You Decide: Battle of the Googlies

In this corner, weighing in at fiiiiiiive pounds, please weeeeeelcome, Saddies MiiiiiiiicFrownersons!

And in this corner, weighing in at threeeee pounds, pleeeeease welcome challenger Professssssssor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss!

What say you, Stephanie S. and Travis C.?



  1. Stephiedactyl says:

    Please tell me they named the pug Sartre!

  2. 5^^now8ing says:

    I dunno, they both look pretty guilty to me — wonder what they did? 😉

    Monterri – in case you didn’t see it the guinea pig glamour shot comments, my sincerest apologies for any misunderstanding that my intentions are geared to anything but Teh Qte!

  3. Oh for crying out loud look at these shameless manipulators! Are your special ultra-comphy puppy bads not fluffy enough?

  4. RUH ROH.

  5. Professor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss!! FTW!!

  6. Katiedid you read my mind. That was LITERALLY EXACTLY what i was going to type!

  7. I have to go with Saddies McFrownersons on this one. Pugs kinda freak me out a little.

  8. At least they are naked…right, Theresa?

  9. Match goes to the beagle pup….because of OMG WHISKERS!!!11

  10. GingerBean says:

    Natalie, I’m with you. Pugs freak me out, too, especially when they have a wonky eye like this one.

  11. vesper – I know right! How can you argue with that face and those.. eyes.. hehe

  12. OK I think the first pup wins for sadness, and the second for cuteness. No, wait, maybe it is the first for cuteness, and …….. Oh I don’t know! Pack ’em up and send ’em both.

  13. i think pugs are cute BECAUSE of their wonky eyes. it’s like the wrinkly dog is cute BECAUSE of their wrinkles. etc etc. kitties with attitudes are cute BECAUSE of their attitudes.

  14. Professor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss all the way!

  15. Basset pathos trumps all – and they are possibly the only breed where the ‘puppy dog eyes’ gets *worse* as they age. The wee face! The hint of ‘no, that’s okay, you take the last cupcake’ in the eyes! The quiver in the whiskers as they whisper brokenly “but, if you really loved me, you’d let me on the couch…..”.

    They are slaves to the Drama Queen Gene!

    (and I loves mine very, very moiche, thank you).

  16. professor lazy eye von sour puss! to the victor go the spoils!

  17. guhhhh sweetfaced pup #1 your eyes just slayed me. SLAYED ME.

    Okaayyyy you win… you can have my ice cream cone. Anything else you want? New York Strip cooked medium? sure thing. coming right up…

  18. earlybird1 says:

    As a Beagle owner meself, I must vote for Sadie! What a cutie patootie! Also, LOL about the hovertext on Prof. Lazy Eye! XD

  19. I think I have just been assaulted with a deadly beagle.

  20. Trabb's Boy says:

    I’m sorry! Oh, God, I’m so, so sorry! I am such an awful person. How could I ever hurt you this way? Please forgive me. Let me get you a cookie, just as a symbol of my remorse. I know it can never make up for … for … Wait a minute, I didn’t do anything!

  21. Beagle wins. No question.

    Droopy eyes over bug eyes, any day and twice on Fridays.

  22. AuntieMame says:

    In general, I think beagles are cuter than pugs, but this little pugloaf is awfully cute.

    No, I can’t decide!

  23. Let’s get ready to shnoooooooooorgle!

  24. fearthebear says:

    I vote Saddies. The nose freckles FTW. Oh, and BEEP.

  25. I agree with k. o’dee, beagle wins! 🙂

  26. Awwww, the little buggy-eyed puglet is definitely cuter.

  27. Saddies. Def.

  28. Puppeh-dawg-iiiiiz. Beagle with his rounded head wins!

  29. Team Pug!!! Advantage Princess Di stance.

  30. georgina0912 says:

    Is a tie for me. I shall never be put in the posishe of choosing between two pups…nevah!
    Besides Professor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss looks like he is the side of the bagel i had this morning.


  31. georgina0912 says:

    I meant to say size…size of the bagel i had this a.m…SIDE GEORGINA, get it right!!!!!

    The pups sucked my soul, thaaaaaat’s what happened.

  32. @ Saffron #23: *Snort!*

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    It’s hard to choose but I think the puglet has a teeny tiny advantage.. like when they have the small town mayor race and have to count ballots three times because it’s within, like, 5 votes.. he has just that tiny win, because they are both TOO MOISCHE!

  34. georgina0912 says:

    @ Mary (the first): As in a morsel of an advantage?

  35. they are both weeeners!
    that is.. I mean… “winners”… but in qte-speak eet’s weeners…
    not weiner dogs like doxies… youknowhutimean, right?..
    never mind.

  36. Andi from NC says:

    Saaad eyes
    Turn the other way
    I don’t wanna see you cry-y-y

    OOOOOOH Sad, Sad Eyes
    Turn the other way
    I don’t wanna see you cry-y-y

    Aesthetically, the beagle is more pleasing to the eye, but from a pure “Googlie-meter” perspective, the Little Lazy Eye has it.

  37. I can’t get enough of Saddies.
    He gets my vote time like… 1000!

  38. doomchild says:

    This is a dog fight? What a scandal! What a shame! I must immediately rescue these poor anipals to my custody. Yes, that’s it. Now give the puppeh to me and no one gets hurt.

    *picks up the pups and runs away going “weeeeee!”*

  39. Oh God, just make that Sarah MacLachlan soundtrack stop playing!

  40. skippymom says:

    Dear Prongs, I hope they’re paying you overtime. You seem to be doing the bulk of the work here, lately!

  41. Andi from NC says:


    hehehehehe – awesome!!!!

  42. Miss Tara says:

    Saddies! Saddies! Saddies!

  43. Saddies McFrownersons, hands down. Totally anerable 🙂

  44. Bunnyfluffs says:

    That little beagle’s egg-head of a noggin is perhaps the cutest one I’ve yet seen. Who wouldn’t want to pop a kiss on that puppy-dome?! Doesn’t help that the dark rims around her eyes make her look like she has fluttery lashes on top of those exquisite pity-me peepers.

  45. Oh MY FREAKIN’ GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MINE!!! Minemineminemine!!! BOTH!!! BOTHBOTHBOTH!!!

  46. The pug is the better guard dog. He’s keeping an eye on things -here-, and he’s also keeping an eye on things -there-. Who can ask for more ?

    5^^now8ing: In your case, it is entirely my mistake. Apologies from -me-. Don’t worry ’bout it. Teh Qte will go on!

  47. PS YES, a nekkid pugular!

  48. And here I was thinking my mother was the champion at making me feel guilty, well she just lost her crown to these two!

  49. PPS: BEEP! BEEP!

  50. McFrownersons! Absolutely . . . because, I have fallen under his hypnotic-spell casting gaze . . . why, sure, you can have my leftover-turkey enchilada, Mr. McFrown. Can I get you anything else?

  51. Rosecitychild13 says:


  52. The beagle has acted on me like a dementor, draining all happiness from my soul (in an extremely cute way, of course.) My only hope now is a marmie.

  53. one of the cutest puppies i’ve seen!

  54. When my little brother got married, he did so in his fiancee’s parents’ front yard (they live out in the country and it was very pretty). He and his fiancee had a Basset named Misty. Misty was in the wedding. She wore a flowered collar and walked down the “aisle” before the attendants. And then during the wedding, she was seen off to one side…

    …digging out a mole and playing with it. Talk about your scene-stealer.

  55. Um. I thought that was a Basset, not a beagle. My apologies. My story is now irrelevant. But still cute.

  56. OMGAWD. Lookit her velvety earsies! Her most perfect wisk-hairs! How many kissies go on that head! A beelion? And on the top of her wee muzzle! MWAH.

    Beauty Basset.


    The only thing that can beat a squishy-nosed dog is a squishy-nosed cat. Plus, he’s TEENY! What more could you ask for?!

  58. Oh, there is nothing like beagle eyes to make you feel guilty! Mine is 3 years old and he still can reduce me to “Ok you can have my food, stop breaking my heart!” with Those Eyes.

  59. beagle eyes wins but the googlie price goes to the baset hounds lol

  60. The Beagle totally wins. Waaay cuter and sadder than the pug imho. 🙂

  61. Professor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss has stolen my heart … sorry, Saddies … I know it will make you look even sadder … 🙂

  62. Saddies MicFrownersons is the cutest thing ever seen 🙂

  63. sour puss! Sour Puss!!!

  64. Few things are more soulful than a beagle’s eyes.
    Sigh. Makes me miss Grushenka. She was a Noble Dog.

  65. Mary Mancini says:

    Un petit basset, non?

  66. McFrownersons.

  67. Puggle mommy says:

    And this is why puggle faces are to-die-for. With these powers combined…..

  68. Pugs always win.

  69. Cannot resist the Beagly Eyes!

  70. Pugalicious Victory! Almost wet my pants with the hover text…*snort!*

  71. victoreia says:


  72. @Stephiedactyl

    hee hee

  73. resriechan says:

    5now8: please see my (lengthy) note to you — just posted it, under the Janitor kitty in sink & doggie with toilet paper pics ………

  74. kibblenibble says:

    Both, please. 🙂

  75. Hi, this is just a question -truly, I am not nuffing – these two are both adorable but I want to know: are the googly eyes the result of inbreeding/overbreeding?

  76. Close, but Saddies McFrownersons wins because she has a black mark that looks like eyelashes on the outside of her right eye. Reminds me of Ralph Phillips, the imaginative long-eyelashed little boy in Looney Tunes (

  77. Leehhhhtteerrrrrrr RrrrrrrRuummmmbboolllllle! (Translation: Letter rumble)

    The dangerous and insane Saddies McFrownersons will here today be doing battle with, or rather waging war against, Professor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss who is billed as deadly and death-bringing.

    Round 1: Saddies, in a surprise first move, frowns down the Professor. But the Professor’s other eye, being occupied with other matters, does not blink.
    Still, the round goes to Saddies.

    Round 2: Saddies attempts to go for the K.O., but cannot look into both the Professor’s eye’s at once. He keeps her unbalanced with those shifty eyes. Neither can stare the other down.
    The round is a draw.

    Round 3: The Professor, lazing upon the LaZyBoy{TM} draws Saddies in close, and then fixes her with the one-eyed stare. There is no defense against such a close encounter of the whatever kind.
    Round goes to the Professor.

    Round 4: Saddies frowns from a distance, and, drawing closer, frowns harder, with extra droop of the ears and whiskers. No chance for the Professor.
    Round goes to Saddies.

    Round 5: The Professor draws Saddies’ attention with one eye, and attacks with a cold stare from the other, together with a submissive paw-under-body-I’m-so-helpless-why-hurt-me strategem. Saddies is reeling.
    Round goes to Professor.

    Round 6: Saddies attempts to repeat the drooping-ears-and-frown maneouver, but is foiled by the Professor’s shifty eyes. The Professor lazes back, but fails to draw Saddies in close for the shifty K.O.
    The round is a draw.

    Round 7: Saddies appears to be sleeping. Is this a new lure strategy ? No, wait — the Professor is lazing and sour-pussing at the same time. It looks like our bloody duel to the death, come h*ll or high water, is over.

    Draw: Neither Saddies McFrownersons nor Professor Lazy Eye Von Sour Puss wins this match. But they will meet again, and again, and again, and again, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc……

    [I PICK DEM BOFE UP AN SMOOSH DEM WIF MY FAAAACE… because dammit that’s exactly what those expressions do to my brain, and also it’s Friday night so my IQ is switched off – Ed.]

  78. does anyone know what breeder saddies miiicfrownersons hails from? i have a friend who has been searching for a good basset breeder— and saddies is completely ridiculous…i mean RIDICULOUS. those drooptastic ears? prime for nomming. ugh.

  79. Is it weird that I actually started petting the screen?

  80. @Ed. (Re:#77): I share the smooshing/snorgling sentiment entirely. Mmmmmhmhmmhmhmhmhhhhmhmmhmm!!!! *breathe* Mmmmmhhmhmhhhmhmmh, etc.

  81. Mhmmm.

  82. Doxylover79 says:

    Oh gee, I’ll have to take them home and try them out to see.

  83. resriechan says:


    do the CO peeps & Ed’s realize that these two sad, pitiful, orphaned, tragic guyz/galz have entirely repressed the standard
    (“HEY YOU CO GUYZ? WHERE”S THE GOSH-DARNED FRIDAY HAIKU”” revolution, which usually begins by about 6:45 am CO time….)???? Possibly the first-time since the inception of Friday Haikus on CO? Or am I entirely mistaken? perhaps there WAS a Friday Haiku; I’ve only been online for about 20 minutes & haven’t browsed through and among all the posts yet ….

  84. resriechan says:

    NOT @ THAT KATRINA (for example, see comment #8 ) —
    but @ KATRINE (#79 ):

    If you will go see the receptionist for Dr. Lipschwitz, she will give you a questionnaire which will allow the office to determine, whether petting the screen of your computer is a valid response to the provocation by the Sad or Kyoot pets above

    Now in MY personal practice, I find that to be perfectly a acceptable form of a therapeutic coping mechanism. ……but then I don’t have a Cuteness Counseling Certificate.

    I could give up the Cuteness any day now.
    Really; I’m NOT hooked. Really!!

  85. resriechan says:

    wow sometimes I have NO CLUE what a computer is gonna do. I’m so hopeless about high computer things.

    I thought I had typed the numeral 8 for THAT Katrina’s comment but it came out an emoticon w/ sunglasses. Perhaps I hit the shift key and that changed the numeral 8 into a cool sunglasses guy.

    sigh. So NOT a knowledgeable computer person.
    (but I CAN TYPE !! mostly.)

    [Fixed it. That’s not something your computer did, that’s just what WordPress interpreted as an attempt to make a sunglass smiley: number 8 and an end parenthesis, with no intervening whitespace. 8) – Ed.]

  86. My vote is for the professor.


  88. Saddies would win by a landslide…. if I hadn’t just gobbled her up!! 😀

  89. #1 is #1! I had a plushie as a kid named Saddy Face that looked just like Saddies!

  90. I vote for the beeeaaaagle. I have met Beagles in person, & their eyes just aren’t done justice with a picture….You need the full effect of the velveteen earsies, the tiny, cold paws on your knee (they can’t reach any higher), & the adorable, slow, sad tail-wagging.

    Ish too mosche. Beagle wins by a landslide. TT__TT

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    And the freckles. Let us not overlook the freckles on the Beagle’s schnozzickle region.

  92. Team Beagle, all the way, bay-bee!
    Soulful eyes, bonus wrinkliness, whiskerage, and soft floppy ears do it for me!!!

  93. Just keep me away from Saddies. Unless you think she’d look better without that moist nosicle. And that velvety ear flappage. And those eyes. Those EYES, people!!!! I’d have no choice but to nom her entire face. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

  94. I must vote for the underdog, so I choose the pug, which would be my choice anyway. They’re both strong contenders, though.

  95. Jen Richmond says:

    Sourpuss for the win!

  96. The beagle/basset gets my vote! Pugs are goofy-cute, but the cute factor of hounds just turns me into a puddle of goo. (Ally L, would your friend be interested in basset rescue groups? There’s a list at

  97. Rad_Rosa89 says:

    The basset hound is so so adorable!!!

  98. Mabel Leane says:

    Sweet babies.

  99. the pug. most definetly the pug. look at the schnozzle-ness of it all, people.

  100. @Xtineebee
    My Brittany is so good at working me with the eyes that half the time I don’t even realize I have handed her my dinner/wallet/keys to the car/etc until it’s too late. I have forgiven her for chewing up my expensive new shoes the push up bra I looked high and low for and paid extra because I am a freak size and my dance dance revolution pad for my xbox. Sigh. The things I do for that dog. and she pays me back with cuddles, kisses and love.
    l love her.

  101. resriechan says:

    So many things to share with so many clever commenters here…but I’ll have to return….first, tho, Thanks Ed for fixin’ the hole in the wall aka my keyboard & WordPress thinggie up @ #85!!

    More later..

    Brittany Spaniels Are Amazing People!!!!

  102. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed in 85: Really? I wanna try that. 8)

  103. Queen of Dork says:


  104. (: SO CUTE THIS DOG i wish i could hav one like that

  105. 8)

  106. Sorry, I was just experimenting. I was wondering how to get these smileys here (see post #85 for reference).

  107. 🙂 😉 ;} 😦 :[ 80 8] 8}

  108. Just experimenting some more. Apologies!

  109. @ Ed: Can I have a complete list of smileys and their ASCII codes for future reference ? They can be so useful; for example, on “The Day Alfalfa Lost All Credibility” (Prongs, Dec. 2), I wished my “Pizza” reference to be followed by that red-eyed grinning horned little devil. But I did not know how to do it. (I would prefer to find out without further experimentation).

    I will check back here for possible answers. Thank you very much!

    [WordPress has them in its Codex. Took me a while to find ’em, first time I went looking; here’s a shortcut for you – Ed.]

  110. resriechan says:

    Hi Monterri:

    here’s the breakdown of code for various Smileys, as I have in my own files, in my hard drive, from Editors listing it on CO awhile back. A friend did a wipe / Reinstall on my hard drive so the orig. source/ address info doesn’t show in the name of my file …but this *should* help, unless some detail got tangled in the copy/ paste– Hope it’s still complete & functional. When I copied/ pasted here, the yellow resulting smileys didn’t show here in the comments box but perhaps they’ll be there when the comment gets posted.

    Have a good! L. Thomas

    What Text Do I Type to Make Smileys?
    Smiley images and the text used to produce them*:

    icon text text full text icon full text
    🙂 🙂 🙂 😆
    😀 😀 😀 😳
    😦 😦 😦 😥
    😮 😮 😮 👿
    😯 😯 😯 😈
    😕 😕 😕 🙄
    8) 😎 😎 ❗
    😡 😡 😡 ❓
    😛 😛 😛 💡
    😐 😐 😐 ➡
    😉 😉 😉 :mrgreen:

    * In some instances, multiple text options are available to display the same smiley.

  111. resriechan says:

    (oops — when it transferred, it took AWAY the text parts.D’OH!!!
    Ok, my best effort is DOA)

  112. @resriechan: Thank you very much 🙂

    It transferred perfectly – all I have to do it point, and a hovertext tells me what I need to know. Heheheee this is going to be fun!

  113. Really fun 😈

  114. kootiepatra says:

    I freaking love pugs.

    But much to my surprise, I totally have to give this round to Saddie. The Professor elicits much pity (and wins for overall googliness), but Saddie triggered an instant guilt trip.

  115. The BEAGLE, for SURE!!!

  116. I dont think you could look either in the face and not call em cuter. They both get a scooby snack.

  117. The pug pup in no way looks like a “sour puss”, bad name choice.

  118. Picture #1 – you can’t beat a beagle puppy for sad eyes. Take it from me – I have had three that have used that look at sometime in their lifes and usually when they have done something they know they are going to be in trouble for. You just can’t get mad at them then!!

  119. I can’t decide which doggie is cuter, but I think the comments on this website are almost as cute as those little doggies. Especially on that surprised kitty link. You silly girls are too much…

  120. omg its soooo adorable!

  121. Thank you Ed. I’ll be sure to use them in the future. 😈

  122. that is so cute it looks so soft

  123. it looks so cute it seems so soft

  124. Gotta go with Sadie… even though that is the guilty look that her owners will see after she gets into the trash, eats the cat poop, runs away during that one second they took their eyes of her, howls at the fire and cop sirens, crawls under their bed covers and doesn’t budge when you ask her… only insane people love and own beagles.

  125. Beagle is the greatest !

  126. Rasta Kitty says:

    As a beagle mom of two, I have to go with Saddie McFrownerson of course.

  127. 8They are both adorable! but i have to admit the beagle is the cutest thing I have ever
    seen. The pug is adorable too!

  128. pugloaf totally how could u think otherwise

  129. I usually think beagle are cuter, but Professor Lasy Eye von Sour Puss is toooooooo cute!!!! AH-DORABLE!! (that is my favorite expression…;))

  130. lol i say… well its tough but i say cuteeeeeeeeeeee for the first one and saddddddddd for the second won

  131. Saddies McFrownies for sure!

  132. Saddies lol

  133. DecemberGirl says:


  134. gecko.lovr says:

    the beagle is SOOOO cute

  135. weatsiwah97 says:

    Saddie Mcfrownerson has my VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S, butt they are both so adorable

  136. Hahahahahaha!
    Squishy noses ftw!

  137. the Beagle is also adorable!!

    But i have a weakness 4 Teeny tiny Squishy-nose puppies

  138. i vote for the puppy with the freckles!!

  139. i vote 4 the puppy with the long ears!

  140. i vote for the puppy in the window!!! How much, by the way?

  141. @Katrine, who said: “Is it weird that I actually started petting the screen?”

    No, my dear, it is not weird. What is happening is that you are simply becoming like the rest of us here at Cute Overload. Since we are not weird, we will simply “*snorgle* mooshsosouftiamdededdehdplezekilmewthsmlhamsterinfaceandakittendownmythroattoowllabeaverslapme” …and the like.

    If my example statement sounds messed up, it is because it is. And I blame C.O. for giving me too much “softysmooshinfceiamdeddedtoommushsmoosh” etc.

    I am sure that enough brain surgeons exist in the U.S. of A. (just south of my location in Canada) that they can deal with the growing C.O. brain-sploding overloads. Enjoy the pics while you still can!!

  142. CUTE!

  143. These are priceless!

  144. Totally the little black pug. The beagle kind of looks like a depressing commercial but the pug looks more snuggly. Both super duper cutez! 😀

  145. I think that the beagle wins. I HATE pugs. BEAGLE WINZ! lolz

  146. A translation of the gibberish of post #141 (from myself):

    “*snorgle* mooshsosouftiamdededdehd plezekilmewthsmlhamsterinface andakittendownmythroattoowllabeaverslapme” …and the like.”

    It helps, sometimes, if our C.O. ravings are translated in English. So here it is:

    “Moosh so soft I am dead dead dead. Please kill me with a small hamster in my face, and a kitten down my throat, too. And will a beaver slap me…and the like”.

    I believe it is a faithful translation…These ravings happens sometimes. We must just learn to accept it. 🙂


    Excuse me while I go face-smush my pillow…