You’re… you’re… UNGROOMABLE

Sequoia, the matted-hair, bear-feet, insanely anerable kitt-tayns is not gonna let you groom her. No WAY:

Big thanks to Winston and Rich over at Four Four for this personal reccomendayshe.



  1. Sequioa, you silly goose, why don’t you just get up and LEAVE? So cute! :3

  2. Ahhhhh I love this kitty!

  3. 😆 AWW 😆 What you need is another person to distract the sweet little kitty 😆 while you use a cat brush on Sequoia’s fur 😆 What does the name “Sequoia” mean? Please let me know. Thank you.

    [Think “giant redwood tree”. – Ed.]

  4. kibblenibble says:

    AHHHHH! Huge sad baby kitty eyes! I theenk she’s Persian like my Isabella. They are actually very tolerant of grooming. If the lady would use both hands, she could get the job done. Of course, we’d miss out on the kitten play/Qteness.

  5. earlybird1 says:

    At the very beginning, right after the lady says, “OK, Sequoia,” LOOK what she does with her little hind feet! Squeeeee! Why is it so freakin’ cute when babies put the soles of their feet together? I call “Namaste Paws!”

  6. Sequioa, is so cute I wanna brush her, too. Except big sis does no like the little one getting attetion look of disapproval on her face. Please give us more videos of Sequioa please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Cuteness reigns supreme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That’s no kitten, that’s an Ewok! And why do I always hear “anerable” pronounced in my head like “honorable?” I’m pretty sure that isn’t how it sounds.

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Good grief. Big huge….SMOOOOOOOOCH! What a wiggly, pigglykins!!!

  9. Oh good grief!!! My immune system can’t take much more of this. I’m up to 4 packs of smellings salts per nostril to combat Teh Qte…

    le FLOOF



  10. Sequioa the name comes from the large tree species, but it also comes from the Cherokee Scholar spelled Sequioya that invented the Cherokee alphabet.

  11. I think the comber is being deliberately a bit disingenuous… she KNOWS the kitty will play, and her technique is not designed to get the cat combed at all. 🙂 But this is good because we get to see CUTENESS! I just totally melted. Thank you, comber person!

  12. And it’s nice to see a non-smooshface Persian… I like those better for many reasons, some very practical and related to cats’ health…

  13. texas law chick says:

    LOVE it when she tells Seqouia to “pay attention” and to “get serious.” Sequoia is a kittan, she doesn’t know what those words mean!

  14. What a floofy adorable little morsel there… slap it between some bread and serve it to meh!

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    *Places BRC onto a couch and releases squirming puppies to tickle her awake. Gives her slice of pie of her choice, a la mode*

  16. Those are some HUGE feets! Gonna be a big girl.

  17. She looks like a crazy old mountain man with a tabacky-stained beard.

  18. What a lovely vid! I loved the person, taking such care to let Sequoia get comfortable. Distraction is so much more efficient when you’re trying to do something the cat might not like.

    I loved little Sequoia even more. She’s just gorgeous, and so FLOOFY.

  19. totes redonk! groomer is all “this is srs bizniz kitteh pay attentions!” sequoia is like “nyyyyerh! and nyerh again”

  20. Oddly enough, that’s exactly how my Persian, The Meep, acts when I brush her. Unfortunately, she’s about 10 years old, so I doubt that she’s going to grow out of it anytime soon. (There’s also more teeth-on-finger action involved.)

  21. kiki willow says:

    *Thunk* I is ded from teh qute

  22. OMG, STINKIN’ cute!!!! (splode)

  23. PS Also redonkulous.

  24. Perhaps if three humans attempted the job all at once ? They might be able to get something done.

    But I prefer the randomly-fluffed look.

  25. ha ha, love the sister at the end. She does not look happy. she is staying faaaaar away.

  26. squnchable says:

    It’s like porn…cute porn…porn about cuteness…

  27. What a sweet gentle human!!! So patient and kind with the unwilling tiny one.

  28. PPS: CALICO!!!

  29. So fluffy and the big cat is even more fluffy

  30. That is one teensy kittayn molecule. I mean, she makes the mascara comb look large! What a sweetie. So roly-poly…

  31. Not the time for brushes! It’s time for playing!!!

  32. “MY toy! MINE!”

  33. MC Squared says:

    Sequoyah was a Cherokee silversmith who invented a system of writing for the Cherokee language. It has long been claimed that the sequoia tree was named after him, although there seems to be no documentation of that claim. Anyway, Sequoia the kitten has a very proud name.

  34. Aww. So cute! Brings back memories of when my calico was just a kitten.

  35. she looks like a little ewok face!!

  36. Bipolar Wombat says:

    Hey, where’d she go? Invisible cat? I got not picture, here.

  37. I love how MomCat is in the hallway going “see, I told ya it wouldn’t work, you silly hairless monkey!”

  38. I love how the owner was like “This is not a game!” in a serious voice, then said the exact same thing again, but in a cutesy voice after the sweetness that is this kitteh penetrated her very soul causing her to be weakened by the adorableness.

  39. LOL@ Jen’s comment. WIN!

  40. god damn that’s adorable. though i’ve recently had to get one of my kittys sedated and shaved ‘cos we would have all bled to death had we attempted to brush his stomach anymore. get your kitties used to being brush early, folks!

  41. khalid1986 says:


  42. OMG, I totally need a cat that I can groom with a mascara comb.

  43. From tiiiiiiny kittens giant sequoias grow. Man, that is going to one stunner of a kitteh cat! Cute little cat seedling.

  44. Cute to the power of 10! Everyone say “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”……. 😉

  45. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Blessssssssss! 😀

  46. Ska-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  47. Awwwwwwwwwwww! I don’t hear Sequoia making any sound, what a cutey-patootie, even without noises!

  48. 260Oakley says:

    Two words: Hair. Ball.

  49. *raises hand* I have a question. What does “anerable” mean? I can’t really make that fit into a word. I’ve been wondering this for some time and have been afraid to ask.

  50. QofD: You got another couch there with you? Make sure the plastic cover is on it because I think my head is about to explo……. *thud*

  51. That’s not a kitteh cat! That’s a teddy bear!

    …oh, wait, no, it’s a kitteh cat. All the better for snorgling and undoing all that hard grooming work! *Zzhoom!*

  52. DewiCasgwent says:

    @ Sue please look at the glossary but anerable is a adoreable with out the harseness

  53. Calicos are extra feisty because they’re actually two cats trapped together in one body. 😉

    What a pay-shunt mamma human and mamma cat!

    @Jen8 – a hearty second on the ZoomGroom! My floofy Maine Coon girl loves hers. I don;t know if they make a teeny kitten-sized one, though.

  54. holligans says:

    Requesting a “Nyerhe!” tag, please.

  55. If my head hadn’t ‘sploded, I’d be starting off snorgling and ending up nom nom nomming on those little feets and ears.

  56. OMG – must have this adorable lump of fluff! What a little sweetie. My fluffy cat also hates to be groomed, but he eventually just gives in.

  57. I have never before contemplated petnapping, but let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t have Sequoia’s address.

  58. this counts as hard to groom? my cocker spaniel would run away, duck, bite the brush, anything she could do to prevent you from brushing her. by the end of the vid, I’d say this kitteh is pretty well groomed even if it didn’t happen in the most organized fashion. oh yeah, and use two hands, silly human!

  59. Big stretchy paws and tiny teef!!!!

  60. What a doll! >^.^<

    I laughed through the entire video as this little darling WILL get her own way!

    I hope we see more videos of this little one!!!

  61. Yes, this one has ‘star power’ over us all.

  62. This ball of adorable might be a Scottish Fold as well, without folded ears. Whatever it is, I want one just like it!

    I second the get your cats used to grooming early–I usually end up in every room on the first floor of my house because my kitty likes to walk away, and walk away, and walk away . . . you get the picture. 😉

  63. WANT!

    I too thought that this was really an Ewok, not a kitty.

    BTW – silly human for thinking that kitty would not treat combing as game. Object being waved in front of kitty = keep away!

  64. what a wiggly little ball of furry flubbulence!!!! eeeep!!

  65. Of COURSE this is a game. EVERYTHING is a game when you’re a kitten. (Silly over-optimistic human even seems to think that Sis looks happy about this–HA!)

  66. Okay now I am gonna have to go buy a zoom groom brush.

  67. ZOMG!!! Lookit the big toeses!

  68. Warning! Warning to kitt-tayns everywhere! I checked out the Zoom Groom, and it includes this scary detail. “Easy to grip and hold onto even when wet.” EVEN WHEN WET??!! Run, kitt-tayns! RUN!!

  69. I just devoted yet another 2:40 to this animal, oh, man, I gotta get out and do errands…I’m so glad she will be here when I return! My life- 2:40 at a time…

  70. That is so cute! My heart just melted! My cat loves his brushing. I pull out his brush and he runs to my side so I can start his grooming. He also likes to try to nom on his brush, too. I think Sequoia actually likes her grooming, since she really made no attempt to flee for quite a while!

  71. MissKitty says:

    Every day I come here and think “OMG, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” … and then… I come back the next day and there manages to be something EVEN CUTER.

    What are you trying to do to me?!? *faints*

  72. awwww sooo cute ! she’s part baby ewok!

  73. Sue- “anerable” is basically “adorable” pronounced in the voice that takes over when something is so cute you can’t use hard consonants. Up at the top is a link to the CO Glossary. 🙂
    This video is some sort of deadly combination of everything that is fantastic. Little Ewok/bear cub doing the whole rolypoly on its back. LOVE!

  74. At :21–KITTY BEARD! So cute!

    And I agree with j. l. This appears to be some sort of kitten/ewok hybrid.

  75. Speaking of CO terms, I know what “anerable” means, but “bleen” is undefined in the glossary!! Qu’est-ce que c’est?

    [Meep! – Ed.]

  76. EEEEE!
    I love Mythic Bells! Her kittens are so adorably healthy and happy.
    If you think that Sequoia is cute, you should check out Sirocco and Kalahari!

    [I have to ask… is “Mouchois” pronounced like MOOSHY? Because I call this guy “Moosh” all the time – Ed.]

  77. LeAnn (not LeAnna) says:

    Oy, stupid smile permanently affixed to my face.

  78. For the person who pictures “anerable” pronounced as “honorable”, it might help to use this spelling: a-nyerh-able.
    (Did I just invent a word? Meaning things that are adorable, and also cutely resisting?) Anyerhable!

  79. doforanimals says:

    Every time I squee at the kewtiful vids and pics at Cute Overload, my cat, Buster, runs over to me demanding immediate attenshuns and my dog grabs a toy.

  80. Awwww! “Get serious”… “This is not a game”… hahahaha! It’s a kitten, everything’s a game to kittens! I like how she finally cottons on and distracts the kitten with one comb while using the other.

    And I bet that other cat in the audience is laughing at them. Either at the lady, for trying to groom the kitten, or at the kitten, for being the subject of one of the lady’s grooming attempts. Hee!

  81. AuntieMame says:

    In the strictly French pronunciation, mouchois is moosh-wah.

    But if it’s an anglicized place name, it’s probably pronounced more like Throatwarbler Mangrove.

    […or “Ver-sales” 😛 – Ed.]

  82. The govmint shuud probly make eleventy-seven Sequoia videohs and stash them away at strategic locations thruout Merika; then they can be used as needed for Cute Offensive Warfare Tacticks, whereby Sequoia, when viewed, will surely become a lethal weapon…….. jes sayin’…… :mrgreen:

  83. I thnk my favorite part is when she lits kitteh play with one comb while she uses the other. Kitteh thinks she’s won.

  84. It’s a baby Popple-Ewok!!!


    My head just asplodeded from teh Qte.

  85. Hahahah…”bear cub feet”. I always call my cat “Baby Bunnyfoot”.

  86. At last – a use for those old mascara brushes. Just clean ’em up and groom the nearest anerably squirmeh kitteh.

  87. yumyumjanitor says:

    My gosh that’s cute.

  88. Yet another 2:40 shot to hell… worth it!

    Elena1030- Ask Nurse Steff, (Queen of Dork) for some bandages, she has gauze for us by the mile at a time! K.

  89. Sequoia? More like Sasquatch!
    But a very teeny cute sasquatch.

  90. snoopysnake says:

    It’s only hard to groom because it is so hard to resist picking it up to cuddle and kiss the cute little face to pieces!

  91. texas law chick 12.01.09 at 9:13 pm
    LOVE it when she tells Seqouia to “pay attention” and to “get serious.” Sequoia is a kittan, she doesn’t know what those words mean!

    Don’t you mean she’s a CAT and doesn’t know what those words mean? They never learn….

  92. The tailio @2:29! I love the triangular stubbular tailio!

  93. She looks like an ewok!

  94. DO want! I can has her, right? RIGHT?! ANSWER ME, DAGNABIT! lol

  95. *SPLORT* thank goodness my CO approved brain-protecting helmet got here…or I’d really be a mess…. as it is…. oops, small puddle of mush used to be my heart.

  96. Ed #82: Ver-sales… LMAO!

    [I’m not even kidding, either. – Ed.]

  97. it’s a squirming stuffed animal. how brilliant. 🙂

  98. Oh my goodness – I just saw this on You Tube yesterday. Great cutologists think alike, obviously. I thought about sending it but figured you guy would see it….. (really I wasn’t thinking, my brain was mush from the Qte.)

  99. I became so upset when talking on the phone with bank people today, I played the vid again so I could keep the stress level from escalating. It worked! At least for a very short time I was more enamored of Sequoia than I was mad at boa. Another big WIN for Sequoia!

  100. My big black floofeh kitteh used to be that tiny (he’s a very playful 15-year old now,) and when I worried that he got into the lye one day, I had to wash his tininess. Under all that floof was a wet TINEH TIDBIT of a KITTENLET! I’ll bet Sequoia is just as teensy under all that fur!

  101. Dang it, lady, just give up and snuggle Kitty…otherwise, FedEx her to me (Canada ain’t too far away!!) C.O.D.

  102. Thats the cutest kitty on the world 😀 Kitty’s sister was kinda left out of the action though 😦

  103. OMG! He’s a Mogwai!! Don’t feed that little guy after midnight and never ever get him wet!

  104. Good grief, it’s like someone bonsai-ed an ewok. Unbearably cute!

  105. Ok, what is wrong with that lady? She’s telling a kitten that “This is not a game!”.

    For kittens, everything‘s a game.

  106. Peanut's mama says:


    Check out their other vids…..Sequoia, Kalahari, and Sirocco. AWESOME NAMES!!! AND ENUFF FLOOF TO KNIT EVERYONE ON CO A SWEATER!

  107. Kittehstaffperson says:

    Oh what a world, what a world…who would have thought that a cute little fluffbucket like you could destroy all my beautiful toughness…I’mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmelllllllllltinggg–subsiding into puddle of goo–
    (apologies to Wicked Witch of the West)

  108. LOL, our Maine Coon does that, only more so. If you trap him behind a door with the groomer, another person pokes string or a stick around the hinges- that works for a while. Or if he’s really sleepy.

  109. janet2buns says:

    Four feets together doing the “ehn, ehn, ehn” at 1:01…..ded from the cyoot!!!

  110. Ed – It’s french. Ha. Pronounced “Moo-shwa”

  111. Haha. I missed that someone already corrected that. Whoops!

  112. omg… i could not stop staring at this kitteh!!!!!!! so cute!! =^._.^=

  113. Thank you for the information of Sequoia’s name, samham, Ed and MC Squared 😀 😈 Seoquoia is in need of one major SNORGLE-FEST 😈

  114. lol I don’t think the woman is seriously saying “Get serious”, I think she did it half joking….

    So anyone?? Bleen-definishe?? Pretty please with a Sequoia on top????

  115. She’s so cute, she looks like a cross between an Ewok and a Mugwhy.

  116. freetomato says:

    This fluffulous feisty kitteh could make me forsake my Crazy Dog Lady status! I so want to scritch/scratch that belly!

    Cutest EVER!!!!!!!

  117. Oh my god, the wiggly feet. I love it so much.

    You have officially killed me dead.
    I squeed forty times in the space of a minute.
    I had an ESTROGEN ATTACK over this.
    I do not even have words.

  119. mmuuuaaach…love you smoochy smooochy cutie cat

  120. Lord help me, I can’t stop watching this video!

    This baby is SO darling!!!!!!!!

  121. it is very cute and fresh, I love the sight of such innocent little creatures.
    thanks for sharing.

  122. @Carol…that would be via Cute Overlord Delivery ?

    Can’t get over the contrast of the name… such a large majestic, imposing title… and the eenie weenie teensie tiny kitty bitty.

  123. LeAnna (not LeAnn) says:

    I love how the owner gave Sequoia the other brush and continued to brush her. Then Sequoia figured out the trick. SO cute!

  124. Ruffaflump. Why does that seem like a possible nickname ?

    (Note: May also apply to other unkempt kutes.)

  125. THE WEBSITE! It has more and oh, my dear fellow Cuteologist, Peeps, Friends, there are more kittehs to see- I’ll just be over here neglecting everything else I have to do today, man did I bookmark that quickly or what?

    I just had three teeth worked on chez le dentist- so, I have A Very Good Reason to neglect everything else I have to do today and watch Sequoia and her siblings.! Orchestra rehearsal this afternoon- that, I’ll get to!!

  126. catloveschanel says:

    Fight the Power, Kitten.
    Soon you will be sittin’ aloof
    like kitteh in the hall.

  127. to cute is she awwww

  128. destinydivine says:

    Cute !

  129. that is the cutest kitten evvvver…man i am so jealous of this woman!

  130. Oh boy. I am not a cat person AT ALL, and I found myself squealing through this whole video. It made me want a kitten for the first time in my whole life. GIVE ME NOW.

    [Your uniqueness will enrich the collective. Resistance is futile. – Ed.]

  131. […or “Ver-sales” 😛 – Ed.]

    Ver-sales? Really? D: That hurts my soul, and I am only quasi-francophone. And Americans say WE have silly names. I see nothing wrong with Medicine Hat.

  132. Ahh the baby antics – what a precious little furry baby. I just want to kiss each baby paw. This is cute. Thank you for sharing.

  133. Although is a silent -lles less silly? Not that anglophones have any place criticizing silent letters.

    P.S. I’m sorry for the double post! But there are no options to edit. 😦 Maybe you can fix it with your majestic Editorial prowess? Many ps and qs in advance.

    [From my perspective, a “double post” is a duplicate, not an addendum. We’re cool. – Ed.]


  135. they r very playful.. i hv a shih tzu at home n she hates grooming 😛

  136. ennecruzin says:

    damn cute kitten~! what breed? 😀

  137. so cute!
    miaow miaow~

  138. Too cute. I have trouble grooming her without wanting to squeeze her.

    [You don’t need to sign with your blog URL. It’s already in your name link. – Ed.]

  139. Well, I have been convincing my boyfriend for a while to get a kitty. Showed him this video, and he didn’t say anything until the end: “Okay, I concede. That was just about the cutest thing ever.”

    Thanks Cute Overload 😀

  140. This is so ridiculously cute I’m tearing up…how lucky the owner is!

  141. Kittehstaffperson says:

    LOL at the editor’s answer to CJ!!!!

  142. Can someone PLEASE make a gif animation loop out of the time around :20 when she COMBS THE KITTAYN’S BEARD?

  143. Sequoia is possibly the cutest animal that has ever existed, in the history of the world.

  144. Wanderererer says:

    What kind of cat is that??!?!?!?!?!?! It’s delicious. Someone tell me!

  145. OMG! I LOVE this kitty, I watch this every day. Sequoia you brighten my day!