The Milk Mustache Pales in Comparison to the Dreaded Furball ‘Stache

Excuse, me? I said I wanted a non-fat with extra-foam. And you gave me a full-fat with extra-fluff.

Not to mention that this biscotti appears to be a carrot, Andrea B.



  1. Circular fluffy coffee!

  2. resriechan says:

    Is that the floor at Maru’s house? ‘cuz it sure is KLEEEN enuff, tuh be!!!!!!

    The Pine-Sol Lady

  3. is that a hot cross bun?

  4. A bun a day keeps the winter drearies away! ‘Specially when it’s all warm an snuggly …

  5. I would like to eat his ears pleaze. Numnum, they look tasty. Okok, then maybe just kiss him on the forehead *mmmmmuuuuuuah* ^pat^pat^

    There, it’s done.

  6. I wanna see his face, darnit!

  7. I knew people were making amazing pictures with coffee foam but this takes the (carrot) cake.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    I would love a big sip of that! yummmmmm

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    (it has just occurred to me.. I guess “big” and “sip” are contradictory terms.. so sorry)

  10. Looks like a powder puff. Reminds me of Marc Antony and using the kitten as a powder/flower puff.

  11. @ceejoe: You reminded me of the joke about the two psychiatrists having lunch. In case you don’t know it, here it is:

    Two psychiatrists are having lunch together. One says to the other, “I was having dinner with my mother last night, and I made the most interesting Freudian slip. I meant to say, ‘Mother, would you please pass the hot cross buns,’ but instead I said, ‘You bitch, you ruined my life!'”

    As for the photo, cute bun! My coffee cups never seem to have anything fluffy in them, much to my dismay.

  12. It’s also hard to BEEP that little bugger…

  13. @Berg: LOL!

  14. Here he is next to the same cappuccino mug. We only managed to get one shot of him before he decided it was not fun sitting in it!

  15. @Berg, that joke is even funnier when it is told in a Bengali accent, for some reason. That’s how I first heard it. :mrgreen:

  16. i cannot see the disapproval….

    yet i can feel it.

  17. Andrea he is the cutest speckled bunny ever…

  18. 5^^now8ing says:

    Hot cross bun coffee foam pictures, and Berg’s joke — nicely warming up an icy day here!

  19. Theresa, I scrolled back up and read the joke again in a Bengali accent, and–by God, you’re right!

  20. @Theresa: I think just about any joke is funnier told in a Bengali accent.

    @Andrea: We seem to have that same linoleum–ours is in the bathroom. It’s far more attractive with a speckled bunny on it.

  21. I live with 2 marmies and, except for the color, my coffee cup always look like that…full of fluff!

  22. @Berg, or Scottish. :mrgreen:

  23. skippymom says:

    Theresa, have you ever heard Ray Magliozzi tell the story of how he went to his doctor (an Indian gent) for some minor complaint and the doctor, after examining him, told him that it was probably nothing. Then, after another second’s contemplation and with a sudden look of apparent relish, he said “Or, it could be a brain tumor!” The accent makes this story priceless.

  24. cookeez an’ cream bunnie !!!! do want!

  25. another variation on Meret Oppenheim’s fur-lined teacup…
    *yawns* how droll

  26. You could end up with a heck of a hare-lip by drinking from that cup.

  27. Nice one, Rachael! 😀

  28. Oh god, I should have thought to do things like this to Quincy when he was a baby.

  29. Can I have my fluff-bun on a hot chocolate please?

  30. @ed. – Point taken

  31. I would like another Bunneh-Latte, just like this one: xtra sprinkles on top, pleeze, and a large dollop of whipped cream…….!

  32. Niiiice, Rachel!
    Sweet bunny-kins.

  33. @Skippymom, Click and Clack have mined a deep comic vein with Indian callers, especially the unforgettable Mr. Arup Gupta. :mrgreen:

  34. Yes, please! (Takes mug, buries face in bun-bun fluff) Delicious!

  35. I luv buns in cups. But why do buns love cups? We’ll never now.
    For 2011, I propose a page-a-day-bun-in-a-cup calender-

  36. I’ll take 2 to go!

  37. wait

    is that bun in a cup?

    or cup o’ bun?

  38. It’s a bunnoccino!