The Cat in the App

From our “sad but true” files:  Somewhere, at this very moment, people are taking pictures that don’t have any cats in them.  To remedy this injustice, there’s CatPaint, an iPhone app that populates any pic with prosh pouncy purriness pronto.

And as if that weren’t enough, the app drives other cats insane (OK, more insane):

Spotted by Susy P.



  1. kiki willow says:

    My crackberry is the cat magnet. Every time it rings or I put it on speakerphone, my little one tries to eat it.

    *Eeets ALIVE! MUST GNAW!*

  2. I cant stop laughing, my cats came running to the computer to see who was meowing and doing exactly what the cats in the video were doing. 🙂

  3. Usually my cat is more interested in the motion of my mouse cursor but the noises from this video made her freak out and investigate! So cute +_+

  4. So how much longer until we get a Cuteoverload app?

    [See, it’s like this: We’re writers and designers and smart-alecks. Not so much programmers. But the idea is not a bad one. – Ed.]

  5. I just downloaded this one! Can’t wait to use it!
    Also, @cornnutt, I’ve been wondering the very same thing! I’ve been waiting patiently… snif…

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @cornnutt and Kate: Although this is not an app, WordPress recently created a special “iPhone-friendly” look and feel for its client blogs, making Cute Overload much easier to read on the iPhone and iPod Touch screen. Try it sometime.

  7. Oh god I hate to be a nuffer, but you should warn people that the link leads to a photo of a cat that’s so obese it looks immobilized by it. Not cute in my book.


  9. HAHA my cats did the same when i played the video! Gahhh love those cats.

  10. mimzysmom says:

    finally an apartment that is a little messy. I was starting to wonder if everyone had a pristine apartment.

  11. i have seen nirvana. it is covered with kitties.

  12. I brought the One Fish. Did you bring the Two Fish?

    Got it right here boss…

    Where’s the Red Fish? You did NOT bring the Blue Fish instead of the Red Fish, did you? Awww man! How many times do I have to tell you the Blue Fish f*cks you up man? It messes with your do we have any Cheetos? I suddenly have this craving for Cheetos…

  13. Pretty Dress says:

    hmm. might want to clean your nasty house and shampoo that nasty carpet before posting a video of yourself sitting in the middle of it. *gag* I could only imagine the smell.

    [Snotty much? 🙄 geeshe – Ed.]

  14. They should have picked some happier meows or purrs for the app. Those all sound like irritation or distress; no wonder the cats are agitated. It’s like hearing someone crying and not being able to find them.

  15. mrowbecca says:

    “pretty” dress: Welcome to the entrance of an apartment with white carpet and poor lighting. There’s only so much one can do.

    ANYWAYS I love how each cat is like, Was that you? No, was that you?? *tail swish*

  16. skippymom says:

    Wait a minute, I’m very confused. Are there people who own cameras for a reason other than to take pictures of their cats?
    (showing pictures to friends: “and here’s Skippy in the chair, and this is Eddy and Franny on the bed, here’s Chloe by the fire; now there’s Skippy again, in a slightly different position….”)

    [“… This is Uncle Ted in front of the house… and this is Uncle Ted in back of the house… and this is Uncle Ted at the side of the house, but you can still see the front of the house… and this is the Spanish Inquisition, hiding behind the coal shed…” — Mike]

  17. I don’t know of another reason why one should have a camera. Since I bought the DSLR, the pictures have gotten even better.

  18. Calling Kittehs. There’s an app for that.

  19. Sigh. Completely biased against people who don’t have iPhones.

    [You do know that Meg works at Apple, right? – Ed.]

  20. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    [Well I, for one, knew you were going to say that, so 😛 – Ed.]

  21. skippymom says:

    Yes, Mike, I was thinking of that sketch when I wrote my comment! Love that one.

  22. Mike & Skippy — I have a real-live Uncle Ted. He’s an OB/GYN, plays trumpet, and lives on Guam. Although, his name is actually “Farrell”. Anyway, wanna see my Ektachromes?

  23. Watching this video made my dog freak out! The sound was too much for him. Where are they??? Where are they??? Lots of head tilting.

  24. skippymom says:

    Theo, your uncle sounds like the man of my dreams. Is he by any chance unattached?

    [Frequently. But this isn’t really mine to discuss. – Ed.]

  25. MY cats came running to check it out, too. Too funny….

  26. Nobody expects the— oh, bugger. :mrgreen:

  27. One of my 3 cats was sitting on the desk as I started playing the video. My speakers sit behind my monitor and he kept trying to get behind the monitor to see the “new kitty in the house” LOL

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Rats. My cat did nothing when I played the video. He just gave me “the look”

  29. OK, a show of hands – how many of you immediately headed off to the AppStore to download this after watching the vid? Well I did.

  30. The CatApps (and related Apps) are redundant because of Cute Overload. But I don’t bother with iPhones, etc, so I am afraid my opinion is a little bit biased. Anyway, to each his own.

    I hope someone will try to explain to the confused kittehs in the video that they’re not actually insane, they only -think- they’re insane.

  31. 😆 It is a good thing I wear headphones 😆 All of our 3 cats would run downstairs to my room to look for the new kitty 😆

  32. I don’t have any cats, so could not play with any “pore creeter’s mines” with this one. My dog just lay next to me, like “If one of them actually passes into my line of sight, I might bestir myself; MIGHT”.

  33. Ed., yes, I knew Meg works for Apple, but alas, my carrier is Verizon. And the funny thing? I just got a new phone in August. I bypassed the Blackberrys and other goodies because I just wanted a straight-up phone. After THEN, and only then, did I discover Facebook. Pootimus.

  34. ROFL! Absolutely brilliant. Tweeted that. 😉

  35. well now I’m going to have to get an iphone.

  36. Acknowledging that the app uses some pretty stressed out sounds, i just think it’s adorable and wonderful that the kitties seem to be checking on each other. Not only, was that you? But especially with the more distressed sounds, Was that you–you ok? I think the kitty community in the video is lovely. I also just like seeing good pet people, and this couple discussing each cat’s reactions and talking about Riley–a fourth, not attracted cat?–is very refreshing. I like this video very much.

  37. Desdemona says:

    You can tell these folks are true Cat People by the fact they use an empty litter pail for miscellaneous carry-all purposes. Why not when you have a meel-yun of them around!

  38. too! Now I also have to get an iphone! 🙂
    …right after I am released from….THE COMFY CHAIR!

  39. freakingdork says:

    Just WATCHING this video brought both cats into the room! The oldest is looking very confused. XD

  40. @ pretty dress – Get over it. There are more important thing in life than always having a spotless house.

  41. New mobile cuteoverload? Well sir…. I don’t like it. It is far to grey and unQTE.

    [You can turn it off, though. Load up Cute Overload in your mobile browser, scroll to the bottom, and switch the appropriate slider to the “off” position. I will say the mobile version loads WAY faster on my Corporate iPod, though 😉 – Ed.]

  42. Hi Cute Overload!
    I’m so glad you guys like CatPaint!
    CatPaint version 1.1 was just approved by Apple not even 24 hours after you guys found it! This is great, because since the initial release I’ve put a lot of work into improving the interface. Make sure you update to the latest version, and look for more great updates asap! I’m adding stuff as fast as I can!

    Also, @Pretty Dress, sheeeeeesh! @Celia, fat people are reputedly jolly, should the same not apply to cats? @Rissa, I promise no cats were harmed in the development of CatPaint! @skippymom, it sounds like your cat is suffering from what we vets haven’t found a word for!

    xo, Cory, from CatPaint

  43. I used to have a screen saver that had kitties running around and meowing. It drove my cat crazy, she would get on top of the monitor looking for the supposed interlopers. Hmmm, may have to download it again.

  44. Mr. Clean says:

    Nice to see that vacuum is being put to good use as furniture rather than being used to clean. What is it about cat people that sends hygiene right out the window?

  45. Gee, clean your house already. What a mess.

    I’m a cat person, and my house is VERY clean. It IS possible.

    [Cool, maybe YOU can clean THEIR house then. – Ed.]

  46. i think my cats and dog are the only 3 on the planet that don’t respond to other animals on TV or whatever. i feel sort of left out.