Built Rhino Tough!

Welcome to the RPG (Rhino Proving Grounds) here at Busch Gardens.  Each morning, new recruits report to their MOM (Maneuverable Obstacle Mentor) for a run on the training track, evading GNU (Ground Nuisance Units) before settling down for a well-earned NAP (Nighttime Asleep Procedure).  Sure it’s tough, but it’s how we make sure your next Rhino is rugged, maneuverable, and built to last.

In Tampa, your local Rhino dealer is Nick G.



  1. Birds, rhinos, and wildebeests, all jogging together @ 0:27 😯

  2. Bluemenro says:

    The ears on the baby are killing me!

  3. Aww such cute baby ears!!
    I love rhinos!! ❤

  4. holligans says:

    I’m trading in my Jeep for one!!
    (don’t you just love an animal with a fearsome horn AND bunny ears?)

  5. holligans says:

    @Theo: an amazing resemblance to our local “running” club.

  6. hehehe floppy feets while running!

  7. Sooooooooooooooooo cute-cute-cute! Made me smile for the first time all day.

  8. ze feets! its almost like he (she?) has to pick them up extra high to not trip over the toes… like running in shoes that are too big for you!

  9. 260Oakely says:

    I like the fact that the larger model comes with built in beverage holders.

  10. omg, they are… pause for speechlessness… indescribable! cute! amazing! what an awesome world we live in!

  11. Did I see a baby rhino tongue?? Squee!


  13. resriechan says:

    NTM — (consulting with you, in my liaison role,
    as a member of a family of a Navy Captain who flew A-7 Jets for 10 yrs — flew 100 missions/ Cuban M. Crisis, Korean War & VN; then was in charge of the squadron VA 82 for many years; then after serving at the Pentagon for 8 yrs; they wanted him to continue/ sign up for another stint, beginning as Rear Admiral next & –for some inexplicable reason– he felt he would prefer to retire to our home in North Florida instead …)

    YOU GET the whole bit of choosing acronyms & yet YA MADE THEM KYOOT ACRONYMS TOO.

    Look out, guy, or you could be summoned to a meeting with Our Pal Obama & the Joint Chiefs of Staff, soon !!!!

  14. 5^^now8ing says:

    Was going to ask if that was a momma rhino or a daddy rhino, but I see at around 0:50 that it’s def a momma. Who knew that rhinos have rear nipple-age à la cows instead of full-body nipplage à la cats & dogs!

    Didja know that, evolutionarily, early mammals all had a full set of nipples, with the later development of rear-only udders in the grazing animals and front/top mammaries in apes & humans? Which is why, occasionally, people have an extra nipple on their chests. 🙂 Fun anatomical fact brought to you courtesy of my father, the retired OB-GYN.

  15. Awww I’m so excited! I’ll be going to Busch Gardens in less than a month! Maybe I can take some more cute footage for everyone! 🙂

  16. thank you for that fascinating tidbit of knowledge, 5^^now8ing!
    as has been noted previously, CuteOverload is not only full of teh qte!, but also a never ending font of learning.

  17. Yeah the bebeh is totally cute, but my WORD that’s some graceful hoofing by such a large animal, aka MOM! I’m totally mesmerized by that running action! Heavens to Betsy.

  18. Man the mama’s head, it’s HUGE. Mind boggles.

  19. NTMTOM: yes, indeedy, that music was a VAST improvement!

    p.s. Love the acronyms!

  20. I’ll take the smaller unit, after it has been trained and grown up a tiny bit more.
    oh and – eeeeeeeeeee leetle rhino ear twitches!!!!
    He seems good at the NAP procedure. I am also experienced in that one.

  21. Gnus got guts! I wouldn’t even THINK about coming near a mama rhino with her baby. (OK, so I wouldn’t think about coming near ANY rhino . . . but still!)

    And thanks to whoever pointed out the foot floppage–I had to go back and watch again. Extremely cute.

  22. Baby:”mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamma MAMAmamamamamamamamamamamamamama…..mama?….. mamamamamamaamammamamamamamamamamama…..mama? mama?mama?mama?mama?mama?….MAAAAAAH!…. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!…… mamamamamamamamamamamamamamama…. hufffhufffff….. mamamamamamamamama….mmmaaa….mmmmmmaaaa….. humph……snif…snif….mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    Mom:”*sigh* finally, some me time…oof….”


  23. Adorabuhl bebeh is so tie tie after that foot flappin’ run!

  24. Thanks NOMTOM for posting this. I am having the worst few months EVAR, but the bebeh rhino running had me *squee*’ing loudly.

    P.S. The music made me think of “The Lion King” LOL

  25. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!! Looks like my dad’s development in Florida.

  26. Hey BRC: Hang in there, sweets, and Merry Christmas to you and yours! *hugs*

  27. Proof positive that baby anything are cute.

    *goes back to watch foot floppage. Again.*

  28. At the San Diego Wild Animal Park, you can take a truck waaaaaaaaaaay out into the back country and you get to HAND FEED giraffes and rhinoceraceraceraceraceses–OK, lotsa animals like in the vid. It is an amazing experience! The giraffes have to bend over to reach the height of the truck, and the rhinos (ha!) have prehensile lips that they use with amazing gentleness to take the food from your palm.

    HIGHLY recommended!!

  29. @Resrie, you often hear “The Joint Chiefs of Staff” shortened to just “The Joint Chiefs” and that always gave me a nanosecond “WTF?” when I heard it. “Huh– whaa– oh, yeah, that.”

  30. resriechan says:

    Theresa — coitanly yew couldn’t mean that your inference had ennythin’ ta do, wif a little lady called MaryJuwanna, couldja??????

    I must admit to you, that since me Da’ actually was the appointed guy to go to a JCS mtg “once upon a time” (he was the guy under the guy who normally attended, who was briefly out of town….during the Carter Administration — which was NOT my dad’s pref. Administration, democratic, dontcha know …..) …..in OUR household, the “Joint Chiefs” moniker never occurred, to my knowledge….
    not bloody likely !!!!! Perhaps next-door to our house!!!! (*snerk*)

    The Military Equiv. to a Preacher’s Kid

  31. Dear ButtaRumCake-yes, this is an awful time for you and we can only hug by distance, but the hugs are real and so is our affection for you. AS has been suggested “hang in there”-stay close, ok?

    Pretty fancy on her feet, that Momma Rhino. She does create some speed, too…

  32. I know that one Rule of Qte is that a thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute. Isn’t another rule of cuteness that if your Mom can impale, stomp, annihilate or otherwise destroy you, it’s cute?

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep, that’s some pretty fine running there by Big Mama and little Mr. FloppyFoots.
    VERY cute!! There’s nothing like babehs, of any kind whatsoever, to get that warm “yeah.. it’ll all be ok ..” feeling back into the room.

  34. omg, Tank Junior is ty-ty. Look at that muzzle!

  35. I never realized how much rhino ears resemble rabbit ears.

  36. resriechan says:

    @ Countess:

    Just recently CO had something VERRRRRRY close to that wording….I can’t recall but my mind seems to recall perhaps that it was a pic of a mama & baby ephelant aka elephant …..but, yes, the bit about an imposing Mama was recently suggested as a Rule. Not certain whether the Ed’s actually made the addition to the Offiche Rules…..

  37. Horn nubbin, people, horn nubbin. So cute.
    Loved the acronyms. I forget how fast Rhinos can run, but they was movin’!

    @260Oakley, I’m glad I’d finished my Coke, or I’d be in the market for a new laptop. Snerk… beverage holders… snort.

  38. Damn! I was at BG in mid-September. Wish I had been there for the little fellow’s debut 😦 How freakishly adorable is he is his wee little body armor and waggling earses? 😀

  39. I loff heem!!!!

  40. You really should get a job with the federal government creating new acronyms! Acronyms are the government’s first love. (The second is shortening words and phrases, like how “Secretary of the Navy” becomes “SecNav,” or how “Temporary Duty” somehow turns into “TDY.”)

  41. I read somewhere that the biggest cause of wildlife-related death among tourists in Africa was not due to cheetahs or lions or anything like that but rather COMING BETWEEN A MAMA RHINO AND HER BEBE…or maybe that was a mama hippo? one of those large-ish tank-ish type animoools. i respekt u, Rhinestone Mama!

  42. It’s a conga line!

  43. Thanks for the love ya’ll! ‘Tis reciprocated in triplicate LOL

    I had to play the vid again to refill my *squee*-meter

  44. dark element says:

    baby rhino to momma rhino ‘so what are we going to do today momma? can i pay the nintendo wii?
    momma rhino ‘cmon you know you dont have imposable thumbs’
    baby rhino ‘then what are we going to do today momma?’
    momma rhino ‘we are going to do what we did yesterday and go for a run .. and dont get distracted now’
    baby rhino ‘ok momma not getting distracted by the animals.. i do good yes?’
    momma rhino ‘yes baby you did great.. now go take a nap.. the sun is out.. its way past your bedtime’
    baby rhino ‘awww momma.. one day when i grow a horn like you i will protect you and keel any animal that messes with you momma!’
    momma rhino ‘thats great baby gnight’

  45. Well poop. Busch Gardens is only ~15 minutes away but I has not the monies to go. ._.;;

    Living in Tampa is awesome. Having no cash sucks.

  46. Squid Girl says:

    Watching that has made me SO VERY HAPPY!!!!!

  47. earlybird1 says:

    @5^^now8ing: I also was thinking “daddy rhino” until the wee one began to partake of the meelks! LOL!

  48. Wow! I had no idea rhino’s could move so fast!

  49. correction: rhinos….fingers were goin’ faster than the brain

  50. I swear when the bebe was running with the big feetsies, I heard ’em going “whuh, whuh, whuh, whaaa”.

  51. dark element says:

    baby rhino ‘hey momma where do babies come from?’
    momma rhino ‘well baby have you seen the movie ace ventura pet detective 2?’

  52. I love how Rhinos.. esp the bayybayy one.. always look like they are wearing clothes that are just one size too big.

  53. Queen of Dork says:

    I agree with the foot floppage fans…I’m a fan, too!!

  54. OHMAN. Li’l rhinos are the definition of “not grown into feet yet”!!! So much so that whenever I see a cutie patootie li’l puppydog, I go “LOOKIT DOSE BIG WHINO FEEETS!!!!”

    Clompin around, chewin stuff, nappin… that’s the life.

  55. aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! too cute!!!

  56. Love how Mama closes down the snack bar at nap time!

  57. My 2-legged babies got to see this 4-legged rhino-kid and Mom when they went with grandparents to BG a few weeks ago…my 9 year old daughter was desperately trying to figure out a way to smuggle them back in her luggage 🙂

  58. I think the airline would have noticed and “charged” for the extra weight-oh, snerrrrrrrrrrrrrrk.

  59. OK, the rhino has the same running gait or movement as a dog…it’s beautiful symmetry.
    Cute little rhino kid and mom’s doing a good job.

  60. Baby rhino cuddling up to big mama just kills me. Great commentary too.