This Public Bathroom Has the Worst Janitorial Staff Ever.

Um, excuse me? I don’t mean to disturb you, but if you wouldn’t mind just scootching over for a moment…? I just ate at Panda Express and I have Duck Sauce all over me. Hello?

No worries, I’ll just grab some toilet paper…

“No, I can’t spare a square. Now beat it. I got eatin’ to do.”

Try a hotel lobby Rhiannon and  Natalie S.



  1. I’ve been caught with toileteh papeh in my moof.

    It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, Frenchie.

  2. That white cat is ENORMO!

  3. @JC – that’s what i was gonna say!
    either that, or it’s a teensy sink!

  4. freetomato says:

    Yeah JC – I was just thinking that either kitteh is ginormous or the sink is teensy!

  5. Bad janitorial staff!

    They stuffed the facecloth in the sink!

    And the toilet-paper eating gremlin is the manager!

  6. jinx!

  7. 260Oakley says:

    The Frenchie is flush with success. The Kitteh, on the other hand, is feeling a bit drained.

  8. I think the pug is just trying to get a bigger tip. I’d comment on the first pic but I don’t see anything but a white sink….

    I love people get fixtures to matck their pets rather than the other way around.

    And 260Oakley, stop that. I just hurt myself groaning.

  9. OK. If that bathroom sink is not in Barbies Fun House….that cat is HUGE. Beyond HUGE….more like Catzillia.

  10. Not a pug, a French bulldog. Viva la difference!

  11. either that’s one ridiculously big cat, or a ridiculously small sink… maybe a little bit of both?

  12. Big kitteh, looks so softies!

    I did see a pug mix yesterday, pug smooch face and all but his fur! He looked like a gremlin all scruffy and salt and peppery! So cute.

    All you critters scoot! I need to use the facilities! And I don’t need company!

  13. “smoosh face” heh heh. Or smooch.

  14. Oh, there is no way I could not resist walking in that bathroom and not leave without luv’n on some sleepy fluff! The dog is cute, too, but I just loooove the kitteh!

  15. Brilliant as always, 260Oakley!!! Good post, Prongs! 😀

  16. Yes, someone please explain the size proportions here. My rather pudgy cat all fits in the sink and our sink is not very big.

  17. lol thats one big cat and the dog is so pretty

  18. My Shih Tzus favorite snack is used kleenex. They’ll eat the unused kind, but apparently, it’s not as tasty. I’m glad they haven’t figured out that the toilet paper roll is a tissue paper dispenser! They’d totally be all over it.

  19. resriechan says:

    Can I book a night at this hotel staying in the women’s restroom & snuggling the white kitteh all night long? Or do the kittehs charge extra to stay with you all night (think of Julia Roberts charging Richard Gere more to stay with him all night ……not that I’m one of *THOSE WOMEN* — sorry, Julia, technically, that is the nature of the character you were representin’ altho’ I haven’t often seen such a fabulous & also witty prostitute …….) …..

    Please make the earliest reservations avail. Money is no object. I’ll wait until the next open reservation.

    Desperate for furry kitty-type snuggles.

  20. Don’t forget to snorgle your attendant. 😀

  21. LovesDogs says:

    I. am. in. LOVE!! Black Frenchie!!! Ooo-la-la.

  22. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    OMG!! If that kitty opens up one blue, and one green eye, it’s gotta be my Ziggy Stardust! And, yes, my Mr. Zigg IS that big.

  23. 5^^now8ing says:

    They’re just tryin’ to be helpful, Prongs! Kitty is keeping sink warm & dry, and puppy is dispensing the TP. Pupper is particularly cute, IMO.

  24. Everyone always blames the janitors… THEY didn’t put that giant hairball in the sink!

  25. That white kitty is the exact carbon copy (ha ha) of my T-Two also known as El Blimpo Grande 🙂

  26. lol. El Randalero.

  27. Kitty looks like he used to sleep in the sink when he was younger, and hasn’t quite figured out that he is no longer kitten-sized.
    It looks like a pretty small sink by the way, I have the same faucet and my average sized sink is proportionally larger than the one in the photo.

  28. That Frenchie has the teeniest patootie evah

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    Thanks, silentk, I was also going to point out the relative tininess of the sink compared to the standard faucet, thus not-so-hugeness of the kitteh compared to tiny sink. But it’s definitely a beautiful, floofy kitteh. That little doglet is welcome to eat my t.p. anytime if he looks at me so charmingly.

  30. oh these are just so very cute. Love the commentary, Thank you for the laughs.

  31. victoreia says:

    @260Oakley: LOL! 😀

  32. fish eye no miko says:

    Poor kitty needs a bigger sink, or at least a pillow…

  33. 😆 That kitty needs a BIGGER sink to sleep in 😆

  34. I would totally turn the faucet on.

  35. kibblenibble says:

    White kitty is absolutely gorgeous. Love the peenk earses, toebeans, and nosicle. And Fronsche puppeh has the sweetest crushed velvet fur and tiny tocks. I’ll take both, please.

  36. resriechan says:

    SHOUT OUT TO 5now8:


    I don’t know, whether you saw ….a couple of posts back (perhaps yesterday) you were communicatin’ with someone who might be a new commentor or new to CO. The pic was the LOVELY Amaryllith (to those of us who immediately heard Ronnie Howard as a young boy in The Music Man, lithping….) hamster Head Shot with a flower over her ear a la Billie Holiday ….

    Anyway, you responded to the person “cool” about something software computery….well, I don’t want you to go see ’til I tell ya. The person there misinterpreted your reply as someone being flippant, superior and sarcastic WHICH I KNOW you pretty much don’t KNOW HOW to do….From your & my exchanges in the past, I know how sweet you are.

    Suffice it to say, I got all fired-up & advocacy-ish on her behind, for assuming that your reply was meant in sarcasm. I really let her have it; but in my defense I did say that in future she might look up things in Google, or get to know the personality of the person w/ whom she’s communicating, before assuming the worst …

    If you’re fully prepared to see how thunderous I can get, when I feel that someone sweet has been misinterpreted & criticized (????!!!! BE afraid!!! — but not REALLY afraid 😉 ) ….my soapbox soliloquy to her is contained in comments # 56 & 57, under the hamster w/ flower in ear, title of pic says something about “Not the Head Shot…”

    (I did make an assumption that Monterri is/ was a person of female gender; I could be entirely WRONG-o, on that assumption ….)

    Love ya, 5now8!!!! Hope your kitties are havin’ a great, playful day!
    Love, Leslie aka Resriechan
    Jacksonville Florida

  37. The Runaway Prince Possible Future Hubby (An interpretation of the pic.)

    Prince Papooshka was oversized for his family. So much so, that the other cats would often tease him — “haha, Papooshka, you’re too big” — and the like. It got so bad that the prince could hardly stand it. So one day he chose to run away.

    He was missed within one hour of his departure, because his big presence (or absence) is always keenly felt. “Where is Papooshka ?” cried the little kittens, who always liked the big lunker. He was always kind to them. But he could not be found. Some of the tomcats, led by one “Bob” began to organise a search. But by then, prince Papooshka was far away…

    In a distant town, there lived a pugdog. But this pugdog, who was a dog (and whose name was, in fact, Plog), was not one of those nasty, mean pugdogs which can sometimes be seen with their jaws in your leg. Plog was different; Plog was a pugdog of integrity.

    When Papooshka came, and, being tired, curled up in front of Plog’s den (for it was warm there) Plog the pugdog came out and barked: “Who goes there ?” It took as little time as it takes to write this sentence that Papooshka meow-splained his situation, and Plog understood.

    “There is a place you can rest”, barked the pugdog, “but it is small”. Papooshka crammed himself into the little nook which was overhung by a metal thingamajig (“Don’t worry about it” Plog said). Though it was as comfortabulhs as a rhinoceros reclining in a LaZyBoy{TM}, Papooshka made the most of it. Soon he was dreaming of mice…(Pic#1)

    Soon afterward, Plog saw the light(s), and realised that his pets would soon be home. “%!$@%! “, he said. What if they find HIM ? So he scampered to the place where there was some white-coloured stuff (the same colour as Papooshka), and which, if you tugged, yielded more of the stuff (Plog had never understood this, but it was something he had come to rely on and to trust). His plan was to disguise his new friend — but he never got to carry it out, because they discovered him as he began to unroll his plan (pic#2)…(The End)

    @resriechan (post #36): We have already resolved it. It’s over. Yes, I was wrong, and wrongly misinterpreted 5^^now8ing’s comments. But 5^^now8ing was generous enough to allow that the phrasing which was used -can- be misinterpreted. I’ll leave it at that. Plus, if you’d read my last posts to “If John Hughes Had Cast The Frog And The Lab”, and “Not The Type Of Head Shot She Had In Mind” (both Prongs posts on Dec. 3) you would see that it is resolved. Thank you!

  38. tuxedomom says:

    Monterri – love the story!!! When I saw the length of the post, I almost bypassed it (short attention span) but I got caught up into it and it was like watching a movie in my head. I could just see the wheels turning in little Plog’s doggie brain as he tries to deal with his predicament.

  39. Is that a Seinfeld reference?

    [No poop for you! – Ed.]

  40. I picture the Frenchie going “Me? Eating toilet paper? No ideas what you’re talking about.”
    The foofy kitty just begs to be snorgled.

  41. my mom’s cats always try to drink the water out of the sink or sleep in it! they’re a little crazy… but cute!!!

    [I dunno about crazy, that’s pretty normal cat behavior at our house. – Ed.]

  42. @tuxedomom: Thank you! I am glad you appreciated it. Actually, I had already shortened it, because (as you indicated) such posts cannot be too long. But I would not change it now.

  43. Is it two-ply? ‘Cause if it’s two-ply, I’ll take one ply. One puny little ply. I’ll take one measly ply.

  44. That also looks like MY biggest , oldest “kid” Smuge !
    Yes, he’s also that big ( 13.6 lbs.) & no thank you, a bigger sink wouldn’t be nearly as cozy ! When I saw the pic I thought my hubby sent one in then I realized the sink wasn’t ours.

  45. MoonCatty says:

    That’s a very lovely white puddytat in the sink… but, haven’t those people ever heard of using those rubber stopper thingies to plug the drain?!

  46. The white kitteh is so sweet with its fluffy pink ears and its cutie pink nose!

  47. resriechan says:

    Hi Monterri — thank you for being so polite to me in your comment tonight. I would have understood if you told me you hated my guts for writing such a long, opinionated response. I apologize; I probably got too fired up…

    I haven’t been in my apt all night been drove to an airport in a downpour picking up a friend flying in from Vermont/ flight arrival midnight. I worked all day today at Flea Market before that.

    Please know that I generally don’t get such a full head of steam over teensy little things so I probably overreacted . Sometimes on CO we do get comments/ posts from people who really are demeaning to the others who might not understand the comical thing they meant.

    5now8 I apologize that my rant was probably overstepping interpersonal boundaries.

    Peace to all, truly.

  48. Fluffy white cats are the best kitties, as they are filled with wisdom and love.
    And floof.

  49. Starlinguk says:

    My cat sleeps in the sink too. When you turn the tap on, you get A Look, he gets up, drinks some of it, and jumps off. Boring, innit.

  50. @ 260Oakley How do you do it? Consistently brilliant puns for the groaning pleasure of us peeps.

    Love the white/pink kitty, and the mischief in the eyes of mcpuppersons. Also, the contrast of white cat/black dog.

  51. OMG. As if the kitti wasn’t already to DIE for (m.u.s.t. n.u.z.z.l.e!!!), you add a SeinRef?? And then “No poop for you!”??

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

  52. Imagine the cat’s reaction if a naughty family member turned the water on…

  53. Is it just me, or is white kitty extraordinarily large? Maybe the sink is real small?
    The size ratio just seems way obscured.

  54. Evil Roy Slade says:

    I measured a similar sink. 19″ across. You figure the rest out. kitty kitty

  55. Illini Jen says:

    Frenchies continue to crush it in the cute category. Best. Dogs. Ever.

  56. Is the cat a Turkish Angora (he looks very similar to an old child hood kitty of mine, who was also very big / with long hair, but more silky long, not fluffy long like a persian). Can’t quite tell from this pic though.

  57. 5^^now8ing says:

    @Resriechan — Is that you, Leslie (NTA)? I wasn’t sure why “Resriechan” was coming so gallantly to my defense. (Do see Monterri’s & my exchange under Not the Type of Head Shot She Had in Mind, if you haven’t already, ’cause I did address a TY to you there, too.)

    And, question: how do you pronouce “Resriechan?” And what’s it mean?

    @Monterri — Love the story! I, too, was gonna skip because it was long, but got caught up in it. 🙂

  58. stephanie says:

    the cat in the first picture looks EXACTLY like my old cat that my parents got rid of went i went to college last summer.. i’d love to get in touch with whoever sent in that picture!


  60. I always love references to that Seinfeld episode, which was one of my favorites. :>

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    5: Resriechan is indeed Leslie (NTA). I’ll let her ‘splain the whole thing. I’ll e-mail her. She’s THE BEST!

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    5: *pant, pant, gasp for breath* *leans over with hands on knees*

    I’m back. I ran over to Resrie’s and then ran back over here. *pant, pant, pant* She should (hopefully) be here soon. 🙂

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    5: Calling you 5 kind of reminds me of Star Trek. ( 7 of 9)

  64. I’m talking about the “can’t spare a square.” Remember that episode at the movie theater? Oh, nevermind.

  65. 5^^now8ing says:

    QoD: I’ll go with that (completely erroneous) Star Trek image! LOL!
    And “pant, pant” – snerk!
    As the possible Resrie-Leslie (oh, I’ll bet that’s IT!) connection rumbled around in my subconscious last night, some faint memory stirred that I already knew this. Geez, the mind, like the body, just doesn’t improve with age….

  66. BE-AUTIFUL white floofy kitteh! I thought it was a small sink, not a freakishly large cat, but I REALLY want to snorgle it!

  67. berthaservant says:

    Kitteh clearly has a bowl problem and has moved onto the harder stuff – sink.

    Box is not far away.

  68. resriechan says:

    5now8: yup I WAS here as Leslie (NTA) when yet an earlier Jerry Springer/ CO moment prompted me to select an alternative CO screenname (the Springer incident involved a few ?? posts from another perso who just used the screenname…I can’t recall why I didn’t just go with “Notthatleslietheotherleslie”; which at this moment jumps into my head as a charming alternative for use at CO…

    Background: American Navy family, stationed at the Yokosuka Air Base for 4 years in the mid-1960s.
    1: All cutesy or childlike things, people & animals — when referred to,
    in Japanese, receive the “honorary” suffix “chan”
    2: Those raised with the Japanese language who learn the English language, find that they do not take as easily to getting the “L’s” and “R’s” in the correct spots. Hence you’ve probably heard the term “EngRish” …rather like the term Creole about semi-French/semi-English …

    3: Hence, Exhibit A: “Resrie-chan” (I don’t bother w/ the dash mark!!)

    Grammar — and Languages — are Fun!!!

  69. 5^^now8ing says:

    @ Resrie — it all makes sense now! With my German-language background, I was seeing a “riech” syllable where there was none! Languages are my fave!

    Much love, 5^^

  70. You do realize that that kitteh has a self-fulfilling prophecy on her hands-if no one can ever use the sink, it stays clean for her! Clever-cat!

  71. Love the Seinfeld reference!!

  72. @cupcake

    Yea! I ish not only one! =3

  73. @resriechan: No problem. Teh Qte will go on! 😉

  74. If we want to guesstimate the size of that cat we should use the dimensions of the faucet fixtures rather than the sink as reference, as those are very standardized.

    That said, this is a medium-sized cat (she’s floofy). That sink is pretty typical for New York apartments, and my friend’s nearly identical white cat (~10.5 pounds) looks like that when she lie in it.

  75. Just add water…and watch em grow. Started out as a kitten.

  76. Puppy is the bathroom attendant just being helpful. Leave a tip..
    Both are adorable.

  77. The dog should toilet paper the mean old ladies house! I am sure it would be enjoyable for him!