easily if you’re determined. Darxus has it right: catch one or two, hold them gently by their bellies (their tails break off — self defense!) and poke at them until they open their mouths. Like he said, get em good and pissed and they’ll open right up. Then hold them up toward your earlobe, and voila`! Instant eco-earrings. They eventually let go and fall off on their own. :)))))

  85. OMG, awesome! As a fellow reptile-lover, i gotta say…. nothing better than wearing a scaly friend around! And if he holds on by himself, all the better!!!

  86. Repping South Carolina right here!! This was very, very popular in my elementary school, too! Although it was mainly used by the boys to gross out us girls.

  87. Von Zeppelin says:

    Do you Florida folks also do this with alligators? A pair of 800-pound gators hanging from the earlobe would make awesome accessories. Even just one would be pretty cool.

  88. @Theresa – how do you call the fire department if your tongue’s stuck to a pole? Just wondering…

  89. @Londoner – LOL! I’d like to hear the 911 tape of that.

  90. flagpoler: “enh. hewo? hef!”
    operator: “what is your emergency?”
    flagpoler: “HEF!!! i’f snuuuk ma nunk na na fagfole!!! HEF!!!!”
    operaor: “i’m sorry. please stay calm. i’m going to need you to speak more clearly.”
    flagpoler: “UCK U!!! HEF ME!!!!”
    operator: “we’ve got another live one, chuck. probably some kid getting ready to pull the fire alarm at brainerd high.”

  91. @5^^now8ing & theresa: thanks for the info! i like having the “drama” and “reg.” options.

  92. Is that a Green Anole?

  93. Looks a bit more like a Cuban anole, both size-wise and stripe-wise. They live in Florida, and they do sell them as pets in some places. I used to have one, and he’d try to bite me all the time. I never wore him as an earring, though.

  94. Kangaroo (aka anastasia) says:

    haha. he totally missed that earring hole.

  95. Definitely a Cuban anole… they are EVERYWHERE in Florida (though the green ones pop up occasionally too). When I walk outside my apartment, tons of them scatter across the sidewalk. I always love how amazed some people are at the sheer amount of lizards in Florida. As a Floridian child, lizard-catching (and yes, putting them on your ears, too) was practically a sport…

  96. @aquamarine LOL brainerd!

  97. So, I’m from Minnesota, but I’ve been to Florida and seen these lizards, and I’m just wondering…how on earth do all y’all catch ’em? They’re fast li’l buggers.

    Also, teeny nom!! I love little itty bitty lizards.

  98. @jesi: don’t you think there could’ve been such a scene in “fargo”?

  99. claudia (from uk. south shields) says:

    A lizard! LOL! How did that get there?LOL!