The Amazing Flying Foxes

If you were expecting actual flying foxes – sorry, but we have something better – bats!

And may I introduce you to Beatrice, our resident gossip hound:

These tiny freaking gigantic flying foxes are a type of bat vital for the pollination of tropical plants, yet they’re listed as “vulnerable” on the endangered species list.

These two guys come from the Tolga Bat Hospital that rescues, rehabilitates and releases hundreds of bats that would otherwise die. They also provide lifetime sanctuary for many bats that are too severely injured to return to the wild or have been retired from zoos.

Check out:

Thanks, Alina K.



  1. aww i want a pet bat!

  2. i will luvh u and hug u and callh u rindeh! lol

  3. kibblenibble says:

    Battie is HOLDING the watermelon wedge with his wings! Qte!!!! nom nom nom

    Second bat looks so wise with his grey hair. So glad these sweeties are resQte.


  4. Gorgeous, awesome animals!!! I’m proud now that my middle name is Beatrice. 🙂

  5. i loff you water-may-lon, i loff you so mosh! mwah, mwah, mwah!! i shall slip you zee tongue as i embrace you!!

  6. I love these — they look like flying puppies!!!!! And who wouldn’t want that?

  7. LOL at the 1st pic. He looks so excited by and in love with his watermelon slice. Reminds me of the squirell-thing from “Ice Age” with his beloved acorn.

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Whooaaa. The wing has some sort of gigantic forefinger or something on it.

  9. YIKES!!! Gosh, I love them. I’ll never forget the all-time great CO Posting, “Baby Bat with a Binky.”

    They look so adorable when they are still, but I imagine that when they fly around, that could be a bit disconcerting.

  10. P.S. I DO LOVE how the second bat is hanging on the rack right next to the washing. So cute.

  11. Beauregard says:

    LOL! Why is that first guy all damp? Is it because he was making out with a watermelon slice?

  12. You forgot the obligatory “nom nom, i can haz watermelon?” on the first picture!

  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    So, do these bats swoop down out of the night on the watermelon patches, slice up the melons, and carry them back to their lairs? I’d go to Australia to see that!

  14. *snork*! Earsies! Bulging eyes-es! smeagol!!

    queen of D, the bone structure of the bat wing is like a big bonah hand…

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    Paunchie: It certainly does look like that!
    Theresa: There’s this place called Mackinac Island, Michigan in Lake Huron. In the Spring when I was there years ago, hundreds of bats would fly around at dusk. It was pretty cool!

  16. the bug man says:

    Of *course* you use a laundry rack for hanging up your bats. I just wish I’d thought of it first.

  17. Courtney S. says:

    Is it just me, or do these little guys look kind of like the goblins from “Labyrinth”?

  18. These little dudes are awesome!

  19. While I will admit that their little faces are adorable, bats of all kinds still absof*ckinglutely terrify me. Sorry little dudes. But keep on keeping on! You’re in Australia (far, far away) so I’m happy you’re getting the help you need!

  20. What is this, BATurday?

  21. omg look at those EYES! And that tongue! And the widdle toesies! And the nosicle!

    I iz dead. A bat killed me. It was not a Vampire bat, but an Adorable-pire bat. It kills with cuteness.

  22. Awesome in every possible way.

  23. Cutest flying mammal ever !

  24. I once visited Austin TX ( a LOVELY city) and saw all the batses fly out from the Congress Ave bridge. AWESOME.

    I guess first batsy is on the watermelon diet and that is how she keeps her trim figure. Although she has a bit too much product in her hair. Dear, if you are going to gel, you must emulsify the gel in your hands before application.

  25. He wubs his watewmewon! I swear I had a sweet little chihuahua boy who looked just like that, ‘cept his ears were much bigger. And he didn’t have that bony finger thing goin’ on. Makes me miss my Ozzy. 😦

    I had no idea bats were so freaking adorable!! ❤

  26. whoa whoa whoa, @sporkles nosicle reminded me – WHERE THE FRICK DID NOSEVEMBER GO!!!!!

    darn you nom-vember-ists :p see what you did?! i didn’t recall nosevember or nomvember being mentioned in november – and upon a quick review i didn’t see a single mention of nosevember or nomvember after the winner was announced on nov 3 (even though the opportunity arose – nose freckle doggie, chipmunk eating cracker, hedgehog nosicle peeking out of coffee cup and even this post: )!!! united we stand, divided we fall people!!!! we ended up with neither!!! baroooooooo!!

    ps i am not actually mad – so don’t you dare turn this into a commentroversy! :p and i mean you *pointing a you* yeah, you!!

  27. ew…not for me.

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    kat: We’ll move on. What should we call December? Is there a word already for it? How about….ummmmm….I can’t think of anything. How about… Happy Cold and Flu Season! No, wait. That’s not cute at all. That’s not furry. Are cold germs furry? Probably not. hmmmmmmmmm.


    I enjoy these C.O. Endangered PSAs very mosh. I encourage more of them so that us aminule lovers can support endangered species–cute OR ugly!

  30. I hate to say it but yes there are giant cute microbes. And I love the bats 🙂

  31. gravyboat says:


  32. Ohhhhh I love them sooo!!! I love their little faces and how they look at you like puppies … if I could have a fruit bat friend who would visit me all the time I would be happy. 🙂

  33. Love the first Bat licking his watermelon slice.
    See his little Bat tongue in mid lick.

  34. 5^^now8ing says:

    Shimmr beat me to it, QoD! I was gonna say that a couple of years ago, each Christmas stocking in our family had an adorable plush microbe peeking out! “Flu” and “Common Cold” are still peering at me from the bookcase, even as I type. Daughter #1 got “Bubonic Plague,” a particular obsession of hers.
    (Why, no, we’re not a weird family, at all. Why do you ask?)

  35. the first one is all “mine! mine! mine!!!!”

    so cute!! why aren’t any bats hanging from MY clothes rack!??!?!

  36. LovesDogs says:

    I love bats!

  37. QoD: I actually have plenty of experience with batties, but the normal-sized kind– the little guys! I spent some summers upstate and in New England climes, where out they come every evening, zipping around and squeaking. Always nice to see them. These guys are considerably bigger!

  38. I thought flying foxes are bats. Yes?

  39. I want to snorgle… a bat.


    Walks off in a daze.

  40. @ violet – Yes, you are absolutely correct. I updated the post to (hopefully?) make it less confusing.

  41. Yup, just let it sink in, Sniper, who knew snorgling ws for bats, too…

    Yes, it does look like puppy-dog eyesies, what a dear, dear critter! Both are welcome at my house!

  42. Those leathery wings and claws kinda freak me out, but they do have the most adorable, doggy faces and those huge eyes. Here’s hoping the flying foxes continue to fly in Oz!

  43. @ violet Yes Flying foxes are bats. There are many kinds of bats and I love them all. The most fun I ever had in church was at the rehearsal for my confirmation when a bat got in the church and the priest kept crouching every time it flew over him. Yes I know I’m going to hell 😉

  44. Shadowtiger says:

    Most bats look like their face got set on fire and then someone beat the flames out with a potato masher. Flying foxes, on the other hand, are adorable. Especially when they’re making out with a watermelon slice.

  45. Had a bat in our church too – I got it out with help from a choir member – it was so cute flying around! 🙂

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    5: Kind of like the Adams Family? Me and my kid and cat are kind of weird, too.
    Theresa: I should have known as you are residence of the sort of North East area. (Which I sooooooooo dearly miss)

  47. Cute buggers, allright. They also have very soft fur.

  48. BEEP!

    Me want…

  49. Those bats are so beautiful!

  50. Shimmr and 5^^now8ing, a friend of mine gave me an E. coli for a present recently. It was much appreciated, as she knew it would be. Of course I’m a biologist (as is she) so we are already complete geeks.

    And by the way, it’s snowing in New York, first snow of the year!

  51. I have a mixed puppy that has that same face lol

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    AmyJ: Hooray for us Geeks! We shall some day rule the world!

    (Pinky and the Brain, Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain!!)

  53. Pardon the nerdy question…how does one get “retired from a zoo”? I mean, is there an elderly age limit? I don’t exactly go to a zoo (during the day) expecting the bats to be particularly spry…and I kinda thought the zoo was where you got to retire, were you an animal.
    More importantly, when you are retired, is there a pension plan?

  54. OMG. adorable. and a bat hospital. so cool. and look, a heaping plate of burrbatitos ready for scooping up and snorgling!

  55. 😆 It looks more like someone was going to have a piece of watermelon and that fruit bat beat them to it 😆 so they had to get themselves another piece of watermelon while the bat had the other piece 😆

  56. BEEP!

  57. Queen of Dork says:

    Where’s Metz? Is she okay?

    [I think so, she was posting on CuteTalk today as usual – Ed.]

  58. > Whooaaa. The wing has some sort of gigantic forefinger or something on it.

    It does. They are. A bat’s wings *are* its hands. 🙂

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Totally unrelated question but seeking free info:

    There are too many cords related to my laptop. Would a wireless mouse work for a laptop? (does anyone out there have advise about such a thing?) Or do wireless meeses only work for PCs?

    End of my threadnab and sorry about that but my cord things are really getting on my nerves. Sorry. Delete if necessary. The end.

    [Something like this, maybe? – Ed.]

  60. Von Zeppelin says:

    QoD, I use a wireless mouse with my laptop very happily. You just plug the receiver thingie (as we computer experts call them) into a USB port, and Voila! You are mousing away!

    I still like the bat. I occasionally hold my dachsobeagle Sam’s ears out at a 45 degree angle so he can do his giant fruit bat impersonation. Hold the ears straight up, and he is Anubis, God of the Dead.

  61. @qod – you can def get a wireless mouse for your laptop!!

    you can get a usb one where you plug a little thingy into a usb port, and the wireless mouse works off of that

    my husb informs me that there are also bluetooth mice, but i guess it would already be built into your laptop

  62. I think David Letterman said it best (when Jack Hanna brought a big ol’ bat on the show): “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THAT CHIHUAHUA?!?”

  63. 260Oakley says:

    Remake of Flying Leathernecks, starring Scott Batcula

    [snicker/groan – Ed.]

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks, guys! This was just precisely the information I was looking for. I will get this mouse. And I love how you had the scientific term “thingie” because that speaks my language! 🙂 I LOVE this site!

  65. Love bats! Does anyone know where I can find blueprints or directions for building a bat house kind of thing? From what I’ve heard, a bat house kinda thing is a bit like a gazebo ceiling on stilts where there are plenty of rafter-like thingies from which the little cuties hang during the day. Yes, I’m sane and yes, I’m serious about this. I live in sweaty Florida, where the state bird is the mosquito and I know that a bat can eat more than its weight a night in mosquitoes.

  66. Note the tongue in the first photo.

  67. What an adorable bat bat! He kind of looks like the little min pin puppy I was playing with last night during puppy play time. I wanted to take him home, too.

  68. Wow, Beatrice is a GAZILLION times prettier than our bats. Our bats do have very pretty fur, but the faces…???

    *runs away screaming*

  69. I do NOT know why, but I LOVE BATS. I have since I was a child. Bats..and Frogs. But, especially bats. I wanna work at that hospital. I wanna feed a bat some watermelon! WANT WANT WANT

  70. fish eye no miko says:

    Picture one: “OMG, I’m gonna be able to eat for a WEEK!”
    Picture two: “Oh, just hanging around. You?”

  71. Wordgirl: Go to BCI…Bat Conservation International…on the web and merlin tuttle (the founder and awesome photographer) has bat house plans…even houses…you can buy…the site is dedicated to bat conservation. I’ve worked with Merlin and his crew in the past mist-netting and banding bats and it’s facinating work.

  72. the bug man says:

    Wordgirl: awesome! I heartily support you in your bat-housing efforts. As happycat notes in #71, there are a bunch of places that offer bat-house designs. You may already know this (feel free to ignore and/or throw pudding if you do), but apparently the width between the slats inside the house has to be arranged with a particular species in mind. Bats are apparently very fussy about the width between their slats. So you have to figure out which bats you have locally and custom-make the house for that species.

    My family put up some very successful bat-houses at their summer cabin in Wisconsin. If you peer up there with a flashlight, there’s a mild outburst of huddling and squeaking.

  73. TheIglets says:

    That bat us cuter than my dog!

    Seems like most of Australia’s creatures are always extreme. Deadliest. Cutest. Biggest. Smallest. Got to get there someday!

  74. Hey Wordgirl and anyone else interested
    here is a link to get plans
    BAt House Plans

    Hope these help you out! Bats are an important part of our world!

  75. For all of you that would like bat house instructions or other ways to help batties all over the world, go to International Bat Conservation Society.
    Some batties are not as anerable at the Flying Foxes, but bats are so important to nature.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flying Foxes. so beautiful.
    Thanks for featuring them.

  76. @Golden:
    I know why: Bats and Frogs are some of the cutest animals ever. Everyone should have a frog and/or bat as a friend.

  77. So cute! Look at those big eyes!

    Once saw blues artist Rory Block play a local 1800’s-era Grange hall that was turned into a concert venue. It started pouring rain outside and then a bat flew in the window and made a beeline right for Rory’s head. She just kept playing like nothing happened. It was amazing

  78. That one with the watermelon is too cute.

  79. omg more bat pics are necessary! stat!

  80. It’s STELLA LUNA!!!!!!!!

  81. In the summer time we have a bat that lives in our shutters. It’s a Little Brown Bat, so very tiny with a squishy face. We don’t know if it’s the same bat every year, but we call whatever bat is in there “Pat” because we don’t know if it’s male or female.

    I love it….I just want to take it home and give it all the watermelon it needs ^ ^

  83. Hm, I emailed CO HQ last week and asked them to put up pics of burrowing owls that were going to be wiped out of a feeding area in Mountain View; request denied because CO isn’t an “advocacy site.”

    [We’re an entertainment site, yes. – Ed.]

  84. @ bucky

    you broke Batcon! they exceeded bandwith!

  85. Downunder Sugarglider says:

    Oh yeah the flying foxes. yes they are cute BUT they hang out in crowds that number tens of thousands. They have a huge colony on Sydney’s North Shore – 50,000 – and at night – esp. during summer, they stream out and fly towards Sydney Harbour to feast on the Port Jackson Fig trees. thousands of them. Where they live is noisy and stinky. a few years ago a huge group of them decided to roost in the Sydney Botanic Gardens and it was a nightmare. They damage all the trees and are hard to remove. The staff were bashing metal garbage tin lids during the day to disturb their sleep in the hope they would move on. Similar sized colony in Brisbane. I once went to Mataranka Springs (near Darwin) and a huge colony had completely destroyed acres of palm trees – stripping off all the leaves. left HUGE piles of guarana and had fouled the natural springs. So they are great when they are out in the wilderness doing their thing – but the city doesn’t really mix with bats. i feel sorry for them cause they are vital in biodiversity and deserve to be protected.

  86. *snork* at “Rind-y”! 😆

    Hooray for the Tolga Bat Hospital! 😀

  87. Mabel Leane says:

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!! I ❤ them!!!!!!

  88. darkshines says:

    I adore bats. I am in fact batty about bats.

  89. Sing with me now..

    Ha ha ha
    Hee hee hee
    Little brown bat,
    don’t I love thee?!

    Thanks for the bat house designs-I know what I want for Hannukah!

  90. Hooray for bats! It reinforced what a total pushover I am for animals when I had a cute attack at a wildlife rehab center earlier this year. They had a little brown bat recuperating there and they were feeding her….live mealworms! Yep, despite the crawly factor, I could not help but go “Awwwww” watching her hanging upside down and chowing down on her dinner.The tiny furry brown face! The teensy feet clinging to the top of the cage!

  91. But where is the TONGUE-HANCE?!

  92. my parents live in the country and on summer evenins the bugs made sitting outside really unpleasant – untill my dad put up a bat house. The bats totally take care of those bugs

  93. Queen of Dork says:

    Calliope: They eat hanging upside down? How is that possible? It seems that would defy the laws of gravity. Like if you ate hanging upside down, the food would bi-pass the whole pesky stomach, intestine, digestion thing and go directly to the brain. But I guess bats are able to do that. I’m going to try that! I’m going to stand on my head and take a bite of a sandwich and see what happens! Bye!

  94. They have a colony of these fellas at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. I took some pictures of them training them – they have to come touch a target with their nose so they will be manageable for health checkups and such.

    Target training the flying foxes

    Here’s one that cheated by using his paw to touch the target instead of his nose. They are not supposed to do this – it’s cheating!

    They are not good at precision navigation in an enclosed space, because they have no echolocation. So sometimes they crash into the ground and then need to climb up a (thoughtfully provided) rope to get back to the ceiling. Imagine the embarrassment!

  95. Now I’m craving a big hunk of watermelon.

  96. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    WHAT…is the air speed velocity of a bat carrying a watermelon?

  97. I would call the leetle bat “Lugosi” its quite fitting.

  98. Ellen, I am SO JEALOUS!!!!!

  99. PS I love how their big beady eyes are just a little too close together. it gives them a constant look of “WTF???”

  100. Argyle, would that be a European bat or an African bat?

  101. “Bats and racks”?

  102. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    That is one moist nosicle.

    Actually, in that first photo, everything looks pretty moist 😉

  103. And that first pic is so totally Bartok, from the animated Anastasia…, only black not white… (Bartok was the best thing about that flick, btw– henchman/bat with a heart of gold)

  104. OMG this is insanely adorable!! that little cutie and the tongue 🙂

    and the the second one is like trying really hard to look creepy but with no success ♥

  105. I love these guys! The first bat looks so freaked out, I’m glad he has Rind-y! Bats are just really cool, and really cute!

  106. Resqte tag, maybe?

  107. what?! no tongue-hance?! with watermelon even?!
    . . .
    they’re still darn ky00t though =^.^=

  108. I love flying foxes <333

  109. “It could grip it by the husk. . . ”


    Fruit bat…. Anubis……fruit bat….. Anubis *snort*

    And beat out the flames with a potato masher !!

    y'all are KEELING moi today! LOLOL

  110. Looks suspiciously like my long hair Chihuahua, Enzo, without the cool wings of course. Enzo now wants Santa to bring him bat wings for Christmas, oh yea, watermelon too.

  111. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey guys, are our wonderful admins okay? No new posts for awhile. Maybe they’re busy with the calendars?

    [Bingo. – Ed.]

  112. Hey Holly, if you made him some wings like that, that would be one b*tchin’ halloween costume for next year!

  113. I go caving a lot….and since I live in western new york I mostly see the leetle brown bats hanging upside down from the cave ceiling (which still tickles me…holy archetype) I think if I saw a flying fox I would have a small heart fluttering. They are awfully cute, but still it may be alarming to be wading through cave water then all of a sudden BAM FRUIT BAT IN THE FACE. Haha.

  114. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, thanks, Eds. Its gotta be really time consuming to write captions for every single day of the year AND maintain this website. But you’re all really good at it! Thank you!

  115. rubber duck says:

    OMG flying foxes!!! I love flying foxes! They’re so cute they almost make me want to cry sometimes.

    Great pictures, too!

  116. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: Is there a phone number for Amazon to order a calendar? I don’t like to put my card number on-line…I’d really like to buy one if possible over the phone.

  117. Do bats have some sort of special throat mechanism which enables them to be able to swallow upside down? Ever tried it? It is not easy! Don’t ask, Von Zep, just, well, if you must…if you are around-or even a trapezoid…

  118. Queen of Dork says:

    Katrina: I KNOW! That’s what I thought, too! How the heck can you swallow while up-side down?!

  119. Thanks for the idea Paunchie!! Enzo has agreed to be a flying fox next year, so Santa better get crackin’ on those wings.

  120. @ QofD: So how did the eating while upside down experiment go? I was relieved to see you back a while after you wrote that. You may have had half a sandwich coming out your nose, but at least you survived.

    And HEARTFELT THANKS to those who sent me to the right places to find out how to build a bat house. Just goes to show: The folks who spend time at Teh Qte are some of the nicest people in the world.

    @ Bug Man: Actually, I was fascinated by what you wrote. I had no idea bats could be so particular about the widths between the slats. Fortunately the University of Florida folks, about 60 miles from me, had to build a bat house a couple of years ago so they’ll know what kind of bats I’m likely to get in the Daytona area.

    @ Editor: I have to agree with those who really want to see a TONGUE-hance!

  121. Queen of Dork says:

    Wordgirl: It did not go well. Maybe bats can do it but I can’t. Now I have a big bruise on the top of my head, I twisted my neck, sprained both wrists and an ankle and almost choked to death. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

  122. MoonCatty says:

    First pic: “I vant to drink your vatermelon juice… ”

    For the second pic, I had no idea that a bat tummy could look so inviting to a scritch and tickle! Bats are just amazing, their hands are wings, they have radar, they pollinate, plus eat loads of pesky insects. Bats rock!

  123. @ QofD: I’ll be right over. I have ice packs for your head and neck (no heat packs for the first 24 hours) and Ace bandages for wrists and ankles. I’ll even make you chicken soup – the real Jewish stuff that starts with a raw chicken and gets topped off with matzoh balls and love. Courage, Camille!

  124. Queen of Dork says:

    Wordgirl: Yay!!!! Yummy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  125. QofD: You’ll feel better in the morning, I promise – provided you don’t try to eat the soup while standing on your head. It’s a bat thing. We don’t understand.

  126. I love flying foxes. They’re some of the only bats that don’t immediately look like they smell a fart or look like roaches with fur. Or look like farty, furry, flying roaches who insist that odor isn’t coming from them.

  127. platedlizard says:
  128. All bats have a thumb and four fingers. This guy’s using his long thumbs to hold the watermelon, and his other four fingers have all the extra skin between the fingers to form the wing. has more info on bats, and there are some cute flying fox photos there, too. The bats at the giant U of F bat house are all Mexican Freetailed bats, and they are found across FL and the southern US (and eat a LOT of insects!) ^..^

  129. @ Wordgirl – Unfortunately the resolution is too low to get you the tongue-hance. Too bad Rind-y doesn’t have a camera.

  130. OMG I have never seen one of these before – Thank you so much for sharing, I am now researching to find info on.

  131. I don’t know if bats usually eat upside down…but this one did.
    Hope you are OK QofD 🙂

  132. BBCaddict says:


  133. @ Prongs: Too bad about the resolution. I think I was the fifth or sixth person who mentioned how nice a tongue-hance would have been. BTW, I sometimes worry about you. You often show a sense of humour that’s almost so demented as NTMTOM’s. You’re going to wind up being adored as much as he is if you’re not very careful.

  134. darkshines says:

    Twinkle, twinkle little bat,
    How I wonder what you’re at,
    Up above the world so high,
    Like a teatray in the sky…..

  135. The FatBat (Not Batman {TM}) (An unlikely superhero…)

    There was once a bat and he was fat
    When hired by the Secret Service
    As sly as cats though he was bats
    He’d done his duties though quite nervous;

    When a job was done, and he had won
    He’d stuff his face ’til he was nerveless
    Today he’d come to his watermelon
    To snorgle the reward which was his;

    Little did they know (it did not show)
    His fatness behind those action scenes;
    And ’twas because not all that he does
    Was actually done by him, it seems.

    His alter ego, if you wish to know
    Was another bat, younger and so true;
    A smaller sidekick, who gave not a lick
    Whether he’d received his due;

    Instead he hung around
    And he never frowned
    Until the call came again
    For FatBat’s wrath to rain.

    (Just so you know: FatBat’s fatness was hidden by the watermelon, and his sidekick often covers for him. Can any superhero really be fat like that ?)

  136. Bookmonstercats says:

    My laundry basket would always be empty if Beatrice was hanging off my clothes airer. In fact, I would be stealing the socks right off my family’s feetsies just to wash them, one by one. I love Rindy-bat as well. Is he really dishevilled, or is he trying to offset the gothic look with a lot of emo hair gel?

  137. QoD et al: If I may suggest Squeecember, if no one already has? *inktellectual rubs watermelon juice in her hair to get it to stand on end*

  138. The reason the resolution is so poor is because my hard drive crashed and the only format I had left was the one I had uploaded onto facebook 😦 I really wish I could afford to recover that hard drive, it has so many cute pictures…

  139. ‘Flying Foxes’ sounds like a World War II Flying Fortress Bomber Squadron; if they joined forces with the ‘Sugar Gliders Flying Skwerllios’, they would be totally able to capture ‘Teh Flying Qte’ award and retain it, wresting it away from any future airborne contenders…..!

  140. Katrina- I don’t know if I’m right or wrong on this, but the act of swallowing is a muscle contraction that goes down your esophagus behind your food (kind of like pinching a hose and dragging your fingers to get a clog out) so gravity might not matter…of course, that could also mean that your food lodges in the contracting esophagus and you choke, so I dun know! 😀

  141. Shadowfell says:

    I am so moving to Australia to rehab bats….

  142. TheGreatKatzini says:

    Whoa, I have bats in my belfry, I mean in my garden – but those are very small. I would like to have a few flying foxes hanging around…

  143. First picture reaction: AHHHHHHHH!!
    Second picture reaction: Gooud Eve-e-ning….
    Hehe.. Now get out there and eat some more buggies!!!

  144. Of course they are “vulnerable”, it’s all part of their emo thing.

  145. crreaapy in a cute way! Never saw a bat that big. Cute eating the watermelon. Always nice to see a “new to me” animal.

  146. I LURVE bats. Lookit those big, beeeyootiful eyes.

  147. rubber duck says:

    Actually, we used to do an experiment in biology class where one of the kids stood upside-down and the others made her drink water. It can be done, the muscles are that effective.

  148. So watermelon is to bats as catnip is to kittys… hummmm… I do not think I would get between a bat and his fruit!

  149. Shihtzumom says:

    I have a Mexican bat that comes every summer and lives all by itself behind our thermometer that hangs on our patio column. He/she goes out at dusk every evening to “bat around” and comes back at dawn. First cold spell he leaves for Cancun only to return the next summer. We call him “Batman”! Original, huh?

  150. how do you peeps make smileys

  151. instituteofanimalhaberdashery says:
  152. Cutesy-Pootsy says:

    Bats are super-wicked-awesome.

  153. Way late in the explanation game, but swallowing in humans, and most mammals, does not require the aid of gravity – think about how we went to space. On the other hands, birds DO need the help of gravity. Fortunately, bats are mammals.

  154. Loves me some fruit bats. They are so cute and not the least bit creepy looking. I would love to have one if the cats would allow it!

  155. DecemberGirl says:

    The first one is darling!! 😀

  156. Sunflare2k5 says:

    Wish I had a copy of the pic still, but it was in a magazine article about bats. They showed a fruit bat with blue eyes and a really dark brown face… it looked like a Siamese cat’s head on a bat body!

  157. There’s another bat rescue not too far from Tolga–BatReach in Kuranda.
    Great place!

  158. the bat eating water melon is my back ground on my computer!!!

  159. Awww! They r sooooo cute! I want 1! Who Doesn’t? They remind me uv mi dog!

  160. Adora-bats, unbelievably cute little adora-doggie-bats with big juicy eyes and snorgly fur and then those ultra-bizarre way out of this world leathery wings! Ultra-trippy, they are.

  161. They are totaly cute, i once had a bat in my room, it was scary at first, but that night there were tons of them, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amasing.

  162. They have several at the National Aquarium in Baltimore – they are in their Outback section. If you don’t see them, ask one of the keepers – they usually are hanging from the rafters at the top of the enclosure (which is quite high) so they can be hard to spot. 🙂