Double Scoop Mint Chip with hamster topping coming up

I assume you want chocolate sauce over the whole thing?

Say yes, Nehama V.!





  2. rapunzel210 says:

    One little noms is all it would take.

  3. oh. my. GAWD. that leetle peenk nose is like a leetle gumdrop!

  4. ~beeps the pink nosie~

  5. I think I’m in love. *swoon*

  6. I am going to write a C.O. musical and call it “Hamelot”

  7. Plink Plink

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if hamsters came in the colors of ice cream flavors like green with flecks of back for mint chocolate chip!! And white with rainbow flecks for Birthday Cake!!! *Sigh* But you know there is some crazy person out there taking a magic marker (non-toxic of course) to their hammy. lol

  8. No, silly, no choklit, he’s already marshmallow fluff! A little butterscotch wouldn’t hurt, though….lightly drizzled…

  9. *SNORF*


  10. Needs some strawberry ice cream to go with the PEENK nosicle and paddypaws.

  11. At first I thought, that ain’t no hamster with that tail! But I guess it’s actually some serious leg danglage. I am finding the positioning of the appendages on this dude slightly confusing.
    Oh, and by the way: NOSE BEEP!

  12. Delicious! May I have seconds, please?

  13. Yes, I’ll have a couple of those in my hot chocolate … 🙂

  14. BabyOpossum says:

    Love the rear paws curving around to hold on to the thumb. Don’t drop meh!

  15. homer mariner says:

    Would you mind passing that around so we can all give it a squeeze? What I wouldn’t give for a good hamster squeeze on a chilly day like today!

  16. I’m taking that little marshmallow and making s’mores!

    Don’t for get to BEEP before popping it in your mowf.

  17. OW! I just broke mah nose trying to nom heem through the computers!

  18. That serious stare says put me down.

  19. All that hammie needs is a little cherry on top. Nom!

  20. Don’t tell my cranky Campbell’s, but I find Roborovski’s to be almost scarily cute!

  21. I used to have Siberian hamsters like that. They’re so furry, they even have fur on the soles of their feet. And considering how near-expiring they looked at the peak of a London summer I dread to think how they can possibly survive being kept as pets in say, Arizona or Texas …

  22. One word Gledwood (or two letters, however you wants to count it) A/C! I know I wouldn’t survivie in either place without it.

  23. 5^^now8ing says:

    Wait — Siberian hamsters are a REAL thing? I thought that was just a ruse to fool Basil Fawlty!?

  24. We’re hams of the round table,
    We dance whene’er we’re able,
    We do routines and chorus scenes with footwork impec-cable,
    We dine well here in Hamelot, we eat clams and jam and Spam a lot.

  25. Meg, you do the BEST captions 🙂

  26. Bluemenro says:

    Hammies are not really my thang, but this one is SO darn cute! I love the adorable little pout on his face!

  27. Milly_eee says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee omg. why can we not have hams in Australia? I feel so robbed.

  28. Siberian hamster? Rlly?? Does he converse in fluent Russian, or Hammyspeak?
    Well, it matters not; all he hasta do is drill me with that Killer-Qte Hammy Stare and I am done, finito!! Crash! Boom! Thud!

  29. skippymom says:

    Why can’t you have hamsters in Australia?

  30. Are those eyes dark chocolate candies?? Nom nom…

  31. @ skippymom ref: post 11 I think that’s one of the owner’s finger in the background and as for post 28 since they are not native I think they wont let them in so they don’t have the same problem as with other non native species that caused a lot of trouble over there.

  32. So perfectly small and cute!

  33. I believe I have discovered the most adorable ham EVAR. Life is complete naokthnxbai.

  34. I believe this thing is PERFECT for removing make-up! Even for sensetive skin, yes.

  35. what a strangely long hind leg… complete with teeeensy claws! COXCU??

  36. I’m loving all the hammie action on CO. They are the best!!! More please!

  37. MoonCatty says:

    If a powder puff had an anerable face and preecious footsies, this is what it would look like.

  38. in a sugar cone please.

  39. I second that emoticon, 5^^8, and thought Siberian ‘amsters were only Fawlty punchlines. And there ya go: an alternate name for the Russian Dwarf Winter White, which should be a fauncy paint shade name like Natural Calico.
    Or a Ben’n’Jerry’s flavour: Green Eggs & Siberian Ham.
    And it comes with its own peenk icing!

  40. Space Cowgirl says:

    ADORABLE! *screech*

    Sorry bout the capslock, lost control for a second there…

  41. janet2buns says:

    @Katrina #8: One of my 2buns is named Drizzle, ‘cuz of his resemblance to a scoop of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce drizzled on top…..he is delishus!

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    This is one of the prettiest hamsters I have ever seen.

    *teeny beep*
    *delicate boop*

  43. 1. This baby is a SHE
    2. Her name was Fatso Baby (Sadly, she passed away in March)
    3. She eventually lost all that weight!!! 😛 But it was pretty funny while it lasted
    4. She’s a White-Faced Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

    [R.I.P. li’l Robo girl 😦 – Ed.]

  44. CatViccer says:


  45. One bite, and this little ball of cotton is all gone.

  46. Just in case anyone’s confused about dwarf hammie species… let me help. Little powderpuff hammie pictured is a Campbell’s dwarf. (Platinum blue/lilac I believe, but kinda hard to tell in the pic.) They are also referred to (esp in pet stores) as: Siberian, Russian, and “those leetle buggers”, but those are just nicknames. The other common (but newer) dwarf is the Winter White. This is a different species than the Campbells but since they also originate from the same basic area, they too are sometimes called “Russian” or “Siberian” dwarves. In addition, *some* national chain petstores are getting their stock from unscrupulous commercial breeders who have interbred the two species creating a hybred… not only adding to the confusion, but also endangering (tainting) the pure species. (Ok, this may be a little bit more info than you needed, but since I had the floor I thought I would inform.)

    There are a couple other dwarf hamster species, but they are not common in captivity… nor legal for that matter. (You know… that California/Australia thing.)

    That’s all for now.

  47. Oh yes… I should prolly mention the Robo’s (I forget the spelling of the full name). The are quite new to captivity but gaining popularity. They are a little smaller than Campbells and Winter Whites, and are quite adorabuhls. But they are also VERY squirrally. Not for the timid or feeble in dexterity.

  48. Response to SPB
    This photo is of my hamster, and she was a white-face Roborovski hamster. Not a Campbell. Thanks for the info though.

  49. @spb Actually I thought the little guy was a white-faced Robo.

    Whatever it’s species, it’s 1000% adorabuhls.

  50. I used to have a gray-white Roborovski hamster with those fabulous white eyebrows. Wasn’t quite as fluffy as this adorable baby was, but a great little hammy. My other dwarf hammies never quite had this much fluffiness, but they were all dear babies. I love dwarf hammies – best pet on earth, and hedgehogs a very close second.

  51. Drat, timing. I swear that reply from the owner wasn’t up when I wrote my first. Sigh.

  52. Response to Sinick
    Tis okay! 🙂 It’s flattering to get such nice compliments!!!
    I think the reason she was so overweight was because initially I had found homes for her two brothers, but she had a very aggressive sister and the home fell through. At the beginning they didn’t really fight, but I believe that she was hording food/overeating because her sister was bullying her. Once I found a new home for the sister, this little puff ball slimmed down to normal Roborovski size. Every time people asked why her name was FatsoBaby since she wasn’t ‘fat,’ all I would do is show this photo!!! 😉 😉 😉

  53. Definitely a Robo. What a beauty! Rest in peace, little one.

  54. California pet law should be seriously redone. I hate California not just for that reason. They are Ferret haters. They are so worried about them getting into the wild and screwing things up for those ‘benevolent’ corporations.

  55. What a beautiful punum!

  56. she looks vewy vewy kissable *mmmmmuuuuuah* *beep*

  57. @Nehama V. – Awww. Thanks for the cute story! I’ve heard of them hoarding food before, it’s good that she relaxed once separated from her sister.
    I went to your Flickr set and thoroughly enjoyed looking around, lots more hammie adorableness there! 😀

  58. yay nehama!!!!!!! she always has adorable pictures of her hamsters.
    rest in peace fatso baby 😦

  59. Thanks Sinick!
    Yeah, unfortunantly I didn’t have the best camera when I had my Robo’s. 😦 But have some great shots of my Syrians 🙂

  60. Maria Giorgia says:

    I want iiit ! ❤

  61. TA APERTAAANDO O: oooooounw iguazinho oo meu *-*