The Day Alfalfa Lost All Credibility

I’m not fooling around here, New Guy. I’m going to tell you one time, and one time only: Take a hike. Now, before you go…where did you get that pink Frisbee, because Heavens to Betsy, it looks as comfy as the dickens!

Split personality, Courtney B.



  1. omg that is freakin’ adorable!

  2. Whoa, I’m getting flashbacks here… 😯

  3. Is it just me, or does anybody else think the kitten looks like a duckling?

  4. the hovertext, LOL!!

    so cute

  5. I just sent this to a dear friend. Thank you for that opportunity! I consider all the CO folks to be friends, now-especially, when I can bring so much happiness to others through what you do, again, I thank you. K.

  6. @Theo– same counch and everything! I am worried Mr. Bounce passed on; I hope not! Either way, this pic is priceless! Interspecies snorgling? Interspecies about to snorgle? I luv baby kittehs and bunnies!

    [Oh, Mr. Bounce is still around, all right; he tries very hard to sneak up and sleep between our pillows every night. – Ed.]

  7. Is it Cackilo Wednesday?

  8. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Bun finally has something to disapprove of-a cuddly lil’ intruder!

  9. Kitteh DOES look like a duckling!! 😀

    Defo a prelude to interspecies snorgling. ❤

  10. GingerBean says:

    Prongs, I like how your mind works
    “heavens to betsy” LoL!
    Oh T.U.M., I like the idea of days dedicated to specific animals. How about Wallaby Wednesday or Weasel Wednesday, Tortie Tuesday, Monkey Monday…oh this could get out of hand…

  11. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but I think it’s safe to assume the bun has a majorly disapproving look on his face.

  12. Hmmmm; I’m placing my be on the Bebbeh-Kaliko; (they are feistiness personified)

  13. Let it flow GingerBean, just let the ideas flow…..

  14. The short hair makes the bun look kind of fat.

  15. Kitteh says: “I stay put. Check the claws in my contract.”

  16. If it were not for the kitteh (to compare relative sizes) I would think that the bun is quite big. It’s like an optical illusion!

  17. Theo, I’m glad to see you’ve come out from under the couch to meet Mr. Bun.
    How’s the recovery from your catnip bender?

  18. A pink super comfy kitty-kitty UFO! I bet those two will have some inter-species cuddles real soon! 😀

  19. *EEEEP*

  20. beardediris says:

    Maybe Mr. Bun is about to give baby kitteh a smooch! I know I would.

  21. @260Oakley….heh…good one.

  22. too cute! >_<'

  23. That’s a sturdeh bunneh. chubbeh realleh.

  24. snoopysnake says:

    Maybe kitteh is named Darla. “I’m in the mood for love…”

  25. Right, maybe you shouldn’t be a vegetarian after all.

  26. I think Mr. Bunny is about to learn the principle of claws and effect.

  27. What is going on with CO? The homepage on my computer is only showing the 2nd of the month entries – Dec 2 shows OK, but then I see entries from Nov 2, then entries from Oct 2, then Sep 2. Anyone else??

    […wut? 😕 – Ed.]

  28. Now it seems to be working again, after refreshing for a few minutes. Sorry for the false alarm. I was going through Sequoia withdrawal.

  29. @ Theo: Those aren’t pillows!
    [I knew SOMEBODY was gonna pull that line. 😉 – Ed.]

    Dude, Mr. Bounce is the image of my late Rusty Boobadoo Grumpus Babycat Crankypants Senior.

  30. skippymom says:

    Courtney, that happened to me, too, but it’s OK now. So you’re not crazy. Or, um, we both are.

  31. I agree with Skippymom – that kitten looks like a duck! No wonder the bunny is confused.

  32. exactly how comfortable is a dickens?

    [Too… many… jokes… brain… smoking… – Ed.]

  33. 260Oakley – Ugh… LOL!

    Hold your turf, baby kitty! You may be little, but you got guts! Go on, show ’em!

    Beep BEEP!

  34. Kitty Mama says:

    A calico kiddun? I want one!

  35. I guess alfalfa really did lose its credibility…since the bunbun is making kitteh PIZZA!

  36. tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny kitten.

  37. My kitty Arwen has a pink bed just like that one and LOVES it! I bought it one afternoon and gave it to her, came back later that night and she was propped up in it, she knew she looked good. I dare say little kitteh there knows the same thing, she looks good in pink. 🙂

    Now the bunneh just needs a matching pink bed and we’re all set! 🙂

  38. A Weasley Wednesday GingerBean. I liked that!


  39. victoreia says:

    [sneak sneak sneak][snatches kitteh and runs away]

  40. resriechan says:

    I’m gonna copy Babs’ comment .

    (quick flashback to the whole 1970s SNL Jane Curtin/ “uvula” Babs Public Svc msg — quickly but firmly repressed here)

    [Bab’s comment]…..above (#29) partly …but also I will apologize in advance,
    cuz this is a lengthy post…….so sorrry but ……………

    Doooooooods — that IS a kitty named Reesie (OR a shockingly lovely clone from her DNA) who I attended for about six months, when I first moved into the ghettofab apt complex where I’m now trying to survive…..brought her from the brink of starving in 3 days’ time…to an adorable PLUMP little calico gal who ended up preggers 2 different times. I have many pics; they came out well but I have even fewer “load a picture into a computer webpage” skillz, than my algebra skillz (which are only grade C after I took it 2 times) were 4 years ago ………I WISH there was some spellbindingly easy way to figure out scanning a pic. I have about six different snapshots very clear & pretty color — lots of Florida fauna background green. Oh — and her name was Reesie as in Reese’s Pnut Butter Cups due to chocolate color & Pnut butter colors. I know, not a very literary choice like Salinger but — there ’tis. Maybe I was havin’ a junk food jones, the day I fell in love w/ her.

    I’m glad this kitten has a big bed & two mice. I hope the MEAN NASTY KILLER RABBIT doesn’t eat the kitten for dinner.

  41. Sissah's Mom says:

    Both. Mine. Problem solved.

    Please Santa, overnight them to me now!!!

  42. 5^^now8ing says:

    I dunno, Alfalfa, catnip mice can be pretty fee-rocious.

  43. 5^^now8ing says:

    Whoa! Is CO possessed? I just happened to click on the bun-kitteh-UFO photo from the home page (instead of “Comments”) and got a page with a huge version of the photo, and two — and only two — comments that don’t appear above at all: one from schmorpheus at 7:20 pm & one from dawgpup at 8:11. Or is it just me?

  44. 5^^now8ing says:

    Yeesh — same thing happens with the goat picture — regular CO background & sidebar, and one (and only one) comment, this time from AmaSoma. Is there another CO dimension?
    (OK. I’ll be quiet now. And quit flipping out.)

  45. Resriechan says:

    WOW I am **literar-ily* impressed
    (different, from being “literally” impressed)
    with Memesijaitort ‘s comment (#32 ) above. You may have literary & cleverness skills which rank right up there with Argyle Donkeypants, Auntie Mame, Skippymom & Theresa … and they amaze me daily …

    And — somehow — FSU decided to issue me a Master’s in Library/ Info. Sciences in 1985, then I worked for 15 years in a very busy urban downtown headquarters library (4 subject depts in two buildings; its own city block) ….in the Literature & Humanities Dept….

    Anyhow — “wheeeeeeeeee” for “how comfortable *IS* a dickens!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Daphne Moss says:

    Bunny’s eyes say WHAT ARRRRE YOU???

  47. Calico kitteh is brave—no ears back or halloween spine. The look is companionable, as we all would like the world to be: all species and humans living harmoniously.
    PS. My personal calico cat is a TERROR!!!!

  48. needapuppy says:

    Calico looks like she just woke up and hasn’t had time to react yet.

  49. I love calicos. They always remind me of toasted marshmallows.

  50. Denise (aka MusicChick2) says:

    Mon amour Theo….perdu long, le cet a été si long puisque je vous ai vu ! Comment votre famille est-il ? Et comment les félins sont-ils ? Avez-vous de nouvelles images sur Voix ou Facebook ?

    Gazouillez-vous ? Nous devons prendre en haut sur les vieux temps. yahoo o gmail toujours votre adresse e-mail ?

    Gazouillez-vous Twitter? Nous devons essayer de prendre en haut !

    Au revoir pour le moment mon ami. S’il vous plaît rester en contact !
    Les meilleurs souhaits, Denise


    [Well, no to Facebook, and my Vox is pretty stagnant. But I do have a Twitter account. I guess I’ve mostly been using it for Twin Cities D-I-Y type stuff, but I do occasional Cute Overload behind-the-scenes updates from time to time, too. – Ed.]

  51. Calicae are always extra feisty because they’re really two cats trapped in one body.

  52. Kitten: is saying see those 2 dead mice behind me that will be you if ya keep messin around!

    Bet they are adorable playing together.

  53. Hes small but not a push over!

  54. That kitten looks just like my two rescue kittens! They came in a litter of five. Any chance the kittens in Philly?

  55. Kitten!!

  56. DH and I were looking through baby book in prep for human baby #1 and I commented, “Gee, this book would be like 100 times better if it had a bunch of kitten pictures instead of baby pictures in it.”

    He gave me the weirdest look.

  57. Courtney B says:

    Nope, Anne, they came from Charlotte, NC. She is a big girl now, 7 months old 🙂

  58. *kitten wakes up* WHOABUNNY.
    Bunny: “Hai.”

  59. Bunny getting its bluff on the new comer in the family. GO – BUNNY – stop the chasing and harrassing NOW. This is just too cute.

  60. janet2buns says:

    Theo: Whut kinda verb is “Gazouillez”?? I realize my university French is beyond rusty, but is this a verb Denise made up??

    [I honestly don’t know; I let the auto-translator handle it. – Ed.]

  61. resriechan says:

    Francophiles to the Rescue!!!

    Actually, this really is a bit out of the ordinary & not so likely to use in college French; but is *HIGHLY APPROPRIATE* to the CO audience, as it turns out (but it was a new term to me, as well — and I majored en Francais…)

    “Gazouiller” — to chirp, to warble, to twitter, to prattle & to babble

    (the ending “ez” is used in the “You do this” verb formation.
    “Vous parlez” = “You talk”/ “you are talking”.

    Frenchies R Us

    Acc to my Cassells (c.1968)

    [You really are the resource, aren’t you? Kickin it old school. 😉 – Ed.]

  62. janet2buns says:

    Thanks, resrie! That’s definitely a word not covered in French 201, circa 1981 (my last contact with edjumucashun.)

  63. Rad_Rosa89 says:

    That lil’ kitten looks so scared!! xD

  64. They are cute..I want to touch them..

  65. Does anyone know what breed the bunny is? He’s literally the spitting image of my Houdini, who we rescued from the pound, and the vets don’t have a clue what he is! So if anyone has a clue, please e-mail me! 🙂