If John Hughes Had Cast the Frog and Lab

You’re ashamed to be seen with me. You’re ashamed to go out with me. You’re ashamed your rich friends won’t approve of me! Well, at least I’m not a sell-out who allows ridiculous people to wear my image on their ties and belts while attending clambakes in Nantucket!  You’re all, “Hi, I’m the Labassador of Americana!” And then you forget what you said because you’re too busy chasing a Kennebunkport squirrel wearing loafers! But you’re right, I should be embarrassed about my camouflage.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to wait here for Duckie to pick me up.

He didn’t become part of “the breakfast club” did he, Brian B.?



  1. Who will look away first ?

  2. 260Oakley says:

    My friends toad me this would never work.

  3. If the Lab kisses the frog, will there be a handsome prince sitting on her snout?

  4. I love how the lab looks like he’s rolling his eyes!

    [Yes. Monterri, take note. Ahem. – Ed.]

  5. Why when I look at that pic all I can think of is a hard-a$$ed Army sergeant in camo trying to shape up the high-school-football-team-running-back green recruit in boot camp?

    Must be the camo…

    [Hmm, I’ll let you know. – Ed.]

  6. LOL 260Oakley and Camille.

    They may have hypnotised each other. Will they ever snap out of it ?

  7. Awwwwwwwwww, doggeh looks just like my childhood dog. I miss you, King.

  8. For some strange reason, neither the doggie or the froggie looks amused…! 😉

  9. 260Oakley never ceases to crack me up… and Madame X, I agree, this is straight out of An Officer and A Gentleman (okay, the lab needs a little less hair around the ears to make it perfect).

  10. I’m just dreading the moment when the owner stops saying, “Waaaaaaait . . . waaaaait” and says, “NOW!” and the lab scarfs the frog down in one gulp.

  11. they are playing “who blinks first!”

  12. They just don’t see eye to eye!

  13. One Skunk Todd says:

    “Froggy went a’ courtin’ and he did ride, uh-huh…” 🙂

  14. MissKitty says:

    I’m with you, Mz Disapproving Froggie… You should definitely leave Andrew McBarky for Duckie. You won’t find any better… Except maybe Lloyd Dobbler.

  15. @kittyadventures: Actually, they look like they do. See eye to eye. Literally.

  16. Betty Ford says:

    His name is Blane?!? That’s a major appliance, that’s not a name!”

  17. I think they’d both look pretty in pink. 🙂

  18. Alternate title/meme: “Labwarts”

  19. @Juno, my thawtes exactly. Not a good substitute for Pupperoni!

  20. You had me at “Ribit.”

  21. Long Duck says:

    Yes, little frog, go– GO with Duckie. Make it a *far* better movie for us. Thank you.

  22. 5^^now8ing says:

    Prongs — “Breakfast Club” — hee! Juno & ink, too! It’s my favorite dog trick!
    Rachael — “Pretty in Pink” — LOL!
    J. — “Labwarts” — snerk!
    Y’all crack me up!
    (Now I’m off to check out the “other dimension.”)

  23. loving the movie references, definitely my one of my faves. Oh yeah, the pic is great as well!

  24. I get a Svengali vibe off of that frog.

  25. Uncomfortably close – a bit awkward -but trying not to upset the other one…

  26. I love the almost identical expressions– neither one is impressed.

  27. @Ed (post#4): The note is taken. Looks like I posed the question in post #1 -post eventum-. What a perfect gaffe!

    [Wait, “gaffe”? You’re telling me that was unintentional?? Srsly? 😐 – Ed.]

  28. They both have the same disdainful look about them….Love it!!!


  30. @Ed: Yep. -Unintentional-. Srsly. Actually, it’s kind of funny, in a silly sort of way :-/

    [Well OK. I’ll allow as how that might be possible. Cncvbly. 😉 – Ed.]

  31. disapproving TOAD, (brown with bumps = toad green (usually) and smooth= frog)

  32. You’re killing me with these cute pictures!

  33. love all the funny comments! Better than a comic strip.
    Suh: Who won? Think they called a draw and fell asleep.

  34. First National Interspieces Staring Contest

  35. There is some intense concentration going on!

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks to me like the Toad fell asleep. Maybe the lab took him on a wild ride and now he’s just winded..

  37. I can almost hear the dog sighing 🙂

  38. Von Zeppelin says:

    Both dog and toad look rather bored to me. “Yeah, here we are again. Whatever. The humans think this is hilarious. At least there’s a dog biscuit and a few flies in it for us.”

  39. Monterri Seriously the absolute best use of the word first in the first post especially as it was unintentional…

    BTW I intentionally used the not seeing eye to eye though they were on purpose. I don’t often get to hit a hole in one! 😉

  40. No offense, Prongs, but your captions/descriptions lately are a little over the top .. it’s really starting to detract from the pictures. Great pics though!

  41. LOLz One Skunk Todd – very cute! LOL I get the visual of Jerry the mouse’s country cousin – “y’know I cain’t play without mah GEE-tar string!!”


  42. I love how people preface offensive things (that are not true, I think Prongs is great!),
    with “no offense”, thinking that makes it okay…
    [Yeah, no kidding. 🙄 – Ed.]

    Prongs, don’t change pls!

  43. Semi-OT, but I got my C.O. Calendar today! I’m so ready for 2010 now, so bring it on! I didn’t think you could find them in Canada, but I stumbled upon it and snatched it up!

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Ha-ha! They look like they’re playing a staring game my sister and I made up as children called, “Do not smile or laugh. FROWN. :(”

    I wonder who between froggie and doggie started giggling first? 🙂

    [Huh, I don’t see anybody between froggie and doggie. – Ed.]

  45. very cute… but this might be cuter?!

    [She IS cute, but she’s also kinda just lying there by herself… pining away for Edward, presumably… – Ed.]

  46. @kittyadventures & Ed. — This is too funny…*cough*

    A Comedy Of Errors

    I only just discovered this Overloaded website in mid-November, you understand…

    Am I to understand that there is a rule against the use of the word “first” in any first post, -under any circumstances- ?

    In post #1, I was thinking, well, in this staring contest, one of the two will look away first.

    When I read Ed.’s additions to posts 1 and 4, I thought what he -meant- was that, since the pooch (upon closer inspection) was looking -upwards-, and not directly at the amphibian, that one of them had apparently -already- looked away first. I thought, oops! A gaffe.

    Then when Ed. expressed confusion (see post #27) as to my use of the word “gaffe”, I could not see why. I thought he was being slightly facetious – as if he couldn’t believe I’d missed the obvious. In post #30, however, Ed.’s response to my response seemed satisfactory — but the entire time, he meant one thing and I meant another!

    When I read Kittyadventures’ post #39, at first, I misunderstood what was meant by: “Seriously the absolute best use of the word first in the first post especially as it was unintentional…”. I thought that, perhaps, since I had made the first post, that *I* would also look away first – a perfect double-meaning (unintentionally made).

    Then Kittyadventures wrote: “BTW I intentionally used the not seeing eye to eye, though they were, on purpose. I don’t often get to hit a hole in one!” – That didn’t make sense to me at all. But the “wink” clued me in.

    (BTW, though the pooch and the amphibian -do- see “eye to eye”, literally, they are not looking at each other both at once; nor, despite the “eye to eye” business, do they see the same things.)

    Thus: The use of the word “first” in any first post is bad, and causes canines (see post #4), among others, to “roll their eyes”. This is probably because of the abuse, in times past (of which I am unaware), of the term “first” or “first post” by over-eager peeps. (Yay, I’m first! Bleh. — this never occurred to me because it’s…not me).

    Conclusion: Next time, when an obscure rule is contravened, especially by a relative “newbie”, it might be better to clearly enunciate it, rather than “hint hint wink wink”. Thank you and God bless!

    [Clues available in this handy compendium. Ta! – Ed.]

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: he-he. (I bet the dog laughed first. That frog looks pretty determined to win the game)

  48. This is just so cute and I love the commentary. Thank you.

  49. Better to have a toad on the nose than a frog in the throat.

  50. the bug man says:

    @Monterri: What you should have said is: “Who will look away bleen?”

    (Just in case you aren’t confused enough already.)

    Welcome to the mad mad world of the ‘Load. Don’t worry about the obscure rules, or the sophisticated, specialized terminology (‘tocks, blorp, and muzzlepowshe, for example). We don’t bite. Much, anyway.

    [Oh, I bite. I do bite. Nom nom nom. – Ed.]

  51. starring contest! my bet’s on the frog. my dog can never sit still with something on his nose for very long.

  52. @bug man: (Nope, the confusion is pretty much cleared up. Thank you regardless).
    And I am not worried about obscure rules. It just rankles me when I get *hint hint wink winks* when a simple explanation (which I would immediately accept) will do.

    Since I had no idea of what I should not have said (being relatively new here), on post #1, I should simply have been -told-. And that would have been that! And wash your hands/paws/tails/ears/bellehs/toes/fluffheads of it!

    (Since I am a stickler for truth, accuracy, etc., esp. after too many “hint hint wink winks” in my life, which reminds me of the management at a previous job, which was like a hall of mirrors, I feel compelled to answer…BTW, I have no problem with admitting my own errors, but when they are compounded by a lack of information, otherwise easily given, then GRRRR! No snorgle! SNAP!)

    @ Ed: I have already read the “First Post” entry in the Glossary. (Now I have seen the links). There is -zero- indication that the use of the word “first” (as I have used it in post #1) is the same, or in any way related, as that which is indicated in the links to “First Post” in the Glossary (all peeps who love Qte — check it yourselves!) In no way did I use the word (first, #1, 1st, etc. continue in Japanese if you wish) in that way. Rather, I used the word (Qte-quite) innocently – as in “who will look away first ?”

    BTW, that was my first post which appeared as the first comment on any Qte pic. I was pleased by that (since we are all vain, in some way), but I do not lurk on C.O. specifically for that reason. I’m sure I can come up with enough smart-ass comments on my own without being the first (check out the last posts on “Here Comes Peter Cottenhead”, by Prongs, Dec 1).

    [No, I get that, really. You have to expect SOME amount of smartass from my direction. – Ed.]

    If I am telling the truth (which occasionally happens), and when I am not believed — I react like a kitteh on bad catnip. It’s just not right. But oh well, I’ve said my piece, once again, so I will leave it at that. Unless I am given reason to return to this vomitous mass of a subject…(reference to The Princess Bride is embedded in this paragraph).

    -Yours truly! -M


  54. The dog reminds me so much of my beloved black lab, of happy memory; he was so laid-back and gentle; and I miss him so…..
    @ Theo: BTW, is it permissible to speak in LolCat here on CO; I would like to know, because I don’t want to be posting inappropriately…….. 😳

    [All I’m sayin is, CO is not ICHC. That’s it & that’s all. – Ed.]

  55. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, Monterri, don’t feel chastised, fairly or not. I’m pretty sure Theo was just going along with what he assumed was your intentional joke rather than trying to give you a nudgy admonishment. We’re all friends here, unless you start outright nuffing.

    It’s funny, I’ve been commenting on various blogs for years, and I don’t remember if I’ve ever been first or not. What a weird thing for anyone to get excited about (speaking generally — not you, M). My goal is to have somebody tell me I’ve won the Internets, but I suspect I’ll have to steal somebody else’s joke for that.

    I’m assuming a new post will be up soon, so I’m going to say LAST! and see if it works.

  56. AHA! I’m LAST!! (Somehow it’s not so satisfying as BLEEN!). Sorry, Trabb’s Boy, you’ve been REPLACED!

    and Monterri– I’d never heard of the First Rule either, and I’ve been around the block a time or three. I do remember training myself out of the Bleening reflex once it seemed to go beyond ‘Harmless Fun’ and wandered into ‘Let’s Annoy Teho’ territory.

    Happy Friday, Cute-land!

  57. metsakins says:

    It is now Friday.
    You know what I’m looking for.
    Bring on the Haiku!

  58. The frog and the dog
    Hypnotized tranquility
    We so love them both.

  59. @ Monterri.. I am sorry!!! I wasn’t trying to be mean… I thought you knew about first and Bleen by how you answered “ed” .. Pleas accept my sincerest apologies.. The “first” and “bleen” thing is really just a fun game.. it stems from some people wanting to shout FIRST on the first post with out making a clever comment.. you on the other hand used First and in a extremely clever fashion.. and it was completely unintentional… I did the same thing too on my first, first post. and like you I was not expecting to be the first post.

    I hope you continue to post here I love your humor and wit!

    and I was pointing out the difference that I intentionally used the juxstiposition of the negative when you did not and …oh shoot…
    I just hope you accept my apology, or at least see it, as I was unable to get on here yesterday afternoon.

    and I hope you get to be first on many more posts.. When I said I rarely get a hole in one I meant on a post… not just in the first post but just getting a funny quip in no matter when and where it lands…and I winkied so you knew it was not meant to be mean..Obviously I failed… 😦

    anyway Welcome to Cuteoverload… one of the nicest playgrounds on the web 🙂

    [I must make a correction here. “Bleen” isn’t a fun game, it’s plain stupid, it was my fault and it was a bad idea to start it; even now I can still only make fun of it once in a while. More than one mention in any given day and my teeth start to get on edge. – Ed.]

    [Fortunately, there are all these happy stress-relieving pictures of fluffy animals for me to look at, most conveniently located right here in front of me, so I got that goin on. – Ed.]

  60. Okay and now like Metsakins I wonder where oh where is the haiku!

  61. One Dog and One Frog
    eyes Locked on one another
    which one will blink first

  62. dont sneeze!!

  63. @Kittyadventures, Trabb’s Boy, SoCalSis, etc.

    Thank you all for being so understanding. I’m sorry to be so ‘touchy’ (it is not the usual me), but I guess many of us have those buttons…for instance, I know already that Theo does not like to be accused of “photoshopping” pics as if they were real. My own flare button has a similar effect (When others do not say clearly what was done wrong). (But don’t get me started on my past history in that case – I literally can write a book, and in fact have seriously considered it – a tragi-comedy – worse than “The Office”, which is almost sane by comparison).

    One of the reasons why I like this website is the fact that I don’t have to be so combative (defending what I am convinced is true for half my life – since 1995). We all need to take a break from being serious, at times. There are no ‘politics’ here, which is refreshing!

    I’ll keep trying to lighten up a bit. Really, the humour machinery of mine is so rusty and dusty from disuse that, when I crank it up, it squeals like a dozen crazy cats.

  64. 5^^now8ing says:

    Monterri — CO’ll get that humour machinery all oiled up and workin’ fine! Plus bunnies and kitties! 🙂

  65. @5^^now8ing: Looks like it worked!