I Think We’re Being Followed

“Like, maybe it’s just the catnip making me paranoid, man, but I keep seeing that same white-and-blue truck at every corner.  And it’s always parked right next to a mailbox; like, that can’t be a coincidence.”


It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya, Sandra D.



  1. Oh, mannnnnnnn…we’re busted now! Just act natural!


  3. Dude…it’s not the truck you have to watch out for…it’s those big blue boxes outside buildings. Like people just drop things in there man. Nothing EVER comes out!

  4. I told them it was for fleas, but they’re still calling it white collar crime.

  5. eeeeeeeeee!
    teeeny blue eyed babeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. All those boxes it drops off say Amazon. Are they delivering me boxes of noms from South America?

    😀 @ 260Oakley..heee..white collar crime… 😀 😀 😀

  7. If the blue and white trucks aren’t scary enough, just wait until you start seeing the brown ones. OMG! 😯

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    If that little guy gets into one of those mailboxes by mistake, I sure hope they deliver him to my house!

  9. Goddammit, I wanted to get some real actual work done today. NOW look at me. :glurk:

  10. Don’t worry, little kitteh, I will hug you and pet you and kees your nose and make sure you’re safe from the big bad mail truck.

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Theo: Have some more catnip. 🙂

  12. [rolling]
    [making warbly noises]

  13. Worried kitty face. Love him.

  14. I had to wipe the face prints off my monitor from trying to snorgle the kitty baby.


  15. Guess that playing the game of “big ol’ lion prowling through the grass of the Masai plains” doesn’t make you invincible after all.. 😦 Poor little booboo.. you need a nose boop.


  16. KittehsMom says:

    He knows Mr. Peter Cottonhead is just around the corner!!!

  17. What does anybody that young have to look so worried about??

  18. Well, kitteh: the blue and white truck has “Cute Collection” lettered on its side, just like a garbage truck….. but I doan think thems ar collecting garbage…..
    “Run, kitteh, run……..save yourself!!!!” 😯
    *Yells after xcaping kitteh*: “And you were nawt paranoid!!! But cut daown on the nip!”

  19. black nose, black nose, black nose, beep!

  20. Does anyone else hear the little meeeep that would come out of this anerable little Tabby if I picked her/him up? All of my fuzzy kids are middle aged and all I get from them is senior citizen typed maaaaaaaa with a grouchy look… This little guy is just the ticket!!

    Oh, and beeeeep

  21. Well, if the UPS man tries to scan him, he DOES have a bar code.

    True story:

    My dear departed Deke was a particularly stripey tabby. Everywhere you could possibly cram a stripe, he had one. One day, my sister asked him, all Chandler-like, “Deke, could you GET any stripier?” A few minutes later, after playing in a used cardboard box, he came in the room with a bar code sticker stuck to his flank. So yes, he COULD get any stripier!

  22. T.U.M. – LOL! That’s great! When you played with him and the laser pointer, did he beep?

  23. Viewed large you can see a palm tree in the background of the kitteh’s eyes. Plus the photographer, and what also seems to be reason for the expression on his face (another person, … I think?). Looks like kitteh has a nice home!
    Great picture. What a sweetycake!

  24. Love it, T.U.M. 🙂 And by the way, what is the picture in your avie? It’s so scary cute!

  25. I’d follow that kitty anywhere.

  26. Kitty better stop huffing catnip!

  27. toffiffeezz says:

    I needed a kitty really bad today 🙂 This made the really crappy day a little bit better.. *goes back to staring at kitty pic, breathing deeply to banish the headache and general crappiness*

  28. “Beep”!

  29. Those green blades are just tickling right under his chin. Such a little-llittle.

  30. Oh, just give me that baby. He needs my comforting shoulder and lots of hugs, kisses, kitty scritches behind the ears…and lots of nose beeping. He is way too young and innocent for such worried thoughts!

  31. Dewd… let’s hit the vending machines and get some munchies. Forget about the “mail truck” and just act cool.

  32. i was here. and beeped his nose. and put his pic on my co-workers desktop background. yay for stripes!

  33. @Theo … and drooling?

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    What a beautiful baby!

    T.U.M. : I love the stripey tabby story!

  35. [slurp] …wut?

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Somebody hand Theo a napkin!

  37. @Theo: here ya go. got a little there on the left side too.

  38. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Does that truck have “Flowers By Irene” lettered on the side? Run.

  39. Theo? What’s up with the Crazy Eyes man?

  40. And Theo – look what this cool laser pointer does!

  41. GAHHH! 😯 *scamperscamperscamperscamperscamper*

  42. Theo? Why are you hiding under the couch? Wouldn’t you rather play with this little mousy?

    [pulling tiny stuffed mouse on a string slowly in front of couch]

  43. I am staying RIGHT HERE until you make the world stop SPINNING.

  44. 😈 Yeah you are being followed kitty 😈 by me 😈 who will pick you up 😈 SNORGLE you 😈 and take you home for a life time of pets, food and love 😈

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    I’ll try to entice Theo out with a nice piece of yummy prosciutto. *makes pursed lips kissy noises* Here, Theo, Theo, Theo….here Theo, Theo, Theo. That’s a sweetie.

  46. Theo… my co-worker says one of her cats reacts to Ben-Gay like it was cat-nip. Want to give that a try next? 😉

  47. @ QoD:
    where did you find the prosciutto?
    I thought we only had some “baked kitty” in the house.

  48. LOL Ray and Theo and Etc.

    This is probably a bad idea, but how about a little (very amateur) verse for our worried little kitteh:

    I am worried ’cause I do see
    That C.O. peeps are following me
    They hide and scheme in blue-white truck
    Hoping again to try their luck
    At catching and snorgling me.

    Others say: “You’re just paranoid”
    “The catnip’s made your brain so void”
    “All you see is conspiracy”
    “The smallest things make you jump, ‘Aaiee’ ”
    “Chill” concluded the cat named Lloyd.

    But I still worry ’bout this and that;
    After all a very small cat
    Like me, is chased by peeps, who squeeee
    But first they will have to catch me. (The End)

    (I got too tired to make a decent third stanza – or even a decent first or second one. Hopefully, I won’t be committed for sending this in.)

  49. 😆 …the best part is The Cat Named Lloyd. 😀
    Reminds me of Jeremy Piven’s freestyle in “Say Anything”.

    (…oh, and also You must chill! YOU MUST CHILL! 😉 )

  50. : ) Well, I am not familiar with Jeremy Piven’s work, but perhaps you remember Roald Dahl ? He was nuts!

  51. @Noelegy – I can;t remember exactly where it’s from. I just googled “monster clipart” and there it was.

    @Monterri – Hail, poetry!

  52. I wanna nom nom nom that muzzlepowchery. Gimme kitties, STAT!