THIS JUST IN: Maltese puppy does not want to wake up

[Whispering] Ladies and Gentlemen, Noodles has decided to sleep in. We’ve tried Sausage-smell-smelling salts—nothing will awaken her.

All we can do is patiently wait, make sure her ear bows stay on, and photograph the hell out of the situation.

We’ll check back on this story this afternoon. Miguel G. at Petographer will keep us informed.



  1. What a cutiepie! I thought Malteseses were white…?

  2. paranoiagirl says:

    GAH! So cute 😀 Is that a pink and purple backpack taboot?


  3. Trabb's Boy says:

    She’s ded from her own qte.

  4. I’ll have fifty pounds of sausage-scented smelling salts, please. :mrgreen:

    Does it come in bacon??

  5. Noodles!!!! I’d like a large bowlful, pretty please.

    Her adorabuhlness speaks for itself. No reason for her to ruin her beauty sleep.

  6. There is no apparent reason for her to wake up: she is dreaming the blissful dream of Teh Qte; nothing, short of a natural disaster, will disturb this happy slumber……!
    (or mebbee a puppeh treat….. 😉 )

  7. Andi from NC says:

    Love the name Noodles – perfect!!!! The bows are awesome.

    I’m feeling a little faint…. I definitely need lie down for a minute… *thud*

  8. See…Noodles obviously lives in the Chicago/WI/UP- Michigan Area and paid more attention to last night’s weather report than I did and has decided to sleep in to avoid the first major snowfall and ensuing traffic snarls. Sleep tight little Noodle…and don’t wake up until next week…more snow on the way and 18 degree temps by the end of the week!

  9. AuntieMame says:

    I know the feeling Noodles. Just five more minutes!

  10. Yup, she knows it’s Monday.

  11. LOL and I like a noodle Kept clicking on the pictures HEhehehe

    What?? Like you all weren’t following hte hovertext suggestion!

  12. That bundle of sweetness has NO FACE in the fist pic !!!

  13. Those bows are reDONK.

    Ahh, snowdays, Suzanne.

  14. So cute, the second picture is the best one, poor puppy he has a serious case of monday-fobia so ill recomend to let the puppy sleep till tomorrow

  15. SOOOOO adorable.. awe. great pics!

  16. Lol :))) What kind of batteries does it takes? maybe you should change them?

  17. [quietly] beep

  18. That’s not a Maltese! That’s a Wheaten Terrier puppeh!

  19. Not a wheaten. WAY too small.

    I’m guessing its a maltese/yorkie mix.
    Noodles the Morkie. 🙂

  20. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I agree, Miss Noodles has to be Maltese mixed with Yorkie.

    What a lovely little princess.

  21. CUUUUUUUUUTE! oh, sorry, too loud- cuuuuuuuuuute!

    (I agree.. Maltie and Yorkie combo. Can’t be beat!)

  23. My old pup could’ve had those ribbons off in ten minutes top. Anyone have someone with a similiar time?

  24. 5^^now8ing says:

    I see the CO techie team fixed the portal to the other CO dimension *just* in time for Meg’s hovertext-click-instructions! Or we’d ALL be in that parallel universe and it might a-splode and block the exitandwe’dallbeSTUCKtherewithoutnewQteness!!! Whew!!

    Not to see this Maltie-Yorkie-Wheaten-Noodle woulda been a *real* shame!

  25. Okay okay okay! I was considering going out in the cold and snow to visit my friends’ dogs, and this defenitely convinced me it was the thing to do!

  26. What a cutie pie…but that doesn’t like at all like a maltese to me, maybe lasa apso? shih tzu?

  27. muttluver says:

    Theresa, wouldja mind sharing those smelling salts with paranoiagirl and Andi from NC? Kthnx. And I think we need Queen of Dork in here stat. I’ll go get some ice cubes for shock treatment.

    Teh puppeh is ANERABUHLS. WANT. Must cuddle…..

  28. Cutie! Looks like she could be a Maltipoo

  29. muttluver-you are so sweet to help out our fellow peeps-this picture might just be a killer!

  30. That sure does look like a wheaten puppy to me.
    It look just like my doggie when it was a puppy.

  31. So cute!! I’m pretty sure it’s a havanese…